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OK new template peek time!

This is the most exciting time of the month for me. I swear I don’t even sleep. The ideas just FLOOD my brain. I get so happy to be able to  share what I LOVE with the world 😀 Its the most amazing feeling ever. So thanks for bearing with me as I get excited and just gush and babble.

This will release on the 15th —>HERE!

So lets get started


For the happy couple or a Birthday wish-

Here we have a peek at my newest template called Rounded Recipe Wrap © Im totally loving this one.

Its the perfect  little boxlet ever! Its great for sending your wedding guests home with a sliver of cake, maybe some chocolates. Maybe give the something old, something new…….

 How about for the Bride/Groom! Give them some money or a gift card? Perfect presentation! I bet it would be the first gift opened. OR (if you are the bride) you could leave these in your guests rooms, filled with tea packets to thank them! Package your groomsmen/bridesmaids gift in.


OOOHH!! Change it up for a baby shower!

As always, endless possibilities for what can be packaged in here! Lets not forget ways to design your package to suit the occasion!

Print these out and let the kids decorate them at a party!

OK! Im stopping there. You get the idea. I’ll just share more visuals as the days go on.


I used Piece of Cake on this Rounded Wrap Up ©. Printed my template onto chocolate cardstock. Stamped my flowers on Kraft with chocolate, and vintage cream ink. I added some adhesive pearls to my flowers 😀

I tied it closed with some beautiful  Vintage Cream Sheer Stripe ribbon

Lets here more details on this cute little boxlet.

Rounded Wrap-up ©:
“This is a fun little box!  I was inspired by the days when I was a child and we would have to go door to door selling candy bars! I LOVED the box!  I would just love carrying it around. So THAT was my inspiration for this template. While a bit smaller, the rounded top of this makes it a fun way to wrap any small gift. Maybe even some bit size candy bars”

Here I will share my concept project!

A bit more simpler of a design, so show you it is simple and versatile. You can dress it up or down. It’s totally up to you! These template are made to fit any style.


For you-can you say UNDER 5 minute project-start to finish! Easy Peasy!

GREAT party favor idea too 😀

I used a piece of patterned cardstock to wrap around my box, punched a hole and tied it closed through the flower.

I used Limitless Labels. Chocolate  Remix paper, and a Maya Road sheer flower.

That is it!


I hope you like today’s peek! I am excited to hear your thoughts on it too.

So thanks for reading!!

Tomorrow I will have so much more to share.

Till then

Meet the Moon Family

OK I have the first peek at ourPapertrey Ink countdown AND My Timeless Templates © 

All I can say is I am just over the moon for today’s post!! I hope you will be too.

That is a HUGE hint 😀

The stamp set I am peeking today is from a new sentiment set called Handwritten Notes. It has handwritten sentiments from EACH design team member.

I am sharing one of  MY contributions of the sentiment set –>”I’m over the moon”

If you read my blog you know I say this A LOT. I think it comes from my watching the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” a million times with my mom, since I was a little girl. When Mary gives George the picture of him lassoing the moon for her. I loved that.

Anyway-its a cute set, that we all hope you will enjoy.

Now comes my project!!!

When I think of “moon’s” I also think OWLS! I don’t know why I just do.

Anyway, Amber came home from school the other day with a paper-bag owl project that was just the cutest thing ever!! I fell in love with it. (You will see the owl in the video :D) When looking at it I thought “How can I make my own version of this cute owl?”

Well, wouldn’t you know I was ALSO working on my newest My Timeless Template © peeks for this week when I “saw” it!! My Rounded Wrap Up! boxlet would be PERFECT! So I went to work.

Now this template will be releases on the 15th. It’s a super cute and versatile template.

If you are new to the templates you may want to watch THIS VIDEO. It takes you through the HOW TO on how the templates work.

Details about the TEMPLATE itself will be provided with tomorrows post. Today I want to focus on the step by step of this project.

Meet the Moon Family!


There is Owlette the “mommy”-named by Amber. Whootie-the “daddy” named by Alexa

and little baby Owlivia named by me D (and Noah approved)

Once upon a time there was a little pink owl named Owlette Branch. She was lonely and needed someone to love.

One moon lit night, in her favorite Oak tree, she met a stunning mate name Whootie Moon!

They shared some mice for dinner, and have been together ever since.


They were just “over the moon” for each-other!  

They fell in love, and before you know it, one starlit night, then came Owlivia.

They are such a happy little family!

They bring smiles and treats where ever they go!


Now for some detail photos of Owlette Moon



 Rounded Wrap Up! © (available on the 15th)

Printed on dark chocolate, and copy paper (or back of sweet blush cardstock)

Stamps: Handwritten Notes, Border Basics: Retro (released on the 15h)

Cardstock: Sweet Blush, Berry Sorbet, Lemon Tart, Dark Chocolate

Ink-Dark Chocolate and copic markers

Photo of punched pieces needed


1- photo corner punch to create beak

2- little scallops or scallop flower to create the feet (here is a cute one)

3- 2 Giga scallop circlesfrom dark chocolate cardstock-for wings

4-2 sweet blush 2 inch circles for wing centers

5- 2 (large) hearts punch in sweet blush (makes a tail-optional) and berry sorbet (makes front piece)

6- 2- 1 inch circles from dark chocolate-makes eye base

7-1-1 inch circle from sweet blush (will be cut in half) to make eyelids

8- 2 3/4 inch circles-for eyeballs

DIRECTIONS (for those who can’t view the video)


Print your Rounded Wrap Up! ©on dark chocolate cardstock.

Cut score and assemble per instructions. Set aside

On copy paper print the Rounded wrap up again. You will cut out JUST the front portion of the template onto sweet blush cardstock. This creates your owl body.

Stamp the scallop border pattern from Border Basics: Retro in dark chocolate ink x2, onto belly, and again on 2  of the punched 2 inch round circles. Color with markers.

Stamp sentiment from hand written notes-under belly using dark chocolate ink.

Stamp choice of other border pattern on sides of box to create head/face. Color as desired



Stamp circle from border set onto 3/4 white circles.

Layer near bottom of dark chocolate 1 inch circle.

Cut/punch 1 inch circle from sweet blush. Cut in half. Draw on lid and eyelashes with marker. Layer on eye lids with dimensionals.

For beak use photo corner punch from lemon tart cardstock. Layer onto face with dimensional, then layer on eyes.

Apply heart punched from Berry Sorbet cardstock to top of head, between eyes.


Use scallops or flowers for feet. Score bottoms so they bend forward, and layer behind owl body. Adhere body to Rounded Wrap Up! © box template.


Layer 2 inch stamped circles (that you stamped/colored in steps above)onto dark chocolate giga scallop circles.

Score from between scallops to other side, and adhere stamped pieces to center.


Adhere to sides of Rounded Wrap Up! ©

Now fill with choice of candy or other treat! Use paper clip or item of choice to hold top closed (if you choose)!

So there you have it!!

This takes about 25 minutes to make, but that is for a tutorial!! If you go and mass produce these Im sure its much quicker with practice. My 3 came together in well under an hour.

That is HOW you make my Owlette!!!

This is the “boy” version–> Whootie done in green for my son Noah.


He loves green and told me that was what I had to use for his owlette treat holder! He actually thought this was a parakeet! LOL! I guess it COULD be!! I also see making bunnies, and chicks with the box template 😀

Now don’t think this template is JUST for character boxes! Oh! NO!! So much more to come. Just wait and see what the peeks bring OK. This was just one of those “ideas” that popped into my head. This would be a super cute party project for kids even. Its really that easy! You just pre-stamp it. They can color and assemble-maybe?

I love to hear your thoughts on today’s post and the template peek!

Thank you for reading.

Don’t forget to check in with Nichole and see what she has to share, as well as other creative clicks for today.

Thanks for all the kind words and support!

Owl Hugs from the Moon Family!!

Hi everyone!!

Am I busy? Yes.

Should I be blogging? No. Not really.

But I love what I do and sharing here, so I figured if that is what I want to do, then I am gonna do it 😀 Its like a break from the craziness KWIM?

(I feel like a little kid who broke the rules! LOL!Now I know WHERE my kids get it from)

Plus I was SOOOOO excited I  HAD to share my latest creation !

WARNING: This is what happens when you are SUPPOSE to be doing something, then you get sidetracked doing something else, that you AREN’T suppose to be doing-its like stampers ADD! LOL!

You know how much I LOVE organization right? Well when you combine it WITH stamping I REALLY love it. There is nothing like being able to create something that allows you to personalize your crafting area. Oh, and give as gifts 😀

Anyway I was in Michaels and I saw a 4 drawer organizer that I liked. Problem-it was like $17. Now for only chipboard covered with a UGLY pattern paper on it-NO WAY! I looked at it and thought-WOW! I could make that EASY PEASY!

On my drive home (without the organizer) I realized that my Perfect Match Box © template would make it SOOOOO much easier, so I flew home and grabbed some Amy Butler paper (I have a handbag to match :D) and whipped up my own in less than a 1/2 hour!

Create and Store


SO for the cost of a few pieces of paper, and some fabric brads-I have my very own PRETTY 4 drawer organizer!!!

OK I should have pushed the drawers in more! SORRY! I was just so excited I HAD to get it photographed and uploaded.

(This doesn’t match my stamp room actually! LOL! I just loved the paper and colors :D)

I printed my Perfect Match Box template 4 times.

The base was in gray (4x’s) and the slider box was in sweet blush (4x’s).

SO I print, cut, scored and assembled each box as directed by the instructions.

NOTE: Before putting the slider box together (pink insert), I stamped the FRONT with my Simple Stationery circle in gray ink, then applied my fabric covered Amy Butler brads (pink one’s have butterflies, gray ones have birds :D)

I then lined my drawers with the patterned paper.


Now once you have your 4 gray base templates done, you just adhere them ALL together!!!

LOTS of redline tape 😀

I then prettied it up by covering the top and sides with patterned paper (Amy Butler).

This also strengthens it, and covered the fact that it is 4 boxes stacked 2 X 2.

Think of the possibilities now!
You can make MORE drawers, or a 3 drawer stackable unit. Whatever you want!!

I think that is really cool.

You can make them for everyone. Even TEACHERS!! Beats the usual coffee mug.

They can keep it on their desk. Maybe even cut a slit in the drawer front, and fill it with ROLLS of those REWARD stickers teacher’s always give out. (OH!!! I am so going to do that for end of the year gifts-good idea)

Can you tell I have WAY too much fun creating with my templates? Seriously! Sometimes my brain just won’t stop spinning. I wish I had the TIME to execute the ideas I have sometimes. I usually have to just write it down, and save it for another day.

Anyway I wanted a design on the top so I used my Harmony Classic Oval II in gray ink for the “create” sentiment.

I love the way it turned out.


With Sympathy matched my paper PERFECTLY!!! So I stamped it on gray and added a soft gray to the leaves. Flowers stamped in sweet blush.

I layered it on an oval scallop for some more POP! This is on dimensionals as well.

I also punched a butterfly from the paper, to match my theme.

Then I was done.

Now this idea sparked ANOTHER idea that I will most likely share Sunday 😀 You won’t want to miss that.

Easy Peasy 😀

OK I gotta run, but some back tomorrow for my Saturday Sketch 😀

Thanks for checking in today. Have a great Friday.

YouTube Preview Image

Hey girls!!

Time for theMFT Blog Hop!

If you *just* got here check in with KIM first-

If you are hopping along, next you will want to head on over to Michele

I got some stamp time in AND got some videos done 😀 I am trying to get ahead, so if you see me in the SAME outfit just know that YES, I do own other clothes! LOL! I just filmed a few on the same day.

 This time was definitely EASIER! So YEAH!! I’m getting the hang of this now. Now don’t go getting HIGH standards 😀 I just feel I improve each time. I’d LOVE to offer MORE videos each week, so someday it MAY be possible.

I was so inspired by the newest release from MFT called Tea for Two that it inspired my project for today! I hope you like it.

Time for Tea


Today’s video I have to share with you will show you how to take the My Timeless Template-For Keep{sake} and turn it into a PRETTY tea holder, that can be proudly displayed anywhere!

If you want a chance to WIN -just leave me a comment 😀 and if you want to, tell us What drink or item/activity comforts you when you are upset, or sick, had a bad day…….

I LOVE my coffee ♥

OK more photos……..

Top view of the tea in the For Keep{sake} (turned tea) holder.


Here is a close up detail of the ADORABLE little bunnies in the tea cup!


The cup is colored and cut out.

I made the bunnies in the cup 3D as well. The tail is on an additional layer, and had fun flock on it.

Now here is a close up view of the slot that I teach you to easily make, and convert your For Keep{Sake} template into the Tea Box!


Now also note, that you can die cut a scallop square from the large set of square nestablities to give you a nice decorative bottom to your holder 😀

The paper is an OLD SU! pattern. The cardstock I believe is Cranberry Crisp-with the matching ribbon (also SU! but retired).

I just loved how quick and simple this project is 😀 It would be a great treat for someone!

OK now onto the release stuff.


My Favorite Things ( is having a New Release Cocktail Party on Wednesday, February 4th (TONIGHT!) from 9-10 p.m. EST. This month there are THREE new sets being released including a Who’s that Girl set that is GOING DIGITAL!

New releases for this month include:
Digital Girl (Who’s That Girl set for Feb)
Bling’ Bet
Tea For Two

Head over to the MFT forum on www.splitcoaststampers.comto find out all the details and to find out how YOU can be the next MFT Guest Designer. We hope to see you there on Wednesday (tonight).

OK I have lots of loose ends to tie up. My brother’s baby is due ANY day, so I’m “on call”! LOL!


OK  girls I had a REALLY bad day.

One of those days where something comes up, and takes you by surprise. Just hurts. Not the end of the world kind of thing, but just makes you feel awful about yourself, and self doubt settles in. Makes you question everything you do, and why. I was going to take a break from blogging and dive into some chocolate.

Well, if you didn’t know….. that was how I USE to deal with things when I was upset or stressed. Now that I’m down over 55lbs (yeah me!!) I’m so NOT going there again. Not anymore! Instead I decided that I would DIVE head first into another project, for all of YOU, who always cheer me up (and lock up all the chocolate in the meantime!). I will just be positive, and push through this time, like I always do. No sense in getting upset over something I can’t change. Right? It is what it is.

Now to make me feel even better-I am giving this project away to one of you! You all cheer me up everyday, and giving you a chance at today’s video project will definitely cheer me up! I hope you like it.

Just leave a comment on the project here, and I will pick a winner on Saturday! OK!

So this is what you have a chance at winning……….


As high as your dreams-I created the sentiment and LOVE IT!

I love the whimsical feel it has, and the colors are perfect! It  has the perfect amount of shimmer too. Can’t go wrong 😀

Woot! Woot!

So this project is up for grabs, and is the subject of a 3 part video I have for you all.

You KNOW Im too long winded to stick to UNDER 10 minutes! Seriously!

 I hope you don’t get sick of hearing me. Let me tell you this project for you all was a true joy and stress reliever for me today. I had fun.

What I LOVE about doing these videos is I get to ENJOY teaching, without all the prep work! My own little classroom from home-heaven!

Video 1-Start to finish My Timeless Templates-card box pockets

——–>Click Here!!<———

SORRY YouTube REJECTED this because it was 44 seconds too long!! GRR!! So you need to go to Veoh. Now I just wish I uploaded it all to ONE place. Im very annoyed with YouTube. Plus I couldn’t edit it any more than it was :C

Video 2-Making the box base

Video 3-Creating the center sentiment with JustRite Stampers


Thanks for watching 😀

After much anticipation, many of you asked for a few things:

1) To see My Timeless Templates used-start to finish-CHECK! see video #1

2) For the directions for the Birthday Card Organizer-CHECK! That is what the video is for-all 3!

3) To see how theJustRite Stamper’s sets work-CHECK! See video #3

4) Most you you didn’t like Veoh because you couldn’t view it, so you asked that I separate the videos into 3 parts-so I tried! Honestly that was a HUGE ole pain in my derriere, and my site crashed 3 times, making me re-do 2 of the 3 videos! UGH! I should soon have the plug-in here for longer stuff. Im just waiting in the SCS guy to fix it 😀

5) Longer wording in between segments-I tried that too. I can read these just fine, and with so many wordings, it cuts into precious video timing-so pause if needed. I think I timed it well this time. I am getting better. Its only #3 and I see a big difference.

PS tell me if you like me shooting from that angle instead or not!

6) Written instructions for my videos, along with the video. OK Im not sure how often that is going to happen because this is all so time consuming already. I pour so much of myself into my projects, and the behind the scenes stuff, now videos…….AND updating here DAILY. Lets not forget I have 3 kids, so not sure if thats always going to happen.

Bottom line-you talk, I listen! So I hope you know I appreciate every comment and email, and ALL the feedback. Thanks!


Now for more photos, and an IMPORTANT note

After video #1 I had to re -create 1 & 2. After re-doing it twice, I forgot the put the segment in the video where I made my label tabs on the pocket segments :C


Sorry about that. I think you will agree, the videos share enough info, and this was a minor detail. I do apologize!

I stamped 2 months per label, and made sure they were all staggered! Not too much more than that was shared.

I put them on AFTER all my pockets are done.



My Timeless Template: All Boxed Up

Stamps:JustRite Stampers Upper/lowercase New Times Roman alpha (sentiment made using these)

JustRite Stampers Harmony Circle III border (butterfly border around sentiment)

Butterfly of Happiness from Stampin Up!

Wedding Day -used for label months/butterfly on labels

Punches/Die Cuts: Stampin Up! Label punch, Circle nestabilities , corner rounder

Cardstock: White, True Black, Raspberry Fizz, and SU! Gray

Ink: SU! gray, raspberry fizz

Other:  Scor-Pal , Shimmerz in Magenta, SU! Felt flower, Maya Road black velvet flower, diamond brad by Making Memories.


Now I have the quick directions for the basic box!


1) Print 8 pocket templates using All Boxed up Template (linked above).


2-Raspberry Fizz

2- Gray

2-on copy paper to make true black pockets

2) Cut, score and assemble.

3) Punch 8 white tags. Stamp with months using gray ink. Stamp butterfly in scattered pattern.

4) Adhere tags to pockets, being sure to stagger them for easy viewing.

Birthday Box Base

8 1/2 X 11 piece of cardstock for base

1) Along 11 inch side score at 2 1/2 & 8 1/2

2) Along 8 1/2 side-score at 2 1/2 & 7

3) Along both 11 inch sides-cut on scored tabs, to scored edge.

4) Assemble box (there will be ONE long end that is shorter-this is what your back panel will adhere to/cover)

Apply decorative panels if you wish.

Back Panel

1) Take 6 X 11 sheet of cardstock for back panel. Along 11 inch side-score at 5 1/2

2) Apply adhesive to entire back, and fold over adhere to back (of short panel) on assembled box.

Stamp panels as desired

Insert pockets-then fill with cards and envelopes!


So that is it!

So leave me a comment telling me your thoughts, or whatever.

Thanks for the pick me up, and enjoy the video 😀

Tommorrow is another day.

Check in Saturday too, for another Saturday Sketch.

Till then


P.S. I love you

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You didn”t actually think I’d let the day go by without a post now did you?! 

Oh boy, oh boy! have I been a busy girl! My head is spinning with ideas 😀

I am working on MORE templates, and my projects for the next reveal! I think I just developed my best one yet! HAPPY DANCE!!

I have so many things I want to share all at once but not real time to do that-yet!! Plus Im loving this whole video thing! My last one (you haven’t seen it yet) was SO much easier! And Im only on #3!!

Many of you asked about Veoh. Well Veoh allows me to post LONGER videos! Me being long winded. I like that 😀 I am getting a feature enabled here soon, so YOU can ALL see them HERE! So that will be exciting.

I so hope you don’t get sick of “me”, and seeing ideas using my templates, because believe you me-I have a ton of ideas.

I promised before the holiday that I would share with you another version of what you can do with the base template from the Lolli-pop Along ©. You may remember —>THIS POST. I told you that you could also switch it up to be for Valentines Day!

So here it is


P.S. i love you. (and giving Dove chocolates, believe me they will love you back! LOL)

How sweet -literally- is that?!

Raspberry Fizz is my newest FAVORITE color! Im beyond in love with it. Pair it with chocolate, and we have HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!

Taking the colors from my YUM-A-LICIOUS Dove raspberry chocolates, I made this box from my Lolli-pop Along © base.

That is the thing with my templates. SO many uses 😀

I LOVED the bucket image from the Love Songs set. The hearts are suppose to be piled up on the cake stand, but I stamped them into my bucket and trimmed out.


 I used a heart nestability, and added some acetate to create my window.

Now you get a peek at the yumminess you are about to embark into.

Isn’t that so cute.

OK one last photo, then I’m off.


I am working on a project and would LOVE to hear little treats that you WISH you had a cute packaging for OR would like to see me use in an upcoming template-made all cute!

Thanks for stopping by! I always appreciate all the love & support you give me-believe me, it means the world to me.

 You all rock!

Simple Take Along

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Well guess who just got another video done! Whoot! Whoot!

Its all videographed, now I just need to do photos and editing. I can’t wait, because the Birthday Card Box Organizer came out SOOOOO pretty-IMO!

Thank you all for sharing the excitment with me 😀

Its cool to be able to share with your HOW the templates work! So I hope you all enjoy it when the time comes 😀 Seeing them in action !! I’m really so proud of that line 😀

My goal with My Timeless Templates © is to give you a inexpensive way to create great gifts, and an easy jump start on packaging your items, so that you can spend as much, or as little time focusing on the details and designing it to suit your project/style.

Some of you like to cut back on your time even MORE by simply replicating a design idea you have already seen.

Well if you want QUICK and EASY PEASY then this is the post for you!!

This was my concept project for the Take Along Tote ©, so I thought I’d share it with you today.

My Friend Take Along Tote ©


This is the front view. This holds 8 simple cards.

I love the clean and simple look this has. The BIG pop is the use of the page pebble in the flower center, everytime the image is used.

This gift set uses the leaf pattern from Wise Owl, and the flower from Floral Frenzy.

The cardstock/ink are white, spring moss, berry sorbet, sweet blush.

Berry sorbet polka dot ribbon, and patterned paper-pink patterned

But you know me by now that the back is *just* as important!


Now the back is designed just like the front, and it hold 8 stamped envelopes to match!

This is the side view


Butterfly punch is from Martha Stewart.

Now the inside is perfect because it holds a Legal not pad, cut to fit-and wrapped to match (of course)


It featured the same design as my cards.

Here are my notecards/envelope design.


Very clean and simple! Great for when you are tight on time, or have much to make!!

Speaking of tight on time, I need to RUN!

Just wanted to do a quick post done today for ya (wink).

Thanks for looking 😀

Till tomorrow.

BRRR! Its so cold here in New Hampshire. The snow is falling, and I am already awaiting Spring!

I am getting ready to work out, then record my Monday with Mytime video!! I’m excited to get going, and take all the advice, and put it into fruition! Thank you for all the advice, and excitement. You all made me feel OK and comfortable doing this, and sharing myself-so THANK YOU.

Jackie’s Cooking Recipe Wrap Up


Today’s project is another Christmas gift I made for Amber’s other teacher. You may remember I did one similar-for a Cookie Swap—–>HERE!

I made so many awesome gifts that were personalized this year using my JustRite Stampers. I’m actually shocked that my small letters aren’t worn out! LOL! I actually did invest in another set because sometimes I use a lot of a particular letter, and have lost a few because I’m too lazy to get on my floor and LOOK for them! LOL! They are cheap enough! You can never have too many letters-right?

Keep watching because I do have a NEW! JustRite Stampers product release to share (I was fortunate that they sent it to me and asked me play, and share an opinion! It was perfect for this project!And what was NOT to like?!)

Now this is a gift was made using one of my FREE! My Timeless Templates © the Recipe Wrap Up!

In the “original” design of the template, the idea was to create 6 fold out pockets, with Recipe cards. Well, if you are tight on time, have many gifts to mass produce, you may want to use only HALF the template!

This project only used 1/2 of the recipe wrap template!

So, untie it…………


Isn’t it the perfect size for a project?!

You don’t really need more than the 2 pockets for a simple, and thoughtful gift.

You may only use half the template, but it is just as nice of a gift idea.

I used white,  Lemon Tart ,Summer Sunrise, and Spring Moss cardstock. My Ribbon is stitched Summer Sunrise stitched grosgrain. My pretty paper is by Imaginesce. Last Springs line :C I hoard, sorry! What can I say?!

Close up of the clip-to hold notes, recipes, coupons…..whatever!


I think having the clip is a great feature. I got my large Paperclips in the office section of Walmart for uunder $2 of a large container! They are FABULOUS.

I just used a Martha Stewart flower punch, to match the flowers on my paper. The “leaves” are my bridal confetti flowers, in olive. Love those things. You get a paincan FULL at Michaels for under $5-in the bridal section. (Sorry I get hundreds of emails asking about this everytime I post). The flower centers are dew drop like pieces also found at M’s like a year ago.

Now moving on to my pockets-instead of the printable pocket template (I was tight on TIME), I used little envelopes that came with some LOVE NOTES, I purchases from Stampin Up! like 3 years ago. They are meant to hold 3X3 notecards. Well, I cut down the top to 2 1/2 and they are PERFECT for my recipe cards.

Here is the close up of From the Kitchen of Jackie pocket tag-


This is where the NEW! product comes in!! Notice: I have upper AND lowercase letters?!

 How awesome! They are FINALLY adding a lower case set to the New Times Roman font! HAPPY DANCE!!

Doesn’t it look so much better with the mix of upper and lower letters! I mean it was great before, but not its even better!

I just popped in my border, then spelled out her name. Easy Peasy!

Now make sure you check out—-> their blog <—-because they have been sharing what new products they are releasing! I may be in trouble. Looks like they are revealing 25 new items at CHA!

If you are going to CHA you will see a few of my creations in their booth! I was asked to send some along, since they enjoyed some of my posts shared 😀

2 projects you haven’t seen, and I didn’t get GREAT photos before I sent them :C

From my friends kitchen tag close up


Now the “From the Kitchen” border is from—> THIS set. I get a lot of use from that one too. I LOVE circles, so that adds to my love for those borders.

Now to go with the gift-I purchased a Tastes of Home  (my absolute FAVORITE place to get recipes from! We have had our very best meals from this site! All of it is very easy too!!) slow cooker recipe book.

I decided to make a special magazine tube to present it to her, wither her Recipe Wrap Up! © gift.


Isn’t that just a fun way to present a magazine/book? Just untie the ends and slide out.

Here is the set, presented together


It’s just so cute!
It was well received too.

So that is it for today. I hope you liked today’s feature. I’m off to get going on my video.

Wish me luck 😀

WOW! Am I exhausted.

The Papertrey Ink release was another amazing one. I always have such a huge creative breakdown after, since I pour every ounce of creativity I own into every project.

Most of them were revealed up to the release, but I kept a few for today.

My first project today is very special, and I want to share it with you all. I did get special permission to post all this info, so I hope you get to read it.



I have to say with all the sympathy sentiments, while beautiful, it was emotional for me. Having been close to losing my own child a few times, I can’t even fathom the pain. I only know a portion of the pain that comes with just thinking of the “what ifs”. When Alexa got sick I planned her funeral in my head too many times. Something I hate to admit, but when she had so many close calls I couldn’t help but have those horrible thoughts not only cross my mind, but be lurking so close to reality.

This release came at a time that I really needed. It was so amazing because over the holiday a blog reader of mine-Melinda had sent me some amazing things from Australia. I was touched by her graciousness.

I was beyond amazed by her talent, but what got me was this photo attached with her letter, of her daughter Bethany.

She told me how stamping has helped her emotionally, to cope, as she lost that beautiful little girl in the photo last year to a tragic accident.

Here she is-


Every person in my home cried reading her letter, and starring at Bethany’s face.

Melinda said she has a hard time scrapping photos of Bethany, and this one was so special to her because it was the last photo she had of her-taken just a week before her accident. She was in her favorite dress. She loved pink flowers,  and butterflies!

 I knew I wanted to make her something special, to honor her. I had no idea what to say or where to start! Then the Loss of  Child set was sent to me. I knew the words were perfect.


I have to admit I balled my eyes out the entire time I made it. I felt such a wave of pain and emotion, and I never even “knew” her. I never made a more meaningful gift in my life. I truly poured every ounce of love I felt for my own three children into making a keepsake for Bethany’s mom.


Stamps-Fresh Alphabet, Loss of a Child, With Sympathy
Ink-Berry Sorbet, black, ripe avocado, spring moss, sweet blush
Cardstock- sweet blush, berry sorbet, spring moss, white
Patterned Paper- Polka Dot Parade
Berry Sorbet stitched grosgrain, leaf pattern ribbon
B.E. Frame
Other-Prima Flowers, Prima leaves May Arts velvet ric rac, dew drops, adhesive rhinestones


Now when I asked Bethany’s mom if I could share this, she agreed. I asked her what she would like people to know about Bethany, since she isn’t just a photo for a project, or another post on my blog, but a person who is so missed and so loved. A person who’s short life will have made a difference in others. I know that despite her mom losing her, she will not let her loss be in vain, but will make a difference in others lives.

If you have lost a child and need support, Melinda has offered to help you-so contact me for her info. Melinda is also looking forward to being able to eventually working with SIDS & KIDS.

This is what she had to share-

From Bethany’s mother Melinda:

Bethany lived at fast forward all the time. She was born after a 40 minute labour on November 11th 2001. That day is Remembrance Day in Australia and each year at 11am on that day the country observes a minute silence for soldiers who fell in battle, but we also like to think the nation stops for Bethany (as of course we feel it should).
Bethany started to talk very early, weaned herself at 10 months and decided she was too big for nappies (diapers) a month after her little brother was born so toilet trained herself that very day (she was only 22 months old). She was little but had a voice that carried and would have long conversations with any and everybody she met. At nearly 5 she had just started wearing size 3 clothes and was a little dynamo. She didn’t watch TV or DVD’s but preferred to just hang out with me or her brothers and sisters. It was spring when she died and 3 weeks earlier I had bought her new sandals which she loved but refused to wear them. Her older sister, Emily, talked to her about it and found Bethany thought her toes were ugly. They went through Emily’s nailpolish and Beth chose a pretty pink (her favourite colour) to decorate her toes and then wore her new shoes. For all her speed to grow up, when I cleaned up her room after she died I found she had hidden one of her little brothers dummies (pacifiers) under her pillow and must have snuck it in her mouth after I tucked her in to bed. I will always be grateful that I was able to be a stay at home Mum and spent every minute possible with her. She was secure in the fact that she was very much loved and confident of her place in the world.
I’m not sure if what I have typed makes any sense, but I won’t edit it as I know I could go over and over it trying to get it perfect in her honour.

Butterflies have become very special to us all as they have appeared at significant moments as if she is letting us know she is somehow here. As we were getting ready for her funeral a butterfly somehow flew into the house and landed on her portrait, the day a friend and I went to collect her ashes a butterfly fluttered around the door of the funeral home the whole time and when we were on a recent holiday there was a butterfly who followed us as we walked around Wiggle World. So you see, the butterflies on your frame are so very special as is the sentiment. It is often these smaller things that combine into something amazing and bring great comfort.

The only thing I would add is that if there is another family who read your blog who have suffered the loss of a child and would like to contact me, please feel free to give them my email.
I just thought of one more anecdote I wanted to share with you. Bethany’s older brother Liam (he is now 10) has always loved to draw and create his own comics. He spends hours creating and binding them. They are really very intricate and Beth always loved them and wanted to copy them which was a cause of much dispute between the two of them. Going through Beth’s room we find her treasure draw and hidden at the bottom was one of Liam’s comic books. Beth had gone through and very carefully added her name to every page. Liam would have really gone off at her for that one but now it is his most treasured possession, almost like a little note from Bethany left specially for him.

This is a poem that Bethany’s mom finds comfort in:

The mention of my baby’s name may bring tears to my eyes,but it never fails to bring music to my ears.If you really are my friend,please don’t keep me from hearing the beautiful music.It soothes my broken heart and fills my soul with love. 

Those who wish to sing always find a song.


OK now I’m done that, and still balling, lets move on to my other projects.

This is yet another sample I made (for today’s post, not in my release gallery) using the With Sympathy set. It was going to be a countdown project but I had to wait to share it-


This box is from my newest template-The Perfect Match ©

I thought that the With Sympathy set was perfect for making a nice thoughtful set of cards.

Did you know it can hold little note cards and envelopes?


I got this set from Stampin Up! a while back 😀 Now was the perfect time to use them.

They are about 3 X 4 in size.

Here are a set of 20-with envelopes! Room to spare too.


Isn’t that so simple? Great teacher gifts without lots of work!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!! Love that.

Another sample using my Perfect Match Box was paired with Heather’s  set 😀

I used the slider cover of my Perfect Match Box © template as a basket like box to hold my body mist. I had fun with the clean, crisp design I could get easily with this set. This came together in just minutes! A perfect quick gift wrap.



My Timeless Template-The Perfect Match Box ©
Stamps- Around & About sent.
Cardstock- PTI select white, Spring Rain, Vellum cardstock
Ink-Spring Rain

Other-adhesive rhinestone, swiss dots embossing folder, circle punches, Doodlebug paper frills border

Now another one with her set-Get Well Soon!!

I LOVE this card-Very clean and simple-but so pretty to me.


I used guideline’s to make my grid, then stamped the single flower from the set to make my own patterned paper.

I used the flower punch and stamped the circle sentiment inside, then added a button which I also stamped for the center 😀

My leaves are just some avocado stitched ribbon, folded up 😀

So there you have it everyone. Scroll down over the last few days, and let me know what project you liked best!

Thank you for visiting and thanks to anyone who gets any of the templates 😀 Don’t forget I WANT to see what YOU make 😀

Have a happy day-

Raspberry Fizz Templates!

Jan 14, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Timeless Templates


OK no joke Im totally in LOVE with Raspberry Fizz! LOVE I tell you.

I figured since the Papertrey Ink Release is just hours away, I would give you another couple of ideas for use of my newest templates The Perfect Match © and Take Along Tote ©

Now I have told you in previous posts that the Perfect Match Box, is like 3 templates in 1!

You get to use the slider/base together, and you get the Base template, as well as a slider template! So I wanted you too see the pieces from The Perfect Match © used separately!

The first one ROCKS!


Because it uses the base template from The Perfect Match © to hold the square Trendy Tubes!


Oh yes! That is them!

Inside I have some yummy peanut M&M’s. This box is holding 4 of the square tubes. With room to spare 😀

Now you may be wondering HOW those 8 inch high tubes got into my little Match box, right?

Well I CUT them down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you can resize them and they work perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!


I cut my tubes down to about 4 1/2, then reapplies the topper. I just used a hobby blade 😀 EASY PEASY!

Now think of the possibilities!

I’m so in love with this concept!

Here is a side view.


I used my Heart Prints set, and my heart punch to create the fun from embellishment. Can I tell you that this project seriously too me ONLY 10 minutes! How cool is that?

It would have been quicker if I didn’t use a heart scallop border punch to wrap around my box! LOL!

For my ribbon wrap, I adhered it to the box bottom, then added a Raspberry Fizz cardstock panel to the bottom to cover it. Nice finished look, and my ribbon and tubes stay in place.

Now next up we are using just the slider cover portion, as a basket.

Sweet Pea


Being inspired by my bottle of body wash-I used Out on a Limb.

I love stamping over patterned paper Raspberry Fizz Miz

another view:


You may by now know how much I love giving (and receiving) bath and body stuff! Sweet Pea from Bath and Body works smells AMAZING! I scored these in the $1 section at Christmas time!

Inside this template there is a travel size body wash (as seen), body mist, and hand sanitizer! $3 total! This gift looks like more than that!


The owl is a super cute embossing punch I got from Martha Stewart!

I just punched it out, and dragged it through my Snow White ink 😀 —->C-A-UTE!

OK now we have our Take Along Tote!


Taking inspiration from the paper, I used my flower punch to create a sparkly vellum flower.

With just a glue pen, some free handing, and glitter-


Not too shabby, eh?

Side view-


How about using the pocket templates, on the inside?


I put the peanut M&M’s into my glassine bags, and added them into my pockets! YUM-O!

I jjust punched a few squares of the patterned paper, for an easy design. I then added some felt flowers, with my white blooms.

Who’d of thunk M&M’s could be so elegant! LOL! and FUNKY!

Well that is it for tonight. I hope to see you at the release 😀

Thanks for all the support, and you sweet comments.

On a good note I think I may have a video tutorial done soon!! I just got done editing one for the Papertrey Ink Newsletter. Cross your fingers I get it uploaded by tomorrow night 😀

Later-with more to come

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