I’m back again today and the team and I have some more eye candy for you!

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  • So today I have some challenges to post that I needed to catch up on.

    My mom’s sugery which was Monday(she is doing well), the May release and kids vacation, as well as a vet emergency put me behind!

    Daisy, our 3 year old cockapoo, had the “pleasure” of diving into Alexa’s Easter Basket (which  Alexa had left on her bed). Daisy began vomitting in the morning, and the first time I thought she ate too fast. Then I found 2 more “episodes”, and realized that it looked like chocolate. I began to panic a little, and asked the kids if they left anything out. Amber informed me of Alexa’s mishap (thankfully) and upon inspection  of the evidence I realized Daisy had eaten an entire (large) box of Junior Mints (which are dark chocolate), 2 Reese Peanut Butter Easter Eggs, 2 (at least) Cadbury Chocolate creme eggs, and that is what I could tell.

    I called the vet immediately and he told me to give her 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide to further induce vomitting. While I didn’t think that would be neccessary(or that I could even do that) as she already seemed to get rid of a ton on her own, one look at her and you could actually tell she felt ill :C I had Noah help me as we took her outside. He helped me hold her down, so I could give her the peroxide. I used a child medicine spoon dispenser. It allowed me to get into the side of her mouth and pour it in through her teeth. She was clenched and I couldn’t force her jaw open, so I poured it into the side of her mouth. She drank it.Within 2 minutes, the amount to chocolate that came up was INSANE!

    We then had to rush her to the vet as it was determined she had eaten a leathal amount of dark chocolate. Daisy is only 12 lbs, so it only take an ounce, and she ate well ove that. There they induced more vomitting and gave her charcoal, as well as a few other things needed to be done. $564.80 cents later Daisy was OK.

    As we were leaving the vet, they offered to give each of the kids those Lindt Chocolate bunnies. I had to ask “Are you kidding me? I appreciate the offer, but no thank you. We’ve had our fill of chocolate for one year!”

    That was quite the expierience. Thank goodness we were home when it all happened. If something bad happened to Daisy I know Alexa would have felt awful, as she was very upset by the incident. Poor kid.

    Anyway….I have a few challenges to catch up on before we wrap up our last day of release projects, so let me share those with you now.

    Pretty Pattern 07

    CLICK HERE for details and to enter your creation!

    Here is my take on the sketch!

    Bright Day

    I used the NEW! Bee-Loved © set for my card!

    I colored the daisies with my Copic Markers, and added stickles to them. I cut the bee out using the My Bee Loved © cut file.

    I also used the spotlight technique by stamped the flower in white, onto my black base, and matching it up to the colored flower panel! Too fun.

    Next upis the Palette Challenge

    Pretty Palette 07

    CLICK HERE for details and to enter your creation!

    Celebrating you!

    I had a vision for this card some time ago, where I cut out the center of the All A Flutter © butterfly, and you can see the Fresh Cut Expressions © Collection 2 patterned paper underneath! I altered the colors to suit the challenge!

    Doesn’t that look so amazing? Too fun. I just scaled down the pattern and there you have it!

    I added the flower from the Bold Botanicals © set, colored to match my paper.

    The sentiment is from the Just For You © set.

     I actually made this for the Birthday Blog Hop for our team member Lisa, but failed to get it photographed and uploaded in time :C SORRY Lisa!!

    Well that is all for today.

    I’ll return tomorrow for our Group Post: A Year In Review!