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Well its the first of the month! That means it is time for a Papertrey Ink Design Team Challenge!

Nichole asked that we use our buttons in a fun and unique way.

Once again I was stumped on HOW to get “original” with buttons, but I had fun just the same.

I included a SHORT video on HOW I store my buttons!

Keep in mind I am on PAIN KILLERS! I didn’t realize how it affected me till I watched this! LOL! Definitely good for a laugh!

Anyway I hope you like it! I know this storage issue is a CHALLENGE for many of us, especially when SPACE is a problem.

We want them visible and accessible, yet not take up too much space.

I used my tall Trendy Tubes in case you are now on the HUNT for them!

Now for my project.


I designed what I like to call a Fun Fold Up! Box.

Boy did I have a BLAST creating this one. I knew I wanted a rounded top handle on it.

 Its pretty cute and FUN (of course)! Took lots of tweaking, as it is inspired by the traditional Gable Box style, but funktified and modernized in Lauren style :D.

This is the TOP view


This box is good size!

Without the top-measures:

5 1/2 inches tall, 4 1/4 inches across and 2 inches deep!

Great for cards 😀 or whatever else you choose.

I love making boxes and this was WAY too fun to make.

I used some items that I don’t normally craft with-

funky colors:

True Black, Teal, Hibiscus Burst, Ripe Avocado, and New Leaf

 felt: a new love for me

batting: for POP

DMC thread/floss: for my buttons

and lots of buttons.


I actually stitched the tree, which was die cut with my nestabilities first.

 I used batting to make it 3D! I added some pretty Hibiscus Burst buttons to act as “cherries, or apples” whatever your fancy! I used Zip Dry, that I got at Stamp New England! Works AMAZING on buttons and just about everything else you could imagine. My new favorite way to attach my buttons (and everything I can glue down! LOL!)

Not only does the Zip Dry, dry fast, but it is clear, easy to clean off stuff,  pretty mess free! A Lauren MUST HAVE!

Thanks to Julie for nabbing me some 😀

Its such a funky tree, but I think I like it. I’m going to put this in my Etsy Store sometime today!

I had to add some felt flowers in there as well. Lovin all the details this has.

Here is a SIDE view


 It was a very textural experience and lots of fun getting out of my comfort zone. Always a fun challenge to dare to step outside your own boundaries.

I used Wise Owl, Friends till the End, and Father Knows Best for this one.

Check out all the senior team member to see what they come up with for the button challenge!

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  • Thanks for stopping by!

    I’ll announce the WINNER of the My Timeless Template Class Kit tomorrow!

    In the meantime I SOOOO appreciate all the comments left. You all make every second I spend her worth it-so THANK YOU!

    WOW! Brace yourselves with at least 2 cups of coffee to keep up with me on THIS post today. Im long winded (as usual) and ahve so much to share.

    Well as you know we had Stamp New England about 2 weeks ago! It was a BLAST!!!!!!!

    You may have missed the event but you don’t have to miss my project. Keep reading.

    It was wicked awesome to finally have a event in NEW ENGLAND!! Granted I got to CKC, but that is for shopping not stamping! LOL!

    I was first up to teach that day, and was happy about getting it over with, then I was a little nervous as I looked around and it seemed like every single person was intently listening to my every word! I don’t get nervous about public speaking easily, since Im definitely NOT a shy person, but I have to say I was a little intimidated! LOL! All of the sudden a room of people who “know me” is in front of me waiting to see what I am going to do!

    I was scared I would let them down! LOL! Then I got a grip, once I started talking, and felt right at ease. I just knew I had to do what I do,be myself, and not worry about what flies out of my mouth! LOL!

    I had so much fun meeting and getting to know everyone, even though it was a bit busy.

    It was SUPER amazing of Nichole, Jane and Julie to donate a Life Stamp set to every attendee, and for Nichole to take the time to put together the My Timeless Template I made special for the class called Get a Handle On It.

    It will be released this month on April 15th. I was very excited to share it with everyone early, and get feedback on it right away.

    I got new video editing software with our new computer ,which had tons of problems at first, but my sweet hubby hung in there to get it to work! Its called-Windows Movie Maker.

    So I laid in bed doing this yesterday! It was SO much more fun than the other one. I love the options more. I think it looks more professional. Although I do need practice I think this first one was FUN, and not too bad! LOL! Now I have a list of tutorials to do using this new process, and I can FINALLY do High Def!! YEAH!

    I put the template intro video into a clip, and then all the photos I have of everyone. I was just playing around. I hope you enjoy it! I was also able to get MUSIC onto the pictures in the end! Let me know how you like that part too.

    Forgive the song! It was the only one I had ready. I do love it and think its pretty catchy, it makes watching photos much more fun-so if you have your volume up, you may want to adjust it a bit. I need to purchase more songs on my computer for future use.

    Enjoy the video:

    Now for MORE fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So who wants to win my class kit from Stamp New England?

    One pre-printed My Timeless Template © (not due for release till April 15th) called Get a Handle On It © with the Stamp set Life.
    Here is the project


    This is a SUPER sized box, that will fit many gifts!

    This box EASILY held at least the 38 bite size chocolates that we swapped at the event! WITH room to spare! Looks deceiving doesn’t it? I put my Lauren touch on this and have to say one of my favorite projects to date.

    Top view


    The flap closure on this is SOOOO fun-you will see more details as we get to the countdown! The sides fold over the handles, so the handles POP though, letting the box flap closed.

    Trust me, really cute. Not just a square box.



    Just a simple, stunning box, that can fit so many wonderful gifts!! Even the bottom is decorated with a scallop panel. Who wouldn’t love this?

    I put the ORIGINAL box, made by me, and signed on the back, on my Etsy Shop! (Also ALL this months template countdown projects will FINALLY have a home there! )

    SO leave a comment here, and I will enter you to win the same packet the girls at Stamp New England got!

    That means you win the printed version of the template-so you can put it together at home, and give it a try before it’s even released, and you get it with with the cut supplies to make this project as seen here, and the Life Stamp set too!! YIPEE!!!

    Now let me chat a bit

    This is my dear friend Paulette!


    (OK I look so tired in this photo! EEK! It was the END of the day!!)

    Everyone always wants to know WHO is that mysterious person I alway talk about, that is usually on the other end of the phone, when my life is upside down or I have a problem! Aside from my mom who listens but probably doesn’t understand how BIG it is (if you don’t stamp HOW can you GET IT really! LOL! Or know the who, what, when, and where)—the only person who COMPLETELY gets my stamp insanity, and why I do what I do—-that would be Paulette.

    She is THE ONE who got me so into stamping in the first place! She was a SU! demo when we met, and after a few months convinced me to become a demo. Its been a whirlwind every since. So we can all thank her for really getting me into this INSANE hobby. My husband may not feel so nostalgic! LOL!

    I was just truly happy, after so much hobby hopping, to feel like I finally found something I LOVE to do.

    I had to BEG her to take a photo with me! GRR! I’m like” you are my friend!! For goodness sake we NEED a photo together!” FINALLY she agreed, after much begging.

     Whats a girl gotta do?!


    She is the unfortunate one who listens to all my complaining, and never seems to mind! God bless her soul.

    She is just the sweetest person ever! Everyone needs a Paulette! She is the friend that is always there when you need an ear, or a favor, like die cutting 40 scallop nestability squares for YOUR class! LOL! Or who calls into work because she is sick with a migraine, then comes to take your kids so you can have surgery earlier.

    Just so fun, funny and genuine. I can’t say enough about her.

    Trust me, anyone who can listen to me several days a week is a SAINT. You see how I type, imagine me on the PHONE. All my conversations start: “OK! I won’t keep you long I just had to tell you……” then 2 hours later……still going. Then I suddenly realize my banter and say “OH! MY! GOSH! I kept you way too long. OK I’m going to let you go. Sorry for chewing your ear off.”

    Jason doesn’t know why she answers the phone! LOL! He’s like she has caller ID right? Thanks Jay!

    Here is a group shot of all the “teachers” at Stamp NE! This is on the video too.


    Its Karen, me, Julie, Cindy, and Joanne.

    Everyone did great projects.

    The GENEROSITY of ALL the vendors was astounding. Thank you to all of them. I went home, online and placed SEVERAL orders! LOL!! It was very enabling.

    Karen won tons of awesome stuff! LOL! She was ONE LUCKY girl!

    Julie was UBER sweet, and was so great to me during the entire planning of the event. So wonderful to work with

    Cindy has a HUGE SU! down-line, and following! I can see why. She is a sweet as pie. I had no idea!

    Joanne I always KNEW she was sweet. we worked for Kim from My Favorite Things together (who I love!) and she is always so cute, and funny. She is just adorable and sweet in person. She even called me to offer to help with my last minute stuff after my gall bladder attack! That is just amazing when she had her OWN stuff to do too.

    Everyone was totally amazing. Made me feel at home. Like I knew the entire room of people for years. I did have some familiar faces. It was so great to meet people who interact with me here on my blog, finally in person.

    Now one more person I can’t forget that isn’t in the photo is Kim-she was a big planner for this event and you can see it is in her blood! She is just so darn purty in person too! LOL!

    Kim Scholfield, Joanne B. and Julie Masse worked so hard on this event and it really showed!! Everything was well organized and AMAZING!

    I would definitely teach or go to another event these girls plan, let me tell you! Count me IN!

    I was like the AMAZON of the entire class! I’m 5’10 so that put me WAY taller than most people. It was AWFUL! Between that and my ZEBRA shirt! LOL! I wanted to shrink-and burn every photo. Jason told me to wear that shirt, and I KNEW I shouldn’t have looking back. Oh well.

    I am actually slouched down in most of the photos if they are a close up! LOL!

    So that is it for now.

    Jay is STILL home letting me recover. Im doing my best and I know you THINK I’m doing stuff, trust me Im not. I feel SOOOOOO LAZY its insane. I slept for like the past 3 days. I want to take a marathon run around my block! LOL! I’m getting antsy. But trust me I CAN’T move like I want, so no worries.

    I have a wedding to attend on Saturday, and I have a SATIN dress-that shows every curve (or cellulite bump) so I better not be bloated for it. I LOVE my dress!! Its pretty hot. It took me forever to find one that I liked, let alone LOVED.

    I find I’m in between ages at this point in my life. I want to look nice, but not too young, and not too old. Its a fine line.

    After much searching WHERE is that typical hot little black dress? It doesn’t exist anymore!

    The dresses were either too young, too old or too PROM! OR there is HUGE bold print in bright colors that I don’t want splashed across my garment. A card-yes! My dress-NO!

    Whats a girl to do.

    I had a super hard time finding something SEXY  but not HOOCHIE! I work hard to get my flat stomach so Im not wearing a SACK……

    Im not 17 anymore so not into super short, you better not bend over, or the world will see what your mama gave you…….

    or the I think I need sunglasses that woman has so much bling on her dress……

    or the “how YOUNG does she THINK she is” dress………

    Or OH MY WORD! Look what Lauren is actually wearing dress……

    I wanted the “WOW! You look great!” dress. The kind that your husband has you on his arm and won’t let you out of his sight dress! LOL!

     The on that just makes you FEEL good about yourself. Not one you have to wear SPANX to get into, but you are just comfortable in your own skin in.

    I think I got it.

    I’ll share photos of that when we come back. Jay and I get a night out, overnight! WAHOO!! Finally. We don’t ever get time away. This will be nice.

    WOW! Can you tell I’ve been COOPED up?! Holy first chapter to the novel Im writing!

    Anywho-thanks for stopping by! If you read this you must have been as bored as I have been!

    Hi everyone Im back! Loopy but here.

    So here is the scoop.

    I was of course REALLY freaking out yesterday. After I typed my post the hospital called to see if I could come in ASAP, since their big surgery got cancelled. It was a very long surgery and all I could thing was either

    a) The person had it done sooner due to emergency


    b) they died!


    So I figured if I got in sooner I wouldn’t need to keep freakin out, and I may get to actually go home and sleep in my bed.

    Problem was I had 2 kids home sick so HOW was I going to get there EARLY?! My mom wasn’t coming till 11am

    Well by fate, my dearest friend Paulette called because she was working from home due to a migraine that hit her  the night before. She popped in on my blog and read how I was feeling, so she called to check in on me. Well being the sweetest person in the world that she is, she came down to take care of the kids so I could go early. Then my mom would get here to relieve her.

    I showed up at the hospital about 10am and they whipped me together in like 15 minutes.

     I asked about the catheter and the doctor said as long as I pee before I go in, no need! WHEW! I was all in a tizzy for nothing.

     I have to say I really like the doctor I had. He is amazing. Definitely the kind of guy you want doing your surgery.

    Before I went in he said “Are you in the mindset of staying here or going home?”

    I said Listen I pushed out 3 kids, all 9lbs, with the first I discharged myself AMA 5 hours after giving birth so I could be with my baby, then with the other 2 I was quickly up and running. I think I can go home. I’ll see how I feel, but that is my goal.”

     I had the staff rolling with my talking about my feelings and funny thoughts of surgery and all kinds of other funny stuff. It was great. I told then if they nicked my Vegas nerve I wasn’t going to be happy and a few other funny things as we all waited.

    Next thing I know Im off to the OR.

    They give you something to sedate you as you go in. So you start getting loopy. I must have been REALLY funny because while I don’t remember what I said but Jay and everyone else was laughing hysterically, and I said I think I better stop talking at this point.

    They put these leg things on me, and after only one leg, all I remember is looking at the ceiling. I don’t even remember closing my eyes. Then I hear Lauren time to wake up!

    I was SERIOUSLY- kid you not, dreaming about a template!

    I woke up and said ” I’m awake whats wrong?”

     They said “nothing we just needed you to wake up. You did great.”

    What! Its done?

    “Yes, its all done. In a few minutes we will call your husband for a shirt visit.” 

    I said “Do I have to stay awake?”

    They said “No!”

    I then said “You just interrupted a really important dream. My template was almost done! Now I don’t know how to finish it”

    They guy was very confused! LOL! Anyway I couldn’t keep my eyes open to save my life. I never felt so tired.

    Then all of the sudden I felt the PAIN and VERY itchy all over my body.

    I was having an allergic reaction to the pain med. So after some Epi I was fine I guess.

    I have 4 holes in my body.

    The doctor asked if I had been really tired the last few days, and I said yes why? He said my gall bladder was getting infected!! Good thing we had it out when we did.

    Then lots more pain meds. Whats amusing is the pain in my should was far worse than the abdominal pain, for the most part.

    Are you all familiar with Clog dancing?

    Well that is what my abdomen feels like! That a line of clog dancers happily trotted across my body, one at a time! LOL! It actually feels like when you have the wind knocked out of you and can’t really breath. I love to sleep on my side, and no matter what side it HURTS-alot.

    Im happily living on 2 vicodin every 4 hours-and that is RARE for me to take meds.

    I have actually decided that my FUTURE idea of gettin a tummy tuck, will never happen! LOL! I only have 4 holes in my body, and feel like this, I can’t imagine a HUGE scar like the one from a tummy tuck.

    Anyway…..I was able to go home at about 5:30! So surgery at 11 home by 6pm! The staff was in shock! LOL! But that is where my healthy eatting and exercising come into play.

    I loved hearing the doctor say ” You had no fat to go through so it was so quick and easy”

    I asked him to repeat that to me! LOL!

    Then one of the nurses was like “Holy cow your legs are so skinny. I can’t believe you had 3 kids” I was in HEAVEN!! I work out so hard now, and those were words I never thought I’d hear! LOL! I could have lived there! LOL!

    Anyway so far so good. Jason is taking amazing care of me. At one point he joked about getting a picture of me in the hospital for my blog! NICE!!!

    My mom came to care for the kids, and cleaned my house! THANKS MOM! She also made a killer dinner with lots of yummy homemade bread, and gave the kids a bath. Aren’t moms great!

    My neighbor is making me dinner tonight! Isn’t that sweet.

    I feel so loved.

    Then I pop on to check my emails and I have hundreds of get well wishes and over a hundred on my blog! WOW!

    Thanks everyone. You made a girl feel special.

    OK Im getting tired and am in pain so Im signing off- below this I began typing before surgery. I don’t have the ability to go into details.

    Back to bed for me, but thanks again for everything


    I don’t know if you remember, but the last Saturday of every month here, we are going to just do a sketch Review! That means you get to browse the OLD sketches and pick one you like or that inspired you!

    I now have a Saturday Sketch page for you EASY viewing (thanks Sara!!) and my NEW! Badge! So if you want one, just click and you will be able to get the “code” for your sidebar.

    If you get to play this week send a link here

    I STILL have to do last weeks. Sorry I’ll get to that one!

    But for this week I loved Sketch 20


    So I used it again

    I’m sitting here WAVING hi!


    This little piggy says HI!

    My layers are a little different, but I think its adorable. I colored with my Copic markers of course

    Paper is Papertrey Ink, and patterned paper is by Chatterbox

    This is ANOTHER NEW! Release to come, from Stampavie-Rachelle Anne Miller Spring collection called Happy Piggies. I LOVE them.

    Im not going into all the details as I NEED to get back to bed.

    SO thank you for the well wishes and stopping by!!

    No promises for a post tomorrow.

    I am definitely taking my time to recover so I don’t end up with a complication.

    Well I’m getting ready to leave soon.

    I sit here freaking out, missing my coffee, and SO thristy!

    I have been too tired the last 3 days to exercise (which means I probably just should have), and planned on a nice long workout today before I went. Then I remembered-I can’t DRINK! So that is NOT a good idea. It would have been nice and cleared my head. I feel VERY LAZY! I normally only miss a day a week. Plus knowing tons of people are staring at my belly definitely should have motivated me to do more abs! LOL!

    So I’m hoping to keep my brain occupied by typing a post before I go.


    April Showers bring May Flowers planter box

    This is a project in which the photo does it NO justice.

    I made this box using My Timeless Template called The Perfect Match box.

    This is  a NEW! stamp image from Stampavie Rachelle Anne Miller  SPRING collection called Giving Shelter. Wait until you see the amazing stuff being released. WOW!

    Front view-


    There is actually lots of shimmer and dimension to this. I had a BLAST coloring it. I love the colors.

    Seriously how cute is this?

    Here is a front view-I love how it is decorated!


    Here is the side view


    Now for the FUN part!

    I used just the slider template, and made a FLAP!!!


    That template is just so versatile I can’t even stand it 😀

    Now lookie what is inside……..


    2 little decorated flower pots!

    Isn’t it cute?!It sold out of my Etsy store in MINUTES!!! Thanks everyone.

    I used the Papertrey Ink Spring moss, summer sunset, and lavender moon for my  colors, with the Bitty Baby Blessings paper

    I can’t wait make and to add all the gift ideas I have. OH BOY!! I’m hoping to update the site with all the cards I have, and soon more gift items I have planned on making. Its going to be good!!!

    I thought given the time I had this week that this image today was appropriate! You all have been wonderful in helping me and sending good thoughts my way for my surgery today. THANK YOU.

    If you were sitting in front of me I would SCREECH! I feel like my walls are all falling in on me.

    I did my best to get all the things on my list done, but it proved to be impossible.  With all the kids being sick (Noah came home with a high fever and headache yesterday) ,then Alexa’s father informed me she was exposed to her cousin – who just found out she has MONO! GREAT!!!

    Then that leads to the thoughts in my head about the surgery, my brain couldn’t let go.

    I didn’t get ANY of what I needed to done. A first for me. Its upsetting, but I just couldn’t concentrate. Nothing was working out. The simplest thing was complicated and nothing came out worth using. Very upsetting, that the stress was just too much and KILLING my creativity. Hopefully as I recover, my mojo will too. I just can’t believe I couldn’t even get out of my own way this week.

    As for the surgery I know this is no big deal but NOW I’m really starting to FREAK OUT.

    I’ve never had ANYTHING done. I was in the shower when it occurred to me, what if I am one of those people who can FEEL everything, but can’t move? FREAKY right?!

    Now FYI if YOU are going to have surgery don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy!!! Especially the last 2 weeks. It’s been about losing people in surgery that was suppose to be simple, then something weird goes wrong-and BAM! Dead.

    I know I sound like a drama queen right now and I WAS fine, but now I’m not. I shouldn’t let my mind wonder.

    I feel like a huge baby right now, seeing my LITTLE girl go through WAY worse than ANYTHING I ever had to go through and once I heard “catheter” for some reason it totally sent me over the edge.

    I’m SO wishing it was done while I was in the ER last week. Then there was no thought to it.

    I’m not saying I don’t want it done-I know I NEED it done!! I can’t even fathom the idea of another big attack. I’m just nervous.

    I an sure Ill be OK and don’t know why Im rambling. Makes me feel a little better I guess.

    Anyway-thank you for the support this past week. I’ll check in and let everyone know all the gory details like I usually do when its all said and-done and Im not doped up, so I actually make sense.

    All my Stamp New England girls told me I need to get Twilight, so maybe Ill do that.

    Well I’m off!

    I should be out of surgery by 3pm EST!

    Pray Im not a “statisic” OK! LOL!


    Oh boy! I feel like I have a bomb strapped to my body TICK TOCK TICK TOCK-just ticking away the minutes I have left to get done everything I WANT to do. NEED to do. I don’t know HOW to NOT do stuff. Im in quite the frenzy here, and am not used to there being not enough hours in the day.

    Anyway, I do like crossing stuff of my “to do list” so lets hope it dwindles!

    I really NEED to say THANK YOU again for the emails, cards and comments about my impending surgery. You all have helped put me at ease and brought up things I didn’t even think of-so THANK YOU to all of you. I know I say it all the time, but it means the world to me.

    Your kindness and support-AMAZING! There are NO words. I feel so supported amongst a world of amazing women 😀 How do you say thank you for that? I don’t really feel worthy of it all, but Im takin it 😀 Seriously thank you.

    Now lets get down to buisness!

    OK I have the first peek for the NEW! Pink Cat Stamps Release -Sweet Pea! Its a cute little “baby” set.

    “They” as in the baby boy and baby girl are ADORABLE! I begged Melissa to name them Ellie and Eli! LOL! But she had a contest instead (which I totally spaced on posting! BAD DT MEMBER :C)-sorry!) and the winner was chosen to be Sweet Pea. Very cute. Gender neutral too.

    So to me, this new line-Its like Lily and Billy had a baby! OK I know I can’t even fathom that either! Especially since to me they are like Amber (my 4yo) I see Lily as a little girl. Oh! How fast they grow! LOL!

    Here is my favorite project!

    Sweet Pea Dress Up set


    Baby Bunny Basket

    This design began with the ribbon :D) I get my May Arts stuff HERE! Purple and green are SO Spring to me.

    Then the dress up set-making her an Easter bunny.

    Then what better project, than to custom design, what I like to call a Petal Basket.

    I designed this UBER cute basket just for this project! YES! One of a kind 😀 Its really awesome!!

    Here is a close up of her “outfit”


    Her dress is stamped, colored and cut out.

    The Ears are one piece, and pop over the edge. I think she is ADORABLE!!

    I did faux stitching around the patterned paper layer.

    I made some flowers to match using various punches.

    Inside I could fit a bunch of stuff, but put ONE large purple “jewel style” clear egg-with chocolate of course.

    So girly! So cute.


    here is the side view


    I put it up for SALE on my Etsy shop My Time-Less Little Treasures if you want it!

    Now I have another project also listed there now-Baby Bear Box

    Also inspired by my ribbon 😀



    How flippin cute is he?

    I don’t have another angle! OOPS! Nothing overly exciting on the side anyway.

    The ribbon wraps around the entire box, and is folded at the top, held closed with a brad.

    His hat, shirt, and Binky are all colored and cut out separately. Im not big on masking sometimes! LOL! Plus I like dimension. I added a CUTE bear sticker to his shirt as well.

    I made him using My Timeless Template- Rounded Wrap Up!

    You could fit a sweet little gift in here for the new baby! Like $$ or a gift card 😀 Maybe baby shower favor? Coupons for babysitting? Pampering day for the new mom. Little baby lotions-like a homeopathic baby lotion?

    Just a cute little gift.

    The good thing is there are ONLY 2 days of peeks! So less waiting for you! The release is on Thursday March 26th!

    Melissa is having a CONTEST!  Who will be the next Cutie Patootie?? You can see that HERE!

    Check out all the DT member blogs for more awesome peeks!

    Sparkle Smith is the Guest Designer–check her out HERE! Sparkle’s blog

  • Becky Carafa
  • Janna Hull
  • Jodi-Ann Lee
  • Lauren Meader
  • Lise Roy
  • Maria Bell
  • Mariska van der Veer
  • Nikki Fairbairn
  • Sarah Anderson
  • Vicki Garret
  • I have more to share TOMORROW! So come ya’all come back now ya hear!

    Until then, wish me luck with my to do list 😀

    I’d love to hear what you think of todays post. And for fun, if YOU had twins-a boy and a girl what would you name them?

    When I had Alexa I was going to do Alexa and Alexander (yes the thought of twins crossed my mind! I was HUGE!!!!!! So it would have been nice to know there was at least another 9lb baby in there! LOL!

    I have no idea what I would name twins now-I thankfully don’t have that worry anymore. I can’t imagine how HARD it is.

    OK your turn-if you have time 😀

    Got Etsy?

    Mar 22, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, My Timeless Templates, Tutorials

    YES! YES! I DO!!

    I’m happy to announce my very own Etsy Shop-My Time-less Little Treasures

    I am specializing in ONE OF A KIND gifts and gift packaging! FINALLY! I ordered a BUNCH of stuff today to expand my collection of GIFTS and not just packaging items. I will be adding cards in there are well. I may take requests for cutsomized packages-not sure yet. Im pretty busy.

    I am STILL in the process of uploading all my CRAP to sell, so keep checking in if you are interested. If I made something you are interested in and not yet posted-shoot me an email!

    All the pieces are signed by me (since I did make them :D-kind of like when you buy pottery! LOL!).

    I get SO many requests to sell my items, and asked WHAT do you do with them?

    Honestly, I package them up in a box and they SIT in a room doing NOTHING. I usually do package up my cards and donate them every few months though!! Now I can get them OUT OF HERE!

    Basically everything I make, be it with my templates, for a tutorial, or just for fun (I never re-make anything) will be put into my store and available for purchase!! As soon as I get to it all. Right now I’m focusing on recent items I made.

    FINALLY!! I can check off ONE more New Year resolution. I had been wanting to do this for a long time. See I KNEW I’d find something to do with my time while Im bed bound next weekend! LOL!

    (Thanks to the PUSHING of my dear friend Paulette who was going to drive me insane if I didn’t get this up & running SOON! Thanks Paulette-you know I LOVE YOU!)

    So Check out my NEW!! Etsy Shop –>HERE! I honestly have NO IDEA how to price stuff. I feel so in the dark. I tried to base it off other things I found on Etsy.

    On another note:

     Yesterday I was at Stamp New England! It was so fun. Those women  WORE ME OUT! WHEW!!

    Ill post photos and videos of that maybe tomorrow. I want to be able to give it proper posting!!! So Im not going into details 😀 I think everyone had fun and I SOOOO enjoyed getting to meet everyone who attended. It was nice to put faces to names.

    Hugs to you all and thanks for stopping by.


    Since last years Papertrey Ink project using the socks for the “Bun” in the “Oven” project, and now, with the latest release of the actual “Bun in the Oven” template, I am swamped with people asking “How do you make the cupcake out of socks?”

    Well I think it is much easier to SHOW you, than it is to explain it, so I posted a video clip to share

    Between how easy the box now is with  the the printable template, and this cupcake sock video, you are sure to start whipping up sock favor gifts in no time!

    All you need is your Bun in the Oven box template, and 2 pair of socks!


    Now you are one your way!

    Monday’s with My Time © is here!

    I have a UBER cute idea for a gift box using the Newest My Timeless Template © release of Bun in the Oven ©

    A you know I think the templates are full of endless possibilities! I so enjoy sharing more and more, even after the releases!

    Here is another idea.

    Hippity Hop Bunny Box


    This is a photo of what we will be making today!

    Complete with tail!


    Is it not ADORABLE??!!!

    More photos are included in video. As are the directions.

    Think Easter, Spring, Baby-or ANY TIME just plain adorable box! Change it up  just a smidge and it can be a teddy bear, skunk, cat, dog, and as seen yesterday- even a turtle. Just by switching the colors, and the ears!!! Oh and the TAIL!

    All you need to get started is the Bun in the Oven template!

    Cardstock of choice

     with Ink of choice-along with some acetate

    Some stamps of your choice:

    I used-Pond Life, Wise Owl, Everyday Classics, Heart Prints, Borders & Corners Hearts

    Punches: I used

    2 inch circle, 3/4 and 1/4 inch circle, large heart punch, large & small oval punch


    I don’t know what to say, other than I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster of creativity with that particular template. SO many things to be made. Way fun!!

    So let the video begin!

    NOTE: DO NOT CLICK ON THE THUMBNAILS !If you click ON the thumbnails AFTER the video it takes you to the Veoh site. Some of the content there I am told is “R” and “X”rated and you may not want to do that around young children. So if you just watch the video here on my blog, and avoid the thumbnails you should be OK. Not sure WHY they don’t have ONLY stamp related videos pop up, but I guess some aren’t.

    Bottom line: Click at your own risk!

    I am not responsible for content that links to the videos from the Veoh site.

    Thank you D

    I had so much fun making this, and I hope YOU do too.

    I like to think that these videos on Monday are a bright start to everyone’s week D

    As you know on Monday’s I have started my weekly video feature, and I think its going well. I “think” most of you are enjoying it as much as I am. I like making them-just not the other stuff-like editing! LOL! Same as card making. Thats the BEST part-the photographing and stuff is the icky part for me.

    I LOVE teaching. Love it. Videos for me, are better than actual classes because there is NO prepping 20 things for anyone.  

    Since Im such a TALKER its much easier for me to express everything that way, rather than type a journal here. I could talk paint off a wall if you let me, I swear. I think many of you clearly realize that by now.

    I also find that most of you “get it” more than my blah blah blah, step by step photo stuff.

    Am I right?

    I do want to spice up some of my videos and have some funny ideas for that in the future D So Ill save that, for then.

    Thanks for watching the video. I love hearing what you thought, and of course if it inspired you to actually TRY it!!

    So thanks for stopping by, and making my day with your words 😀

    Till tomorrow

    Papertrey Ink March Release

    Mar 14, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, My Timeless Templates, Papertrey Newsletter

    Finally the Papertrey Ink Release is here!

    You can also now purchase my NEWEST templates-Bun in the Oven, File it with Flair, and Captured Card Case!

    Don’t forget to check out the other ones too 😀 Each download also comes with an idea book-with 5 exclusive project ideas, complete with supply list and directions. All only $5! You spend more for a roll of wrapping paper that you use ONCE!!


    Physically, mentally, and creatively. ZIP- ZAP-DONE! The mojo usually take a vacation after this week.

    OK-enough of that. Time to share my projects.

    Keep in mind this post doesn’t include the exclusive template book projects 😀 OR what you saw me share over the last 5 days.

    PLUS-there are a few Im not sharing—-> yet!

     Oh and lets not forget I do work for several other companies! LOL! So yeah, this one was a KILLER, but I was so inspired, I couldn’t stop.

    Tomorrow is Monday, and that means its time for a video! You won’t want to miss that project! Plus I have another video to post this week with my Papertrey Ink Newsletter!!

    WHEW! Time for a nap.

    Thanks for all the kind comments and emails. I am so happy to be able to share my joy, excitement, and creative endeavors here with ALL the world. Its hard to cantain myself when I am so happy to share all this with someone. I’m especially happy when I hear how much the My Timeless Templates have helped you create affordable gifts, easily! 😀 YOU ROCK!

    OK time to share what I haven’t yet (which isn’t much :C)

    PLEASE NOTE: ALL supplies for todays post are fromPapertrey Ink.

    For supply lists please see my PTI gallery—> HERE!


    This stamp set is SOOOOO pretty. I really loved working with it, and making the silhouettes in COLOR, not shadows.


    I adore this card to pieces. Not my usual colors, but I adore it all the same. I think its stunning.

    It also used Mega Mixed Messages

    This is a MINI notecard/envelope set


    The melon berry is the card layer. It opens from the left. I think its perfectly pretty, and petite.

    I love how it turned out. I took my own envelope tutorial to make a mini envelope to match!!

    Guidelines Two:

    What is NOT to love about this set. I wanted to use it over and over again!! You will definitely be seeing patterned papers from me-handstamped-more often. Its now SO easy to align everything.

    I loved making my own patterned paper with this set.

    Its GORGEOUS, fun & easy peasy.


    I used the Bun in the Oven template to make a tea box!

    I know I package tea every month, but you can’t have enough fun ways to give and store it! LOL! I love tea.


    This set also used Mega Mixed Messages-the “enjoy” sentiment, as well as the anniversary set-everyday classics

    I also used Guidelines Two, to create a turtle box (also using Bun in the Oven template)


    This is perfect for a boy! Or get well wishes.


    Now the back has to be as cute and finished as the front-so here is the shell -complete with tail!


    The tab punch are the feet. The box is the belly.

    If you think this is cute wait till tomorrow! (HINT! HINT!)

    Mega Mixed Messages:

    I don’t know about YOU, but I used the original set endlessly! This one is for those times you wishes that MUST HAVE sentiment set had a big sister! AH! Now it does.

    Then I decided to use one of my most loved creations: The baby onesie-with the addition of a bib! I think it looks ULTRA cute with the bib addition.

    Directions for this card —HERE!


    Now to give you an idea of HOW much of a size difference there is, you can see the “baby” sentiment on the bib.

    The bib used the original mixed messages, then the “baby” in the lower right corner is the MEGA size.

    I love it.

    Well that is ALL for me today. I can’t type another thing. This week is always the week my family lives on Mac n’Cheese! LOL! Not that the kids complain.

    OK I’m getting some rest before I post my video for tomorrow.

    Don’t miss that one-another template project 😀

    Thanks again for stopping by.

    (NOTE: I will return later with the Saturday Sketch!)

    I spent a LONG time uploading my PTI stuff and editing this, so bear with me OK!

    OK- maybe Im blowing this post up to high expectations, but I really am in LOVE with todays projects. REALLY LOVE

    Every month I get FLODDEd with so many ideas for samples with each template my head spins. I dream about templates (I WISH that was a joke sometimes!! LOL!)

    OK now I am gearing up for thePapertrey Ink Release TONIGHT!!

    Im beyond excited about this release and todays post.

    I saved the best for last! In my opinion 😀

    Are you excited?? You all got me excited more than I was! LOL! That is PRETTY excited, let me tell you.

    I do have some more samples using the templates to share tomorrow too, so check in again to not only see those but the release samples as well. I had a blast. The team really knocked it out of teh park with thier samples. Wait till you see them all.

    OK first up is my favorite File it with Flair © using my NEW! Favorite set Wishing You.

    This set and Bitty Dots 2008 patterned paper

    Now many of you stated how cool it would be to organize your cards in this box! Well you have NO IDEA how awesome and easy it will be. Now this is not only easy, but a great gift!!!

    OK enough blabbering-see for yourself.

    Pretty Petal Pocket Set


    Now this is a template combo!!

    The boxes you see are the pocket template from All Boxed Up! Now that pocket template alone is fabulous. I totally love it.


    I am in LOVE with this set!! LOVE! The tulips, colors, and everything.

    Here is the other side


    No matter what way you turn it-its just stunning. I like to always decorate an entire project so all angles are purty 😀

    Look at the close-up


    The open part goes in the back of the template, and I stamped the ends with the category of cards I want to fit into each file. I used last years PTI anniversary set for the pocket labels.


    Now is the top view


    I tied some ribbon around the set-so I can easily pull it up all in one. The templates do come out easy, and look SO nice and organized don’t they?

    I’d love to hear your feedback on this one since I was TOTALLY bouncing over it. I just love versatility, and this template is by far one of the most versatile ones yet! The curves make is SO stunning.

    I cannot wait to see what everyone makes when they get their own.

    OK now moving on to another Epiphany!!

    Hello Kitty!! Using Captured Card Case


    Can you seriously BELIEVE how cute this is?

    Obviously, my creation is inspired by a gift set, that Amber is giving to her friend Abby for a birthday party she is attending on Sunday. We saw this plastic purse with Hello Kitty stamps, and other items, so we brought it home, in hopes of transforming it.

    I think I did a good job making my own version of Hello Kitty with 100% of Papertrey Ink products!


    I used a oval nestability to create the face.

    I then took the large heart punch, and punched two ears (using a corner rounder on the tip) and adhered them behind the head-upside-down!!

    The eyes are the oval flower centers from Floral Frenzy 😀 I added some eyelashes with a marker tip.

    I used Hearts Borders and Cornersfor the little heart stamped by her ear (like in the acrylic box the gift came with), and for the little heart nose!

    Pebble Pearlescent Pastels made my perfectly rosy cheeks.


    Side view

    This is a take along “purse” just like the case it came in, only it utilizes my Captured Card Case template!

    I just punched a notch in the lid, so the handle would fit with the hinge style lid.

    I really like how a little girl can carry this around with all her supplies. WAY CUTE!!


    I trimmed the lid with some Raspberry Fizz patterned paper for some POP!

    The fabric flowers cover the notch ( I used fabric ones since they are much more durable than paper), an the heart eyelets that were punched and inserted, so that my paint can handle would fit perfectly. I used heart eyelets so if you DO see the eyelet holes they look nice and match well!!

    NOTE: Install your brads PRIOR to assembling the template!

    This is what is INSIDE


    There are a set of mini markers, mini pencils, and crayons on the left-with a notebook.

    I altered a bandaid tin, and put the little stampers and stickers in there. There is another notepad underneath.

    I had SO much fun making this!

    Poor Amber doesn’t want to give it away! LOL! That made me feel so good to hear. I hope her friend likes it.

    I loved using PTI items to create a Hello Kitty themed gift for my daughters friend! It was surprisingly EASY!


    My Timeless Template: Captured Card Case

    Stamps: Borders & corners hearts (for heart nose/ear), Floral frenzy (little oval), Everyday celebrations (sentiment)

    Cardstock: white, Raspberry Fizz

    Paper: Bitty Dots 2008 collection

    Ink: True Black, Raspberry Fizz

    Ribbon: Raspberry Fizz Twill

    Pebble pearlescent pastels for cheeks

    Heart punch (by marvy)-to create the ear!

    Corner Rounder

    Rectangle/oval nestability

    Flowers by Prima

    Paint can Handle

    Large Heart eyelets


    Now lets move onto a elegant box!

    Im shocked at how much I can do with this template: Bun in the oven

    Wait till you see the 2 tutorials I have coming your way using this box! A true must have.


    Close up-I love making a circle window.


    I am just in LOVE with the sentiment on this!

    Life-is a succession of moments.

    To live each one is to succeed.

    Inside this box is a scented candle. Always a nice gift for any occasion. It matches perfectly too.

    I got a bunch of them at Target 😀


    This is the other side. I love the flower garden, stamped all around the entire box! This set makes it SOOOO easy.

    I was so inspired by my ribbon for my colors. I got this one at My Little Ribbon Shop. Its got such a nice feel to it. Its a wide satin, and very easy to manipulate!

    My Timeless Template: Bun in the oven

    Stamps: Life, Forest Friends (little flower)
    Cardstock: Vintage cream, ripe avocado, acetate, vellum
    Ink: Ripe avocado, pure poppy, briliance beige, summer sunset, dark chocolate

    Ribbon- May Arts

    Circle punches

    butterfly punch by Martha Stewart


    Feels good to share all the ideas I have been working on the last 2+ weeks!! So much goes into these templates monthly, and hehind the scenes I generally create 1-3 more amonth for the future. Each one getting better and better, all because YOU inspire me.

    I hope enjoyed todays peeks.

    I also hope to chat with you all tonight during the release.

    Thanks for reading and all the love, support and kinds comments. I read every one, and they mean SO much to me and the time I spend sharing it all.

    Till tomorrow

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