I have 4 amazing announcements! Given the last 2 weeks I’ve had it is wonderful to be able to say that!

1) We are home!!

One thing I can say is my life is ever ANYTHING but BORING or DULL!!

Alexa is home and looks amazing, just in time for her 11th birthday!!

No one really had any idea how bleak the situation was just a week ago. I have to shout it from the roof tops that Alexa was truly healed by God, once again. 

It is truly a miracle by God’s hands, because the doctors told us they didn’t think she’d pull through this. Nor did they anticpate she do so, and so quickly. It was anticipated she’d get worse, before better, and they weren’t giving me anything to hold on to. They were playing this second by second. It was definitely THE scariest time for me because they always TRY to give you a positive statement, and this time they had none. Obviously as her mom, I had to refuse to believe that, and remind myself she has a purpose in this world. Alexa IS a fighter. She is truly the strongest person I know, and has touched many lives.

I prayed like never before, and reminded God of his promise to me years ago (read Alexa’s story), when I know he actually spoke to me. At that time, he promised me Alexa would be taken care of by him. That she was his child and I needed to keep my trust and faith in him. I was told “Do not believe the words of man”, but the promise of him.

He often brings me to knees, and reminds me of his power, and unending love. Alexa has been a walking testiment since before birth, and had the eyes of every person she came in contact with during this time, in disbelief of her recovery. We do have some possible complications that can arrise, but we are being both cautious and hopeful.

MORE happy news!!!

2) Tomorrow Alexa turns 11!! What a celebration of life that will be for me! I can’t even get into it, because I am still quite emotional about everything.

3) Im over the moon to say OUR HOUSE SOLD!!!

We priced it to sell and it did within one month!! With this market that is a true miracle. All our hard work and prayers paid off. The inspection is tomorrow (on Alexa’s birthday) and we fully expect everything to go well! Our house is all newly renovated/updated and everything looks good, so I think it will be OK. The family buying it is expecting thier first baby soon too! Our home is perfect for them 😀 I have a very good feeling about everything.

4) The today we heard back from the bank that they accepted the offer on our DREAM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we are closing on that house the end of October!! I can’t even wait. We have 4 bedrooms so each child will have their own space! We have an amazing yard, and amazing neighbors. We couldn’t feel more blessed. The house is perfection. Everything I had on my wishlist 😀

So needless to say things are really looking up! I feel so blessed because everything seemed to all fall apart, thenin the same turn suddenly all fall into place, just like it was all in God’s hands!

I will admit it was hard dealing with house negotations while Alexa was in the hospital. I am a control freak about that stuff, and God really showed me what was important, and again to trust in him, and what is meant to be, will be! We just prayed about everything, and handed it over to him.

Well thanks for letting me share all the good. Its nice to be able to return with so many positive things to announce! I hate when things are ALL negative.

LASTLY the October Release peeks begin tomorrow!

I have busted my HINEY to get my projects completed and blog posting/samples done. So please keep that in miund this release! It was/is very difficult for me to swing everything and I’ve done my best to be SUPER WOMAN! LOL!

So I hope you enjoy!