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I am excited to be participating in this months JustRite Stampers Summer Release Blog Hop!

After you leave be sure to check out the JRS Blog 😀

I have to say I LOVE the new direction I am seeing their newest releases going in (and what is to come!). There are super border selections, with center images! IMAGES! I love that! That makes me SOOOOOO happy! I have been a fan of JRS for over a year now! I have quite the collection 😀 I’m happy to add the latest and greatest to that lineup 😀 I enjoy mixing and matching not just the borders, but all the set selections I have.

Funny thing about my project today though……despite my love for the “images” I decided to use the NEW! Calendar Borders & Centers Oval 1-3/4” x 2-5/16”

I have been asked by NUMEROUS people to make another month by month card organization box!

PS Yes! This will go up in my Etsy Shop, along with my other stuff most likely tomorrow 😀 or over the weekend.

Now if you “know me” I despise repeating ANY designs I create! I always have to do something NEW! When I make something it is a ONE of a KIND! LOL! Never repeat!! When I saw the size of the Calendar Borders & Centers Oval 1-3/4” x 2-5/16” I was VERY excited!! I thought they would look FAB in the My Timeless Template: From the Desk Of: ©

A Year of Celebrations Desk Organizer


This will look SO pretty sitting out on your desk! Don’t you think? That is the KEY! Pretty and organized 😀

The font size for this project was beyond perfect!!

Front detail


My butterfly is a Tag Team Butterfly  Cuttlebug Die. I die cut the sweet blush layer, added some glitter 😀 and then die cut and embossed the vellum butterfly layer. I HAD to add that butterfly to the front 😀

I stamped my own patterned paper using Floral Frenzy and Guidelines II paper 

My colors are Hibiscus Burst, Sweet Blush, Aqua Mist, New Leaf and Dark Chocolate. I paired it with some stripped paper by K& Co.

Side view


Now notice the top?

More mixing and matching going on. The “family favorite” is from What’s Cookin’ Borders & Centers 1-5/8″  I think it was a cute addition to the From the Desk Of: template!


(sorry this was taken outside since I broke my tent lights during photographing-GRR!)

Also: This template has a divider additon if you choose to use it. I did for ths project, as you can see.

I didn’t use the borders, just the month’s. I stamped each one on white cardstock, then punched out with my Wide Oval from SU! I layered those ovals onto die cut labels, also from SU!


Here are the file dividers, grouped together. Aren’t they pretty?!

I just staggered each month so you can easily see what is where.

I would just make an index card, and put the date of friends and family birthday days and file it into the appropriate month section 😀 Quick and easy organization 😀

Now here is what else is included IN my organizer……

 I made a QUICK set of 12 cards.


There are 3 of each design/color combo

I used the color combo that is on my From the Desk Of: Organizer paper, that I designed, for my color combo here!

I LOVE the little gift image and border from the Favorite Occasions Borders & Centers Set 1-5/8″ 

I wanted QUICK and EASY cards that match, no fuss!!


I just stamped my image in dark chocolate ink, then via assembly line, I colored them in with Copic markers, then punched out each one with my SU! 1 3/4 circle! I then used my 1 3/8 circle and 3/4 circle to punch additional circles 😀 I used dimensionals to layer and POP the circles.

Quick, cute and easy!

Now when you look in your Calendar month section, you can just GRAB a card and pop it in the mail!

On a personal note……

Alexa’s appointment went well (still Cancer Free! YIPPEE!!!) I’m so happy about that. Every time we get labs drawn I hold my breath. I don’t think the fear of return will EVER leave me. Any time she complains anything hurts I FREAK OUT! I have also had poor Amber tested for Leukemia 4 times! She gets a lot of growing pains, and when it happens too often I go into a complete PANIC! Those “leg pains” were Alexa’s #1 symptom!! It took 3 months or me taking her to numerous doctors to get an actual diagnosis! So to say I am a bit paranoid, is a complete under-statement.

 Now we have to see the plethora of other doctors for other issues!

I have to take her to-dentist (she needs braces! LORD HELP ME! LOL! I can’t imagine she will do well with that) a Dermatologist, Endocrinologist, Dietitian and ENT! LOL! Then a port flush.EEK! Can we extend the hours in a day please? I’m seriously NOT complaining about her other visits. Im truly grateful for her health! Im just feeling a little overwhelmed these days, to say the least.

WORSE yet, and this is a HUGE complaint: BEWARE!!!

Jay was suppose to have surgery on his back this morning. He is to have a discectomy. He was mentally prepared and everything was set to go!

BUT, get this………… the OR scheduler FORGOT to book the OR for him! So he can’t have it! They are now scheduling 3 weeks out, and then his doctor is on VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we are at the least a month and a half away!

Words cannot even tell you how MAD I am about that! We waited for this date for several months.

 FINALLY got his work stuff organized (he is in a management position so getting 6 weeks off is NOT an easy task) and short term disability was all set, and we actually had CHILD CARE set up for the kids (which our families are ALWAYS too busy to help so that was a feat in itself), to have THAT happen! OMW! Im sorry, I’m just FUMING mad. Worse yet, poor Jason is in a TON of pain everyday. He has a desk job and commutes an hour each way to work, so that KILLS his back.

I wanted to tell the OR scheduler “Well ,until Jay does have his surgery, let me hit you in the back with a bat, every minute, until then!” That is what Jay tells me the pain feels like. Plus it travels down his leg, which often gives out when he walks.

I just feel SO bad for him. This has been going on for 6 months. He has had PT, cortisone shots and everything else they suggested before resorting to surgery. NONE of it helping.

OK that just put a HUGE damper on this post. I’m sorry! I’ll keep you all posted!

On that note though, I truly believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason! So we are just keeping the faith that it wasn’t meant to be then. It was just very strange that something like that would happen, so I truly believe that it was just not meant to be, yet.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and sending up prayers for my family!

Now head over the the —> JRS blog <— for a list of people playing along 😀

Sending Hugs by Pony Express

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Well little Ethan has been gone for *almost* a month.

I still can’t believe it. Alicia and Dave Weiman have become my personal heroes! To see the strength they have when facing such a devastating situation is an just amazing testimony of Faith in God to me. AMAZING!

I am getting ready to send the Pawsome Pony that the kids stuffed for his sister Ava (who also just got a new kitten!). We wanted to send her a hug in the mail! Something to hold on to when she is happy, sad, lonely or just needs a hug! Something to remember Ethan by too. She was always hugging and kissing him in photos, so I hope this makes her happy.

We got her everything to make a girl pony AND a boy pony! Originally it was to be dressed as a Cowboy Pony.

He has a Cowboy hat, vest, jean shorts, cowboy boots, red collar, red bandanna, and to complete the ensemble a SADDLE! Then Amber said, “What if she really wants a GIRL pony too? She can’t have just ONE outfit! That’s not fun!” Leave it to my girly girl to say that! LOL!

So we got her the grooming brush, dress, hair/tail bows, pink collar, pretty pink “horseshoes” and a pocketbook-which has several hearts so that Ava and her mom and dad can make a wish and send a prayer to Ethan, and stuff it in the pony before securing it closed (the hearts are in the pocketbook)

Pretty Pawsome


Amber did all the dressing and grooming! She was very careful to make her look like ” Pretty Pawsome! “LOL!

PS-Can you see the little shoes?-so cute!

This is what she will look like when Ava opens the box! I have a few more things to complete today so I can ship this by the weekend! But she is definitely going PONY EXPRESS by Friday! LOL!


Sending Hugs

I made a card for Ava using the —>Weiman Wranglers digi image<— I am so happy to see we have raised almost $2,000 in honor of Ethan Weiman, to donate to the Make A Wish organization! A cause that has not only touched the Weiman Family, but my own as well!

THANK YOU to any and everyone who has not only purchased the image/images, but spread the word. I cannot tell you how much that has meant to the Weiman Family and myself!


So as I said I wanted to send a hug to Ava, so I used this sentiment from JustRite StampersTiny Words Borders & Centers Set 1-3/16″

Now for the dual color, I stamped my image in Hibiscus Burst ink, the then used a Amethyst marker to go and color the images I wanted in the purple! It only took a few seconds, and I got a super cute look! It was truly just the perfect sentiment for this gift.

I love the girly colors! This card was Amber approved so I think I’m good!

I’ll share the other projects when I get them done! LOL!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a “pawsome” day 😀 (sorry I couldn’t resist!)

An old “friend”

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friend play_w2(“F0327100”)



1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.

2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.

3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.

4. One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the clean air movement.

5. Friend A member of the Society of Friends; a Quaker.

tr.v. friend·ed, friend·ing, friends

1. To add (someone) as a friend on a social networking website. <—HEY! Look what has been added to the friend definition!

2. ArchaicTo befriend.

I thought it would be fun to share the real definition of a friend today.

Maybe you have one that you haven’t been in touch with. I have been trying to get better at being a “friend” to my friends! LOL! We all have busy lives, and sometimes we lost track of “people”.


An old friend

I adore this center image of flowers! I wanted some pretty colors, but keep it soft.

I went with Aqua mist, and Smokey Shadow, with hints of a sage/moss combo for the leaves.

This image is part of the NEW! Release (TODAY!) frm JustRite Stampers called Friendship Borders & Centers Round 3-1/4”

Check out the JRS Blog <—-

For some reason I always mix and match their centers/borders as I think others pair better at times, or convey the message I want! LOL! I can never use the suggested combo! But, that is part of the fun.

I have to say I have “not met” so many amazing people that I “met” on the world wide web,  that I consider “friends”. With the cyber world these days I really feel like you most likely know what I mean!

Its all about social networking.

Some of my BEST friends are from the web! LOL! That SOUNDS pathetic! But it really isn’t (I don’t think! LOL!) since most of my “real” life friends, don’t stamp, they don’t get my insanity! They have no idea what rubber vs acrylic stamping is, why I get excited over new releases, cardstock colors, ribbon or markers and ink. When I give them a gift I MADE I don’t think 1) they believe I designed it 2) that it wasn’t a pre-made box card already decorated 3) how on earth it is even possible! LOL! Nor do they even have a clue of ANY of what I do. I don’t even explain it to people because their eyes just glaze over with confusion! LOL!

So, I enjoy my happenings with people who actually “get me” and share my excitment for these things, more than you know. Without the Internet, I’d just be some insanely craft obsessed mom, with NO ONE to share it with.

This card is going to one of those “cyber-friends” or in other words, a term my daughter Alexa came up with PSF “Pretend Stamping Friend”. The name came up years ago, when she was sick with Cancer. So many of these “cyber friends” would send cards and care packages (don’t think I ever did finish all the thank yous :C). Alexa would always say! “WHO is that from?” Then I’d tell her mommy’s  friend from the computer from the stamping place (aka Splitcoaststampers). Her 6 year old mind could not wrap around the idea that these were REAL people. She then said “OH! Mommy’s Pretend Stamping Friend sent it.” She thought that people “in” the computer weren’t “real”. She is a very literal child. So that is how the PSF came up!


All that being said, the very first person to reach out to me, when Alexa got sick, was my my dear friend Renee! You may know her on SCS as happystamper05. We have never met, but she has been my “friend” for almost 4 years! While I haven’t been a good friend, always forgetting birthdays and unable to be in cyber-land these days, I’ve also been unable to catch up on her daily happenings, (or those of my other PSF’s) I want her to know how much I cherish her! (and my many other PSF’s!). I actually have some cards to make that are LONG over-do. I could NOT decide if I should have Alexa make the thank yous, then fearing it would take too long (OK they actually may have gotten MADE and MAILED if I let her do them! LOL!) decided I would make them. Well days turned to months that turned to over a year! NOT GOOD!!!!!!!! So After the next release I’m so making them! If it KILLS me!

Renee always remember everything, is always sending me the prettiest cards, and is just one of the most amazing people I never  met, but hope to!

So I hope today, you get to make a card for a far-away friend, or maybe one you lost touch with!

I have some mail stuff to finish today before I run to the post office! Better get a move on.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Happy Saturday!

Feels like summer!

We are off the the Sea & Science center in Manchester NH with the kids.

I have cut WAY back on all my design commitments so I can focus more on my children, family and pursuing my template designs, and MAYBE stamp design 😀 My true passions.

 Sorry this is late. I had a day out of the house and spent some time with my children, so I’m sure you understand!

Tomorrow I will spend the day packing orders from my HUGE STAMP SALE!! Paulette and I are buried in stamps and our houses are TRASHED! LOL! All the orders stacked and getting ready to go out! Some will ship Tuesday as I alerted the P.O. of how many packages we have (well over 100) and they asked me to break it up for them! We live in a small town, so you don’t want to upset the P.O.!

 Yesterday we went to Build a Bear to make Ethan’s sister Ava the Pawsome Pony!! We have two outfits-one ALL GIRLY, and the other is ALL boy. We stuffed out hearts and prayers in the pony, and left it “open” so Ava and her family can stuff their hearts and wishes in the pony too!

Amber decided Ava HAD to have a set of ALL Girly clothes for her pony so she could make it a boy or girl. She did all the “styling” of Pawsome Pony for Ava (basically she chose the same outfit she loved for her own Dog she created) Avawill get to name the pony and stuff on her own, online. Now she will have BOY Cowboy and Girly clothes for the pony. We also got a bandanna and a Saddle!

When you squeeze the hoof it says I love you! Alexa decided we had to include that.

I don’t know WHO had more fun, me or the kids. Amber decided she wants to have her birthday party there! OK! Now I know!

 I let my kids make thier own animal! They want to be “featured” here (My kids LOVE when I put their photos here! LOL! My husband, not so much!) with their animals, and share photos of the Pony that they made for Ava. Another post, another day. I think Ava will really like it! I wanted to make one for myself! LOL! Lot’s of fun.

OK so onto the challenge!

This week we have a color challenge, and I asked the My Time to Create Team to use the NEW! Weiman Wrangler’s Digi images for our challenge. 

Please read about this set! All proceeds benefit the Make A Wish Foundation of Illinois in Honor of Ethan Weiman!!

Today’s challenge is the PERFECT opportunity to help you get something together to enter to WIN the $25 gift certificate to Pink Cat Studio! –>READ HERE<—

No limit to number of times you can enter, as long as it is a NEW! creation, each time!


Link your creations HERE:


Here is my take on the challenge


We’re Celebrating

I think this is so cute!!!

I thought this would be the ULTIMATE cute  Cowboy themed birthday invite (or card to give the Birthday Cowboy!)

I LOVED these colors for the Weiman Wranglers Digi  Set! I normally go with red or blue, and chocolate. Great to step out of my color comfort zone!

I used the horseshoe image from JustRite StampsNEW! Favorite Occasions Borders & Centers Set 1-5/8″  and the We’re Celebrating from the NEW! Celebrations Demi Phrases Set 2″ . It was PERFECT (I think) for this card.

Overall this is SIMPLE, but it didn’t NEED much more.

So I hope you get to give it a whirl!
My contest ends Monday!!! So get a move on 😀

In the meantime, check out the design team samples:



Alicia posted a SPECIAL booktoday on her blog!! She made it for her son Ethan, to remember all the things he used to say. The photo of the two of them had me in tears!

 Thanks for stopping by. I have much to share as the days go on!

I cannot wait to see what YOU do!

 OK, so I told you I had a BIG surprise today!

This is also why I have been a LITTLE more busy than expected 😀 A very good kind of busy.

When the world lost little Ethan Weiman, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt like I lost a member of my family. I never lost a family member that was close to me, so the feelings of sorrow and grief were unexpected, and just so raw. I knew I had to do “something”. So I took my emotions, and got some ideas, then made them  into something I felt would be an amazing tribute to Ethan.

I am over the moon, that with the help of Melissa at Pink Cat Studio, the design team, and My Time To Create Team (who seem to be like my unpaid assistants these days), we were able to make a wish a reality! Without them it would not be possible. Also I want to thank the Weiman Family for being so open to this idea, while they had just lost their precious little boy.

Well that BIG SURPRISE is ……..the NEW! Digi Stamp set The Weiman Wranglers!!

How cute are they?

This is a NEW! Digi Stamp release designed for the Weiman Family!


 ——–> CHECK IT OUT <———-

Seriously! Can you believe how AMAZING that it?

Now you can get some UBER cute images, and help a worthy cause!

Now these are a Digital Download-so you pay NO SHIPPING, NO STORAGE 😀 and you get them INSTANTLY! LOVE IT!

When I contacted Melissa with my ideas, she didn’t even hesitate! She is literally in the middle of moving, and MADE time to help out this family! I think that speaks volumes about her. I am so honored to be able to work for such amazing people like Melissa! I cannot even thank her enough for taking the time to do this.

Help us honor the life of Ethan Weiman by purchasing the Weiman Wranglers Digital Stamps. All proceeds will go to the Make A Wish Foundation of Illinois, per request of the family, in Ethan’s honor! Make A Wish fulfilled Ethan’s wish last year, when they gifted him with his horse Sanador, and a barn! Later, when Sanador passed away, they gave him another horse, named Questions! This organization really helped make Ethan’s dreams come true! It will be nice to be able to honor him, and give back something, to help brighten the day of some other sick child!

If you are not familiar with Make A Wish please read their site —>HERE

Make a Wish helped my own family, and I always donate to them, as well as the American Cancer Society!

SO let me share my samples with you, and let me know what you think! I’m so excited about all of this I could just scream 😀

In honor of Ethan, and his lil cowboy hat he always wore

I just adore shaped cards.

I hand cut this cowboy hat from chocolate cardstock! Yes, I was proud 😀 I just tried to make it a smidgen similar to the one on Cowboy Ethan. A little distressing and paper piercing, and it was looking pretty good. NOT perfect! But good all the same.

The top has the fold. I used some pretty “masculine” ribbon from My Little Ribbon Shop. Love that place!

I adore the star center piece, made from brushed copper paper, and poppy!


It was the perfectly simple, finishing touch it needed.

The Ethan hat rim, and Sanador’s (his horse in heaven) face is 3 D!

I loved it.

Now something for Ava…..


I have had the MDF letter “A” for quite some time now. This is about 12 inches. Always meaning to use it. NOW, is the perfect time 😀 I have been on a MDF kick these days eh?

I wanted to send Ava an altered letter, using her NEW! Digi Download image. Maybe she can hang it somewhere, or put it on a shelf??

I had some pretty paper from Imaginesce, so I chose that for my base 😀 and my color inspiration. I wanted it to be sweet, and simple, yet COW-Girly, but not typical Cow-Girly! Nice cheery colors. I think I got it 😀


I used New Times Roman alpha set from JustRite Stampers, to create Ava’s name tag.

I kept it all relatively simple, and loved the 1/2 and 1/2 patterned papers on the “A”. The ric rac ribbon border added to the girly feel. I felt the angles of the paper,  brought your eye to the Digi Ava image, and sentiment: “The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step” which is from Unity.


That sentiment has so much meaning to me, personally. The day Alexa finished Chemo, I saw a silver bangle with this message on it. It really spoke to me, and our journey through Cancer. My friend Paulette actually bought it for me!!! I wear it EVERYDAY, and it reminds me (especially during tough times) , that you WILL get through it, one step at a time. I just liked it for this project.


So those are my projects!

Please be sure to check out the Pink Cat Stamps Blog for more samples! Some of the Design Team were able to jump aboard, on last minute’s notice 😀 THANK YOU!

Oh and of course, the my My Time To Create Challenge Team  ROCKED out the samples with these images, so have a peek!

  • Dana G
  • Dawn Easton
  • Jennifer
  • Kendra
  • Kristen
  • Lisa
  • MacKenzie
  • Maria
  • Odette
  • Pam
  • Tamara Harder
  • Tracey Cuccia
  • Thank you again to everyone who has helped with this process.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts, and THANK YOU in advance for purchasing these images.

    Here is where the FUN begins!!

    I am personally donating a $25 GC to Pink Cat Studio  chosen via, ONE WEEK FROM TODAY ( Monday June 28th) to the winning entry picked.

    To enter to win, you need to make something using the NEW! Weiman Wranglers Digi Download, and link it here!

    You can enter as many times as you want! You MUST make a new project each time.

    Random winner will be picked June 28th.

    So let’s get started!

    Thank you again for all the support, and the kind words and comments so many of you leave. You are all just WONDERFUL, and always make my day.

    PS I know! I didn’t do a Father’s Day Post :C Sorry! I had to get things together for today.

    OH! BOY! Am I ever running late:C

    Quick post that I will return to edit.

    I DO have a sample, but didn’t get my photos edited. I had last T-Ball game today (in which Noah lost his tooth while running the bases!) and PROMISED Jay I’d take him out to a Chinese Buffet Lunch! So I have to run.

    I have been working on a BIG announcement coming (possibly) Monday! Depends on if I get everything done-but its looking good so far :D)

    SO trust me my excuses are good and valid 😀 (Oh and I DID get ALL my 23 teacher gifts-Noah added his new teacher to the mix! LOL!) They all got a Pack A Picnic in some version, with home-made strawberry jam OR Orange marmalade jam 😀

    So here is the challenge:


    Template Challenge: Use any one of the My Timeless Templates ©, and CREATE your OWN patterned paper!

    Link your creations HERE

    Now my “paper” ended up being MUCH simpler, as I ran out of time, to do my original intended project-so I will try to post that this week.

    All in all I LOVE my project 😀

    A Strawberry Picnic


    OK this totally counts for MAKING my own patterned paper! LOL!

    I used Polka Dot Basics and White Craft ink, on Pure Poppy cardstock, to make the polka dot patterned paper. (I know! EASY PEASY! SORRY!) My lid was done usingNew Leaf cardstock, and an EK Slim border punch.


    I used my newest template Pack a Picnic ©, to create a large and small Strawberry like basket!!

    I know this is UBER simple-but people, I had 23 teacher gifts to make, I’m all about the SIMPLE WOW! This set took about 30 minutes.

    It is going up for sale on my Etsy Shop!

     I didn’t give the large one away (and kept one small one for the complete set) I love how the mini fits nicely in the larger basket! I have gotten so much feedback on this template! So many surprised at how large it is, and roomy! All GOOD comments!! Only BAD thing (and its totally not bad :D) I heard was “Its so much bigger than I thought, now I have to go get some more stuff to FILL it!” -Jennifer C.

    YEAH! That is a great thing to hear!

    Strawberry mini close up


     I made a bunch of the mini Pack a Picnic“Strawberries” to hold my Strawberry Jams. The minis took about 7 minutes to complete each.

    I fell in complete LOVE with JustRite Stampers soon to be released set (yes! I got a sample :D) called  Preserves Set. So cute: Grown, Picked & Preserved. Wait till you see the set-LOVE IT!!!

    The strawberry is from Lizzie Anne Designs Tutti Fruity

    The berry tops are flocked with green.


    Isn’t it cute?! I had fun making them and that is all that matters!!

    Check out the team:

  • Dana G
  • Dawn Easton
  • Jennifer
  • Kendra
  • Kristen
  • Lisa
  • MacKenzie
  • Maria
  • Odette
  • Pam
  • Tamara Harder
  • Tracey Cuccia
  • Thank you for stopping by , and I hope you find time to give it a try at some point in your own busy week.

    Coffee House Cookie Recipe

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    Baked with Love

    OK its time to FINALLY share my recipe 😀

    I had to make another batch just THINKING about it!

    Trust me, they are BETTER than they look.

    Sadly they are an easy 400 calories a COOKIE. But don’t tell that to the person you give them too 😀

    Alexa and the cookie bag


    Here is Alexa with the bag of 2 large Coffee House Cookies for one of the teacher’s aids in the class, for a little snack 😀

    My kids use 2 hands when eatting mine

    I used a large glassine bag,that I embossed in my cuttlebug machine with the Heart Blocks folder

    I then put in my cookies, and with a large paper clip, closed it up.

    I didn’t want the clip to be plain so I just made a SIMPLE tag from JustRite Stampers-Homemdae Treats & Borders set


    I stamped the sentiment in white craft ink, then colored in the heart with my Primsacolor pencil

    Punched, layered and DONE!

    Now I know you are DYING for the RECIPE!

    Coffee House Cookies

    3 Cups all purpose flour

    1 tsp baking soda

    1/2 tsp salt

    1 Cup of softened butter (you can use margarine but butter is better for taste-not the waist)

    1 1/2 Cups packed brown sugar

    2 eggs

    1 cup of chocolate chunks

    1 cup of white chocolate chips

    1 cup of Peanut Butter Chips

    1 cup of butterscotch chips

    (you can omit or decrease the amounts and add favorite nuts instead :D)

    I mix it all together, in that order. There is not right or wrong 😀

     Preheat oven to 350 degrees

    I used ice cream scooper to scoop out large amounts of the cookie dough onto my baking sheet. Slightly push down center.

    Bake 15 minutes, or until edges are golden brown


    *You can also make these into YUMMY Cookie Candy Bars*

    Just bake all of it in a bar pan! Cook about 25 minutes.

    Now I don’t cook often :D) But any time I brings these somewhere people go CRAZY!

    It also makes a great Cookies in a jar! You can also cut recipe in half 😀

    So that is that!

    I hope you enjoy.

    This is my INSANE week. Not only do I have template stuff to do, but other design deadlines-END OF YEAR teacher stuff, and my kids have all sorts of field trips and after school social events. So I’m just plain ole busy.I got something very exciting in the mail yesterday!! Wait till you see.

    You know how much I LOVE personalization and gifts like that right? Its seriously an addiction.

    Well Upon GOGGLING such items, I found this UBER cool site called Bags of Love

    After spending forever there I decided I HAD to have THIS make up bag

    BIGGEST Dilemma: WHAT photo to use. I wanted all of my family on there so I used our Christmas photo. We don’t get many FAMILY photos. Let alone including our sweet dog Daisy 😀

    This is what it looked like-


    I about bounced off the wall with excitement! I was just over the moon. It looks great, and the photo is a very soft, satinish kind of feel. LOVE IT.

    I went with the tan since it would match like everything I buy.

    Side 1


    I now want MORE stuff 😀 I’m thinking tote bags for Alexa, Amber and Noah with their photos! I may even ask about scanning their art work onto a bag, and sending that in for them use in place of a photo 😀 Now that is cool!!

    Other side


     I was on the hunt for a cool makeup bag that would match everything! Now I needed one that would carry me for some time, because every time I get a new handbag- I get a new wallet, check book cover, makeup bag etc. I end up spending a ton of money with each Vera Bradley purchase! LOL! Now I have one that makes me smile every-time I look at it.

    Plus it fits everything perfectly.

    Inside view


    Sooooooo, on the 29th I ordered that makeup bag, and it arrived on my doorstep on the 3rd! HOLY SPEEDY!

    Just HAD to share my fun find with ya!! I’m thinking they’d make great gifts too.

    The photo looks really good on there too. Honestly I was a littler leery to order, thinking it may be crappy, maybe the photo wouldn’t be good, so I didn’t spend a fortune. Now I’m wishing I got more. The quality and feel was super. Well made, not CHINCY. Im quite happy it . Their delivery time was right on. Im especially surprised since they are coming from the UK!

    I’m in love with Bags of Love! LOL!

    Anywho… for some other eye-candy.

    Stampavie had a Sketch Challenge that no only was I late for, but I obviously can’t follow other peoples sketches very well! I somehow veer off and just do my own thing in one way or another. OH! WELL! It was a start it this creation:

    Guess What


    Are you familiar with the book :Guess How Much I Love You? by Sam McBrateny?

    Its Amber’s favorite, and I always get teary reading it. Its definitely a MUST HAVE book for the family.

    Well its about a mommy bunny and her baby bunny, and as they walk through the forest they talk back and forth. The theme for each page is Guess how much I love you? Then they go through and say how much, each time one out does the other.

    In the end he goes through and says I love you all the way to the moon and back, as the little one falls asleep in the mommy’s arms. Its so sweet.

    Well, Amber says to me-about a literal 20 times a day -randomly

    “Mommy Guess what?!”


    You wanna know how much I love you?

    I say “How much? This much (and I make a tiny amount with my 2 fingers)?

    She says “NO! I love you THIS much (and stretches her arms as long as they will reach) and to the moon an back! And when I get bigger, I’ll love you even bigger.”

    Then she takes her hugely (yet little) stretched arms and wraps them around me with a big squeeze.

    AWE! That melts my heart, and no matter what is going on, in that moment, I just stop and enjoy the squeeze at my legs. Its the best feeling in the world. I know this won’t last forever, so I am just cherishing it.

    So I made her this card-so we will always remember this time (I HOPE!)


    The bunny image is Rachelle Anne Miller Hoppy Spring

    The “Guess What” rounded tab is from JustRite Stampers Demi Phrases set, put into a small 1 3/16 round stamper!! Yes, It will go in there! I was quite excited about that.

    So that is that!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Im going to bed. (I HOPE!)

    Home-Made Recipe Box

    May 21, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, JustRite Stampers, Recipe's, Uncategorized

    I have promised myself I would clean my house-in its entirety top to bottom today, before I got ANYTHING recreational/work related done. I have been neglecting that duty far too long. Due to all my hustle and bustle for release after release I notice a nice layer of FUZZ growing on my nick knacks! Its no wonder I feel like I have allergies this year-my house is a DUSTY mess!! So not like me. I also notice things creeping into corners that don’t belong. In other words-SPRING CLEANING is in need. My mom owns a cleaning company. Maybe I should hire her to come to help me get my life back together! My closets look like someone ransacked it! Not good :C

    You know its getting unkempt when your HUSBAND notices! LOL! Granted I do a quick clean daily, but my house really needs a scrubbin. Now I don’t want it to sound like my house is a disaster! Its always picked up and my bathroom is ALWAYS clean, but the BIG cleaning hasn’t been done. So I’m decaffeinated up and on a mission before the holiday weekend.

    Now here is the FUNNY part. Thinking of cleaning my house, got me into creating a house! LOL! See what the mind can do when you are trying to subconsciously AVOID something?! I somehow ALWAYS manage to get distracted. I really do have stamper ADD.

    Now I really AM cleaning today, but wanted to share this first 😀

    It is a House Box I altered, filled with recipes inside!

    I about did a cartwheel for this project! I swear 😀 Lots of time and love went into this


    I just fell in love with this paper from October Afternoon-Weathervane. I did a little distressing too.

    I lined the edges of my chimney, roof, and peak with Doodlebug Paper Frills. Makes is all nice and neat.


    Having new paper is just the BEST feeling. See it applied to a project like this is SO rewarding.

     I love the colors and everything about this box! LOVE! I am parting with it though-its going up on my Etsy Shop!

    I purchased the Recipe Borders and Centers and have been DYING to make my own version of a recipe box!

    I love all the little recipes that can be punched with the 1 1/4 circle OR the 1 3/8 circle-which is what I used 😀


    I used the “Homemade” border sentiment for the sides of my box 😀 I love the “pun”. The little house in the center is from Papertrey Ink Holiday Treats set, as is the ribbon, and button in Aqua mist. Flowers are May Arts. Also found atPapertrey Ink


    On the door I used the “Family Favorite Recipe” border! I thought it was wicked cute 😀

    You can also get this set as ATS–>HERE!

    I also used some May Arts velvet ric rac in Sweet Pea along the bottom for my “grass”. You can’t see it in the photo, but its a sweet touch I think!

    The top peak comes off and reveals the recipe cards inside.


    I also found a Weekly Meal Planner magnetic note pad to match!

    Recipes inside-


    I had no real recipe cards (EEK! I have some on order though!), so I used blank index cards, and then made my dividers.

    This went together easy peasy!!

    OK now I can’t go on and on like my usual-I need to get back to cleaning!!

    I hope you have a great day, and THANK YOU for stopping by to visit. I know first hand how busy everyone is, and to think YOU took time out of YOUR busy day, to visit me, makes me so happy!! I myself rarely get “out on the net”. I’m in my own little crafting world here, caring for the kids, and “working”! So I want you to know I appreciate you! With ALL the amazing blogs and talent out there, I’m just amazed anyone ever stop by here :D) So thanks again!!!

    Till tomorrow……..

    YES! I really did have a project for My Timeless Template Challenge <—–click there to see challenge details. My team totally ROCKED out the templates! I’m in awe.

    Another short and sweet post since I feel like the WALKING DEAD, and I have that field trip to go one. Its a LONG nature hike-GOOD TIMES! (NOT!)

    For my project today I used my newest template Ready, Set, Wrap! I really love that one. Gets a great gift wrap done in a jiffy 😀

    I was just seriously delayed in photographing and editing it 😀 SO I apologize for that. Sometimes LIFE gets in the way.


    Here is my gift item:

    Made with love


    This is a large cuttlebug die. It has 3 or 4 matching embossing folders with it. I NEVER use it (insert shocked face here!) but now is the perfect time! I love how I was able to make a window in my Ready, Set, Wrap box!

    I love purple AND butterflies so this was EASY PEASY for me. Once I saw that paper I KNEW that it was perfect.

    So there was NO waste here either. I used the die cut pieces-that were left over from creating my window butterfly, and layered them together to use as a keytag! I love that 😀

    Here is the closer view of the stamped window.


    It reads: Made with love, and has a flower that I colored using my Singlo Opaque pens.

    I used the JustRite Stampers set: Tiny words & Borders in white StazOn to make it. Its so sweet and subtle! You can also get them here

    Inside are some Raspberry chocolates from Seattle something. All I knew was they matched my project, so I was happy. Can you tell Im sick! Im totally brain dead these days! YIKES! Can’t remember ANYTHING. Oh and too lazy to go find the info! LOL! SORRY :C


    The paper is PTI pale plum, and Lavender moon, and the patterned paper NEW! to me. NO IDEA who makes that-sorry. I chopped it all up :D) Feels good to not HOARD it. Sorta!

    The flowers are by American Crafts. I think they are a nice touch.

    Well that is it for me.

    Wish me luck on the field trip 😀

    I have been uber busy creating so I hope to share LOTS more soon!

    Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you play along with the challenge!

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