Tomorrow (or today depending when you read) we finally close the deal on our old house, and we celebrate the joy of having our new house!

It seems so surreal. This is the house Jason and I drooled over 2 years ago! Now WE actually live in it! God is good. It’s like it waited for us to be ready.

So here is a photo slide-show!

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I’m so blessed and so happy to have our new home, where we can happily raise our family, and grow old.

It's not the most fancy or elaborate house in the world but it is HOME for us :D We aren't over the top kinda people. I don't need a bajillion rooms and everything else that goes with it.

While it's been unpacked for a little while, I still have the finishing touches to make. We also have a ton to clean up! Like our yard! Right now we have tons of trash, and furniture to sort out/give away! Our neighbors must be in a PANIC over the state of the OUTSIDE of our home! Hence no YARD photos yet! But we love our street, and our huge yard for the kids and the dog. I feel happy and safe here. The kids LOVE it.

I still have the stamp room to complete and the garage to sort out, but it will all get done soon enough.

I already love it here. It really feels like home to me.

Thanks for letting me share it with you!