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Cyber Monday SALE!

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Celebrate Cyber Monday!

Don’t miss our annual 25% OFF (Storewide) SALE!

Beat the crowds, save money, and shop from home for gifts made from the ♥

Monday November 26th! Sale Ends 11:59 pm EST

Don’t forget  to spread the holiday cheer to your friends!

A Year in Review: Lil’ Reindeer

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Today we wrap up the latest and great samples for our November Release.

We always save the best for last.

Please take a moment and check out all our designers as they get together and make some NEW! projects using OLD(er) products! It’s a WIN! WIN! You truly can never, ever have enough ideas for the products you already own, or may have never noticed before.

Here is who you need to visit, for a surprise project:

We would all love for you to share your own creations on our Facebook Page, if and when you can, or share them on Pinterest, and link us up.

So, it’s my turn to share something new, with something old. I try to always combine the two because new products are exciting, and I think showing you how older items can be used in combination with them is fun and exciting 😀

You can save a ton of money MAKING gifts this holiday. So here is a FAVORITE project of mine!

My Deer Friend

Nothing like packaging up some homemade trail mix! AKA: Reindeer Snacks

The bag is tied closed with a snowflake from the It’s Snowing © cut file. It made a super simple closure.

This is great for everyone. I think the packaging will steal the show anyway 😀

I am in love with how this sweet project turned out.

I LOVE reindeer. LOVE! When we get them in our yard I just sit and quietly watch them. Reindeer are just so sweet and gentle to me. They also symbolize Christmas to me. I just cannot have Christmas without the iconic images in at least one project!

So here’s how it all came together….I cut my Crazy for Candy Template from Kraft cardstock.

I made the head of my reindeer using the Heart Stealer Raccoon © cut file, which was enlarged to suit my project. Instead of the heart shaped ears from the raccoon,  I used the ears from the My Deer Friend © cut file. I had enlarged them, and then welded them to the head of the “raccoon”, so it became a deer head instead 😀 I sponged on some white craft ink, onto the ears.

The face…I drew on the eyebrows. The eyes are from the Crazy Cat file that is contained in the Crazy for Candy Template. I just drew the blue iris onto the white layer, and cut an additional circle layer in Kraft, cut it half, and drew eyelashes on it, to create my eyelid.  The white layer for the nose, is from the Bouncing Bunny © cut file. You can really mix and match whatever you have to get a similar effect. The nose is also from the Crazy Cat file, in the Crazy for Candy Template. Sponged on the pink for the cheeks. I think she looks so sweet.

So I tired a red gingham ribbon around the “neck” (aka lid rim) of my deer, and tied it off with a button and 2 pretty festive silver bells. You have to have bells when making a reindeer!

I knew I wanted to package up the trail mix, so I then customized my tag.FYI we have a lot of images/sentiments that could suit may ideas for a reindeer gift, so check it all out.

The tag was made using the Homemade Holiday Labels © set, and it was cut out using the Homemade Holiday Labels © cut file. I used the reindeer silhouette image and the holly berry from the Homemade Holiday © set. On the deer I added a nose, eye and a bow around the neck, which was from the Homemade Holiday Labels  set, which I colored in red.

The Homemade Reindeer Snacks sentiment is from the Homemade Holiday Sentiments © set. The additional sentiment “Made with only the finest ingredients and lot’s of love” is from the Apothecary Labels ©set.

For the spots along the back I just punched some holes into a piece of scrap cardstock, and sponged on some white Kraft ink, so it looked more realistic.

 I have to say I was pretty successful with that 😀 It’s always the littlest of details that tend to matter.

The tail is the raccoon tail from the Heart Stealer Raccoon © cut file, sponged with white craft ink as well.

The idea was to make this little fawn look like is was sitting or had fallen down. My (4) legs/hooves were cut using the My Deer Friend © cut file, which were enlarged to be more proportionate to the completed template.

I think this turned out as good as I could’ve hoped! She came together really quick too for having NO IDEA what I was going to do! LOL! I think this is a perfect example that with just a little imagination you can do almost anything you want. The Crazy for Candy Template is pretty amazing, and as you can see definitely versatile. I’m big on making character’s, if you can’t tell, and when it is easy and the possibilities are endless I’m on happy girl!

The hardest part for creating this is WHO to give it to. I don’t want to part with it-EVER!

Well with that, it’s a wrap!

I really hope you’ve found some inspiring ideas that you will try for your next gift! The response you are sure to get from your HOMEMADE gift, will far outweigh that you’ve received from anything you’ve ever actually BOUGHT.

So, give it a try and let us know how it went.

 It’s November 1st and that means two things!

1) All our NEW! Products are available for you to purchase! Be sure you check out our NEW! Products <—HERE!

2) We have another amazing group post that shares many ideas using those NEW! Products

Today you will want to visit the team to check out our ideas for Crazy for Creativity:

We have released:

NEW! Pretty Packaging Templates

NEW! Pretty Impressions Stamp Sets

 NEW! Pretty Printable Digital Paper Collection

1 NEW! Pretty Pieces Cut File

1 NEW! Pretty Package Collection called Paws-itively Pampered Pet

and we have an amazing variety Pretty Package Collections, where you will save 25%!

Please view our Gallery for project samples, and alternative ways to use all our amazing coordinating products!

You may also want to check out our blog for weekly challenges, and even more amazing ideas.

As you may have come to know my company focuses on the “complete package”. We work hard to offer coordinating products that are easily interchangeable with previously released products. We really enjoy being able to share the ideas and versatility each product holds.

Today we are each sharing some creative ways to use the *NEW* Crazy for Candy template. There really is so many things you can do with it, and we are all going to show you some.

MY project today used the new template Crazy for Candy © in combination with the *NEW* Not So Dangerous Dino’s © set!

Lil’ One Tooth

I knew I wanted to use the Crazy for Candy ©  and the Not So Dangerous Dino’s © set, to create a 3 D dinosaur box almost immediately. I was ecstatic that my idea was able to be so amazingly executed, and it was REALLY easy. Now think of being able to use ANY of your favorite digital images/characters to create your own themed gift! There are NO limits to what you can do.

I chose my colors first…then simply enlarged, printed, and cut the head of the One Tooth dino, as well as the spots, tail, and bony nodules that line the head and tail, so that it would fit my Crazy for Candy © template!!

I made the Crazy for Candy © template from a terracotta color cardstock. I cut out the decorative layers, was able to run it through my Cuttlebug machine with the bubble like texture plate so the dino looked scaly! I rubbed all the layers with my ink to add to the dimension. Seriously amazing.

Here are some photos of the back….

I lined the tail with the same yellow color for a finished look, and so it looked like a typical under-side of a dino tail.

I had previously digitally colored the head the same color as my cardstock. The head is actually cut out twice…once with the nodules on it, and the second time cutting the nodules off.

I used the yellow colored cardstock for the decorative layer on the belly, and embossed it with a number plate instead of the round texture.

The bone that One Tooth is holding was made using the Paws-itively Sweet © set. I was able to type in my own sentiment and then print and cut it out. I love being able to do that, and having digital images lends itself to so many more possibilities 😀

The “arms” of my dino we cut using the Heart Stealer Raccoon © cut file. I love being able to mix and match products, and there are no limits to doing this 😀 You may also want to check out the Cute Lil Chick ©, Whooty Love © and Bouncing Bunny © cut files as well!
The legs come with the Crazy for Candy © template, and they worked great as Dino legs!

We have all had such a great time working with all the new products, and will continue to share samples through the next few days, so please keep stopping by!

♥ I really hope you liked my project today, and that it may have helped spark some more ideas for creative ways to use our products ♥

Also if you haven’t already, you can follow us on Pinterest, as we have 16 pinboards full of ideas, we are also on Facebook-so LIKE US there, and follow us on Twitter!

We will return tomorrow with many more great projects and ideas.

See you then!

We are back, and continue to weather the storm!

There is so much to share this week, so I hope you find time to stop by and visit the team.

We are previewing many products that will be released on November 1st!

Come check out the team to see just what they have created!

If you do NOT see any projects, please check back in later, as we are experiencing a hurricane, and may have some difficulty posting!

So going with our animal theme, we have a super cute template called No Bones About It!

No Bones About It $5

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

Completed Project Size:

7 Inches Long

4 1/4 Inch Wide

3 Inches Tall

Well there are no bones about it, this is an absolutely adorable bone shaped box that will having you giving creative gifts for those furry friends, or tricky little treaters! Package up some spooky sweets for Halloween, or some items for your furriest friend, such as homemade dog treats, dog toys, collar/leash, pet pampering products, or don’t forget your vet or groomer! This is a *uber* sweet packaging for gifts for them as well!

I made today’s sample for my local dog groomer, as she asked if I had such a template. I actually didn’t, so I whipped this up special, just for her!

(I actually made this LAST year for Christmas!)

I used Kraft cardstock for the box. I then decorated it using the Sweet and Sour © Sweetheart’s Paper Bag collection. I cut my bow using the Bow-Tied © cut file, and then I decorated the box using the cute Dog image from the On Display 1 © set, the paw and “paws” sentiment are from the Sign It © set. I got the “HAPPY” from our Sentimental Occasions © set. I love combining sets, papers, and cut files!

This is filled with some Godiva Truffles! YUM!

She loved the gift box, and it sits at her desk at her grooming salon. Daisy and Harper go there every 5 weeks to get groomed, and I love how weel she cares for both my fur-babies, so this was just a simple way to give an extra “thank you”.

You will want to view our amazing collection of Pretty Impression image, and Pretty Printables papers for a variety of ways to decorate this template. We also have a special set Paws-itively Sweet Stamp Set for the perfect accent to this super fun template!

Return tomorrow for the release of all our *NEW* products! We have much more to share, so come back again!

Welcome back to my blog everyone. I know it’s been a while since we last shared some samples, but it seems like only yesterday! Of course, as usual I am always pretty busy between things with my family and running a company. I do at least get to enjoy release week by posting any samples I get time to create. I always wish I had MORE time to do more, and share more, but until we have MORE than 24 hours in a day, I just can’t.

Here in new Hampshire we are battling Hurricane Sandy, and I am hoping everyone affected is able to remain safe!

 I’m so excited to announce that despite the storm, I have become an Auntie again! My brother Robert W. Vigeant the III and my sister-in-law (and of my best friends) Heather Dwan welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world today during Hurricane Sandy!! (Photos to come soon I hope :D)

Welcome Robert W. Vigeant IV … He arrived yesterday morning October 29th 2012 at 0849am. 21 Inches Long and 7lbs. 13 oz. He is quite handsome ♥ and all are doing well despite the storm.

OK so back to the first previews of our upcoming release….here is who you want to visit!

Keep in mind if you don’t see anything NEW, it could be the awful weather we are having so check in againa t a later time.

NOTE: Many items you see in samples are previews for the November 1st Release

I’m quite excited to share with you the latest template we have for this release!! It is called Crazy for Candy!

Crazy for Candy $5

Look at all you can make using ONE template!

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

Completed Project Size:

3 Inches Wide

4 1/2 Inches Tall

5 Inches Long

If you’re crazy for candy  then you will flip with excitement over this new template! The Crazy for Candy was created after the old fashioned glass candy jar that you’d find the sweetest of treats displayed in. That recognizable circular body, with the silver lid, floods me with many wonderful memories of my childhood.

Here is the “original” version

I remember big gumballs, penny candy, rock candy, sour lollipops that are like big sweet tarts, wax bottles with juice inside, licorice by the foot, gummy candy in all shapes, colors and flavors…to name a few.

Here I packaged up a bag of pretzel M&M’s! They were a perfect match to my pretty Cute Critters © paper collection

So I used the gumball machine image from the On Display 1 © set, and the sentiment from the ApothecaryLabels© set. I used the hearts for gumballs, using the colors from my paper 😀

See, the lid pulls off just like the glass version! How fun is that?!

You can package just about anything delicious in here.

I wanted to be able to bring such amazing memories to my own children as I package up my own sweet treats for any event, all year long. Now I can do just that with an affordable, and versatile cardstock version, which lends itself to endless possibilities. There is no end to what you can package up in your candy jar.

To “sweeten” the candy pot, I have also included (2) special files called the Crazy Cat, and the Adorable Dog. The contents of these files allows you to quickly and easily turn this candy jar into a dog or cat in just minutes! Perfect for gifting something to a new pet such as treats, collar/leash, gift card, something fun for the pet lover, or for a animal organization, or how about an animal themed party?!

With a little creativity you can change the candy jar into any animal you want! You’ll go crazy with all the many ideas for this one template.

First up is our feline friend…

This is the Crazy Cat! She is definitely a cutie! Love those big eyes! Just like the REAL thing 😀

His tag was made using the images from the *NEW* Paws-itively Sweet Stamp Set!!

I made this one from gray cardstock, and sponged on some &quot;stripes&quot;, for a more realistic look.

Easy Peasy!

You could package up a variety ot feline friendly items like cat treats, toys, collars etc….or as I did here, Swedish Fish 😀 Since I am giving them as a gift to someone special who just loves all our furry friends 😀

Whether you love cats, or dogs, or just candy, this is a fabulous template!

So here is my Adorable Dog…

Is he not adorable?!! I just cut the entire template in Kraft cardstock, sis a little sponging, and got this *uber cute* puppy! It didn’t take much to make this puppy perfect!

His tag was made using the images from the *NEW* Paws-itively Sweet Stamp Set!!

 It was super quick, fun and easy.

Perfect for the pooch lover in your life, or a child who just loves dogs 😀

You can package up a variety of items in this dog jar. You can make your own bone shaped cookies, package up real dog treats, buy a name tag or collar for the new pet, or give a gift card to a local pet shoppe, or to a local groomer for the new puppy owners too! Really the possibilities are endless for this.

The bottom line is, it doesn’t take much effort to get a whole lotta cute!

You may want to view our amazing collection of Pretty Impression image, and Pretty Printables papers for a variety of ways to decorate this template. We also have a special set called the Paws-itively Sweet Stamp Set, for the perfect accent to this super fun template, as well as many treat themed sets!

As you can see I used the Paws-itively Sweet Stamp Set for my samples here!

Here are some details about that set:

Paws-itively SweetDigital Stamp Set of 23 Images $8 By Chrissie Tobas

This is a paws-itively adorable pet themed set for that dog or cat lover! The uber cute images, and super sweet sentiments will make you fall in love with creating some pet themed gifts for your little furry friends, or those who love them.

Sentiments Include:

Fur Baby






Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

You’re paws-itively purr-fect

Life would be RUFF without you!

Pets leave pawprints on your heart

You will want to check out the Crazy for Candy template, and the No Bones About Ittemplate for some sensational projects to use with this set. We also have several other products you may find to be the purr-fect companion for this set if images.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Weather pending I will be back tomorrow! I am typing stuff up in this dreadful hurricane, and am not sure HOW far I’ll get before losing power :C

I hope you all stay tuned, and stay safe!

Tis’ the Season

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We are ready to literally “wrap up” our samples for the October Release. Each of the team members have some great gift ideas for the impending holiday seasons to share today. We always have our monthly Year in Review, and today is a little different. Since we had SO MANY items to share this month, our designers are mixing older products with new templates.

Here is what you can find on our design team’s blogs:


Candy Wrapper

Wreath of Wishes

Now I know I should be sharing something with one of our NEW templates, but I sorta went backwards!! I designed something using our new images, and cut files, with an older template. When the idea hit, I couldn’t resist. As you all know, sometimes you just have to go exactly where creativity takes you.

Santa’s Sweets

Here is used the Carry It © template to create a Santa Box!

I wanted this to look just like Santa, complete with the red hat and maribou trim.

I cut my base template from a white cardstock, and the lid from red, to create the “hat”.

I printed an enlarged version of the Santa face from the Homemade Holiday set! Ah! The beauty if digital image!!! They really do lead to endless possibilities.

I actually printed it twice so I could create a 3 D moustache.

For his pom pom top, I went with some glittery snowflake printed ribbon, and a homemade tag.

This was easy peasy!!

 I colored, printed my tag from the Homemade Holiday Labels set, which was cut out using the Homemade Holiday Labels cut file. The sleigh, Santa sack, and candy cane image are from the Homemade Holiday set. Santa’s Sweets sentiment are from the Homemade Holiday Sentiments set.

Imagine all the gifts you could package up in here! The *BEST& part is, once you spend your time making your tag, or printing the face on a gift box, you only need to to the “work” once! You can save it, and then remake it over and over again. Need to change colors? No problem! Just a click of a button in your photo editing software.

Don’t forget we have a link on our store website to GIMP! It’s FREE 😀 So NO excuses!!

You actually SAVE money when you make your gif

As we wrap up, remember that the ideas are never over just because we end the release projects. You can quickly and easily find ideas for any of our products in our gallery, or go to the item in the store and select the Gallery Tab in the product description page. It can’t get easier. Or if you have NO IDEA what you want to do, just browse around. There are endless ideas there that is sure to spark that creativity you may need to jump start.

I’ll see you back here next time!

So Gifted!

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When the holiday’s creep up on us, last minute gift giving can get crazy. I try to keep gifts on hand  in case someone unexpected gifts me with something, as I always like to return the favor, or for any time of year I don’t have time to “shop” for that extra person, or there is any occasion popping up! I’m sure you can all relate. That being said, you cannot have enough ideas for gifts this holiday season, and you can apply these ideas towards gift making all year round.

The goal isn’t to have to package up EXPENSIVE items, or drive all over finding that PERFECT gift, its about MAKING the simplest of gifts PERFECT, or seem like so much more than just say a candle, or bag of candy.

So here is who you need to visit to get some great gift ideas before you end up in a time crunch!

Today I am finally sharing my sample using the Gifted Template

Gifted $5

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

Completed Project Size:

3 3/4 Inch Wide

3 3/4 Inch Deep

5 1/8 Inch Tall

This may just be what you need if you are looking for the perfect “gift” box. Anyone who receives this box will see it truly is a gift within a gift. I really love this box, and think there is just so much you can do with it.

I’ve always been in awe of nicely wrapped gifts, but hate actually “wrapping” them. Now, you don’t have to.

This box is perfectly wrapped to go, with its unique inter-locking bow closure on the top!

It’s literally already wrapped for you.

Bow prior to decorating.

Just unfasten the top, open it up, and you have your stunning gift to reveal! Seriously that simple, and it looks really cool!

 Now you can present your gift in style with the optional window, and simple circle tag panel to help you dress this up quickly and easily. With so many gift possibilities you will use this template all year round, year after year! I love having the window, but you may opt to not use depending on what you are packaging.

This gift box was super simple to put together. I love being able to use dual colors for a real nice contrast of color. I was inspired by the Tis’ the Season collection of digital paper.

For my project I used the round label and sentiment from the Sentimentally Yoursset. I just colored in the flowers with my Copic markers.

I packaged up a simple jam jar with some strawberry candies. The label was also made using images from the Sentimentally Yours set.

I mean really, look how a $3 bag of candy can get dressed up in here! Imagine all the items you can package in a inexpensive jam jar. It looks so much nicer than a “bag” of candy. Buy some special candy from a local candy shoppe, or package up some jams or jellies. You don’t have to pack jarred gifts in here, you can put whatever you want really.

Just something simple to say thank you! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and the fact you took the time to package it to perfection means so much more. It really is the “thought” that counts.

If you have a favorite simple, inexpensive, or homemade gift you love to give other, feel free to share those ideas here! Or if you have something that you’d love ideas packaging up, let us know! Maybe we can help.

Tomorrow is another day of gift giving ideas as we share our last group post of the release. You won’t want to miss what our team has created for that.

See you back here then.

Ornamental Gift Ideas

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Are you enjoying all the *NEW* Products we’ve released for October?!

If you are looking for something, and want something specific we’d love to hear from you!

Contact [email protected] today ♥

Today we have many more samples for you, so please take a moment and visit the following designers:

Today I wanted to share a project I made using the Ornamental cut file

(Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC)

This is a super fun, easy to assemble, three dimensional hanging ornament.

This cut file DOES include a quick step by step guide for assembling.

You can make this as SIMPLE of complex as YOU want.

I kept my sample here simple using ONLY the Tis’ the Season paper on one side and the grid pattern from the Homemade Holidays Paper Collection on the other,  and some colored cardstock.

I just punched out a flower from the paper and adhered it to some circle layers, and adhered them to the center of the ornament.

I actually designed this ornament last year, after my 8 year old daughter Amber came home with a special ornament she made using recycled cards. It proudly hangs on our tree!

You can use family photos, old letters, book pages, wrapping paper. or any of our Pretty Printables Digital Papers, or Pretty Impressions Images to really make this ornament SHINE! This ornament goes together in minutes, and makes a great addition to any Pretty Package Template, or gift!

Now you can change it up a bit and put a hole in the center of the main layer, and get a whole new ornament look!

These make a great gift or a fun project for the kids to do too! It’s really fun and easy, and people will love getting something homemade to keep for years to come.

Well that is all for me today. Be sure you check out our team, and return for more fun ideas tomorrow.






 It’s October 1st and that means two things!

1) Happy Birthday to my best friend and husband Jason! You truly do only get better with age ♥

2) All our NEW! Products are available for you to purchase!

We have all had such a great time working with all the new products, and will continue to share samples through the next few days.

Be sure you check out our NEW! Products <—HERE!

We have released:

NEW! Pretty Packaging Templates

NEW! Pretty Impressions Stamp Sets

 NEW! Pretty Printable Digital Paper Collection

NEW! Pretty Pieces Cut Files

1 NEW! Pretty Package Collection called Ribbons of Support

and we have an amazing variety Pretty Package Collections, where you will save 25%!

Please view our Gallery for project samples, and alternative ways to use all our amazing coordinating products!

You may also want to check out our blog for weekly challenges, and even more amazing ideas.

As you may have come to know my company focuses on the “complete package”. We work hard to offer coordinating products that are easily interchanable with previously released products. We really enjoy being able to share the ideas and versatility each product holds.

Today we have an amazing group post using our NEW! Products. All our designer are using elements from the NEW! Ribbons of Support Collection!! While the elements of this collection can be purchased separately, you can save 25% off when you purchase the collection.

Each designer made a project to raise awareness to a cause that has touched their heart, and impacted their family.

There are so many causes out there that touch our lives. I have many that I like to support, and have long waited to finally have something to show my support in a way that give to others too.

So let me share my first sample using the  NEW! Ribbons of Support Collection!

Holding onto Hope

As you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. So in honor of that I created a gift set in Pink!

I Support You Template $5

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

Completed Project Size:

2 1/2 Inches Deep

4 I/2 Inches Wide

8 1/2 Inches Long

I have long wanted to design a box to represent the Awareness Ribbons that we see everywhere. Awareness ribbons, due to their ubiquitous nature, have come to symbolize various concerns, and symbolize our support for a specific cause.

 The meaning behind the awareness ribbon depends on its color or colors. Many groups have adopted ribbons as symbols of support or awareness, and as a result, many causes often share each color.

Now I have created an amazing gift box, in the shape of those awareness ribbons, appropriately named I Support You, so you can create an amazing, heartfelt box, in the color of the cause you support, that may be near and dear to your heart!

The box top has an optional window panel. You can choose the standard oval, or use the heart shape.

I chose to use the heart window here for my project!

On the window of my I Support You box I printed the ribbon image and the sentiment “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot & hang on” from the Be Supportive set onto my acetate sheet. I so love the sentiment!! You can buy acetate that you can print on using your home printer at Staples, and other office store 😀 Works like a dream.

*As a added bonus* We have included a sheet of Pretty Printable Digital Paper named Cancer Cannot for FREE!

You can quickly and easily change the color on the font, to represent the color of your I Support You template, to suit your cause! Also check out our amazing set of sentiments called Be Supportive. It offers a variety of sentiments that help you say just the right words, to be supportive when someone special is going through a difficult time.

Please see our website for a list of colors and the cause they represent, to help you in choosing the appropriate color for the creation of your own “I Support You” gift box.

Now the Awareness Ribbon Card Cut File

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

Completed Project Size:

2 3/4 Inch Wide

5 1/4 Inch Tall

This stunning Awareness Ribbon Card Cut File will help you send messages of love and support, or even thanks. No matter what the cause this ribbon card is sure to be an amazing showcase of support to anyone or their cause. Ribbon center cut outs include a oval and a heart.

I also used the Monograms Defined © set for the H is for HOPE sentiment. You can print any of the amazing sentiments from the Be Supportive set on the front or on the inside of this card!

Now it’s time for a ribbon color near and dear to my heart….

Orange: Leukemia/Pediatric Cancer Awareness

Many of you may know that my now 13 year old daughter had Leukemia at age 6. She is now celebrating 5 years of remission, which is a HUGE milestone! Words cannot even begin to describe the journey we’ve been on. I am truly grateful for every day that myself, my children and loved ones have their health. I don’t think things ever go back to bei

I wanted to create a gift idea for any child, going through a chemo, so I created this gift box, in orange, in honor of my own daughter!

The butterfly represents new beginnings, and to me, hope in the future. The butterfly is from the Bloom Builders © file. I cut a plain layer in the orange, then the cut out layer in black to appear similar to a Monarch butterfly. I added some glitter to it too.

I changed the color on the font of the paper that comes with the template *FREE* to match.

I chose to use the oval cut out on this one, to coordinate with the tag.

For the tag orange layer, I used the frame image from Homemade Holiday Sentiments set, which was cut out using the Homemade Holiday Labels cut file. It was a really nice, and simple accent to the template. The ribbon tied on the side was tied to look like the awareness ribbons.

The oval frame was created using the Sentimentally Yours set. I think this is a cheery sentiment, and I loved the addition of the flowers in the center. I used my Copic markers to hand color them.

I’m not yet sure WHO this will go to, or what I will put inside, but I am certain it will be appreciated by the family who is having a tough time.
I hope you find much inspiration in this special collection, as this collection of products is suitable for any cause near and dear to you, or someone you love! I’ve put much of my own experience into these sets, especially the sentiments in the Be Supportive set, as I have first hand gone through such a time, and know what I would have like to have heard, or said. My mom battled Lunch Cancer, almost 2 years ago, and this past March I lost my grandmother to Lunch Cancer as well. I think we’ve all been touched by some form of cancer, or have some cause that is near and dear to us. Whatever your cause may be, I hope you can give or receive the support you need!
See you tomorrow.

Holly Jolly Preview Day 2

Sep 29, 2012 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

We’re back, with even more to share! If you liked yesterdays projects you’ll love today’s additions as you get a second look at some *NEW* products, releasing tomorrow October 1st.

Check it out…

Candy Wrapper


Wreath of Wishes

So today is my turn to share a project using a new template we like to call Candy Wrapper. I’ve been beyond busy with the start of school, soccer, dance, and after school play dates and events that I was glad to have a super simple project to share with you all.

Candy Wrapper $5

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

Completed Project Size:

7 1/2 Inches Long

4 1/2 Inches Tall

1 1/2 Inches Deep

The name says it all!! When you want to wrap something up that is as sweet as candy, this is the package for you! You can use these sweet peppermint themed box to wrap the sweetest of treats!

This is the plain version of the box…

This template comes complete with your “peppermint” layers, or you can use the box on it’s own. The scallop wrapped sides lends itself to be cute, fun and whimsical.

These are so fun and simple you will flip! Great for gifts all year long and a super sweet party favor too.

This is a sampling of the “peppermint” layer

Create & apply it to the front & back…

Then wrap the ends with ribbon of your choice…

Then you have a super cute candy box!

Here it is in the traditional red & white…

You can also use vellum like I did here…

and, you don’t NEED the peppermint layers.

I used my patterned paper layers on the INSIDE, so it looks like a wrapped peppermint candy!

You can also use the plain circle too, if you don’t want to go with the stripes. Really, the choice is YOURS! make it as simple or complicated as you creativity or time allows.

Fill it with store bought, or homemade candy, lollipops, drink mixes, bath products, soaps, candles and anything you deem delicious.

As I did here, you can leave them plain, or dress them up! We have an amazing variety of labels, and images to choose from, with many NEW ones to come!

Thanks again for stopping by today. Tomorrow is our official release, and we are JUST getting started with gift ideas. Since tomorrow kicks of Breast Cancer Awareness Month you won’t want to miss out on what’s NEW! tomorrow, as we share a special group post to honor Cancer Awareness!

See you tomorrow.

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