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What did you get for Christmas?

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OH I feel like a little kid!

There are going to be some fun changes on my blog 😀 I HOPE!

Thank you to all of you for the warm Christmas wishes 😀

Jason got me a Insignia 720P HD Digital Camcorder for Christmas! I could fall over. That means I may post a few little videos of me here doing some video tutorials! Now that would be so cool. You can not only come here to see some creations but maybe “talk” to me too! LOL! Maybe you don’t want to do that, but I think it will be a blast.

I just need to figure this all out.

My mom also got me a really nice jacket, and Jason a GPS system which was really cool too. We actually had to use it the first time we left the house, to find my mom who got lost! LOL! I think she needs to bring hers with her when she goes out more often.

I got some other stuff but nothing that would overly interest everyone-little things we all love.

So Im taking a creative break to play with the kids & their toys,  and my new toy, and hope to return with photos and it all figured out.

I also have TONS of deadlines that I need to get completed.

That all being said we had one the of the best holidays this year. Christmas Eve and Jason’s grandparents was so nice and relaxing, as was our holiday feast with my family yesterday. Just what I had hoped for.

I do feel terrible as the ONE thing I guess Alexa really wanted she didn’t get. So I told her that Santa sent me an email because he accidentally left it on his sleigh and that we could go to the store to get one today.

Her face lit up like crazy when she heard that. I had no idea she wanted that particular doll so bad!~

So I’ll be back tomorrow with a sketch, and some holiday photos.

OK now I want to hear what YOU got! Anything special? How was your holiday?

Merry Christmas!

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From my family to yours.

Thank you all for coming here, through the past year (or longer/shorter), as I share so much of myself and my family.

I want to get a better photo-but don’t want to spend my time on the computer today.

May you have safe travels, and warmth of family around you this week.

What a wonderful time of year.

I like to STOP and reflect before the season is over. Enjoy the traditions we have as a family, with my children. Get over the RUSH and hustle bustle of TO DO’s! Take a few days of spending time with just the kids. Not worrying about everything else that I normally do.

I want to take the time to say that I am so very thankful for every blessing in my life.Thankful to God for providing me with these blessings, and allowing me to see the rainbows after the many storms and trials. I have truly been blessed. I have an amazing life-really!

What more does one person need?

I have everything I could possibly want in life-my 3 amazing children-who I get to stay home with during the most amazing years of their little lives, a man who loves me unconditionally-my soul mate, family, health, a nice roof over my head, I’m able to have a hobby and do what I love! What more could I ever need?

I’m just so thankful for the time I have,  my family, and friends (-that includes you all as well) , our health, our home, and everything in it.

When Alexa got sick it blew my world and my perspective apart. I saw all too clearly the things that were and aren’t important. That in ONE moment things can change forever. I transformed a lot from the experience. I know, I always say that, but its so true. So many things that would have driven me clinically insane, I see aren’t important. Things maybe I would have put off for later, I do not.

Christmas time for me is season of reflection. A earmarking of memories, and milestones from one year to the next. I come into the new year transformed from this past year. I feel I have changed and grown so much, every year. I like to think for the better.

My kids are growing before my eyes, into these amazing little people. People that I helped create. I’m in awe of that some days. Actually sometimes they seem like mini adults! LOL! I am really cherishing these years where the magic of the season is.

I don’t know what is to come in this next year-or what I will have to say next time-but I pray its more of the same. I just want my family to have health, happiness and love of  each other. Most importanly be just be thankful for today. Make the most of each day we are blessed

The journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step.

That is what my bracelet says, and it reminds me, one day at a time.

I want to wish you & yours the same.

Merry Christmas (and Happy Hanukkah)!

So Thankful

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all! 

I am thankful: 

Thankful defined-

grateful: feeling or showing gratitude; “a grateful heart”;

Gratitude, appreciation, or thankfulness is a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive

an expression of gratitude; a short prayer said at meals; grace, a benediction

Thanksgiving to me-

T-is for TODAY! I am so thankful for today. I feel that way everyday. To be able to wake up and live another day. I try to take a moment and find something to be thankful for everyday. T is also for time. I am thankful for the time I have with my family, and loved ones. The time I have whenever I get to do what I love. Time is precious, and passes quickly. Hang on to every second you have.

H-is for Health. Having gone through Cancer with Alexa, makes me SO eternally grateful for every day that each one of us awakens, and we have a healthy day! Each day is truly a gift, and your health is one of the best things to be blessed with. I am thankful that God has healed Alexa, and carried us through a difficult time, to all be here, so thankful, not just today, but everyday. I am also thankful that I have a healthier lifestyle, and have met some major goals for myself 😀 I feel AMAZING!

A- is for appreciation. Appreciation for my family who means the world to me. I could do a entire post on JUST that. In fact Im sure I have! LOL! A is also for- a higher power. I am thankful to God for everything he has blessed my life with.

N- is for Never Knew/met. You may wonder what this means, but to me its being thankful for all of you whom I never met or would have never known if it weren’t for this CRAZY world of stamping. I have developed so many relationships and friendships I never thought possible in a cyber world. TRULY AMAZING. I am so thankful for all of you who visit me here, who have shared and I have become friends with. You are all like an extended family if friends that keep me going everyday.THANK YOU!!!

K -is for kids! You know I had to use this letter for my kids! I can’t imagine my life without them. As insane as they make me most days they are my heart and soul. My reason for breathing and living. The love I have for them is indescribable-although I am certain you know what I mean. I also have to add Jay in there! I know its not a K word but he is my best friend! My rock. My soul mate. I strive to be as good of a person as he is. He is the most amazing person I ever met. Oh and Daisy our dog. She is the best little furball a family could ever has asked for. For someone who never wanted a dog, she is my little sidekick. I love her to pieces. K is also for kindness-I have been blessed by a world of kind people, so thank you to all of you!

S- is for Stamping (of course)! I am so grateful that I have been able to find a creative outlet that not only helps me de-stress and get some “my time” but has connected me to so many people that I never would have come in contact with had it not been for this insane hobby! Stamping saved me during some difficult times.

G is for giving back. I think it is important that everyone finds some way to give back to others. No matter how big or small. Every small gesture makes a difference. I have some goals for myself and family to do our best to give back! Be it sending boxes of cards to places that need it, to raising awareness for causes I believe in, to donating clothing, volunteering, so pitching in to help a friend during a difficult time. Sometimes its a RAK, or lending an ear. Ask yourself for ways that YOU can giveback with the coming New Year! Not only will it help someone else, but you will feel AMAZING!

I -is for inspiration. I am thankful that I can get inspired everyday from something. Be it one of you, my children or my surrounding. I am also thankful for the oppourtunities I have been given to work with/for some amazing people in the stamping world

V- is for valuable. Value has different meaning to everyone. I think finding value in yourself is so important to your own outlook on life, and feeling of selfworth. When you feel you have value you exude confidence. Also make sure you make the people in your life feel valuable to you is so important. Acknowledging the little things that shows you listen and care makes someone feel very valued by you 😀

I- is for I can do it! I truly believe we can do anything we set our minds to. Often that is our only limitation. If you are positive in yourself you really can do anything you set your mind to! I don’t just sit here and say this stuff, I not only believe it but I live it.

N is for NOW! I hate the whole “tomorrow” attitude. I think it has to do with my dad. He ALWAYS said “tomorrow” and promised big things for “tomorrow”, and you know what tomorrow turned into? Not TODAY, tomorrow-again! It would never happen. It made me so upset. I try to never put off for tomorrow what I can do today. I am NOT a procrastinator, and I think its because of that. Also we need to really treasure what TODAY has to offer. Make the most of it. Having a sick child taught me that NO ONE is ever promised tomorrow. Make today, your tomorrow.

G- is for GO FOR IT! See above “N”.This has always been my attitude. If you want something you have to go after it! Its not going to just fall in your lap. Whatever it may be, believe you can achieve or obtain it, and nothing is impossible.

Well thank you for stopping by here today. I have so much more to say (don’t I always) but the family is calling 😀

I hope that whatever your today brings, you find something to be thankful for.


Amber’s Birthday Smilebox

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OH my word is this ever LATE! We are a month and a half past this party, and I am just now posting this! AND Im only posting it since I want to post Noah’s birthday Smilebox, and I will feel extremely guilty if I do that one before this one! YIKES! Oh motherhood. Gotta love the daily dose of guilt. Weather its because you yelled at them for the 60th time to not yell at their sibling (I know it makes no sense but I know “I” do it! Not good), or had to take something they love away because they didn’t listen, then YOU feel bad………ugh! This is the stuff they don’t put in books, and most of the books that are written for parenting, I believe is by the CHILDLESS! Its so much easier to say WHAT you should and shouldn’t do when you don’t have them! LOL! Before I was a mom I always said ” I will never do X.” 9 Years and 3 kids later……… I am, often doing X.

I am now going to run and edit the photos so Amber & Alexa can make their TY notes. See, really late on those too. I still have TY’s to get done from a gift Alexa got from my PSF’s in MAY! See people I really don’t get it all done! I do procrastinate :C Boy do we have a bunch of TO DO’s for afternoon craft time this week.

Now Im in utter panic! These are ALL so late :C

Not good. Why did I even begin this task today? I guess to get it done.

Anyway details of Amber’s 4th birthday party, if you weren’t around then.

We had her party at Empire Beauty School. Each girl got nails painted, hair & make-up done! They had a blast.

In the photos you will see Amber held up her nails ALL day, because they told her to make sure they didn’t get ruined while being wet. I don’t think she hardly put them down. As for the make-up she was like a PRO!

All I could think the ENTIRE party was looking back on this day, the day she gets married! Time will just fly by. That is what that whole thing felt like to me. How am I suppose to entrust MY BABY to some guy someday?! I know crazy. She may decide to NOT ever get married, but still we all think it. Then I think she better get married, I want grandchildren! What if she doesn’t want children?! What then?! Crazy. I often get ahead of myself.

I just told myself-enjoy this time while she is little because before you know it she will be in the world, all grown up. I get weepy just THINKING about it. I know it sounds CRAZY since she is ONLY 4 but seeing my oldest- Alexa be 9 is a killer! Where has the time gone? Seems like just yesterday SHE was 4. You have no idea how fast it goes past us. I realized how quickly during Alexa’s 2 1/2 years of chemo, thankfully it went by in a flash.

I think because Amber is my “baby” and like my little sidekick, its a real killer for me to see her grow so fast. Being the 3rd child she seems to advance so much quicker. Much more independent and “old” for her age. Im sure our life circumstances only pushed that even more so. 

I dont say that because I love her more or less than the other 2. I think anyone who has more than 1 child knows you develop different relationships with each child. You love them the same, but each one has that special something that the others don’t. Thats what makes THAT person as special as they are. OK I hope that makes sense to you like it does to me, and if it doesn’t thats OK. Im just blabbering on about my thoughts

Time to get going on those TY’s.

I have Noah’s Smilebox and stuff to do, as well as LOTS of eye candy. Having said that, I have 500 photos to go through and edit to get to that point so stay tuned.

OH gosh, now I really wish I didn’t think about it all.

My Time to share my weightloss stuff BEFORE & AFTER

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OK I am all stamped out. So Im finally going to share some things many of you seem to want to know. I know this is primarily a stamping blog but I also share everything else! Basically if its on my mind, something going on in my life, the world knows about it. Why not share a huge part of something I have struggled with?

 You all are just so sweet for all the lovely comments regarding my latest new photo! I am eatting healthy, exercising DAILY, and drinking lots of water. I really feel amazing about myself, and am proud I have accomplished what I set out to do. I changed my life for ME. No one else.

I didn’t think anyone would care to read the times I’ve posted aobut my struggles or my exercise stuff and whatnot but MANY have, as it is part of your struggles too.

Now this is LONG so you can stop. No guilt 😀

I have to say spilling all this for the world is NOT easy! Especially sharing my awful photo of a day I felt my worst. The words weren’t as bad as sharing the PHOTOS!! I know this all just rolls out on my blog but I almost deleted it like 20 times. No lie. Its a truly sole baring post. I felt if I can write all this to share and help then I better suck it up and SHOW you that it all works.

Reality of it is, I have been thin my whole life. Never struggled with my weight. Never worked out. I was just thin and had NO interest in being in SHAPE. Well then I get pregnant with Alexa. It was a stressful pregnancy and it was the start of what I call “stress eatting”. I began eatting to fill my worries and fears. Not sure if it helped, but it did allow me to gain 72lbs! Nice huh? I felt so defeated after giving birth, thinking it would just FALL off over the next few months. NOPE! Only lost like 25lbs, kept the rest. Anyway I really thought I’d NEVER be thing again. Well,  I worked it off and got in shape after my divorce. I never felt better.

So began the rollercoaster of weight issues.

I went on to have Noah, lost the weight. Then I had Amber, lost the weight. Every time with exercise. 

 So there I was thinking I didn’t really  have an issue since it only came with pregnancies.

Then Alexa got Cancer. My problem came back! Having NO activity LIVING in the hospital for about a year, my best friends were cream cheese brownies, lots of sugar and coffee and whatever other bad thing I could possibly get my hands on at 2am, to help me not deal with my emotions. Over the last 2 1/2 years I see photos of myself where I got to my FINAL weight point, would work it off, then slowly climb back up during another cancer crisis. I would eat my worries away. If I did eat something bad, I would “punish” myself for it, by then eatting something else. Not good. Also the never ending fad diet, not easy to stick with forever!

So I decided for a healthier eatting LIFESTYLE change. Thats why I LOVE Dr. Phil!! He is so realistic about it all. Diets don’t last forever. You need to change the way you LIVE.

I don’t care how thin you are, or your gene pool, if you eat really bad it will catch up with. Once you have those fat cells, they are ALWAYS there, waiting to fill up!

Now I can think of a MILLION excuses as to why I could stay unhappy with myself, WHY I would wait to start-tomorrow, then tomorrow turns into weeks. Why I have NO TIME to exercise, but do have time for other stuff. There are NO MORE excuses. NOW is the time. I put my TODAY outlook on so many other aspects of my life, to finally use it work on this issue now.

I know not EVERYONE is interested in this, but many are, so I’m here to share. If it helps ONE of you, then fabulous. As women I think most of us can say we battle with our weight and what we *think* we should look like.

Now keep in mind I’m not a doctor, or dietican. I am a stay at home mom, to 3 kids, with an INSANE life and a BUSY daily schedule. Just like many of you. I’m just happy to share things that have worked for me and that is basically HARD WORK, with a concious effort to eat healthier. I take food ONE obstacle at a time, and relish in my defeating each as it comes, not looking forward. If I have something I shouldn’t I have it in moderation, and make a better meal choice for my next meal. All about balance.

I have no magic pill or wand that can make anyone healthier or an easy fix to get into shape. Getting out of shape is EASY, getting IN shape is hard work. If it were easy everyone would be models 😀 I had a goal and then worked my hiney off (literally) to reach that goal. The biggest hurdle we all have is our MIND set.

I am happy that weight LOSS won’t need to be a part of my New Years resolution! I can focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and work on other goals instead. I’m not where I ultimately want to be yet, but I know I am not far. I am determined to get through the holidays not a pound heavier. My goal is MODERATION! I don’t need a whole pumpkin pie to make me happy. Only a sliver.

I’m not on a diet, just changed my eatting HABITS, so its not a constant deprivation.

I have received MANY inquiries as to what I have been doing to exercise, and eat to lose weight.

I can’t even believe I am going to say this, but over 12 weeks I have lost 35lbs! I didn’t realize I had 35lbs to lose! LOL! OK well I wanted to lose it, but didn’t REALLY think it would actually happen. 

 My “OK I am so done with this” moment came on my 30th birthday in May. I was turning the BIG 30, and wasn’t happy. I wanted to be a HOT 30. I wanted people to say “What! You had 3 kids?!” not ‘Well, you have had 3 kids”.

Here is my AWFUL photo that I didn’t even want to look back on

My birthday May 3rd.


I HATE it. This was me. Its also the ONLY photo I let anyone take of me for MONTHS!

Now here was one from Alexa’s birthday Sept 29. Feeling and looking like myslef.


Now I didn’t actually DO something about it until the first week of September. I know! I told you, always “tomorrow”.

Now after losing another 17lbs-this is on the 7th of November


See the difference?

 I don’t believe in scales. They make you CRAZY! So I don’t own one. Since Alexa has monthly doctor appointments I began weighing myself there ONCE a month. For ME,that was a good thing. Right before I started in August, then the following month September lost like 18lbs, then again last month (which I had hit a plateau so that wasn’t a fun scale day :C) lost 4 lbs, now this month lost another 13lbs . Boy was I super duper happy when I saw the numbers on the scale this past Wednesday! It was MORE than I thought it would have been.

I started a work out that had me take my MEASUREMENTS the day before I started the workout program. So I figured watching those measurement , and my CLOTHING was most important.

I also marked the WEEKS on my calendar on the fridge, to keep me on track, and knwoing where I was in the programs.

 I never leave the house to get in a amazing workout, and I do it in my living room! LOL! In between all my daily things with the kids 😀 I have an elliptical machine, which was what I started with (had it for like 4 years) but I mainly use DVD’s. Many of these videos also have QUICK workouts for your SUPER busy days. I try to keep mixing it up so I don’t get bored and I work different muscles.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Im not affiliated with ANY of these programs. I just feel like I could be on their advertisements though !LOL! They truly helped me get to my goals.

So here is what I do

I do my best to work out EVERY DAY!  Now that may seem excessive, but not when you start to enjoy it, and look forward to that time. Even if its 10-20 minutes. We ALL can find 10 minutes in the day. SOMETHING is better than NOTHING! Its now a part of my daily routine, and if I don’t get to it then I feel tired, blah and CRABBY!! I love having it be part of my day now. Its like my coffee use to be.

NOTE: the first 2 to 3 weeks of this lifestyle I was not overly thrilled with the working out and change in eatting habits!

Now when I eat I use a KIDS plate, or just dish out HALF of what I would normally have on my plate. PORTION control! It is RARE I am still hungry after I eat the smaller portions. I think we get use to eatting MORE, so we THINK we need more, or are still hungry because we are mindlessly eatting all the food on our plate.

Once I got over the CRAVINGS it was smooth sailing. It also takes about 2-3 weeks  to have your first real “WOW! Are you losing weight? You look great” compliment, so that helps!!

I chose the Mitch Gaylord Melt it off program. This is THE one that actually got me motivated to START! I found it motivating and helpful. It was the commercial that made me take that first step back to health.

This one was the real start of everything for me. Yes, it was from an infomercial and it works!! I love it. It uses a 2lb “G Ball”. At first I couldn’t do MOST of it, but within 3 weeks I was seeing great results. My brother is in tip top AMAZING shape. He is a professional arm wrestler and he would make fun of the workout. Well I made him do it with me, and I kicked his butt with this video! I felt great! LOL! He was definitely impressed and surprised. Granted I STILL can’t do some of it, but that gives me goals to meet.

This is the one when you start, where you take your measurements. There is nothing like doing the MATH when you are LOSING weight.

I have gone down 3 pant sizes. I now weigh what I did in highschool D only I am actually toned! LOL!

I have lost 7 inches from my chest (OK honestly not THAT happy about that-but oh well! LOL!) 6 3/4 inches from my waist, and 6 3/4 inches from my hips!

Now some other DVD  favorites of mine:

The Biggest Loser-Cardio Max- Purchased at Target.

There is NOTHING like wanting to QUIT your workout, when you have people far larger than you KICKING your butt, doing the SAME workout! You can customize this and it too have various levels to work up to. If you have seen the TV show you know these are people JUST like YOU. So get moving 😀 Its really amazing.

Jillian Michaels- 30 Day Shred-another Target find. This is my current “go to” workout.

She is the insane one from the Biggest Loser. She works them super hard. So when I saw this video I knew I needed it! LOL! She has a  series of 4 levels. 20 minute ONLY- kick your butt (in one exercise quite literally), I think Im going to throw up, amazing workout. This helped me get off that Plateau. In 3 days of her workout I lost ANOTHER 1/2 inch from the measurements! I DO recommend getting in decent shape before beginning this one 😀 That is just MY opinion. But you are guaranteed results in a 20 minute workout, and its so true. I feel I sweat even more in this one, than some of the hour workouts I do.

I also use Turbo Jam. Another infomerical. 

I love this one. It combines boxing exercises to kick your but with an aerobic like workout. At first you need to get use to the moves, but once you do you have fun. I used this once after I had Amber and needed to get back into shape for when Jay & I got married.

Pick Your Spot Pilates-Yes another Target one. This is full of 10 minute segments that really work you! Who can’t find 10 minutes? IF you are reading this post, then you certainly can fidn that 😀 AFTER you read my blog! LOL! This one was perfect after I had Noah. Having a colicky baby and little time I got back to pre-pregnancy weight in no time.

If you don’t know what is Pilates-this type of exercise is PERFECT for those of you with back, and joint issues, or who don’t want to jump around to break a sweat. You don’t need to be like a human GUMBY doll to do these, like you do in yoga.

I like this stuff when Im tired, or just want to work on strength. You do get a good workout. I’m still into the cardio/weight training  stuff at this point, but still use this one several times a month.

Honestly if you aren’t doing this for YOU, then it won’t work. I reached my limit. My “it” moment when I had enough of failing at the “diet” and saying TOMORROW. Enough of NOT wanting to be in photos or feeling icky about myself. Enough of buying clothes that make me LOOK thinner, when I want to just BE thinner! Now I go in the store and get something OFF THE RACK!

First thing is first. Be realistic. Be honest with yourself. Write your goals down.

Some of this is from the Mitch Gaylord journal and it truly helped me. I also put a photo of me that I LOVE in plain view for me to see when I am working out to remind myself of WHERE I wanted to be! Next to it was my WORST photo, so I had a visual of WHY I was really doing this. Now that BAD photo is gone, but my old one is still there to keep me going.

So now ask yourself-

Why are you doing this?

What is your purpose or desire for changing yourself?

What is your ideal vision of yourself?

What past limiting beliefs have stood in your way?

What are you committed to doing to relieve those beliefs?

What was your defining moment of needing a change?

Then get that photo and start that journal

The important thing to remember is in the beginning ALL of it is difficult. Its alife change. There may even be some excising you just can’t do! Try to modify them if you can, and try to keep up as much as you can. Before you know it, you will be a PRO! Just keep with it. Keep moving.

Next people asked what KEEPS me motivated.

I purposely buy clothes that are a LITTLE tight, or the next size down. I work to make them then fit! I wait a week or 2, then slide them on! That is the BEST feeling. I am also refusing to GO UP a size. If things get snug, I now know to kick it up a notch and not let 10lbs creep back on. THROW AWAY those bigger clothes. Then you have NO safety net! LOL! I mean it!

So that is it. Now for the FOOD stuff.

I MAKE myself eat breakfast! Its the most important thing you can do to get your metabolism going. I read NO CARBS in the morning. It makes you MORE hungry through the day, so I have yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit or something like that. Don’t get me wrong me wrong I still eat the occasional waffle! LOL! Just not so much syrup and butter. I aslo LOVE Quacker Oatmeal (weight-loss one) in banana bread! So filling and really yummy.

I cut out my coffee, and if I do drink it I use fat free cream and Slenda (that was the hardest part)

I drink TONS of water! Usually a full glass before meals. And I LOVE the Crystal Light packets. The water alone helps. The packets spice it up so it doesn’t get BORING!

No more SODA! I use to love diet Pepsi. Now it makes me SICK!

Have healthy snacks on hand. Readily available. I love granola bars, nutragrain bars, and stuff like that. They are tastey. and low cal. There are SO many 100 cal packets of things you can buy there are NO excuses for KILLING your healthy eatting with a SNACK! Also only eat ONE!

Make sure I stay on TOP of my hunger. If I feel hungry I eat something healthy before it turns into a handful of chips or cookies. Usually 2-3pm is my point of real hunger!

I take green tea pills. I heard they help metabolisim. Not sure if its true but oh well.

I cut my portions in HALF!

I LOVE SmartOne frozen meals! They really good, are quick too. Part of my problem would be skipping lunch cause I don’t eat what the kids do. They are really yummy, and are along line with Weght Watchers. They even have desserts! Also yummy. I like the points system so you can whatever you want. I think that “diet” works for so many because you can eat whatever you like, but it teaches moderation! I just try to live in moderation mode.

Going out to eat. Well like my meals I don’t clean my plate! I also try to go for something “healthier” than I would normally eat. Im not talking salad, Im just saying instead of FRIED chicken I may look for GRILLED! LOL!

I don’t snack after 7 pm!

If I want something bad I ask my self 100 times if it is really worth eatting! Often just by checking the calories I don’t want it bad enough. Then if I did. I usually feel sick after from all the sugar, or I can’t even finish it! NOT a bad thing 😀

Don’t go to the food store HUNGRY! NO! NO! NO! That is when the worst decisions are made.

Most importantly I have recruited my husband as reenforcement! Before we go somewhere that I KNOW may be full of temptation I ask him to keep me in check. By this I mean, I run by him what I am thinking of eatting, he will then say Are you really sure you want to do that. What about having X instead?

Now he isn’t doing this on his own and to be annoying. I ASK for it! It saved me many times from regretful eatting.

Lastly in recipes substitute LOW fat or NO fat items. We always did this so that wasn’t a hard transition for me. I think it adds up though.

So I think that covers it. I hope I helped someone in some way by sharing my own issues, and helping you see I am a TYPICAL person just like YOU! Same struggles. Im not famous, I don’t have a chef, a personal trainer, or any of that fancy stuff that movie stars have. I am a daily work in progress, but I am doing it. I feel so much better that I did 12 weeks ago! THAT makes it all worth it.

Better yet since its a way of living, I don’t feel deprived! I CAN have something. I just don’t have as much.

Start now and by the holidays you could seriously be transforming yourself too.

I hope this didn’t seem like a big ole lecture. Someone on your back doesn’t help you to want to get healthy. I just felt I would openly share what so many have contacted me about.

Now that Im done Im back to thinking I should delete this! LOL!

Oh well. I am leaving. I have Noah’s Party to get ready for.

I will leave you with this quote I always tell myself:


My Time is not my own, and some party stuff for boys

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Hi World!

Time to update my photo. Its been 2 years since I changed my photo! I don’t think I’ve changed that much since then, but wanted to update it. Im surprised my stress isn’t PLASTERED all over my face 😀

So like I said, it was time to change my photo, and in order to change it on my sidebar I need to upload it somewhere else, so HI! How are you! LOL! I feel strange looking at it as I type. It’s a little too close up, but oh well.

 Yes I took the photo myself , yesterday, hence the weird angle, and why Im so “in your face”. I felt weird having someone take it, as I REALLY hate “posing”! Im also use to seeing myself in black and white. I think its more flattering 😀 But Oh well. This is me. Full color. Wishing now I dyed my hair BEFORE taking this photo. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, enough of that.

I have things to share but no time :C I spent ALL day at the DMV-TWICE!!!!  Running into Concord 4 times!! Thankfully my brother’s girlfriend now has her license back, and I won’t have to play taxi so much, once I get them to find a car!! I have a never ending TO DO list for them to help them get their life together BEFORE their baby comes. I’m playing mommy to everyone, ALL day, everyday and its truly exhausting.

Yeah! Im happy at least I can now scratch a HUGE item on the TO DO list, to get them on the path of independence. Once they get a car I should have “my time” back. I cannot wait. I miss my daily stamp time.

Anyway, some things to share.

SUInk & more is having 10% off all their Storage Units in November! I bought mine in August for all my Pallette and other non-Stampin Up! ink, and LOVE it. I figured I would show you the photo of mine next to my SU! Ink caddy to give you an idea of the size difference.

SUink holder on RIGHT.

I have the Ultimate Plus It holds 60 ink pads, 40 ink wheels, 60 markers and 60 re-inkers.


Now as you can see by my photo (DON’T look at the mess on my desk! EEK!) I used my “wheel” storage for my smaller ribbon spools!! You can fit 3-4 spool on each wheel peg. That’s just my own thing I wanted to do with it. I find that pretty handy!

I totally LOVE my ink caddy. It spins so easy. Just one of my “must haves” for Christmas, if you are looking for something BIG to ask for 😀 Its always good to have the hubby get those big ticket items! LOL!!

OK speaking of gift giving…………….Noah’s Birthday is the 13th. I know MANY of you are always looking for party ideas, so I am thrilled to share this one 😀


We are having a Critters N Creatures party!

Noah gets to pick 6 animals to get to touch & learn about for his party. The woman travels to our home (she also does school trips and whatnot), and brings the 6 animals the birthday child picks, along with any props (like a empty turtle shell to aid in learning) to let the kids touch and learn about those animals!! So FUN & educational! I am over the moon excited for this party. Its such a great BOY thing to do. We are doing Pizza & cake FIRST, then the animals the second half of the party. The kids get to have their photos done with the animals the last portion of the party.

You HAVE to check out the animal page to see the animals there are to pick from. I encouraged him to pick ALL ones that can be handled. For obvious reasons some cannot be handled.

He chose the Turtle, Hedgehog, Chinchilla, Legless Lizard, Dragon, and Skink.

SO now I am doing all sorts of critter themed ideas, starting with the invites.

For Noah’s 6th Birthday invites I was reminded of the turtle from Pond Life, and given the fact we are having a turtle at the party it was PERFECT! I made 18 invites, in 1 1/2 hours. Not too bad.


I printed my party info, in red (we ran out of INK! Nice timing huh?), and then had to scramble to make it all work since the party is on the 16th! I like to give people 2 weeks notice, but that obviously isn’t going to happen this time around :C. I found some old SU! paper so it worked perfectly, since I needed to add the blue and green for the invites. YEAH!!! Mission accomplished.

You can’t tell but the solid shell is stamped in Aqua Mist ink, and the head, legs, and spots are in Ripe Avacado. I added matching ribbon too.


Then I die cut the #6 using my Red Tag cuttlebug Alpha.

PS I do know you can see my phone number on the invite. Im not worried about it. I’m listed in the phone book so anyone could easily look me up.

Now I need to focus on the favors 😀

This is going to be a total blast.

OK I have LOTS more to do, so Im on the run. Come back tomorrow for the Saturday Sketch, and some peeks at MORE C.C. Designs to be released sets! AND I gotta finish My Timeless Templates samples for you.

Id LOVE to hear guesses on what YOU think is next 😀

Thanks for reading

Look what I do with MY TIME

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OK so this is my life.  

I get LOTS of requests asking how I do what I do.I’m honestly not sure why that is intriguing to people, but I if you want to know, I am here to share. I’m truly not that exciting. When other mom’s ask what I “do” and I tell them their eyes glaze over! LOL!

 In fact people in our area have no idea what I do, or how big stamping really is. Heck most of our family doesn’t even realize how huge this hobby is to me. If you don’t stamp you just don’t “get it”. KWIM?

People are always wondering how I fit what I do into one day. I’m not totally  sure! LOL! I just have a “system” and it just works for me. I am pretty organized, and I think that helps. I take one afternoon a week and give the house a full cleaning. By staying on top of it throughout the week it doesn’t get out of control.

Also I have an ear piece so when I talk on the phone I can either workout on the elliptical machine (blogger-cise) , or should I have to, clean or something like that, I am hands free. Its all about multi-tasking.

As far as the creative stuff goes, honestly the more you stamp and get creative time on a regular basis, the easier things just flow. I can’t explain it, it just works for me. My brain is so crazy with ideas that I don’t need a ton of time to get done what I need and want. I whip stuff together in under 30 minutes often, usually because I already have a stamp plan!  

So here is my TYPICAL day.

6:30 – 6:45 wake up/shower/makeup/hair . My hair is super long and curly. Just wash, brush, hair products, scrunch and go!

6:45 – 7:15 make coffee, make bed, fold laundry, empty dishwasher, feed dog, feed cats, quick clean bathroom and glass tables/mirrors

7:15 – 7 :45 get kids up out of bed. Dressed, teeth brushed, hair done, make breakfast. Pack lunch/snack bags

7:45 – 8:10 get kids off to school

8:10 come home. Let dog out

8:15 – 8 :30 do blog post. If long winded add 15 minutes. OK so Im usually at this a half hour! LOL!

8:30 workout 40 min-1 hour

9:30 throw in more laundry, go stamp till 10:45. Toss Laundry in dryer.

!0:45 – 11:15 go pick up Noah & Amber

11:15 -12 :30 return home. Maybe run a quick errand. Begin to cook lunch and check emails

1:00 – 2:00 pm Afternoon craft time with kids.

2:00-2:20 vacuum, maybe fold laundry, and get snack ready for when Alexa gets home.

2:20- 3:00 Alexa home. Let her do craft and finish craft with the other 2. In the meantime Im talking to her about her day, and other stuff

3:00- 4:30 Mommy stamps!! OR has to run around to sports/meetings/ appointments. Maybe go for a walk with the dog

4:30- 5:00 Do my Fake it routine or if Im not cooking stamp till 5:30! LOL! Kids also doing craft in my room.

5:00- 5:30 cook dinner

5:30 – 6:00 eat dinner, then clean up, feed dog

6:00 6:30 homework or other school related thing. Read stories

6:30 – 7:00 Bath, brush teeth, clean rooms/house from any mess made during the day

7:00 – 7:30 Snack time

8:00 get kids off to bed.

8:00 – 9:00 do whatever I need to do that didn’t get done. Like cleaning, take and edit photographs of projects, maybe blog for next day……………….sketch ideas, whatever.

9:00 – 11:00 Jay and I watch our TV shows that we saved.

11:00 bedtime.

If I have to go to the store or food shop, maybe have an appointment, then you can cut out the part where I stamp. Or I just move my schedule around.

So that is what a “typical day” looks like, when all three kids are in school. Alexa is M-F 8am to 2 :20. Noah & Amber go for 3 hours . Amber only on M-W-F. Noah M-F.

During my time non stamping, I have a notebook handy so I sketch ideas for what I want to do when I get to my stamp room. I especially make sure to have a notebook/pen in my pocketbook so while Im out, if an idea strikes I can jot it down. Does this sound totally insane, and like my life revolves around stamping?

Yeah, I think it does. But you know what? That’s OK! Stamping is TRULY enjoyable to me. Its my sanity. The little corner in my life just for ME  I believe its helped me cope with lots of things, and allowing myself that GUILT FREE time makes me a better everything, to everyone.

My kids even point out cool fabrics and say “Hey mom that would make a nice card” LOL! It gets their brains thinking creatively too. They have their own kit of supplies so they can stamp whenever they want, and not use mommy’s stuff! LOL!

 I TRY to stamp daily, but that doesn’t always happen. Only in a perfect world.

BOTTOM LINE: Its all about a “system” and staying organized. I have lots of to do lists!! This keeps me on track, and motivated.

With family staying here, some of my schedule is wiped clean, like stamping, and filled with appointments and whatnot. More so than I thought it would be. I’m hoping things settle down SOON!!

So that is really all there is to my life. Not as exciting as you may have thought, but that is how I get it all done.

I hope that helps you see Im just like you! I juggle the house, the kids, the husband, working out, and stamping/design work, and a million other things into one day at a time. You can maybe make a schedule and fit something you want into it. Maybe it won’t work that way everyday, and the allotted times may not be exact, but if you have s system you can fit more in one day than you thought 😀

Thanks for checking in.

I am sure we would all love to hear a tip or trick to how you fit something into your day. Or how you keep the kids busy-while you get some MY TIME in!!!

Lots of photos to share!

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I have SO much to share today. I didn’t realize it until I began going through all the recent photos.

I have 3 Smileboxes to share!  I know, its alot ot take in for one post. But I know many of you follow my family, and enjoy what I share. The funny thing is our family time is NOT perfect, and I think anyone with kids will laugh at some of what I am sharing. I know I laugh, AFTER its over.

I LOVE making these Smileboxes because they take NO TIME, and I don’t even need to resize my photos. I also like that I am preserving memories without having to scrapbook! LOL! Sorry that is just not my thing. Plus I think its more interesting to view photos this way. You can send these via email too. Great for long distance family. I know my own mother keeps up on my CRAZY life by reading my blog-so you usually know as much about me as my family! LOL!

Click to play Alexa turns 9!
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Alexa turns 9!

 As promised I have the Smilebox of Alexa’s Bowling party from last weekend. Many of you sent her cards and whatnot! Thank you!! She felt very special.
We all had a blast at Alexa’s party. I spent the day taking photos.

Some fun details:

Alexa’s friends would hand her each ball, when it was her turn. She likes being “waited” on. Her very first ball she got 9 down! I thought that was really cool since it was her 9th b-day!! I did get a photo of it, but you can’t see it, so I was bummed. She even won the very last game! YEAH!

Noah was a bowling pro and may do his party at the bowling alley.

Amber cracks me us because this girl can do anything, and still twirl her ponytails in the process. Im mean she is running and playing soccer, kicking the ball down the field, and twirling her hair at the same time. Hilarious.

I didn’t include too many photos of her friends, kept it mainly our family. I think you will see how much fun she had. I also didn’t include her home gift opening. Its sort of the same thing. The faces she makes when she opens gifts always makes me laugh. She always has a look of “OH THAT IS THE BEST GIFT I EVER GOT!” and totally surprised. Too funny.

Now I have one of my most favorite things to do with the kids-apple picking. I think I look forward to it more than they do! Each year gets better and we all have so much fun. Some of my favorite photos every year come from this time, as you will see why.

Click to play Fall 08
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This day was for Amber’s class field trip. I kept Noah & Alexa out of school to got with all of them! SHH! Don’t tell! LOL!

Now we have a Smilebox of our time at the Deerfield Fair, and Canobie Lake. Lets just say we were tortured at both! LOL!

At the fair-it was cold and rainy, which we tried to smile through. Noah complained about the “smell” of the animals and would NOT go in any of the barns! Well, given it was a FAIR, and aside from rides (which hello it was pouring) that was the only thing to do. It is usually a favorite, but not for Noah this year.

Click to play Family time
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Now as for Canobie Lake Park, that is a park of rides. Once the kids found the “kiddie” rides they only wanted to go on them. I know its selfish but Jay and I were BORED out of our skulls 😀 We did go on some big rides but Alexa was not happy about that!

Her and I were on the Rooster ride, when she began freakin out and telling me she was scared. OK nothing I can do about that right now. Then she says “Im going to pee my pants!” I screamed!! LOL! I was lie you better not pee on me! I will not be happy. Thankfully she didn’t, but after the Tilt a whirl it was time to go. They had enough. Oh well, we tried.

OK that is it for today.

I am going to share Amber’s birthday Smilebox later today or tomorrow. Lots of photos to go through for her. She had a amazing time, as did her friends!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you are enjoying the day!


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Its been 9 years. Where has the time gone?

You have grown so fast, and are turning into such an amazing person.

I look at your face, and I see a million things.

I see an amazing little person who has made a difference in the world. A person who changed me the minute you took your first breath. I see a piece of me, that I can literally hold on to. I see a life full of love, happiness, laughter, innocence, hope, faith, honesty, and the future. I see someone who beats all odds, a fighter. A person, who with one look, flashes a million memories across my mind. Times that may not have been,  if I listened. If I didn’t keep you. If I didn’t have faith. If I didn’t fight for you. If I didn’t believe they were wrong. If my idea of perfect, was their idea of perfect.

 But my idea was not the same. If it were I think of the love I would not have felt, happiness that would not be, memories that wouldn’t exist, tears I would not have shed, pain I would not have felt, experiences that would not have lead us to today. Today, nine years of a life I would not known. How sad that would have been.

 They told me you would not even live, to be 20 weeks gestation. Then you did.

 They told me if you even lived to full term, and I was “lucky” enough that you weren’t still born, that would be limp and not breathing. 

 Wednesday September 29th at 1:58 pm- your limbs weren’t limp, your fists were closed and you were ready to fight. Ready to prove them all wrong. 

At first breath, a breath I was told you would need to be resuscitated to take-you screamed as loud as you could! It immediately silenced, as they placed you on me, and I said your name-Alexa. You stopped, and looked right at me. The face I had so longed to see. Eyes I waited so long to look into. So aware. So content to be in my arms. Finally.

You were 9lbs 20 inches long. To me you were PERFECT.

There I looked at you. Instantly loving you, and so in awe of the amazing gift I was entrusted to care for.

A child I was told and encouraged not to keep.  Told that I had my entire life to have a “perfect family”. I’m still  not sure what they meant by perfect because you were perfect to me. It didn’t take 9 years to figure out they were wrong. I knew the minute God gave you to me that this is what perfect is. I often wish they could all see you now.

Everyday you prove “them” wrong, with every smile, every hug, every I love you…………every accomplishment-big and small, everything you do, you prove you are what perfect is.

You, Alexa are my definition of PERFECT.


per·fect play_w2(“P0187000”)



1. Lacking nothing essential to the whole; complete of its nature or kind.

2. Being without defect or blemish: a perfect specimen.

3. Thoroughly skilled or talented in a certain field or area; proficient.

4. Completely suited for a particular purpose or situation: She was the perfect actress for the part.


a. Completely corresponding to a description, standard, or type: a perfect circle; a perfect gentleman.

b. Accurately reproducing an original: a perfect copy of the painting.

6. Complete; thorough; utter: a perfect fool.

7. Pure; undiluted; unmixed: perfect red.

8. Excellent and delightful in all respects: a perfect day.

tr.v. (pr-fkt) per·fect·ed, per·fect·ing, per·fects

To bring to perfection or completion


Me and my girls yesterday

Happy Birthday my special girl! I hope you know how much you have brought to our lives, everyday.  I cannot imagine a single day without you in it!  You are a true gift, and I cherish every moment I am able to have with you, and an honored to be your mom. I only hope I can bring to your life a fraction of the love and joy you have brought to mine.

I loved you from the instant I knew of you, and I will always love you!




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Its not easy fitting everything into life in just 24 hours a day.

If you are like me you’d rather be blog hopping than literally hopping, and getting fit.

Think of the number of hours you spend ONLINE? And we all say we have NO TIME to exercise! I decided that was a LAME excuse. I use to spend more time answering emails than taking care of myself. Now 4 weeks in, and I am actually looking forward to my time to work out. I feel weird if I don’t!

Well since I am on a mission to get in shape, and no matter what make 1 hour a day to do that., I figured it would be great to make the most of my time doing it. I have a solution that will allow you to combine the best of both worlds!


What does this mean? Well exercise WHILE you surf your favorite blogs, update your own, answer emails, or any other online task you may have!

Here is a photo!


What on earth are you looking at?

I saw a episode on 20/20 about a company that ordered special desks for their workers so that they could WALK on a treadmill ALL day as they worked! They had them special made and the workers all got in shape walking at a slow pace 8 hours a day!  Personally that seemed exhausting, but I thought it was a cool concept.

I looked at my elliptical machine and asked myself HOW I could do that too.

SO I got my laptop, and using my sons (one size fits all adjustable) belt I strapped my laptop to my machine!!! It works great!!

View while ON the machine


I pop on my head phones, and get moving!! I can now go really fast and type at the same time. I have been doing my blog posts WHILE I workout for an hour for over 2 weeks now! The time goes much faster when you surf the Internet! No pages to turn on a magazine, and great reading! You get use to it quickly too. Just go to your favorite places, read and work. Before you know it an hour has flown by and you have not only made the step to getting healthy and in shape but you got in your computer time too!!

Now seriously how can there be any excuses?


Just strap it to the back, resting on the tray, snuggly!

Pretty cool huh?

I hope you give it a try if you have longed to get fit but want your computer time too. OR if you thought there weren’t enough hours in a day! You deserve to give yourself TIME! The healthier we are the better we feel. I never thought I’d feel great giving up coffee but I do.

OK enough of the exercise blah blah blah, I just wanted to share my fun find with all of you and hope it helps someone out there who may be wanting to make a life change too!

I will be back later with more peeks 😀


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