Dear followers of My Time Made Easy,

First and foremost we would like to thank you profusely for your prayer requests. Alexa is a shining example of the magnificent power of prayer. It looks like Alexa is on the road to recovery since entering the Pediatric ICU a few days ago. The day before yesterday, they removed her oxygen mask to allow her to breathe room air (GREAT sign of her progress). The doctors are amazed at how well she is doing and how swiftly she is improving. Yesterday they moved her to the regular Pediatric ward to finish her recovery. She has a puss pocket in one lung that could cause serious complications so they’re observing her closely.

Lauren said that they’re not sure when they will be discharged, but she’s thinking maybe next Tuesday. We hope for their sake that happens because little Miss Alexa has a birthday coming up! She will turn 11 on Wednesday :] How great would it be for her to be able to spend it at home with her family?! Lauren sent a picture of her today in the hospital gift shop holding a gigantic fortune cookie. Doesn’t she look great?

Lauren is also on the road to recovery and starting to feel much better. She’s has been pretty tired from tending to Alexa throughout the night, but seeing her improve is helping her own recovery and also helping her to sleep the past few days :]

We would appreciate you keeping Alexa and Lauren in your prayers until they’re completely out of the woods.

Also, keep an eye out for the October release! Peeks start on Wednesday also. You can get in on one of the new sets now by placing a pre-order or purchasing the digital set. The pre-orders are set to ship on October 1st, but you may notice that if you already placed an order yours might arrive before the 1st. Some of the shipments were already mailed! That’s just a small example of the stellar customer service you can expect from My Time Made Easy.  You can check out Lauren’s blog post about the Spooky Surprise PRE-RELEASE!! <–It can be found here.

Thank you for checking in and continuing your prayers for Alexa and Lauren.

~My Time Made Easy Design Team~