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Still here

Sep 27, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: My family stuff

Where do I start. Thank you again for the well wishes, emails, thoughts and prayers.

Sorry its late. I ran around all day on less than 3 hours accumulated sleep.

Good News-Ambers murmur is fine! Thank GOD!!! Thank you for prayers and concern-at least I have answers and can rest on that.

More good news-Why seriously focus on the “This hospital stuff sucks, and being here for Alexa’s brithday would suck worse” type attitude. Im over that! I am sitting here looking at her sleeping-and and just plain ole thankful! PERIOD!

You know why? Cause there is much worse a situation that I could be in. She could not be with us. Im am blessed that despite the rollercoaster we are mainly on the UP, compared to too many. So what if we are stuck here. BIG DEAL.

It will be OK.

I believe that. I have to believe that. We will have a next week! And thats all that matters.

SO all in time we will go home and resume our new type normal, we have come to know over the past 1 1/2 years. Whenever her little body is ready.

So PLEASE keep Alexa in prayer for her lungs to clear and let her be free from needing oxygen.

And thanks for “listening” to a crazy sleep deprived, and thankful mom ramble about her new found attitude. One I do usually adopt but this time was late in the game.

Tomorrow is another day.

Ill let you know what happens.

The roller coaster of life with Cancer

Sep 26, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: My family stuff

Oh boy, am I ever bummed.

Alexa had a rough night last night, and her oxygen levels were hovering at 75%. Needless to say we will NOT be coming home today. I should have remembered that the minute you get all psyched to go home something comes up.

I hate being here for so many reasons.

God only knows what else she can pick up here as well.

I just saw the doctors this morning since we arent going home. I just found out we may be stuck here till at least Friday!! The family next door to us is dealing with the new reality that their 3 yo little boy has Cancer. So they are busy with them-understandably

This is old hat for us-I remember sitting where she is today. Looking at the long scary road ahead.

I am thankful we are 1 year and almost 7 months into our 2 1/2 year treatment.

Alexa has overcome many obstacles before, so I remain prayerful, and hopeful for my baby, and hers, and every-other person going through this.

There are alot of kids with Cancer on the floor this week-you can see winter is near. We ALL dread this time of year for just this reason-long scary hospitalizations of unknown consequences.

OK Im off now-Alexa wants to go to the playroom, and Im upset. The later we get home the less I get done for her party, and Im just stressed.

Amber had a heart murmur detected and has a cardiology appointment tomorow for tests, that I wont be able to make, and that is really stressing me out.

OK pity party over.

Update! Alexa is lookin good-

Sep 25, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me, My family stuff

WOW are you all the bestest group of people a girl could have!!! I so appreciate the prayers and support. You have NO IDEA how much it helps me get through. This entire 1 1/2 year process thus far, has aged me 10 years-I swear.

I have excellent news-prayers are really workin!

How many people pray for their child to have a bacterial infection? Seriously?

Well when you child cant effectively fight a VIRUS- you do.

Alexa looks AMAZING today!! Like a whole new girl. Antibiotics are workin and her immunity levels have sky rocketed-in a good way, so much so that they are testing to ensure her immunity level is where it says it is. The test called IVIG. So lets pray that God is showing his power.

If her immunity is LOW then they want to attempt to SAFELY administer IVIG to her. Alexa had an anaphylacitc reaction to that last time they attempted it-like serious!

So Im not too sure Im down with that-even attemptig it again is reall scary, so they may have to get through me FIRST cause Im not thinkin thats gonna happen.

BUT lets see what happens first.

She has gone back to being demanding and ordering me around for 3 different flavors of ice cream and all that fun stuff!

Needless to say, if  all stays well, no fevers, she can get through the night without O2 then we can go home tomorrow!!!

YEAH!!! Im still going abit nutty here-not havin any good coffee! You know me and my Dunkin Donuts. I hardly slept at all-the chair by day bed by night does not cut it. No complaints-it could be worse, I know.

Also an update of the CHaD fundraiser-they were hoping to raise $25,000, and they raised $34,000!! Yeah!! And to all of you who may have participated-thank you!

ll let ya know!

We are in the hospital! Prayers please

Sep 24, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: My family stuff


Well the much anticipated possibility has happened-Alexa has gotten pneumonia and here we are in the hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock.

She started to take a turn early this morning-and lo and behold she has pneumonia in her right lower lobe.

Her breathing is labored and she has fevers on and off. She went from OK to so not ok in just 2 hours. She has been so out of it all day, and when she is awake is miserable and vomitting tons of mucous-

Last year when this happened it was a NIGHTMARE, as we have to depend on Alexa’s own immunity to fight this-something that is already compromised by her Cancer and Chemo treatments

We are hopeful she will be OK for her big Princess party this weekend. The doctors are doing their best!

She is on some “big gun” antibiotics, but they are thinking its VIRAL-

Please say a prayer for Alexa, that she recovers quickly, and does OK.

Needless to say I have NO IDEA how long we will be here-and I cant access my photos from here, so no eye candy.

Im so stressed right now-where s my Vanilla Bean and Kahlua Chiller when I REALLY need it?

If you get bored give me a call here! LOL! Alexa is sleeping pretty much the entire time. I forgot how utterly boring and exhausting this is.

Ill keep ya posted! Just need to hope Alexa’s counts fight this nasty bug.

Amber Sings

Sep 23, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: My family stuff, Smilebox Creations, Uncategorized

Well here is the much promised Smilebox of Amber singing the Apple Poem she learned in Pre-school! After we went apple picking she sang it the whole ride home in the car. I knew I had to find a way to share it with everyone.

Truly a MOM moment.

Im not afraid to be one of those parents who GUSH over their kids! Dont we ALL think our kids are the cutest on the planet? So here I am saying it-she is adorable and would make the cutest commercial EVER! LOL!

Hope you like it. I know this is one of those moment that will be so precious when she is all grown up. You have to love the little kid voices they have.

If she stays this cute Im in BIG trouble.

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Thanks for lookin!

Now Starring Princess Alexa!

Sep 20, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: My family stuff, Smilebox Creations, Uncategorized

Well since you all LOVED the “movie” of Alexa and Amber I did a movie/photo clip of Alexa getting her Surprise Princess Party Dress! You all have followed Alexa’s story and agonizing journey I thought you may enjoy this.

Wait till her party! Now that will be a great video. All the details leading to this video can be read below. Not a reader-no problem-watch the video!

BTW-I hate my valley girl voice, and I am originally from Massachusetts hence the probable accent.

Here it is!

 Playing Princess Alexa
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Her actual birthday is the 29th! I got ONE RSVP to her party today, and am anxiously awaiting more! Alexa is so excited for her Princess Costume Party-its insane!

I bought her a really pretty purple Princess Costume dress. In NO WAY CHINCY. You could easily wear it as clothing. She loved it,  but when she put it on said “Oh but its not a Cinderella Dress.”

I was quick to ask her if she wanted Cinderella instead of the purple and she basically spared my feelings by saying “Well this one is pretty too! Its OK Ill wear this one to my party” I thought OH GREAT! She’s secretly disappointed. Now THAT is the type of thing you NEVER forget. I can see it now-20 years from now…………………………..

” Mom, remember my cool princess party. Its was really great. I really wanted that Cinderella dress. That would have been perfect. Remember X (insert girls name) She came in the dress that I wanted. She got to be Cinderella for my party.”

Well you know I couldn’t let that happen! The girl wanted a Cinderella dress ,well then she was gonna get a Cinderella dress. You only turn 8 once ya know!

So my online hunt began! For a mere $60-$80 I could get one online! GULP! Explain that to a DAD! Guys do NOT understand nor do they care about the NEEDS of an 8 year old girl, who NEEDS a Cinderella dress! Let alone one at the cost of $80 then shipping!

My dear, sweet, very pregnant-like due literally today-PSF friend Tracey said Hey Im going to go to the Disney store and try to find a dress for you! She knew there was not one close to me, and the kids have been sick! So she and her very preggers self, along with cutie pie daughter Shannon not only went there to find the PERFECT Cinderella dress but they found the matching GLASS LIGHT UP SLIPPERS! HELLO!!!

The dress was on SALE! $25! Unless she lied to me and in that case I would NOT be happy! And its beautiful!

Thank you so much girls for helping me find the perfect dress for Alexa’s party! I wish Shannon could go!

Paulette-if you are reading this I would love for Ally to come but was unsure if it was “too young” for her. If not, let me know. She is just at that ‘age” when you arent sure what is too young for her KWIM??

So anyway-that is the whole dress story! Imagine when the girls get married! Good Grief!

I did get an amazing compliment about the invite and party festivities! Cant Wait!

Well I better TRY to go stamp something! Havent done that at all today.

Tomorrow I’ll share my Blogger’s Challenge! (Oh yeah now I really need to get inking), and a Smilebox of our Apple Picking adventure. Wait till you see Amber sing a song! OMG! WAY cute!

Alexa Here is Alexa the other day! She has been spiking her hair, the combing her small bangs to the side, and putting a barret of head band! LOL! Her hair is finally growing in nice. It actually does look really cute. She looks so old in this photo to me! She will be 8 on the 29th! Still no RSVP’s to her party-HMMM!

This post is family related-no stamp talk!   I had a post planned for today WHINING about rejection! RIDICULOUS! There are so many more important things in life sometimes, than WHY did this card not get accepted and whatnot. Im not saying people have no right to complain and get upset-I do too! Just somedays I acknowledge life is so precious. And there are worse things than rejection.

 I had a LIVE inteview for our local Radio Station in town this morning. I spoke with Nazzy from WJYY. They are working to raise money for the Kids with Cancer at CHaD. Their goal is $25,000!  He is staying up on the Zipline till the money is raised. Sadly they are far from thier goal, and he has been there for over 24 hours now.

I was there to speak about Alexa and our expierience with Cancer, and at CHaD. It just ook me back to that first day, and those 9 months in the hosptial. And NOW! How blessed we are to still have Alexa with us. I never forget that-just today made me sad. Some parents aren’t so blessed. Caner is cruel disease.

You dont know what that will feel like till you are THERE. I true nightmare! And it can happen to ANYONE-sadly.

So, for the radio staion stuff- Check that out ——>HERE This is where you can help make a difference!

I love speaking and helping in any way I can. It was hard to talk about our expierience but I got through the LIVE interview with no problem!

He even told me after the interview, I ahd great prescence, and I have a great radio/speaking voice, and thinks this thing is my calling! LOL!  Dont know about that. He said I should publically do stuff more often-YEAH dont know about that! He also said he loved my story, and how I advocated! What a nice compliment. I do feel compelled to make a difference in any way I can, and he confirmed his belief God put me on this path for a reason.

I dont know why God wants me doing anything-LOL! But here I am. 

I wish I could get a “copy” or something and have people here listen to it!

Please check it out, and if you can afford to-make a difference! No amount is too small!

Also please pray for Alexa today! She is starting with a cold, and the littlest cold can seriously turn into a life threatening virus/ illness for her. I dont want her to end up in the hospital.


Ill try to post later, Im now having a sad day. Just listening to the doctors and other families talk about this, has taken an emotional toll on me, and Im worried about Alexa’s cold.

Sorry no cheery upbeat stuff to share.

If you do help-thanks so much! Even if you cant afford to, thanks for reading, and any prayers you send up for Alexa today will be so appreciated! I know God heard every voice that prayed for her when this all happened.

Have a great day!

Do you know how to fake it?

Sep 15, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: How to FAKE it!, My family stuff, Tutorials

Something every woman needs to know!

Now get that dirty mind of your’s out of the gutter.

I’m talkin fake it,like you have spent the day stamping, but by the time your hubby comes home it looks like you spent it cleaning, and possibly even cooking!

I dont really cook much, but if I want to seem like I SLAVED I do a croc pot meal! Just throw some meat, sauce or whatever, and frozen veggies-cooks on low all day – hubby arrives-DONE!

Im am going to share my very best tips for “faking it” with you!

FIRST let me say, if your house generally looks like something exploded in it then this will NOT work for you! LOL!

Your house should in general-be in “order” as in not 8 piles of dishes, clothes everywhere, and so on.

Now I started cleaning and having a little OCD since 3 years old! My mom always made me clean. She would start me young on her “tips to looking like you have a clean house” since I can remember!

She owns her own cleaning company now, and is quite successful, so Im am so proud that she has taken something she does so well, and made a living for herself doing so. And NO she doesn’t FAKE it! lol! Shes a super cleaner!

You should clean well once a week! You only need max-2 hours if you plan on dusting, and staying on top of it will keep it cleaner looking, and the faking it part much easier! Plus, after the kids go to bed, do things that cut the chaos in the am down-like put away/fold laundry, put away dishes, layout clothes, pack lunches, have notes done, coffee ready to go-blah blah blah.

It really does help you start the day fresh and gets you ready to create!

OK so here it goes. All you need is about a 1/2 hour! We can all spare that now can’t we? So start 40 minutes before he comes home. Just in case……

You will do the “clean sweep”. Now, what this is, you go from door he will arrive through-then work your way from there through the house. This ensures that at least the begining will be ok for sure!

Now the clean sweep is when you pick up and move any items that do not belong, and put them where they do, as you go along! If neccessary take a basket! This will allow you to carry and deposit the items where they belong as you go. The idea to to work from ONE room to the other! Use your time effiecently! Not running room to room and back again.

Carry the windex and paper towels with you, and remove obvious fingerprints from mirrors, or glass surfaces! Clorox wipes or baby wipes are fabulous too!

KIDS-this is the hardest part! LOL! Ages 2 and up! Not YOU cleaning!

Ok if you have them-set a timer (for 20 minutes) and have them start cleaning up 45 min. before Dad gets home! Have them throw toys in their toy box or baskets. If you have multiple kids have each one take a room that their toys are messing up. DONT WORRY ABOUT THE UPSTAIRS! Only daddys immediate view!

REWARD with lollipops or other fun sugar filled snack before dinner! This works when you are desperate! TRUST ME! Tell them it has to be done before the timer goes off so there is time for the treat before dinner!


Hall 3 min

If you have one, make sure shoes are away or whatever funky thing you may have going on! If he wont be in your hall or see it then skip it!

Kitchen 10 min (if you have to wash the dishes)

If there are dishes-and you have a dishwasher HIDE them in there! If not you may have to take 5 min and wash them! Fill the sink, then RUN!

Take care there are no fingerprints on the stoves, and the counters are quickly wiped down.

Go do the dishes LAST!

Bathroom- 5 min tops

pull shower curtain closed, empty barrel, clean mirror,sink, and sink top.  flush tiolet-throw in some AJAX-quick brush clean-flush again.

LAUNDRY-LEAVE it in the dryer! He wont even know its in there!

Living room 3 min

-straighten cushions, windex glass tables and tv screen.

QUICK vaccuum! I mean quick-just suck up anything visible! If neccessary Swiffer your kitchen and hall floor. Makes a huge difference! 5 min

RUN through the house spraying with that lovely smelling Febreeze!

DONE! This is also great for last minute guests!

Now you cant do this everyday! Just once a week or so!

AGAIN we arent being super picking. We want the clean look FAST! MOST  guys dont notice when we miss a “spot”. They are just thankful to be done work.

Time yourself and try it! I swear it works 😀

Well Im so happy you all like seeing my Smilebox creations! They are so fun! And they even inspire some card ideas too! Maybe even a scrapbook page-OK maybe not-I think I’ll stick with the cute, interactive, and fast version instead! LOL!

The reaction to the video of Alexa and Amber was so heartwarming! I will definitely have a video one of Alex’a birthday! I just bought her Princess dress today, after going to the dentist for my first cleaning after 10 years!

OMG! I should have done a Smilebox video for that! LOL! Too funny. I had a death grip on the chair!

For those who have NOT gone to the dentist in a while I can tell you it wasn that bad! They numbed my gums before the cleaning-that was NEW! So its wasnt totally awful! I have another step 2 cleaning in 2 weeks where they will fill one big cavity! YIKES!

They do some water thing instead of scrapping-they did scrap after alittle but it wasn that bad.

OK here is a Smilebox of Amber making cupcakes for her class! Speaking of cavities, and dentists!!!

She made these for her Pre-School class! They turned out super yummy!

She did it ALL by herself! Even the frosting! I just measured everything out-then put it on the counter.

 I admit it was hard to give up control! LOL! But she was so proud and did so good.

I chose black and white cause it matched the bkgd better! LOL! Plus my lighting was not too fabulous!

PAY NOT ATTENTION TO THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I will talk to Smilebox about having some things so showcase kids and cooking without a specific sentiment!

I really hope you try one! If you do send it to me-Id love to see it! Or if you have suggestions for some you dont see but would like to in the future!

Thats part of the fun of what I get to do! Test products, and give my input on future stuff. Its  really cool!

Amber making cupckaes
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Planning for a Princess!

Sep 11, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, My family stuff

alexa princess Princess Alexa

Planning for  a Princess is hard work!

Alexa has dreamed about having this Princess party since last year! Finally I will be able to make all these “plans” happen.

We are going to have a “costume” party so each girl will come dressed in Princess attire! They will decorate crowns, make jewelry, and decorate their own jewelry boxes!

They will then feast on a Castle cake, have a pinata, and some ice cream.

Birthday’s in my house are HUGE!

Especially Alexa’s!

EVERY year I ball my eye’s out when we sing happy birthday to her! I think because since I was pregnant I was always fighting for her-to be here-alive and well. Each year Im thankful for her, and am so emotional.

She amazes me with what she overcomes every year, and that little feeling that we are never guaranteed  NEXT year -wth anyone- always hits.

She is a fighter-always has been. I cannot believe all she has done in her little 8 years of life. What she has taught me, and changed in me as a mother and person.

I am so thankful to have her-another year.

So back to the big bash!

We are of course going with the Princess theme. My thought for the invites was like a scroll-you know like one you would get a long time ago for a invite to the ball.

Well, as suggested, I had to incorporate Alexa’s set-so came up with this idea. Remember the key being simple! These only took me 1 hour!!!!! Not including drying time for the stickles!

sparkle princess They are modified scrolls!

The invite inforamtion is printed on computer paper, rolled up, and placed through a cardstock “holder” I designed, so they stand, and wont get squished.

 side view click photo to enlarge

 I also thought it would be better than just tying with some ribbon. Think getting sent home in a childs backpack! Oh the horror!  So I wanted pretty and detailed but not so much so that when these are trashed I wont want to cry!

Alexa LOVES pink, and chose Pixie Pink for the colors.

I used stickles on the dress, and star adhesive Rhinestones (from A Muse) for her “crown”.

The invite reads the following-


Her Royal Majesty Alexa is turning 8!


In honor of this event we will be hosting

a costume celebration!


The Honor of your presence is requested

On Sunday September 30th from 1:00pm – 3:00pm


Her royal court will gather, in their best Princess Attire

at (my address).


The festivities will include the decoration

of royal crowns, jewelry, and of course jewelry boxes.


This will be followed by a royal feast of cake and ice cream.


It is asked that you reply by September 21st

at (my phone #)

Her majesty hopes to see you there.


scroll    Click Photo to enlarge inside of invites

So thats it! Thats my big ole plan! I only had to make 10 invites, so thats good  set of 10

They look pretty all together. I hope the girls go! Its hard cause Alexa is new, shy and very quiet.

I’ll keep ya posted!

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