OK so I am still working with the support team at Craft Edge to get everything all straightened out.

Those of you experiencing the SCAL issue, we have a fix!

One of my best Web Guy’s Scott has troubleshooted a quick fix 😀 He is one of the best! Thank you Scott for making lots of women happy!

Right now the *only* templates/files that have been affected by the SCAL update are the SVG version of the So Sentimental Frame © and the NEW! Pick of the Petals ©. If you noticed another, please let me know.

Now if your file is working fine, then don’t worry about it!!

If you are having an issue then you will want to re-download those files. Those of you with the So Sentimental frame- your download may have expired. Simply let me know and I will refresh it for you, if you are amongst the affected.

 Now I have received numerous emails from SCAL owners. Many confused and upset about the issues. Now rest assure your templates are all fine, and we are working with Craft Edge to tweak any issues. If you have SCAL you do NOT have to PAY for a new one, or PAY when they upgrade! They do this regularly and it a FREE! SO please do not think you need to get new firmware!! Lastly just about everything is working, like most software, there are some kinks with the newest version.

 Thank you ALL for your patiecne. Please know I am doing everything within my abitlites (and have lots of other people helping too – along with my entire team, who have really jumped in to help me in some way :D) to make sure this is all straightened out.

I’ll be back later with another sample!!