Hi everyone!

Are you enjoying the nice weather?

I know we are.

I have LOTS to share! First some family stuff, then some fun stamping stuff!

As always I have tons going on, but cannot complain because my children are happy & healthy (I remind myself of that as they are fighting with each-other like cats and dogs these last few days!).

 Alexa is celebrating her 3rd year going into remission from Leukemia! She is just growing before my very eyes into a young lady. It’s actually freaking me out a bit 😀 She is ALMOST 11 now! She got cancer shortly after turning 6. You can read her story HERE!

Any-who, I won’t get into the emotional roller-coaster that I get on this month each and every year, but I am so grateful she is alive and well 😀 Time has truly flown by.

Here is a recent photo of her, taken on Easter


I made a donation in Alexa’s honor to the Relay for Life 😀 It is the LEAST I can do to support ongoing research.

My friend Tracey is participating in the relay-if you decide to make a donation, you can view her site —> HERE!

Now I have to share a photo of the other 2 kids too, before moving on 😀

Here is Noah-


He is doing great since I shared about him last. He is SO tall. Just a couple inches shy of my shoulder (and I’m 5 ’10!).

Here is Amber (after Easter Egg hunting!-very messy)


I can’t believe she is going into first grade soon! MY BABY! How is it possible?

Now here is my 4th child Gabriella!


OK actually she is my niece-but since I was around her mom’s entire pregnancy (they lived with us) and I was there for her birth she feels like she is one of my own (kinda like I’m a dad! LOL!). I love her to pieces. She is now 15 months old! She is so funny, and full of energy! She just runs all over the place. I bought her a bubble machine for Easter, and she LOVES it-hence the bubbles in the photo 😀 I bought her that dress too! As I look at I’m getting inspired!

OK back to the creative reality!

I know I’ve been MIA, and said I’d be “around” more, but I have SO much to do in time for the next release 😀 I have SEVERAL videos done, and a few more to go! (So see I invested my time away wisely :D) I think it will be helpful with what we have to come 😀 I *was* going to do a video on how quick and easy it is for you all to use the latest Puckered Up Patterns ©, but it turns out there were SO many pattern combinations that it would be a very LONG video! So I thought I’d share a few photos instead, since I already made several videos for the next release, and I’m wiped! Plus it will allow you to better VISUALIZE them completed project.

So here is the set that is the MAIN focus of inspiration…


Puckered Up Patterns is a FABULOUS set of 14 images with ENDLESS possibilities. I love that.

The set sells for only $12!

You receive this set on a 4 X 6 acetate sheet. All our images are printed on the acetate that the photopolymer stamps (clear images) are sandwiched between.

You really need to just take some fun color combinations and P-L-A-Y!!! If you mix this set with the Paper Pattern Pieces © you will have a BLAST!

I know MOST of you are visual, and you like SEEING ideas, so I quickly stamped out a few patterns (these took like 30 minutes) to get you started! There are some more completed project samples below too-so SCROLL down!

Just some ideas for you…..


Top left is the main pattern from the set that I used to create all these combinations! There are 14 total-but I am certain YOU can think up even more! Now keep in mind that is using *just* the large pattern as my MAIN focus! There are 4 other large building “block” patterns in the set, as well as several FABULOUS accents that can also create AMAZING borders, or group patterns!

The large pucker pattern measures: 2 X 2 3/4 inches!

*Keep in mind you can also use the single pucker circle (large or small version) to make a ROW just like the grouped patterns I created in the samples to follow*

Now for some CLOSE UPS!

PS I just wanted to get the pattern ideas out-don’t mind the HORRID color choices! LOL!)

1) STUNNING pattern possibilities in a variety of colors!


Now remember you can stamp the main block several times to cover a large area 😀

2) This design has a ton of possibilities


3) This one I used the  X like flower/image and rotated it. I couldn’t see I THING since it was dark and rainy! OH! WELL! You get the idea! Plus it add character right?


4) SO cute!! Imagine this as a backgrounder!


5) LOVE this one!


6) Another one I LOVE! (I think its the flowers 😀 -that image alone can do great things!)


7) Check out Kristin’s Blog! She used this pattern below on her card today! I love it.


8) Simple, yet striking!


Now here we have 6 more patterns for you, using the SAME block as above!


9) OK my colors are awful, and my cardstock has a smooth coating which kept resisting the ink (grr) but all that aside-very cool possibilities.


10) Again-same coated cardstock, awful colors, but you can get the idea! JUST PLAY AROUND OK!

That is what I was doing 😀


11) Think how cool this could be….


12) I so love this one


13) Another great possibility!


14) I totally loved this one most.


Now we move on to the other patterns which have a TON of possibilities that I didn’t even have the time to cover (but have plenty of samples further down to share)


This one shows you how the bottom 3- Lattice, Pucker Cluster Solid, and Pucker Cluster Open- can all be used to create a pattern ALONE, or layer perfectly together, as seen in the above top 2 to the left!

Now I want to share some completed samples that utilize the Puckered Up Patterns © as well as the Paper Pattern Pieces ©


Paper Pattern Pieces ©  is another AMAZING set that was used in conjunction with the Puckered Up Patterns to create the following samples.

You may recognize the snippets from our past release, but having them all in one place can be helpful for you to visualize the truly endless possibilities.



The lattice pattern made up the “grass” and several of the flowers used elements in the Puckered Up Patterns set!



Puckered Up Patterns was used to create a cool background, and a flower bud!



The smaller circle block on the left, from Puckered Up Patterns was used to create this stunning bkgd



The open line pucker pattern makes a quick, easy & subtle bkgd!



This one used *just* the Paper Pattern Pieces ©



Here is an example of how just the large (or small) circle pucker can be used to make the same style patterns, but in rows!



This used ONLY Paper Pattern Pieces © I love making various colored DOTS! EASY PEASY!



This one used the outline, and solid pucker cluster-combined with the smaller single pucker flower to create a pretty feminine background!

Well, I do have 3 more (never before seen) cards to share using these pattern builders, but I will wait on those, so I have *something* to post about the next 3 days!!

I hope this got you inspired to try these sets out! They will become a welcome addition to your stamp collection 😀

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I’m off to go prepare for our June Release!