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I hope you are all enjoyed yesterdays projects, and are taking advantage of the wonderful weather we’ve been having.

Today is day #2 of project peeks for the August 1st My Time Made Easy ™ LLC release!

This month Dawn & Geny both had some urgent things pop up, so they won’t be stamping with us this go round, but both Pam Imholz and Tracey Cuccia have some amazing samples to share today using a NEW! Pretty Packaging Template: Tuck-ered Out. So be sure to check them out.

Also Kristin Bueter is back for a sample 😀 YEAH! Kristin we are happy you have returned! Kristin was away for work, and now is back with us so you should see some new stuff from her soon.

I have so much to share I’m not even certain WHERE to begin!

This month we are release several templates, cut files and of course digital paper…..but only 2 stamp sets.

We have yesterday’s set feature: Money Well Spent © , so today I will be previewing the 3nd packaging template called Tuck-ered Out (we have 3 templates this month!), using our 2nd set for this month called Lost My Tooth ©!

I am very excited about today’s stamp set peek, as it filled a gap (for me) in an area for those of us with smaller children.

Little Tooth Fairy Fun


Here is a little gift set that I whipped together (yesterday! EEK!) to showcase both the Tuck-ered Out template and Lost My Tooth ©! stamp set. I’m not even sure WHERE to start with the explanation of WHAT I have going on here!

I guess I will start with the Tuck-ered Out template explanation, then move on to the stamps!

Tuck-ered Out $5


 Note: In this photo the design on the left is the actual completed project size. The larger project on the right is the same template, enlarged to 155%. I thought it would be fun to share some sizing options.

Completed Project Size (see box on left)

3 1/3 Inches Wide

2 1/2 Inches Tall 2 1/4 Inches Deep

Available in PDF, SVG, WPC. DXF, and GSD

This template comes with the side tuck in decorative panels, a front bottom decorative panel, ans a optional handle (not shown here).

This can be made to look like a little purse, house, barn, or even a treasure chest! Limitless possibilities.


This is just the cutest “tuck” tab style, little treasure box! All the sweet “tucked” folds, un-tuck as you open it, to reveal your sweet treasure inside!


See….the little tab just tucks right into the front slot.

Once it is un-tucked……


The flap opens to to reveal whatever sweet treat you package up in there!! Makes the perfect party favor, or packaging for a little treat! (Or a big treat should you decide to enlarge it!)I had packaged my favorite Australian Licorice in here, it was a perfect match :D, but my kids saw it on the counter while I was downstairs designing the next project, and I ascended to find an empty licorice bag :C Oh yes, its been one of “those” days.This will also fit gift cards, and tooth boxes perfectly!fairyteehside.JPG

 The smaller box is for the tooth fairy, and the large box is the gift left by the tooth fairy! (I often like to leave little stuffed animals, art supplies, mini games etc when my children lose a tooth.

I used the NEW! Pretty Printable Digital Paper: Confetti Star pattern in Candied Thistle Stalk for my color scheme on this. The paper is SO pretty and based off of a scattered star pattern from the  Lost My Tooth ©! stamp set.

This is the enlarged version.


ALL my templates are base on the standard 8 1/2 X 11 inch cardstock, so those with printers (or who only own that size cardstock) can easily make fabulous gifts. That being said they can all be resized 😀

I created this using my Cricut Expression and enlarged it to be 155%. You would need to use 12 X 12 paper to create one this large. It ends up measuring 5 1/4 inches across, 3 3/4 inches tall, 3 1/2 inches deep.

How literally sweet would this be for a Fairy Themed party? (Ignore the TOOTH!! LOL! We do have stars too!)

Note: I will also share some BOY stuff with this set so you mom’s out there with no girls, don’t fear.


This is the side view of the box. I love the tucked in panels.

I used some really of that party ribbon you can get really cheap, and I LOVE the result. I’m not sure WHY I haven’t used it before! SO FESTIVE!


I love all the sentiments featured in this set and the fairy shilouette (there is a large and small version). The large fairy is 1 1/4 inches tall. The smaller fairy is about 3/4 inches tall, and a 1/2 inch wide.

Now here is the tooth image from the Lost My Tooth © set. It measures about 2 3/4 inches tall, and 2 inches wide. It was cut out using the coordinating Lost My Tooth © Pretty Pieces Cut File .

The  Lost My Tooth © Pretty Pieces Cut File Available in SVG, WPC. DXF, and GSD

This is a coordinating cut file to enable you to easily create some super treats using the Lost My Tooth ©Pretty Impressions Stamp set! Within the cut file there is the coordinating tooth, tooth fairy shilouette, a star, and a label that is also from the set.

This is the standard size below:

ttthfry.JPG I also used the  Lost My Tooth © Pretty Pieces Cut File  to cut out my fairy, which was then stamped on the pink layer, and glitter added to the wings. I also resized the same tooth image to be smaller to fit on the Tuck-ered Out template.


I glitterized it, and added it to my template. The ribbon and tooth embellishment just slide off. Perfect!!

This will become the star of any tooth losing event! Or steal the show if you use it for a gift or party favor!

Now let us get to the set description, shall we?I will definitely be sharing MORE uses for this set (using some of the suggestions below) so stay tuned if you need visual.


 Lost My Tooth © Set of 17 Images $20 *

Also available in digital format* $12

This is the perfect set for anyone with little boys or girls!

Well if you are like me, and you have small children then the Tooth Fairy is a big part of your life from the age of about 4 years old!Myself having 3 children, I was always looking for creative ways to package up their little tooth treasure, or leave a note from her, or even to her from the kids! This set has so many wonderful features!

There are 2 small label style images in the set. In them you can fit the sentiments “My First Tooth ” or the “My Little Tooth Box”.

The labels in the set are meant to fit atop a mini metal slider tin (aka: Lip Balm tin), for your little one’s tooth!

NOTE: Slider Tin can be found here: https://www.sks-bottle.com/340c/fin7k.html

The labels fit perfectly on a Avery 8160 mailing label, which is the perfect size for the slider tin!

I created 4 of the poems within this set myself, with sentiments like I always wanted to have.

Here is the card that matches the gift set.


NOTE: Yes, we have a little TYPO :C The sentiment should read “I give it “to”  you to handle with care.”

This sentiment will be replaced within the set, so for anyone ordering you will get the corrected version.

This is a note TO the tooth fairy.

Most of the sentiments in the set fit in the large tooth image which can easily be cut out ,or you can use our Lost My Tooth Cut File which coordinates with the set! You can also fit the poems on the star that is in the Lost My Tooth Cut File 

There is a large and small tooth fairy silhouette. She can fit in the large tooth, or the smaller one can fit on the mailing label! This makes creating easier than ever!


There is also a “build” a wand set! There is a stick, with the tooth, and a star! So use whatever you like. The bow is “optional” just in case you were making a boy themed treasure! See I used the wand on this card. I placed it in the center of my bow. I also used Fanciful Flourishes for a fairly trail, but you can’t see it in the photo (bummer).

Sentiments include:Your tooth was as perfect as can be! Here is a treat, to you, from me.Love-The Tooth Fairy(this one is the poem featured on the Tuck-ered Out template)——————————

Dear Tooth Fairy,

My tooth fell out,

it’s no longer there.

I give it to you

to handle with care.


(this one is on the card)


Under my pillow I hope to find

a treat of another kind!


Wiggle, wiggle, little tooth

It’s no longer there, but it once was loose.

Off with the Tooth Fairy it will go,

then another tooth in it’s place will grow!

-Lauren Meader


My Little Tooth Box


My First Tooth


Other than a dimple in a cute little chin,

What’s more adorable than a toothless grin?

~Azu “Betty” Espezia


 Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

Pretty Packaging Templates: Tuck-ered Out

Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Lost My Tooth © , Fanciful Flourishes

Pretty Printable Digital Paper: Taylor’s Teeth: Confetti Star print

Cardstock by Couture Cardstock: OSW white, Sweetheart, Blessings, The Other Woman

Pretty Pieces Cut File: Lost My Tooth © Pretty Pieces Cut File

WHEW! What a whopper of a post!! Well what do you think?

Just wait until you see the other projects I have using this set!!

Well I am off to take my kids to the sprinkler park for some fun 😀 I love the sprinkler park. No worry about drowning 😀 and I get to have some girl time with my friends while our kids play.

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