Today as we wrap up our monthly release the design team members are each using our favorite older template, stamps and paper, and use it to create a fun gift set, packaging up something for SPRING!

Check them all out.

Sadly this will be Lisa’s last month with us. She will be greatly missed 😀 Please take a moment to wish her well. She has been with MTME for the last 3 years. She is amazing and we wish her all the very best, always.

This month for my Year in Review project I am sharing a project I had hoped to do LAST month, but hadn’t gotten it done yet, but am super happy that I did get to do for this month, as I am making my end of year teacher gifts. Each child had an idea for what they wanted, so I am getting to work so I’m not flyin’ around last minute this year.

I chose to use the amazing Great Grillin’ © template, and turn it into a Lunch Box for Alexa’s teacher!

Yes, this IS the Great Grillin’ © template turned into a lunch box.

(please note we also have the Boxed Lunch © box as another option)

How cool did this come out?  We are giving Alex & Ani bracelets this year. I am personally OBSESSED with them, as I have 14 of my own, and I love combining them together to suit whatever is going on in my life, or for whatever is to come my way on a particular day. We do also have the For Keeps ©, which is perfect for jewelry, but since it is a teacher gift I thought the lunch box would be cuter. Alexa is obsessed with hearts, so this was quite fitting to be from her.

So…I resized the Great Grillin’ © template to 119%, so it would cut on 12 X 12 cardstock, and be larger than the Grill. I cut this from an eggplant cardstock, and layered with the Hearty Stripes ©, a it matched the crayon letter R I also made.

I made my handle, and my front “latched” by using the pieces from the Boxed Lunch © template. The silver rim tag was made by me with a frosted pastic flower, tag rim. a felt flower, and a button. I love it.

The tag reads “Packed with Love” and it is from the Lunch Box Love Notes © set. I had my silhouette cut the heart from our BFF Valentine Tags ©, and I embossed it with a polka dot cuttlebug folder.

Simple, and fun!

Now for Amber’s teacher…Mrs. Rowley

This is seriously so cool! We covered a black MDF letter “R” with crayons to give to Amber’s teacher. I was going to have Amber do it, but my OCD kicked in! LOL! She did get to HELP, and it was her idea.

It can sit upright on the desk or hang on the wall or a door.

This project was SOOOO fun! Cost under $10 to do too. I can see myself making many more in the next few years.

We arranged all the crayons first (and yes they had to be upside down :C otherwise the pointy end would be to the left, and that is NOT how I wanted it) and then warmed up my hot glue gun, and my heated hobby blade.

the crayons were hot glued to the letter R then I trimmed the edges with the heated hobby blade for a smooth, and even finish. Tied on some measuring tape ribbon, added a rosette we made, and then applied some chipboard letters we had.

Easy peasy!

Now you have 2 new teacher gift ideas and a new use for the Great Grillin’ © template.

Come back again next month to see what we have in store for July!