Hi everyone 😀

I’m happy to have received so many emails and subscriptions for the addition of the My Time Made Easy ™ LLC Blog! If you haven’t stopped by yet, you won’t want to miss the latest announcements!

I have a new sample posted there today using the latest Pretty Impressions Digital Stamp Release of Harriet Hop-Along Basket Single.

Here is a lil’ peek!

Click here to view the full project and details!

Come back tomorrow because we have our first Pretty Patterns Sketch Challenge!

You won’t want to miss it 😀

Today I am traveling back to Boston with my mom. Looks like her tumor hasn’t shrunk :C We need to see the specialist and undergo more testing to find out what is going on. I know many of you are following her and her story, so that is the latest.

April 1st we have court for her divorce. She is really nervous about that. It will be almost a year since her husband attacked her. Time has flown by and many things have changed.

The Cancer really made my mom a stronger person, and put so much of her life into perspective. There are reasons for everything.

As for the family-everyone is great 😀 The kids are getting so big and old, and of course bring joy to the house daily. 

The snow is melting (yeah! Spring is looking closer and closer) and we are looking forward to working in our new yard! We want to plant a garden and have some landscaping to do. With our long dirt driveway

Alexa is coming upon 4 year in remission, and is giving me the 11 year old attitude. I remind myself to be thankful for that 😀 She is getting really savvy with her laptop. The first week she got it, she couldn’t do ANYTHING, then the following week I found her watching Lady Gaga videos on YouTube! After that we set some parental controls! LOL! Now we encourage her to do her writing on her computer and continue her poems and stories.

Noah is doing great in school. He is a “people pleaser”, and a favorite amongst many of his teachers. He is great with his classmates and always tires his best. This year he has made numerous academic strides. He is just such a great kid. He use to be my “headache” child, as he was always into something! LOL! Now he is so helpful, sensitive and caring. He is smart and says the funniest things. He is going to be just like his daddy when he grows up. Some girl will be lucky to have him.

Amber is the one who is really looking forward to Spring. She got all her OWN gardening equipment, and is already planning the details for her garden. She keeps busy with me in the craft room on a daily basis. I think I have some serious competition when she gets older 😀 She is always drawing, and creating cards for everyone.

Jason-crazy enough I think he misses endless house projects! LOL! He will have his hands full of them this Spring.

Daisy (our dog) she is loving all the wildlife that comes into the yard. I’m certain her will come nose to nose with an unfriendly creature sometime soon! She love the yard, and spends lots of time going in and out!

Me-well I’m just as busy as ever. I live for busy. Not too much to report on me. I spend my days caring for the kids, keeping the family healthy and organized, I clean (sometimes cook) and spend whatever free time I have creating.

Life is good.

That’s all for today. See you tomorrow