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Day 1 Perfect Peeks:A whole latte fun

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Hi everyone! 

 Today is Alexa’s 11th Birthday! 

Words cannot say how ever more thankful (than the usual) I am to be celebrating it this year. After our BIG Pediatric ICU scare I know I am ever thankful she is here with us. Alexa ALWAYS teaches me about how important each moment is and how precious LIFE really is. We had quite the emergency and everyone was amazed at how well (and quick) she pulled through. We were given NO guarantees and it was one of the scariest times I’ve had with her to date. THAT says a lot in itself. I was once again reminded of what is truly important in life. 

So I want to wish her a VERY Happy Birthday, with MANY, MANY more to come. I can’t get as emotional as I feel about this because I would just fall apart, so I’m trying to keep it upbeat and happy. I am so thankful to God for all he has done in her life (and my family), and allowing me to celebrate another year with her. I’ve really been able to keep life in perspective and stay grounded to my family. I’ve never ever felt more blessed and in God’s presence! He has truly blessed our family, once again. I cannot begin to list the many blessings we have been given. 

OK moving forward before I get REALLY mommy mushy! LOL! 

Are you ready for some NEW! Release Projects?! I have done my best to pull this release together, so I hope you get some inspiration from it, and get creating with our NEW! products soon!!!!! 

 I  have to say I LOVE what I do! Especially as the holidays approach, this is my favorite time of year. October is our biggest release yet! 

 This month we have some amazing coordinating products to get you all warmed up to make your own packaging and treats/cards/tags this holiday season!  

 Grab your favorite hot beverage and be ready to get inspired, as we share an plethora of amazing gift ideas centered around the “hot beverage” theme.  

 As October approaches we hit PRIME gift-giving season!! With all the template/packaging ideas we have in store, you are able to take the simplest of gifts and make them that much more heartfelt, special and meaningful, and do that in an affordable way.With the economy being what it is, it is very important that we all get back to the focus of homemade gifts from the heart.  

 This month we have a group of stamps, paper and packaging that supports gifts that warm you heart & soul!! I am talking about the hot beverage kind!! If you like to give, package, or receive “hot beverage” themed gifts like coffee, tea, latte, cocoa, soup and whatever else warms you up, then you will love some of this month’s products!! If the “hot beverage” theme isn’t YOUR cup of tea (:D) then we will soon share some “all occasion” gift giving products, soon to follow!!  

 This month we are sharing the same amount of amazing samples, full of inspiring ideas, but in a shorter amount of time!  

 Today’s focus is going to be on our  4 hot beverage themed stamp images/sentiment sets: Grab a Cup, Grab a Cup Sentiments, Fancy a Cuppa & Fancy a Cuppa Add On set!  

 We are combing these 4 amazing sets with two of our latest & greatest templates that were designed to uniquely package up those hot beverage items in the funnest ways possible!!  

 To start, 2 of the templates being shared today are On the Go! which is awesome by itself, but is even better when combined with the Fancy a Cuppa?template!! Lookie at the amazing samples today!  

 Be sure you stop by and visit:  

Our Guest Designer: Debbie  

  • Tangii Crain
  • Lisa Kind
  • Tracey Cuccia
  • Tammy Hershberger
  • Kristin Bueter
  • and Catherine Doucette
  •  My sample today uses the Grab a Cup set as the main focus, along with the Grab a Cup Sentiment, and Fancy a Cuppa! I am excited about this project, and hope you are too! You can easily put your own twist on it.  


     Serving up a nice hot cup  


    This is ALL My Time Made Easy ™ LLC!!  All products will be available Oct 1st  

     Is this not an amazing gift presentation, with limitless possibilities?!!! The colors were inspired by my favorite coffee company, Dunkin Donuts.  


    There is PLENTY of room to stuff this with all sorts of goodness, and it could also be resized. I made this one from a chocolate cardstock, and accented it with my own hand-stamped “patterned paper”. 

    So let me share some template info first. 

     Fancy a Cuppa? Template $5   

     Available in PDF, SVG, DXF, GSD, and WPC
     Completed Project Size: 
    8 1/4 Inches Tall   

    7 3/4 Wide 4 Inches Deep  


    This is the unfinished version. Divider insert is optional. 

     This template is quite versatile. It can be used as it was designed, to coordinate with the To Go! template. But, it can also be used to hold a variety of other amazing treats too! The possibilities are truly endless. To Go! cups, or when adhered back to back, it can hold 4 of these To Go! cups.  HOW FUN?! 


    This template file also come with decorative layers. Easy Peasy!
     Imagine all the amazing beverage themed items you can carry/present in here! If you love anything that has to do with hot beverages you will definitely want to view our Grab a Cup ©, Grab a Cup Sentiments ©, Fancy a Cuppa ©, Fancy a Cuppa Add On © , and the A Spot of Tea © stamp sets
    I was able to turn a simple gift of 4 K Cups  (2 in each cup) of Butter Toffee coffee, and 4 chocolate Biscotti (2 in each cup) into a total WOW!  


    Biscotti is 0.25 cents each, and the K Cups are 0.19 cents each. The cost of this gift is $1.76, but was made to seems so much more expensive 😀  

    Here is the cup/carrier front close-up.  


    My cup decor lets the receiver know just what to expect! I love this sentiment from the Grab a Cup Sentiment set. I love that the cup makes the “u” in the word “cup”. 

     I have to say I LOVE this template combination.  


    Here I used the Fancy a Cuppa? (the cup carrier) with the Grab a Cup (the 3 D travel like cup). 

     Yes!! That pink cup is a NEW! Pretty Packaging template called Grab a Cup , designed to fit perfectly within the Fancy a Cuppa? template, or used alone. It even has a warmer wrap to go with it.  

    This template makes your very own cup, or can even be used to WRAP/Cover a 12 oz. coffee cup. As I will repeat below. 


    I made my template from a regal rose cardstock. Quick & easy. As I said above I used the Grab a Cup Sentiment set for my cup design. I added the steam from th Grab a Cup set. 

    This is a (STURDY) 12 oz size cup, all from cardstock, and it fits the 12 oz coffee lids you can purchase!! Read on.  

    To Go! Template $5   

    Available in PDF, SVG, DXF, GSD, and WPC
    Completed Project Size: 
    4 1/2 Inches Tall
     Top opening almost 3 1/2 inches wide 
    Have you ever wanted to save that “to go” coffee cup your hot beverage comes in from your local coffee shop? It’s just so cute and perfect, it IS hard to toss away! But no one wanted anything packaged up in your old cup, smelling like your Cup O’ Joe! Well, now you don’t have to! You can make your very own customized ” To Go!” cup each and every time.
    This template can also “wrap” the new hot beverage cups you may have purchased. This file comes complete with the “sleeve” for even more design possibilities, and further making this as realistic as possible.
     One of the BEST features: This template fits the lids of those 12 oz. To Go! cups that you can purchase at the store, or will want to save from your latest hot beverage purchase!  
    Now not only do you have a super cute To Go! cup that is perfect on its own, but we stepped it up a notch by having it fit the lids.  This template is the perfect packaging for those gifts of the hot beverage kind! You can package a variety of wonderful gifts that warm the heart and soul in this template! 
    Here are a few ideas:  
    gift cards inside
    Hot chocolate (or snowman soup)  
    Soup mixes  
    Coffee themed items 
    Tea themed items  
    Chocolate covered coffee beans  
    A new scarf, hat, socks or mittens  


    and various candies or homemade treats!   

    This template fits the lids of those 12 oz. To Go! cups that you can purchase at the store, or will want to save from your latest hot beverage purchase! To Go! cup that is perfect on its own, but we stepped it up a notch by having it fit the lids. Fancy a Cuppa © Template! The template can perfectly hold 2 of these To Go! cups, or when adhered back to back, it can hold 4 of these To Go! cups. Grab a Cup ©, Grab a Cup Sentiments ©, Fancy a Cuppa ©, Fancy a Cuppa Add On © , and the A Spot of Tea © stamp sets!    


    I cut my “warmer sleeve” using the polka dot patterned paper from the Shutt-erfly collection!   

     Here is a close up view of the pattern that I created using the 2 solid cup images (and cup border stamps) with the sugar jar, coffee beans from the Grab a Cup set, and the little cute coffee pot from the Sign It set!!   


    Wait until you see this set. It was such a quick and cute pattern to make!! I did color in some “shadowing”. 

    Now for my tag!!  


    On this I combined the “A Cup Full Of”, “Thanks”, “Happiness” and “Love” sentiments from the Grab a Cup Sentiment set, with the boxes and check marks from Fancy a Cuppa? set. I used my oval nestabilities for the label, and trimed around the inside of my frame. 





    Pretty Packaging Templates: Fancy A Cuppa?, To Go!  


    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Grab a Cup, Grab a Cup Sentiments, Fancy a Cuppa?, Sign It 

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper: Shutt-erfly Collection 

    Now how about the info on the NEW! Grab a Cup & Sentiments sets? 

    Stamp Sets:Grab a Cup© Set of 37 Images $20
    *Also Available in Digital Download*
    This is a super cute set of “hot beverage” themed images, that are perfect for *any* occasion! It will make anyone want to grab a cup of something delicious!

     There are several cups with additional items that allow you to create your own unique cup each and every time! 

    You have various cup patterns, toppings like the steam, whipped topping, and marshmallows. There are also accessories like the coffee beans, coffee bag, creamer, sugar bowl, spoon, straw, coffee maker, and don’t forget that cute little chicken that sits perfectly on the cup edge! Perfect for the cup of chicken soup to wish someone well!
    Miss you a latte

    Here is a super cute card using both the Grab a Cup & Sentiments set!
    I used the open line cup, and colored it. I made a stripe pattern on my cup using my markers.
    I had fun adding the whipped topping and straw to the cup. I also stamped the heart image from Bringing Home Baby, onto my cup.
    I masked my cup so I could stamp the tray image, with the coffee ring, to signify “someone missing”.
    The large swilry flourish is from Fanciful Flourishes!

    Cup size is: 3/4 inch tall X almost 1 inch wide. There are both open & solid images 

    Creamer is: 1 1/4 inch tall 

    Sugar bowl is: almost 1 inch tall by almost 1 inch wide 

    Coffee maker image is 1 3/4 inch tall 

    The sentiments read: 

    Coffee (a large and small version of the sentiment) 





    This set features a sentiment that reads: “Let’s grab a C_P” the “U” in the word CUP is missing, so that you can put one of the coffee cup images in its place! 

    You will also see a hot beverage sentiment block that allows you to easily make your own patterned background! 

    Beverages listed are: Coffee, Tea, Latte, Chai, Cocoa, Grande, Cappuccino, Mocha, and Hazelnut 

    Grab a Cup Sentiments set too! Or the Fancy a Cuppa and Fancy a Cuppa Add Ons! For the total tea lover you may want to view our A Spot of Tea set!  Grab a Cup, Oh K Dokey, To Go!, Fancy a Cuppa, and of course our Pretty Printables digital papers!  

    Here is a quick card (not my fave) using some of the images from this set.
    Stamped the bkgd sentiment all over the main layer, then added my pieces.
    Coffee Bag + Cream + Sugar = the perfect blend of coffee!
    Sentiment is from Grab a Cup Sentiments set.
    Grab a Cup Sentiments © Set of 24 Images $20
    *Also Available in Digital Download*  $24 set of 44 images combined with Grab a Cup set* 
    This is the PERFECT set of hot beverage themed sentiments that are sure to add that special sentiment to your cards, tags, and packaging (of course!).
    I myself am a coffee lover, and have never had enough of these themed sentiments. I was able to compile some of my favorite sayings to make one perfect sentiment set!
     Sentiments include:
    The Perfect Blend
    A day without coffee is sleep
    Me & you
    a cup or two
    We’ve been on the go,


    so let’s catch up, 

    let’s get together and 

    grab a cup! 

    Serving up 

    a nice hot 

    C_ P 

    Warmest Wishes 

    Miss you a latte 

    Made with Love 

    A Cup Full of
    Cup O’ Cheer
    You warm my heart

    Brewed for you


    You are a tea-riffic 


    Get Well Wishes


    Stir, Sip and Enjoy!

    May your cup overflow

    with love and happiness


    Just expressing my thanks


    You sweeten my day!

    Well, I hope you are stilll hanging in there with me! LOL!! Tomorrow the team and I will share our next peek project, so come back then!!!
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you see (so far!). This release will really make your hot beverage gifts SHINE!
    If you have time give Alexa a little Happy Birthday wish too!!








    Some AMAZING news!

    Sep 28, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me, family stuff

    I have 4 amazing announcements! Given the last 2 weeks I’ve had it is wonderful to be able to say that!

    1) We are home!!

    One thing I can say is my life is ever ANYTHING but BORING or DULL!!

    Alexa is home and looks amazing, just in time for her 11th birthday!!

    No one really had any idea how bleak the situation was just a week ago. I have to shout it from the roof tops that Alexa was truly healed by God, once again. 

    It is truly a miracle by God’s hands, because the doctors told us they didn’t think she’d pull through this. Nor did they anticpate she do so, and so quickly. It was anticipated she’d get worse, before better, and they weren’t giving me anything to hold on to. They were playing this second by second. It was definitely THE scariest time for me because they always TRY to give you a positive statement, and this time they had none. Obviously as her mom, I had to refuse to believe that, and remind myself she has a purpose in this world. Alexa IS a fighter. She is truly the strongest person I know, and has touched many lives.

    I prayed like never before, and reminded God of his promise to me years ago (read Alexa’s story), when I know he actually spoke to me. At that time, he promised me Alexa would be taken care of by him. That she was his child and I needed to keep my trust and faith in him. I was told “Do not believe the words of man”, but the promise of him.

    He often brings me to knees, and reminds me of his power, and unending love. Alexa has been a walking testiment since before birth, and had the eyes of every person she came in contact with during this time, in disbelief of her recovery. We do have some possible complications that can arrise, but we are being both cautious and hopeful.

    MORE happy news!!!

    2) Tomorrow Alexa turns 11!! What a celebration of life that will be for me! I can’t even get into it, because I am still quite emotional about everything.

    3) Im over the moon to say OUR HOUSE SOLD!!!

    We priced it to sell and it did within one month!! With this market that is a true miracle. All our hard work and prayers paid off. The inspection is tomorrow (on Alexa’s birthday) and we fully expect everything to go well! Our house is all newly renovated/updated and everything looks good, so I think it will be OK. The family buying it is expecting thier first baby soon too! Our home is perfect for them 😀 I have a very good feeling about everything.

    4) The today we heard back from the bank that they accepted the offer on our DREAM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we are closing on that house the end of October!! I can’t even wait. We have 4 bedrooms so each child will have their own space! We have an amazing yard, and amazing neighbors. We couldn’t feel more blessed. The house is perfection. Everything I had on my wishlist 😀

    So needless to say things are really looking up! I feel so blessed because everything seemed to all fall apart, thenin the same turn suddenly all fall into place, just like it was all in God’s hands!

    I will admit it was hard dealing with house negotations while Alexa was in the hospital. I am a control freak about that stuff, and God really showed me what was important, and again to trust in him, and what is meant to be, will be! We just prayed about everything, and handed it over to him.

    Well thanks for letting me share all the good. Its nice to be able to return with so many positive things to announce! I hate when things are ALL negative.

    LASTLY the October Release peeks begin tomorrow!

    I have busted my HINEY to get my projects completed and blog posting/samples done. So please keep that in miund this release! It was/is very difficult for me to swing everything and I’ve done my best to be SUPER WOMAN! LOL!

    So I hope you enjoy!

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