There is never, ever enough time for me to personally create everything I want with everything we have! But I am thankful for my designers who can usually fill in those gaps with their fabulous projects!

Today you will most definitely want to visit:


Now I have already shared one sample using the With All My Heart template, but today I have another.

When we see heart boxes, and think Valentines day I think we all agree that our thoughts wander to the candy of all candies during Valentines  Day and those of course are the conversation hearts!

So here is my take on the conversation heart: Be Mine!

Template comes with (4) Love Notes: Love You, Be Mine, I’m Yours, and Sweet!

You can add these to the top of your template to create your own “conversation” heart box, or convey that special message.

The conversation heart went together in under 10 minutes!

Cut and assembled in a red cardstock, then just glue on your sentiment! I tied around my heart patterned ribbon and was done.


I made this for my hubby for Valentines Day. I am going drop of the kids at my mothers, then I’m going to put tickets to a show, along with a note about our dinner plans for our weekend date! My mom is great, and takes the kids for us for the weekend, so we are so blessed to get a nice weekend together before we hit February vacation! LOL!

Talk about a no fuss project! I love that, and I know many of you will too.


Tune in tomorrow because we will give some old templates some new love!


See you then!