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No Bones About It

Crazy for Candy

 I cannot tell you how many people in my life have broken a bone or two at one time or another. It can be hard to think of what you can make for someone when that happens. Recently (like a week ago) my Sister-In Law’s dad fell off a ROOF while cleaning the gutters! Yes, a roof!

 Thankfully he is OK but he broke a few bones, cracked some ribs, punctured a lung… but in the grand scheme of things, he is lucky to be alive. I wanted to make something for him to say I’m sorry, and I think this fit the bill.

I made the No Bones About It © box in black cardstock, and the “bone” in white, which I cut to be jagged, so it looked broken. I thought it looked like a view on an x-ray! LOL!

I love it. It’s super simple, yet thoughtful and it fits the “cause”.

I wanted it to be masculine, so I used this argyle ribbon. It looks like it is literally tying the broken bone together, in my opinion 😀

 My sentiment is from the Sensational Sentiments © set. I couldn’t resist adding a flower, but it IS black 😀 The flower center is from the flower center in the Be Dazzled © set, which was printed on acetate, then cut out and layered onto a mini bottlecap.

I figured while he is laid up in bed he can listen to some music and munch on some homemade trail mix 😀
I really believe it is all about the thought that counts, and I am pretty certain you couldn’t find something more fitting in ANY store. I think he’ll enjoy this. I’m just glad he is OK. What a scare.

Tomorrow we share our Year in Review group post. This is one day that you will not want to miss what the team has whipped up. We all offer NEW ideas with OLD products 😀 You can never have too many ways to use what you have, or maybe something you didn’t think twice about will be on your must have list.

See you tommorrow.