Well its back to the hustle and bustle of the regular work week.

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Did you have an enjoyable holiday? Feels like summer is officially over once Labor Day comes and goes.

Today I’m feeling sentimental and a bit long winded. So bear with me here!

Today you will want to visit Tracey Cuccia for a super sweet project.


Here is what Tracey has to say.

“Here in NY, it’s back to school time.  In fact, today is my daughter’s first day back.  I started last year, getting her a little ‘something’ to start off the school year.  A treat just for her…now to most it may not be a big deal, but she loves all sorts of yummy smelling goodies, so I got her a thing or two to take to school, and some for use at home…see how I packaged them up to mark this special day…”

Make sure you stop by to visit Tracey

The kids are back at school, ALL full time, and I can’t even believe how much I can accomplish with a 6 hour block of time. My house is spotless and I’m creating up a storm! Next month’s release will be HUMONGOUS, because my mojo is in FULL SPEED AHEAD. I really start gearing up for the holidays once the 2nd week of September comes.

The kids (Noah & Amber) started Soccer season, and Alexa is starting dance class again. She use to dance a log time ago, but once she got Cancer, that came to an end. She is finally feeling better enough to start again.

I haven’t posted photos in a while….so here you go!

Alexa Grade 4

Age: 10 (almost 11)


My miracle. I can never get over how amazing she is, and  her personal growth in all areas, year after year! She is not a baby anymore. It is hard to try and remember that.

Noah 2nd Grade

Age: 7


He looks *just* like his dad. He is becoming quite sweet & charming. SO tall too.

Amber 1st Grade

Age: 6


My baby. Enough said.

Amber also got glasses this summer…..


I think she looks REALLY cute in them, even if she hates them.

How time flies! All 3 of my “babies” off to school. Soon it will be college, then their own apartments. I tear up at the thought.

I took them to the park yesterday, and as I watched them play, I tried to burn that memory into my head. My children, still young enough and full of innocence, yet old enough to be independent in so many ways. I want to remember the images of them running through the park, trying to do the monkey bard, and sliding down the slides. I want to remember their little dirty faces, and thier little voices. I want to remember the energy and excitement they have, the sounds of their laughter. I sat there watching, and remembering when they couldn’t play in the park with out the help of my hand, or a push on the swings. Now every now and again I get a glance over the shoulder, and a smile with a wave! Or a look at me! Oh how I cherish those days.

So as I try to settle back into a routine, which is new to me, with the quiet that come with the week, I am hoping to re-do my special video tutorial. Its been absolutely crazy here this week, as I am sure you can all relate. I have SOOOO much I want to get done, and am hoping I can actually achieve all I have on my to do list this week.

OK, sorry about getting side tracked!

 How about a SWEET project?

Now use your imagination……I used the Shop Around Mega Template, to create a Cupcake Themed Sweet Shoppe.


Now I say use your imagination because this was designed to look just like a CUPCAKE. When I showed my husband he said’ That’s suppose to be a what? Its doesn’t looke LIKE a cupcake, but it IS cute.”. SO he didn’t see the cupcake idea at all. So use your imagination. My kids “got it”. Oh well!

So, while I failed miserable at that, I still think its’ adorable. Here is how I tried to get it to look like a cupcake……


See my base of the Shop Around Mega Template was made from Kraft (to be like a chocolate cupcake-without the overpowering brown of a chocolate cardstock), and then I used the Picket Fence paperto print my pattern on some vellum cardstock to imitate the look of a cupcake wrapper, complete with scalloped border.

For my roof…..again going with the CUPCAKE theme, I printed the polka-dot pattern from the Shopping Shirley’s Candied Thistlestalk collection. onto CANVAS cardstock. Yes it looks and feels like canvas! I wanted some obvious “texture” for my “frosted with sprinkles” look.


I added the bow-with a Button to imitate a cherry on top! You can’t really see it, but I used some embroidery floss to even make a “stem”.

In the Pop Up Window I used the face of the clock image (punched out with a  inch circle punch) from the On Display 1 set so it looked like a real Shoppe with the clock at the top! I think its a super cute option instead of a window!

Anyway……my Shoppe Window is of course 3 D! I stamped the window panes on a acetate layer for the realistic look of an actual Shoppe window.


As you see IN the window I have my Shoppe Counter (made using the wood grain image from Home Improvement), where I stamped 3 cupcakes from the On Display 1  set, and colored them to match.

My Boutique sign has the sentiment “simply sweet” instead of the “boutique. That was done with the digital version of Shoppe Window & the On Display 1 set.


For some more details I stamped colored and cut out the dog from On Display 1 .


Now my lil’ bushel in the corner was created my stamping the smaller bush image from the Home Improvement, multiple times, then using the solid gumball iamge from On Display 1, as my “flower/berry” buds.


The right side of my box had the Shoppe door from Home Improvement.


I made sure I DRAGGED my ink across the door so it appeared to be a woodgrain pattern. I stamped/colored/cut the lantern.


In the “attic” windows I stamped a heart from You’ve Got Mail stamp set. I love that little touch!


On the left side of my Shoppe I used the main image from the You’ve Got Mail stamp set!!


 I just used that same cute cupcake from the On Display 1 set on my mailbox! It personalized it even further, and I think it’s a super cute addition to this template.


Now for the back.

The simplest part, but it may be my favorite! LOL!


I just stamped my Homemade sentiment from the Sign It set, and back to the You’ve Got Mail stamp set, I used the little house image to create my label! I love it. Sometimes its the little details that make a BIG deal.

I love using older sets with newer ones! If there is anything I can tell you it is to ALWAYS go back and try to mix, match and coordinate! It feels great! You really feel like you got your monies worth. I was even thinking that this could be SUPER SWEET as a Jam/Jelly Shoppe using the Well Preserved set, for wrapping your jams and jellies, or fruit flavored/scented/themed gifts! Basically ANY older image set would be a great Shoppe!!!!!!

When I say this Shop Around Mega Template had limitless possibilities I MEAN IT!

If you are tight on time check out our super cute Simply Sensational Shoppes! They are amazing. You can quickly and easily color, print, and cut. Perfect for mass producing gifts too.

Video coming SOON!!!

Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLCPretty Packaging Templates: Shop Around Mega Template

Pretty Impressions Stamp Set (digital & acrylic): Shope Window, On Display 1, Sign it, Home Improvement, You’ve Got Mail

Pretty Printable Digital Paper: Shopping Shirley’s, Picket Fence

Pretty Pieces Cut File: Home ImprovementWell thank you again for stopping by!

I hope you are feeling inspired to create your own little “homes” or a village of Shoppes for  gift this upcoming holiday season. You really can’t BUY the feelings these will give to those you make them for!

See you again tomorrow.