Welcome back everyone!!

I have a special project to share with you today!

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  • My project today used the NEW! Berry Sweet Basket © template.

    The idea for this template came from my little crafty sidekick Amber 😀

    She may only be 6 but she has endless ideas. You have to love the imagination of a child. I really try to see the world through her eye’s. Let me tell you, she has quite the imagination, and is always telling me what to do and how to do it. She is a lot like me, the older she gets! LOL! Her daddy agrees.

     She said to me one day while out shopping (something we do often) at the craft store “Mom I have an idea! You are always spending so much money on a ton of baskets, why don’t you make your own paper one?”  (she gets her thrifty nature from her father’s side for sure! She always trying to save me $! LOL!)

    Sad but true. I DO spend money on baskets all the time, to then end up getting rid of them in a yard sale. Baskets are timeless, gender neutral and EASY way to gift something. This basket is pretty enough all in its lonesome! No bells and whistles needed.

    Now I know I’ve done “basket style” templates before, so I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but promised her I’d entertain her idea. I knew I wanted it to be different than anything else as well, so I was perplexed a bit.

     Amber went on to tell me “It has to be BIG, so you can fit lots of cool stuff in it!” So I said, “Amber what do you consider BIG?”. She giggled and said I don’t know, like as big as this shopping cart! Now THAT would be a cool basket. I could fits tons in it!” .

    I looked at the basket and said ” Amber you are absolutely right! That WOULD be a cool basket. Look at these sides! I love that idea. You are so smart!” She replied “I know”!

    So we went home and got crackin. The finished product met her approval, so I knew I was good 😀

     “a” is for Amber

    I put this Easter Basket together for Amber, in honor of her idea 😀 (I will definitely have to make one for the other 2 kids too! Thankfully I have time)

    Amber had found this bunny at the store, and for some odd reason loved it. So I told her we would buy it for Gabby (her cousin). My real plan was to give it to her with this basket.

    I cut my template from celery cardstock, and added a fuschia strip to the handle. I added some Prima flowers to the handle ends, and used a flower brad. Simply sweet!

    I wanted to keep it simple, but still embellish it, so I customized the tag instead!

    I decided to use a lowercase “a” for Amber. I felt the lowercase “a” was more cute, fun and whimsical. I love how it just hangs from my ribbon, and can later be used for something else she may want to add it to.

     I stamped the flourish on the “a” from Fanciful Flourishes ©in a green ink , and added flowers ink fuchsia from the Singing Silhouette ©  set. I adore the shape of those flowers in that set!

    The butterfly is from my very first set All A Flutter © ! I decided to use the cris cross pattern in the wings, since it matched the pattern in my basket. It was cut out using the Flutters and Flowers Cut File.

    In the basket:

    Jump Rope

    2 ceramic statues with paint


    2 photo bracelet kits

    butterfly shaped chalk

    butterfly magnifying glass

    Body wash & Lotion from Bath & Body Works

    lip gloss

      Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates: Berry Sweet Basket

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Fanciful Flourishes, All A Flutter

    Pretty Pieces Cut File: Flutters and Flowers

    So there you have it!

    I hope you will MAKE your own Easter Baskets and other crafty gifts this year! Don’t forget to try it WITH the kids too 😀

    My kids LOVE paper crafting (OK well 2 out of the 3 anyway).

    I’ll be back with more tomorrow.

    You will also want to check in with the MTME blog tomorrow beause it is our Pretty Palette Challenge.

    See you then.