Well today is February 1st, which means it is FINALLY Release Day at My Time Made Easy ™ LLC!

In honor of the release we always have an amazing Group Post! Today we are each featuring a “personalized” gift set!! 

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    OK that is enough of the blah, blah, blah…let me get to sharing MY gift set.  

    From the desk of….ME! 


    I love that this set uses ALL 3 NEW! Pretty Impressions Stamp sets!

    When it came to making a personalized gift set, I have to admit, I got a little “selfish”. I decided to make one for MYSELF! Why not right? I mean really, It’s not often I make myself anything, or even have samples of the hard work I put into my craft to show others. 

    That being said immediately following the completion of this set I felt guilty for making it for ME! LOL! Typical woman/mommy feeling isn’t it? Why do we feel guilty for doing things for ourselves? Its so odd. We shouldn’t be we do. I may feel guilty, but admittedly I smile every time I see it. I don’t know that I’ll even have the heart to SEND the cards either. Another thing I have a hard time with, USING what I make. Crazy, I know. What good does it do collecting dust anyway. I’m trying to get better about that stuff. A New Year resolution that needs to be added to my ever growing list.

     Black, white, and Pink is one of my most favorite color combinations, so it was a no brainer on what I was going to do for this set 😀  

    I love the “display” hanger. Kristin sent to me, since I have a lot of hanging projects, and never anything to hang them from. Thanks girl! Came into good use here. I’m using it to “display” this set now too.

    Every girl loves handbags, and the Tote-All Package is THE perfect gift bag/tote! So it was only natural for me to want to make one for myself. 

    For this I created my tote panels first, in white. I then strategically stamped the images from Bold Botanicals, in black, on the tote so that the butterfly was in the tote center between the handles. Both front/back panels look the same.

     I love the brads used to hold the ribbon handle.  A simple great touch that doesn’t overpower the design.


    I lined the bottom of the bag with a black cardstock.

    This tote was designed after the cards I made. The frame from Framed Elegance, is the continuing focus thoughout the set.  I wanted the pop of pink to only be in the monograms (which are from the Monograms Defined stamp set), and the stick pin.  I think the LM pops more that way.

    Now onto the cards.


    When mass producing,  picking a simple layout is best.

    I made a “One-Sheet Wonder” using the Bold Botanicals set, stamped in black. That is when you stamp all over a sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 then cut it up to make a card/gift set.

    Once that was done, I cut it up to be able to make the designer panels for my 4 monogrammed cards. I rounded the top corners, and layered the panels onto a black panel. For some of that hot pink POP, I put a layer at the bottom of the card, which my stamped panels overlapped. I tied around a ribbon, and stuck a stick pin in the knot. 


    I then layered on my frame which was first cut using the Framed Elegance Cut File, then stamped using the Framed Elegance stamp set. Across the center of the label I stamped my initials from the Monograms Defined set, in pink. Over the initials I stamped the FROM THE DESK OF sentiment. 

     SO STUNNING, and simple. A gift set doesn’t have to be COMPLICATED to be amazing. 

    I had some left over paper after creating my OSW cards, so I used it to create my Creative Card Candy Mini box, which completed my gift set to myself 😀 


    There is nothing more elegant than black & white. I love how this turned out. 

    Now you may be wondering what I bought myself to put inside…. 


    This is a velvet bag, with a butterfly necklace I found, and fell in love with! 

    It makes a great holder for any jewelry you make or purchase. 

     I contemplated even buying the necklace, as I don’t wear a ton of jewelry because I forget to put it on, but the minute I have somewhere decent to go, I am scouring my jewelry box! Now this is another addition, and another guilty pleasure 😀 Again I guess we deserve these little splurges now and again.

     The Creative Card Candy Box tucked perfectly inside the Tote-All Package. (I left it out a bit for the photo purposes! LOL!)


     It really came out better than I hope for. You can use this SAME layout and gift idea to creat AMAZING gifts for EVERYONE! I think these are especially great for TEACHERS!! They love getting personalized gifts like this. Use the Creativer Cards/Envelopes 1 or 2 to make smaller versions so you can cover MORE people on your list.

    Endless possibilties

    I’ve REALLY enjoyed going back to older products and templates to continue to offer you new ideas with older supplies. This is a perfect example of that here.

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates: Tote-All Package, Creative Card Candy Mini

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set:Bold Botanicals, Monograms Defined, Framed Elegance 

    Pretty Pieces Cut File: Framed Elegance 

    I hope you all enjoy the group post the team has pulled together, to inspire you to make your own personalized gifts of all kinds.

    Make sure you let them know what you enjoyed. We love getting your feedback, and knowing you were inspired.

    See you back here tomorrow for even MORE idea and inspiration.