This message ONLY affects Sure Cuts A Lot users. If you do not use this firmware then please disreguard.


With this latest release we have found that anyone with the latest upgrade of Sure Cuts A Lot 2.011 is having some issues cutting some of the files. Only certain parts will not be read by the SCAL program, posting a note “Failed to load the SVG file”.


I personally have 2 computers, one with the older SCAL version,  and my laptop, which has the newest version. I downloaded the template files from our site. The store files using the newest version had elements that didn’t work, and those same store files loaded to the older version did!


All of the files within the store are fine. They are not corrupt. I know this because they do load, and cut in the earlier version of the Sure Cuts A Lot software. Conclusion: It isn’t a template issue.


I have contacted the Craft Edge support to help fix this.



 Some of my customers have uninstalled the newest version, and went back to the older one, and the files work no problem! (I personally do not know how to do that yet, but if I find out I’ll let you know!)



I will keep everyone posted soon! In the meantime if you have SCAL 2.010 you should be FINE!


Thank you.