OK I know it seems like Im slackin here, but I’ve honestly been hard at work on my video. After almost 3 days, I am throwing in the perpetual towel and need to totally re-record the video into several segments :C That means I have to wait until Tuesday when my children return to school, otherwise you’ll hear lots of “Mom!! She won’t share with me!”, “It’s my turn!”, “That’s not fair!”, Can I have a snack?”, “He’s copying me!”……you get the idea!

This whole video drama totally sucked up my life ,on top of me getting ready for our NEXT release, and of course doing the “family” thing this holiday weekend. So once again I’m keepin it sweet & simple, until I get the rest of my projects completed.

But hey, you can never have too many card ideas right??

So for an amazing template project please check out Lesa Rapp

dscf4803-1-copy.jpg <—Click to enlarge

Here is what Lesa has to say

The super cute digital paper was the jumping point for this fun little house.  Lesa took the colors and ran with it.  She had a wonderful time imagining what it would be like to have a cute house like this.  OK my turn to share!

My FAVORITE coffee is Dunkin Donuts. I have one daily (I buy the grounds and brew it in my Keurig —->HEAVEN!) So I got totally inspired by their color combination of pink, pumpkin & chocolate for my card creation.

You Perk Me Up!-


I LOVE Coffee! LOVE! So of course it was inevitable that I would have a “to go” coffee cup! I LOVE this image from On Disply 1 to pieces. Its a super cute size too-measures 1 3/4 inches tall.


Here I used that Fanciful Flourishes set, in a beige ink for my “steam”.

The polka dot border was created using the dotted border image from Home Improvement for that.


Here is my sentiment close-up! It is also from the  On Disply 1 set.

I drew an outlined layer, since I wanted an additional LOOK of a layer, but not the actual bulk of it.


Doesn’t it make you want to grab a cup?

I love the layout if this one too.

Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: On Display 1, Home Improvement, Fanciful FlourishesOK I must “run”! I do have some pretty amazing stuff to share, I promise. I just need to get it together for you. I really want/need to get that video done, so expect that for Wednesday-ish. MAYBE Thursday.

So come on back tomorrow because we aren’t done sharing some amazing project ideas with you.

Till then.