Hi everyone!

Are you enjoying the winter? We have been getting hit heavy with snow here, with another storm anticipated for tonight. With our new home I LOVE when it snows. Being in the woods is so serene. I get to see bunnies, deer, all sorts of birds, chipmunks, and red squirrels (which I’ve never seen before!).

Life has been busy here. I feel like I always say that! LOL! The February Release for My Time Made Easy ™ LLC  is *just* around the corner (peeks begin Saturday! YEAH!) and I’ve really enjoyed relieving my stress in my new craft room😀 to prepare for the release. Feels so good to get creative again.

My mom is doing AMAZING during her chemo/radiation treatments, and I attribute that to all the prayers being said for her 😀 She is in a positive mindset, and it helps that we just found out my brother will be welcoming a new addition to the family around Oct 3rd!!

I LOVE babies, and the fact I can get my baby fix, and NOT have to have my more of my own is wonderful! LOL! I can’t wait to be an aunt again 😀 So a HUGE congrats to my brother and his girlfriend Heather 😀

In honor of the news I have a card to share, and the announcement of some not so “new”-  New Arrivals to the store!

For the new arrival!

Over the last year I’ve introduced select stamp sets in the Digital Download. I wasn’t sure I would get that into digital images, but the demand has been overwhelming! That being said many of the sets that weren’t previously available as a digital download, have now been added to the store!

So check it out —-> HERE!

We’ve added the following set to our Digital Download Stamp Sets:

So, in honor of our NEW! Digital additions I made a large gift card holder, using the Bringing Home Baby © 27 Images – Digital set.
This card was super quick and simple to create!  I designed it to hold a gift card to Target which is adhered to the inside of the card.
I love how the baby bottle (from the gift card) is sticking out of the carriage!
Here is the gift card.
The gift card actually dictated my design/colors!
The completed card measures 5 1/4 Inches Tall, and 3 Inches Wide.
It is designed on the front and back 😀 Let me show you how.
I pulled the Bringing Home Baby © 27 Images – Digital set into my photo editing software, where I digitally colored it, resized it to fit my gift card, and aligned it so that once folded it would be designed front and back of the card.
Here is the screen shot:
For the back panel I removed the sentiment that says ” For the new arrival”. I made sure there was enough space between the 2 images for me to score, and them trim around the folded “card” leaving a bit of a border.
Once everything was all set I printed it out. See below: Left
Once it was printed, I scored in between the 2 carriage images, giving me a folded (at top) card, with the carriage image front and back! I then trimmed the image out (as seen in completed sample on the right).
EASY PEASY! A huge benefit to digital images is the ability to resize, mirror, flip/rotate, and of course, if you want quick and EASY-digitally color!
You could whip out a bunch of these in no time.

Well I hope this inspired you to check out all our images and consider trying digital sets, if you haven’t yet! Check out our FREE Digital Image –> HERE! We want to you try things out before you buy, to ensure you are 100% happy! Each digital download arrives with a set of step by step photo instructions to help you get started! Easy peasy!

Well, thanks for stopping by today. I have much more to come, so stop by again soon! Our peeks begin Saturday. You won’t want to miss what is next!

Till then