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I did it!

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I took the plunge and entered my daughter Amber into the Parents magazine photo contest! I was going to wait to get MORE photos, but feared I would get too busy and FORGET! LOL!!! Now THAT would STINK!!!

So after all the advce here is her entry!

Let me know what you think. Im excited and hopeful, but don’t think it will REALLY happen. But you miss 100% of the chances you DONT take right?

Wish us luck!

Now Im in a panic that I chose the wrong photos and should have waited! Oh LORDY! Oh well!

Thirty One

May 3, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me

Well today I turn 31!

I THINK I’m OK with that. My most upsetting birthday was 29! LOL! I knew it was the last of my 20’s!! I have to say SO MUCH has happened to me since hitting 30. All FABULOUS things, that I am so happy about and grateful for. Why I was so upset about leaving my 20’s I don’t know! (OK thats not entirely true! Who doesn’t want to be able to say they are 20-something?!)

 I asked the kids how old they thought I was going to be-

Noah said “I think you look like you will be about 90!”  (oh my word!!!!!!!!!!!)

Alexa said “I think you look 26!” (OH! A girl after my heart!)

Amber says “Why do we need to know how old you are? I just know you are REALLY old. I don’t want to get as old as you. I want to stay this small forever!” (OH! I wish you could too :D)

I am enjoying the “30’s” more than the 20’s. I know WHO I am, what I want, where I am going and how to get there! (I think! LOL!)

I have everything in life one could hope for.

My first year in my 30’s was a great one!

I figured I would list the top 10 things that occurred in the last year: (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER EXCEPT #1)

1. Alexa became “officially” cancer free, 2 weeks after I turned 30, and is doing AMAZING! I don’t think I could ask for anything more from life, than happy and healthy children. The day we found out she had cancer, never did I think she would be here, looking and feeling so amazing. I am eternally grateful to God for all he has given my family, and of course by blessing me with my children. I am also thankful for all the progress Cancer research has made, because without funding and brilliant minds, my Alexa would not be here. Alexa continues to amaze me daily. Be it with her growth, health and progress, to being manipulative, and full of attitude! LOL! I HAVE HIGH HOPES FOR HER FUTURE.

2. I was able to fulfill my dream-starting the My Timeless Templates line with Papertrey Ink! That is something that was beyond my wildest dreams! I cannot even put into words how I feel about being given such an opportunity to work with such a company like Papertrey. Nichole is my stamping idol! I know I sound lame, but she truly is. She is also a truly amazing, and down to earth person, who I admire greatly (and Im still in shock she is YOUNGER than me!) Im also thankful for the love & support you all offer to me as I experience this new venture. Your excitement you share with me propels me further. THANK YOU!

3. I got skinny! (and healthier) I worked hard to lose the weight I have been yo-yoing with for the last 7 years! The weight I had been wanting to lose SO bad since having Noah. I would lose a little, then get too comfortable, and gain it back faster than it left :C. Its hard because I was always very thin. Then when big time of stress in my life hit, I got heavy due to stress eatting.

 I was doing good when Jay and I got married, but when Alexa got sick I hit a severe downward spiral. The ONLY thing I could control at that point in my life was what I ate, and I chose all the bad things. Finally my 30th birthday was a big wake-up call. In September I decided I would NOT have the weight on my by the time I turned 31! I lost 65lbs, and not only do I LOOK better, but I feel better.

I changed the way I look at and deal with food. I don’t use it to cheer me up when Im upset anymore, and if I do have a treat, its just that-a treat! Im not going to beat myself up over it for a couple days while I eat even more junk!!!

 I eat better, and workout almost everyday. I make better choices, each day. Its a continuous lifestyle change/effort. I’m so proud of myself and happy for the changes I have made. I look forward to each new day, full of energy! I also feel like I could actually be in the infomercials! LOL! I mean seriously, when you watch it, you think these people are so FULL OF IT! But its so true! What is hilarious, is yesterday they had the Mitch Gaylord infomercial on yesterday (only a NEW one I think), and I was just like YES! Its true! That program does work! LOL! I love you Mitch Gaylord! LOL!!! It was HIS infomercial that made me FINALLY say-“OK I’m committed-DONE!”. I ordered it right away. 

 The pants I am wearing on my birthday are a 6! I’m 5’10, so that is pretty good. My shirt was a small 😀 LOVE THAT FEELING! So if you think YOU can’t do it, its not true. You can.

4. I inspired people! What is better than that. This year I felt like I was able to inspire so many people! Inspiration in the form of sharing my weightloss-therefore encouraging so many of YOU, to get in a healthier lifestyle. I have inspired my family and friends (in real life! LOL!) too!

 I’ve also inspired people to make affordable gift items through my template line! Many people who are new to papercrafting or thought “I can only make cards”. Or, I can’t do that, its too hard. Then next thing you know they  are whipping out LOTS of gifts for everyone, in a fun, creative and affordable way! THAT ROCKS!!!

I have also inspired people by sharing so much of my daily life (OK so at least that is what people tell me! LOL!) here all the time. I’m an open book. Probably too much! LOL! But I think people like seeing I’m a REAL person, just like you, with daily hiccups in life. I am SAHM who goes crazy every now and then with my ventures at home, and balancing everything. Im not perfect! LOL! Which is definitely apparent if you come here 😀 But Im OK with that.

5. My gallbladder was taken out! I never had any medical issues in my life, but 2 months ago (not even) had my first surgery! This lead me to realize I could never get that Tummy Tuck I always wanted! Surgery is serious, scary and recovery is terrible when you cannot tolerate the simplest pain meds! It was a interesting experience, all in all. Guess if I ever do hit it big I know plastic surgery is NOT in my future :C

6. I got the camera I have wanted for a VERY long time 😀 I am excited to expand my photo knowledge through the next year, and have some goals for myself-like take a class or two, maybe enter a contest, get REGULAR photos of my kids, and make sure I continue to learn how to properly use the fabulous settings a professional grade camera offers (otherwise why spend the money for it! That would be LAME!) Still need to get signed up for some classes though.

7. I received a video camera and I actually learned to make. edit and post videos for my blog! WAHOO! This was a big goal for me and I am excited by all the future ideas and possibilities with that fun toy.Plus getting eqsier videos of the kids is great too.

8. My brother had a baby! Never did I think I would see the day. Better yet I was there in the delivery room to see her enter the world! A truly amazing gift for someone to give you!!! Such a miraculous, and personal thing. I was over the moon to be able to bet there. Of course Im totally in LOVE with my niece. I should get to see her today-so happy dance! I also have to say Valerie is doing a fabulous job being a mom. I am very proud of her. Prior to Gaggy her and my brother lived in Las Vegas. BIG PARTY SCENE-enough said! I worried they wouldn’t TAME their lifestyle to fit the new duties of parenting. Well they are doing a great job!!

9. I started an Etsy shop! That was a huge NEW YEAR goal and I’m so happy to finally do it (yes I will be updating with new stuff soon! I need to get deadlines done first) Im so happy that the items I spend so much time on get to go to good homes 😀

10. Everyday! I am so thankful for everyday I have!  There is something amazing in each day if you take ONE SECOND to recognize what it is. I often remind myself of that at the end of the ay when the kids are screaming and fighting! LOL! They are HERE! ALIVE and well. Blessing my life in ways I can’t even put into words. They are healthy and I am thankful for all the crazy loud noises that fill my home. I know that ONE DAY, this house will be silent. My kids will be gone to live their own lives, and I will long for their little hands tugging at me for something, hugs around my waist, and little loud voices that fill this house. It is so sad to think they will grow up some day. I would FREEZE them right in this moment if I could.

I awoke today on my birthday to Amber shoving 20 little hand drawn pictures under my pillow to surprise me (then explaining what each drawing was), Alexa singing Happy Birthday (cha cha cha) dressed in some horrific get up she put together (telling me this was what she was wearing to our lunch-UM, NO!), and Noah saying “Can we eat your cake for breakfast? I’m starving! Its your birthday so you get to break the rules don’t you?” (so yes I gave him cake!)

Now that is a super birthday 😀

Templates, Templates, Everywhere!

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FIRST-this is the THIRD post for today (yeah Im THAT BUSY and needing to share! LOL!) So don’t miss my VIDEO, or my Peek post!

Now I have to share some info that I am OVER the MOON about-literally!

Some of my blog readers alerted me that I WON 2 contests!!! WAHOO!!

Now the COOL thing is I never enter stamping contests or anything, but since I don’t have time to send in stuff for publication , I figured WHY NOT! So, I took some time to give it a try this time 😀 It paid off 😀

This was for the Cards & Gifts Week Challenge:

Contest One- over on The PaperCrafts Connection Blog This one you have seen. it used the My Timeless Template—>Take Along Tote!

Then I was alerted to this one!

Contest Two-The Mothers Day Gift Challenge

This was one of my most favorite projects using The Perfect Match template

But for ME the coolest thing was seeing that TWO of the winners, in other categories, used the My Timeless Templates too!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that not awesome??

Dana (who was just picked for my Challenge Team!) used Lolli-Pop Along, and the Rounded Wrap up!for her entry! Her blog post here

Dana is also giving away a My Timeless Template-HERE!

 Then the other winner Julie used From the Desk of-for her entry! Here is her blog post! It came out SUPER cute!!


THEN-I was sent a link to THIS POST! You must read it!

I cannot believe it!! Joan Bardee likes me!  OK maybe not me, but My Timeless Templates 😀 Joan is a amazing person. Someone whose opinion I always valued. She is very blunt, straight forward (and funny/talented) crafter! She tells it like it is. Now I don’t KNOW her personally, but feel like I do through her writing.

So when I was sent this link and saw she was HONESTLY reviewing my templates-I almost got sick! LOL! I thought OH! NO!! What if she hated them? But then I read some of the sweetest words a designer could read about the product they put their blood, sweat, and tears int0!

I got teary reading it (like I do with ALL the posts or comments I see people make about them) because to hear that people really like them is amazing. A true dream come true. I’m use to gushing over other peoples stamp images or products, so when someone gushes over something “I” did, its amazing. I’m just a SAHM-to three amazing kids, with a BIG DREAM, and am stuck living in a little town, where no one knows what stamping is! LOL! So to share it all here is just crazy!

On another note: I swear I didn’t pay her! LOL! She put so much time and effort into her post for YOU to get a non-biased view from a customer / crafter.

Im just in shock. Thank you Joan for making my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRULY! How can I say thank you?! You have a girl almost speechless!

NOW last but not least-Nicholehas had a hard time accessing the gallery and whatnot-but I swear her announcement for the Templates is coming soon! You won’t want to miss it!

WHEW!!! Glad I go the extra shot of expresso in my iced coffee today! I needed it 😀

Sunshiny Day- full of blah blah blah

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WARNING: UH! OH! Watch out!-Lauren is on a LONG WINDED kick today! Sorry!! (I added this to the top to warn you when I reviewed my post, after I was done ranting! LOL!) Althought if you visit regulary this is of NO SHOCK value to you :D)

I wish I could say it was SUPER sunny and warm here today, but its a bit CHILLY.

But this should brighten your day-rain or shine

Pink Cat Studio release of Lily at the Beach!


Seriously cute!! Im super happy that Melissa has been adding sentiments to the sets as well. You can NEVER have too many sentiments! EVER!

Now for my card

Sending you some sunshine!


I took thos one quite literally.

Another thing I like to do, as much as making gift packaging is make shaped cards! I haven’t done one in a while, so thought this was the perfect time 😀

Lily all wrapped up with the towel-needed to warm up! So I made a SUN.

 I just cut my card base in a half oval. Adhered a punch of square’s around the edge. I applies glue, and irridescent ice embossing powder-heat set, and VIOLA! A SUN! I then put another half oval over it to not only cover the squares, but make sure the front, and aback of card have a more finished look! You don’t want a MESSY side to your card!

I may do a video on it-if you need to see it, but its pretty straight forward!

I think this is super cute card!

Here is the close up of my Lily


She is just adorable!

Make sure you check out the PCS Blog…HERE and the Design Team peeks

  • Becky Carafa
  • Janna Hull
  • Jodi Ann Lee
  • Lise
  • Maria Bell
  • Mariska van der Veer
  • Melissa & Pink Cat Studio
  • Nikki Fairbairn
  • Sarah Anderson
  • Vicki Garret
  • Also check out Tori-our Guest designer this month!
  • I have been practicing with my new camera-and WOW! (NOT ON THIS PROJECT OBVIOUSLY!) Did I ever get some STUNNING photos of Amber! Wait till you see. I’m having fun with it. Thank GOD she loves posing for me. Her friend was over yesterday, and I was trying to get photos. Amber was having a ball and her friend was HILARIOUS! She said “I didn’t come here to get my photo taken, I came here to play! How many pictures do you need?!” Amber was saying “This is fun! You don’t want your picture taken? and her friend was like “NO! Lets just go play” Her friend was right! LOL! I shouldn’t have picked that time to play model! LOL! Oh well. There is always TODAY!

    So, I was hyperventilating when I saw the guide was 125 pages long-with LOTS of info. I just decided that since I am a VERY visual person. I need to just “figure it out” pick it apart kind of thing.  Im not good at “directions”, and understanding all the blah blah blah, that I will just take my camera and practice. When I want to see HOW to do something, I look it up at that point. Its working OK.

    I ALWAYS wanted to be a photographer, yet I don’t like taking photos of my cards! LOL! Maybe its the editing?? But I do love using this new camera, and maybe with better photos from the camera I will get more involved into it. That hardest part is realizing that I have to look IN the eye piece! Unlike digital cameras with the SCREEN. Too funny. I FEEL like a photographer.

    I told Jason once I learn this I am going to enter some photo contests! LOL! I know, I know-I JUST got my camera! But its good to have GOALS!!

    Jason often thinks Im a bit insane sometimes when I voice some of my “dreams”. Like when I began stamping. I told him-someday I’ll win a contest-and I did! Someday I’ll be published in that magazine-and I was! Numerous times 😀 (too busy to submit these days), or I want to be on a design team, and many, many other DREAMS. Now I think he realizes not to underestimate me, or think I’m CRAZY!! I’m a go getter! If I set myself out to do something it IS going to happen. I work hard towards achieving my goals and doing what I truly LOVE. I don’t sit there and think things will fall from the sky and into my lap. That isn’t how it works. The biggest thing is having faith and confidence. Always better your best. Be passionate about what you love. No matter what it is.

     (That includes all of you who are on the new healthy lifestyle and exercising and or losing weight! I will tell you once you get to where you want to be-if you decide to not let yourself OUTGROW those skinny jeans-maintaining is MUCH easier!! Nip it in the bud immediately and stay fit and healthy! Im so proud of all of you out there who have joined me on this journey! Keep at it! Its not “I know I can do it!” Its “I WILL do this!” OK!- Sorry I had to add that in there-its important! I know I am proud of the 65lbs I lost (and the 9 1/2 inches from my waist, and 9 inches from my hips!! I feel amazing. More energy too)

    That being said I know photos are KEY to success in this craft! You can spend HOURS making the most stunning thing the world has ever seen-take a bad photo and it was pointless! I want to get involved with using more PROPS too. Im just SOOOOO lazy when it comes to that. If its not in my stamp room Im not hunting through my house for it! LOL!

     I am looking into photography classes-thanks for the links!! My problem is (after buying an expensive camera) the classes are expensive :C I would LOVE to take one. I did sign up for the email alert when Jessica Sprague has hers starting. I also found some at my Local camera shop! They have a cool website too with photo tutorials of the month! Its called Take Great Pictures. Also I was sent to another website Nikon D40 Blog. Between all that Im sure to get going in a good direction. I’ll be posting a PHOTOGRAPHY link on my sidebar soon for easy reference to places I will be checking out. If you want me to add something-shoot me a comment or email.

     At this point Jay is like-JUST FIGURE IT OUT! LOL! We have to pay for part of my surgery-which was 12,000!!! Obviously we aren’t paying THAT much but HOLY MOLY! For a less than ONE HOUR-laproscopic surgery, that I only stayed 6 hours MAX in the hospital for! WOW! Glad I didn’t stay over night. Plus we have to pay like $1,000 for my 911 ambulance ride! LOL! OOPS!

    I will say when Alexa was a baby, and had her open heart surgery the SURGEON bill ALONE was 52,000! Granted he literally saved Alexa’s life, so how can you put a price on that? But seriously! Maybe I should have been a doctor rather than a nurse! LOL! We won’t get into her chemo stuff. You haven’t seen medical bills till you have a kid with Cancer. It no wonder people without insurance lose everything. So tough.


    Right now Im finishing up some more samples with my Templates 😀 I just designed 7 more of the BEST templates EVER!! Im so  proud of myself! LOL! Wait till you finally see them 😀 I try to keep WAY ahead!

    As for the Design Team-I will notify the people chosen via email Sunday night-announcement will be Monday OR Tuesday depending on the number of people to check out.

    The TEAM starts the first weekend in May! You have all gotten me so excited to begin this new challenge here. I love mixing it up! Thanks for all your input and ideas! After the feedback Im really looking forward to lots of participation too 😀

     SO you have till Saturday night-which means you can include the Papertrey Ink Blog Hop in your submission! This month is to use your  My Timeless Templates! YEAH!! I’m going to be GLUED to the computer that night. As you can imagine, Im totally excited to see what everyone does 😀 I LOVE when you share your stuff with me. Its a dream come true 😀 I think more and more people are catching on to how fun, easy and affordable they are too 😀 Even better.

    OK I did NOT plan on being THAT long winded (as usual). That would have been one expensive long distance phone call! LOL!

    OK as always-thank you for stopping by. You all brighten my day 😀

    Till tomorrow………………


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    I *almost* did an actual cartwheel today!

    Mr Brown came with a MYSTERIOUS package, addressed to my husband-that required someone to sign for it!

    I called him up to let him know he had a special delivery. He said I could open it-and it was MY CAMERA!!! I am so beyond happy to get that.

    The Nikon D40 I have been wanting for like ever!

     My birthday is May 3rd-so he gave it to me early so I can find time (yeah OK-time! What is that?!) to work it before my birthday, and for my next template release! That way you all get the very best photos 😀

    I just had to share!

    Now-if you have any tips for using it-I would LOVE YOU FOREVER! Im so technically challenged and the book is like 130 pages long!

    HELLO! Blond here! Good luck to me

    Amber is super cute and very photogenic. Parents magazine is having a modeling contest and Im totally entering her! So I want to get some good photos 😀

    This was Christmas


    This was the other day -before Dance Recital photos. She looks SOOOOO cute in her costume.


    I definitely need a close up-but wanted to share these ones for now.She has the prettiest eyes. I know Im biased 😀 But seriously?! I know I sound crazy!  Ill let you know how it goes. Im obviously NOT entering these ones, but am excited to see what I can get with my new camera!!!

    Wish me luck!

    Featured on Etsy Front Page!

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    Hi everyone-


    Im short on time, but had to share this email I got!!!! Which for me *JUST* starting my Etsy Store is really exciting. Yes, I KNOW I need to add stuff. Trust me, the stuff I will be putting in there is worth the wait 😀 Lots of gift ideas, but FIRST deadlines to be meet!


    Anyway-here is the email (my item is the first one second row-Little Bee card I made using Pink Cat Stamps)



    Hi Lauren 

    i hope you’re having a great day! i just wanted to let you know that this great listing is featured on the FRONT PAGE for the next 24 hours of our website, from one of our member???s HANDMADE WISH LIST!


    ETSY STORQUE/BLOG featured us last friday in it’s spring series “HANDMADE WEDDINGS”!


     each day we feature a handmade registry member???s WISH LIST and PROFILE on our FRONT PAGE

    siempre – dorana



    OK I have stuff to share, but work has to come first!! I was just excited about the mention 😀 so had to share.

    ON now back to my template samples 😀

    Hugs to ya, be back later!

    I thought it was a heart attack

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    Im going to share an experience I just had that may help you!

    I am also going to lecture you all-and myself at the same time! If something is “wrong” with you SEE A DOCTOR! I;m notorious when it comes to health issue of my OWN to avoid them like the plague. However my children, I run at the littlest symptom. Last year I had a lump under my arm for a YEAR before I got ti looked at, (that turned out to be a cyst-but I waited till it grew to seek help-not smart) then here I did it again……….

    Last night (or should I say early this morning) I was hit with severe chest pain. Take your breath away, can’t breath, wake you up out of a dead sleep, kind of pain.

    It was in the center of my chest, radiated to my back, and down my right shoulder. I couldn’t breath, and of course began having a panic attack over it. Its scary when you can’t breath and when you do it HURTS more.

    Sadly I have had a much MILDER version of these symptoms over the last few months-and chose to IGNORE it, because it always went away after a few minutes, and wasn’t severe. They always happened about 10:30 at night, and usually went away in a few minutes. However the last 2 lasted hours-but was bearable.

    I was nervous about it-but really didn’ WANT to know WHAT it was. I know, not smart. But I’m a mom and didn’t want to find out if I had something serious. I have a job to do here, and can’t have anything fall apart with ME> Now I see I should GO to the doctor to stay healthy.

    OK back to my pain- I then had numbness in my arms and face. It was getting worse by the minute and I knew I had to go to the hospital.

    I told Jason to call 911, and I was taken to the hospital via ambulance.

    On the ride there I couldn’t even catch my breath to talk the pain was so bad. I had O2 on, got nitroglycerin twice, and baby aspirin immediately.

    BOY how embarrassing is this? That is all I could think. I hear people often mistake indigesion for a heart attack! I didn’t want to be that person.

    Then after arriving at the hospital -while having an attach my blood pressure was 110/62-which is fabulous, and then after a FULL workup we knew it wasn’t cardiac at all!


    My labs and  everything were perfect.

    Nothing I did (now going on 3 hours of the severe pain) would help of worsen my pain.

    UNTIL-he pushed on my right lower quadrant. I felt that pain shoot to my back, up to my shoulder, and down my right arm!

    After an ultrasound it was confirmed I was having a Gallbladder attack! Read the bottom set of symptoms-that was ME! No symptoms from the top category.

    Basically feels like a heart attack but can last MUCH longer. WOW! Thats scary.

    So what does this all mean-basically since eatting better for the last 6 months I have begun to develop stones in my gallbladder, leaving it unable to process FAT very well. My body wasn’t getting the fatty stuff regularly, so it wasn’t flushing it all out anymore. It just sat there.

     It was explained like a pan of bacon. You keep the pan on and the grease and fat is liquid. Once you stop cooking it becomes SOLID-YUCK!

    So its the same thing with my gallbladder. I was eatting fatty foods, so everything went on its merry way. Then I changed my lifestyle and only eat bad stuff on occasion, and was obviously paying for those occasional treats at night! LOL!

    Given the fact I don’t eat hardly any fatty foods anymore, anytime I’d eat anything a little fatty-it would cause me the pain!

    Now my mom had some health issues yesterday and I spent the day at the hospital with her. We then had a fried fish dinner after to end the day……………….Like I do when I eat out, I ate 1/2 for lunch, the other 1/2 for dinner. That was the WORST thing I could have eatten!

    Well me having virtually NO FAT in my diet, then eatting what later felt like a “heart attack on a plate”, equaled my poor gall bladder to just say” NO WAY am I dealing with that LAUREN!!”

    So this leaves me to today. I am resting up, have the nitro headache side effect, and am trying to think of what I CAN eat without another attack.

     I still plan on going to Stamp New England (God willing!!) Saturday.

    Im terrified to eat anything at this point because I want to avoid another attack so Im living on fruit right now. No coffee-nothing. Plain water here.

     I have to have my gall bladder removed, so am seeing a surgeon tomorrow to get that all set. I just want it all over with.

    Lets just say its NEVER a dull moment here.

    I also have to say I feel blessed that its not anything more serious. I shouldn’t have waited to such an extreme for seeking help. I am terrified to have an attack like that again-especially if Im home alone with the kids. They would be so scared. There is no way to act like everything is OK!

    I do have to watch for the slightest fever because that means I am developing an infection and removal would be urgent.

     You don’t need your gallbladder to live at all. Nothing changes. It should be a day procedure. Ill find out more tomorrow.

    OK so my point is-go to the doctor if you need to, and if YOU have had these same things-its most likely not anything THAT horriffic. Maybe having had my daughter go through so much I feel like I should be OK with it all too.

    So that was the start to today.

    Maybe this was TOO much info, maybe it helped someone. I dont know.

    Im feeling better already. Just very tired from the events.

    Thanks for letting me share, and I hope I helped ONE person who may have similar things, feel better about it all.

    OK going back to bed now.

    My Papertrey Ink newsletter project will go LIVE later tonight! 10pm EST.

     So don’t miss that.

    Some unexpected reflection

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    Here is a recent photo of our dog-Daisy.

    She loves sleeping hung over the arm of our couch. She is just adorable.

    Funny when I don’t show up for a day, I get lots of emails asking if all is well. That is so sweet 😀 Thank you.

    Yes! I am here. Just letting the mojo flow, and not stopping it by blogging.

    I get lots of emails about Daisy. Prior to be a dog owner I wouldn’t “get it”. I really wasn’t a dog person before we got her. OK Ill ramble on to dog stuff later in the post-keep reading 😀

    Well in just 6 days you will get to see the first peeks at the fruits of my labor! I’m also gearing up fro Stamp New England. Sometimes Im amazed at what needs to get crammed into a day here.

    I am B-U-S-Y! Plus I have my niece again today, so that throws a huge wrench in my plans! I’m actually praying she sleeps a good part of today. Three kids, a dog and a new baby-with DEADLINES………………that is juggling!!!

    I am gearing up for my template peeks, and thePTI countdown! I think one of the templates this month will make LOTS of people HAPPY!! HINT! HINT!!

    Anyway-lots to share, little time.

    I’m still spinning over the Bachelor stuff, but won’t give it anymore of my energy.

    You may remember I was the FEBRUARY Guest Designer for Queen Kat Designs Stamps. (WOW! Where DID Feb. go?) There is more stuff on their blog–>HERE!

    Im in love with their Butterfly Writing bkgd, Doodle Tulip, Mini Sweets, Hooters, Love Birds and of course Flutterby!!

    I just saw Their March Fairy Release and may have to pick that up!

    I had been sent a set called Rocker Kat. As I said before it allowed me to step outside the box.

    WATCH OUT!! This is where I go off deep into thought!

    I made a little photo holder of Alexa and I, from when she was a baby.


     About 11 months old here. I am 22.

    Its amazing what ONE photo can stir up in us. The memories it holds. ONE moment, captured, can have so much meaning.

    I LOVED this photo. It was the beginning of a very happy time for me in my life, which has only continued.

    I was a single mom, and I felt like if I could take care of her, and juggle everything that I was, I could do ANYTHING!

     It was actually a great time in my life. I never thought that being a young mom to a child, with special needs, and going through a divorce nonetheless, I could be happy! But, I was. It only took about 6 months for me to find out that I would be OK. Life would go on, and in fact, get better. I was stronger than I ever thought. I learned SOOOO much about what I wanted, didn’t want…….I could take on the world.

    It was the first time in my life I was able to find “myself” and truly be on my own. I was only 21 – 22 at the time. Definitely “older” and more mature than most at that age.

    Before that I didn’t know WHO I was or WHAT I wanted. NOW, I WAS happy.  Life alone was much happier than being in a miserable first marriage, to someone who made me feel “not good enough”, and endless fighting. Definitely the type of house I didn’t want my daughter growing up in. We brought out the worst in each-other. I also left knowing I tried my best, and even though everything fell apart (he was having an affair for 2 years before I knew. His entire family helped him keep the secret!) it wasn’t my fault.

    I did my best, but when only one person works on a relationship- it isn’t going to work! Its like having a row boat, and only ONE person rowing. You get now where, except go around in one big circle. In the end, his infidelity was the final straw. The minute I found out I left. Of course, I had no idea where I was going or what I was going to do, and HOW! But I put one foot in front of the other, and just did it.

    It was hard and scary. Leaping into the unknown. Leaving my “comfort zone”.

     I was scared to be a single mom, but in reality I already was. Erik had checked out of our marriage long before that, and had hardly embraced “fatherhood”. That was hard too because I thought he would have been a fabulous dad. He was the one who pushed to start our family. Now I think he really just wanted to “trap” me. He actually even admits to a lot of that. Another long story that I just assume forget.

    I think from then to now how much I have changed, and all that is in my life-would not be, had those event NOT taken place.

    In the end, Erik did me the biggest favor in the world! I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t be happy, or have my AMAZING husband, or my other 2 children. I would be in a loveless, empty marriage. I am so thankful.

    Now I don’t know WHY all this just poured out today. I think looking back on the photo and remembering that time in my life just inspired me to share.

    Maybe if YOU are in a situation, maybe life is going all wrong, and don’t think you can do something, or are afraid to take a leap, know that things will be better. There is a purpose! Someday you will look back and remember when……

    You can and WILL be happy again.You are stronger than you think. Life can be better than imagined. Sometimes when things go bad, we don’t know why. I know I wondered WHY all that happened to me. Had I known the day I “thought” my life was falling apart, I’d have the life I do now, I would have thrown a party! LOL!

    Just like when I found out Alexa had Down Syndrome. One of the hardest days of my life. If I had a crystal ball, and saw her now (cancer and ALL) I wouldn’t have shed a single tear!

    Same thing with her Cancer. had I known she would definitely be OK, and we would weather the storm like we did, I wouldn’t have worried so much. But ALL of it made my family what it is today. ALL of it had a purpose. Every moment-good and bad. It all lead me here, where I sit telling you my whole life story in ONE post! LOL!

    I don’t know-maybe this will help someone else? Maybe you can relate?

    Its was just another puzzle piece to my life.

    For all of it I am grateful.


    Alexa was the BEST baby in the world. She was actually fabulous period till like age 7! LOL! Then ATTITUDE came into our lives 😀 I hear its a good thing. Makes her like every other (now 9 year old) girl her age.

    OK getting back to the CARDS!! Sorry about all that. Felt good though to think back.

    I stamped the cat, and cut it out. I then stamped the hat on Pink Passion and cut it out. Added a row of BLING!!

    Then keeping with the BLING theme (if is ROCKER CHIC!) I made this card in purple colors.


    I liked the glittered star so much that I did this SUPER simple one 😀


    More glittery stars! All 3 samples using that same set.

    I want to thank Vicki for having me asa  guest, even though between the 2 of us it was most likely the WORST Guest Designer in history scenario! LOL! We both had major computer issues.

    Speaking of KAT’s I thought Id share another recent photo of our dog Daisy 😀

    I get LOTS of dog lovers asking me how she is, since they haven’t seen photos in a while!


    Isn’t she cute.

    Since she is now “behaving” I don’t have those naughty photos and stories to share anymore. She is really good. Only ocassionally will she eat a Barbie! LOL! Granted, if its left on the floor unattended I think it SHOULD get eatten!!!

    Those who don’t know-she is a cockapoo, and is now 1 years old.

    Daisy enabled many families to get a cockapoo when we got her last year! LOL!

    Daisy has been great!

    I have to say I don’t know what we did before we got a dog! She is pretty amazing. Always everywhere we are. She “stamps” with me everyday, and yes, sleeps in our bed. She does lots of things, pre-dog owner, that we said we’d never do! Like sleep with us and eat people food. With 3 kids keeping her away from people food is near impossible. Her favorite treat is Cheese Doodles! OH MY! Open a bag of those and she will get up on her hind legs and twirl in a circle for them, begging! HILARIOUS.

    NO! My dog doesn’t LIVE on Cheese Doodles or people food, but she tries.

    Daisy is amazing with the kids-all kids-big or small (well not babies! She want to lick thier face off), and other animals. We have 3 cats and she “plays” with them daily. Her and my boy cat sleep cuddled together, and they even eat together. STRANGE!

    When people come in she gets SO excited. Sometimes she pees! LOL! But that has gotten better, as has the jumping up. That part is owner error. Its hard to make her NOT jump when you have 3 kids who run around palying with her, encouraging her to JUMP for a snack, JUMP for a TOY and whatnot.

    Anyway-she is a love!! Weighing in at a whopping 15lbs-perfect for our family. I do get her groomed every 6 weeks. Mainly because her hair gets long quick and I can’t keep it untangled.

    I would definitely recommend her breed to anyone.

    I even thought about getting another! But that would be INSANE.

    OK now Im back to the daily grind

    Thanks for reading all my RANDOM rambling.

    If you skipped it, I don’t blame you! LOL!

    Till tomorrow


    Feb 15, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me

    2nd post for today

    OK I had to share some more photos.

    I just got back from the movies with my own kids so figured I’d take a quick break to post.

    I totally have “new mommy” brain and she isn’t even mine. I totally forgot to post the sketch let alone get one done :C SORRY about that.

    I’m already anxious till next time I see her. Luckily the kids are on vacation after this week so I hope I can steal her for a bit 😀

    I HOPE I can get her name gift done BEFORE then, cause once I get my hands on her its all over.

    So here she is getting ready to go home.


    I bought her this outfit to go home in! She came HOME Valentines Day.

    I think she looks FAB in pink!! She has a gorgeous complexion great shaped head, with an even covering of hair.

    The pants have a heart on the butt too. She makes so many little noises and faces, its hilarious. She scrunches up her face a lot too-like in these photos.


    Look at her FEET! Her toes are SO long! Oh and big hands.

    I call her Monkey. I found the most adorable monkey (girly monkey) jammies, that I can’t wait to see her in.

    More stretching!! Black and white does her no justice.


    This is proud mom & dad


    AH! Don’t they look so eager, bright eyed and bushy tailed? I can’t wait to see them in 2 weeks! LOL! So far Gabby likes to be wide awake at 2am.

    Proud Auntie Lauren-right after she was born


    Amber loves the baby (Noah saw her yesterday (didn’t hold her) and Alexa hasn’t seen her yet)


    This is my mom-proud nanny


    Here is my brother, mother, me, Amber and Gabriella


    Thats all for now. I just had to share more photos.

    I wish I could bottle up that new baby smell don’t you?

    Be back tomorrow with a video!!

    Stamp with me- New England!

    Feb 3, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me

    Do you want to meet up and stamp with a bunch of talented ladies?

    Well what are you doing March 20-21st?

    Get ready for a stamp weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m excited to tell you that I will be teaching a class with a bunch of other AMAZING girls at Stamp New England!! Check out the blog for details-and register to attend ASAP! Space is very LIMITED!!

    I can’t even wait to get to meet everyone!! If you do sign up-let me know! Julie and Joanne worked really hard to pull this together so a big thank you to them 😀

    Oh and don’t forget your camera’s girls 😀

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