Hi world!

Lots to share!

While I haven’t been getting creative these last few weeks, others have!

If YOU have a My Time Made Easy ™ LLC project to share add a comment in the link section! New or old!!

Check out what Catherine made just in time for Thanksgiving!! <—-CLICK IT!

I failed to link Catherine during our last blog hop (sorry! the move had me in RARE form and I forgot all sorts of stuff! What can I say, I’m human, and make lots of mistakes these days!) So please check our her project.

MTME has sponsored a challenge at the Shabby Tea Room!! CLICK HERE to play along and your chance to WIN!

CLICK HERE to see what Debbie did too 😀

I feel like I have a never ending list of TO DO’s these days, and my computer time is almost non-existent! My stamp room is being completed sometime within the next week (or two :O) so until then things will be really sporadic and crazy. I am still putting the final touches on our new home, as we prepare for the sale of our older one! I don’t think I’ve ever had so little sleep or cleaned so much in my life! I cleaned my house (and de-cluttered very often) and I THOUGHT my house was pretty clean, but after moving from somewhere after 8 years, SPRING cleaning will take on a whole new dimesniosion of things to clean that I never even thought about!

I WILL be posting pictures of our home in the next few weeks, I have way too much to do first, but promise to post. I found some awesome deals on stuff too, so I’ll share all my own tips for how I got things done as I post a new room each day 😀 We are looking at another week or two before that happens. I can’t even wait for my stamp room to be done. Quite honestly I’m glad its not yet so I don’t feel pulled to my new haven 😀

OK back to the daily grind 😀

I hope you all are enjoying your time, no matter what you are up to!