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 I am so excited to be participating in the BIG event today! If you haven’t heard, JustRite Stampers is have a Mega March Blog Hop! I hope you all enjoy it

I’m going to start with my project, then move on to the details. So I hope you are ready for a ton of inspiration from another AMAZING group of designers 😀 I feel honored to be asked to participate amongst this group 😀

So here is my project, just on time for Spring!


I love giving gift “baskets”. I especially love creating my own and filling them with all sorts of goodness! You can easily dress up the SIMPLEST of gifts! I had a jar of Strawberry Jam that I wanted to package up for a teacher gift. Consumables are always a great idea. I had purchased this fabric to “line” my cardstock basket. I was the start of my color choices.

I absolutley love all the new “natural” images JRS released the last few months. I knew right away that I wanted to use the Beautiful Blossoms Borders & Centers Oval 2 -1/4″ x 3-1/16“ for the main image on my “basket”.  I created the basket using the Bouncing Baby Buggy template. Easy Peasy.


I absolutely love all the new “natural” images JRS released the last few months. I knew right away that I wanted to use the Beautiful Blossoms Borders & Centers Oval 2 -1/4″ x 3-1/16“ for the main image on my “basket” that I made using the Bouncing Baby Buggy © template. I think it makes such a stunning presentation.


For my main focus I knew I wanted to use this particular flower/border combination from the Beautiful Blossoms Borders & Centers Oval 2 -1/4″ x 3-1/16“

I stamped my flower twice in a brown ink, then colored it with Copic markers.  I wanted some depth and shimmer so I added some Pearlescent Pastels to the petals. I used my oval nesatiblites to cut out the entire image. I colored and cut just the flower twice, then cut and layered it. I then stamped the frame in the same brown ink, on Sunflower cardstock, and hand cut the oval to layer on flower onto.


I was thinking someone could use this  basket “after” the gift has been given, on the counter, maybe use the handle in the back to hang on a wall (or doorknob) to collect mail, or other items on the desk, or something like that. Maybe even some seed packets or a small planter? Definitely re-useable or re-giftable!


I wanted my “patterned” paper to match so I stamped a smaller flourish from So Sentimental © in coordinating colors, onto my decorative panel layer. I paired it with the Well Woven © pattern, and completed it with a simple bow of some lush velvet ribbon (from SEI).

You can never go wrong with flowers!I hope you liked my quick and simple gift idea. It really took no time at all and I feel like you can tell it is something given from the heart 😀 Nothing says love like handmade :DNow time to hop along!28 designers, FIVE shopping sprees each day.  No one knows where the prizes will be!  Each day of the hop JustRite will have five Mystery Blog Candy Prizes hidden along the hop with a total retail value of  $600.  JustRite will randomly select five mystery blogs each day of the hop and randomly allocate each of the shopping sprees.  For your chance to win, simply leave a little love (a comment) on each designer’s blog including the JustRite blog.  The more designers you leave comments with, the better your chances of winning.  Each day’s comments will remain open for three days.  A winner from each of the mystery blogs’ comments will be randomly chosen using  Consult the listing of designers at the JustRite blog each day (each day’s designers will be different) and start out on your way!  Beginning Friday, March 26, summaries of all the winners will be posted on the JustRite blog.  Good luck to everyone and enjoy all the JustRite eye candy along the hop! 

Today during the JustRite Mega March Blog Hop (Day One) JustRite and its sponsors will be giving away the following five prizes:

· $200 JustRite Shopping Spree

· $100 Spellbinders Shopping Spree

· $100 Stampers Dream Shopping Spree, and

· Two additional $100 JustRite Shopping Sprees! 

Blog comments for Day One will be open until Thursday at 6pm EST.  On Friday, JustRite will announce on their blog which five blogs have the mystery candy for Day One.  You will need to go to the JustRite blog to determine where you need to go to find out if you are one of the five lucky winners.

JustRite Inspiration Blog
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Sankari Wegman
Marianne Walker
Michelle Wooderson
Linda Duke
Barb Schram
Eva Dobilas
Liz Weber
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Sherry Cheever
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Lauren Meader <—-You are HERE!
Michele Boyer 
Lucy Abrams
Janine Blackwelder
Edna Morrisedie
Deb Saaranen
Melody Rupple
Charmaine Ikach
Michelle Giraud
Amy Crockett
Lydia Fiedler

Thank you for stopping by!

Best of luck to you to win one of the AMAZING prizes!

Time for a change-? mid life crisis

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I feel like I say that a lot this past year! That being said I feel it has all been changes for the best.

Well this weekend was the first day of Spring. I spent it SPRING CLEANING! Every room of my house, top to bottom. Reorganizing, purging (I loathe clutter) washing baseboards, curtains, carpets….you name it. If it stood still long enough, it got cleaned top to bottom. To add the the cleaning frenzy I also got some new bedding, new curtains, and a totally new look!

I’m going to be 32 this May. I can’t even believe I just typed that! I’m a little freaked out by how fast time is flying past me. I remember being 22 and my mom saying “Make sure you put moisturizer on your skin! You should start preventing wrinkles now before you get them!” Now here I am 10 years later, almost 32, and worrying about wrinkles! I also got WICKED freaked out because I found a gray hair! I tried to convince myself that it was really a blond hair (in the middle front of my head) but given my “root” color I don’t think I have a natural blond hair left on my head (even though I was very blond as a girl). Well you that gray hair is like a RAT! You may only SEE  one, but that means there is 50 you CAN’T see!!!

Anyway…..I called the hairdresser immediately to get that hair colored! No way will I ever have a head of gray hair. Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it, but for me, I’m so not embracing that part of getting older, at least not ANY time soon. I suddenly felt very old, and frumpy, like time was going quicker than I could process.

My poor husband just stood by in panic this weekend as I cleaned every crevice of our home, making changes or noting changes I hope to make…….as he says he is awaiting for me to pack his bags and get a replacement!

Well there is NO replacement for him. He is my very best friend and a wonderful husband and father. I can’t imagine such a thing-ever. My plan is to grow old with him, just not look so old doing it!

Anyway, I went to the hairdresser and saw one of the girls in there with the hair I have been wanting for some time. A girl on my soap operas I watch has it too (HAHAHA) and I have put off ever considering it till that gray hair! I’ve always had long blond, curly hair, until one recent “episode” (You can read that here if you missed it). Now that my hair is shorter I figured why not get a cut I always admired but never thought I would get?

So here it is-my new look for Spring and at age (almost 32)



OK it is REALLY hard to get a photo of yourself! LOL! I always hate doing that. Also this was in my bathroom which has “stage” lighting! That is where I saw my gray hair. The lighting isn’t overly kind, but its a dark gloomy day so this was my only option for photographing my latest endeavor!

It falls just under my CHIN! My hair has never been this short in my life, but I’m really happy with it! The hairdresser was nervous because she knows my “hair history”, but I was in just the right mood. Plus it is all really healthy now too.

I love how free it feels.


(this is the in the mirror shot!)

Here is a terrible glaring photo but it sorts gives you an idea of how it falls.

I called Jay on my way home to “warn” him about what I did. He was expecting me to go back to blond…and let it grow long again. Um nope!

When I walked in the door he turned WHITE. I don’t think he likes it at all. All he could say was “I know you warned me but I didn’t really expect THAT!” He went on to say ” Are you OK? I’m not getting replaced am I? I’m getting scared!” I just giggled at him. Why on earth would he think such crazy thoughts?!

I explained my fears about getting old and needing to feel better. I think (hope) he gets it. As the night went on he just kept looking at me saying “I think I like it. I think I’m getting use to it” He is a sweet liar! LOL! I know he is in shock still.

This is the back of my head


It just layers so perfectly and has such great health, shine and body to it! We were able to get rid of any damaged hair this round.

Because I have naturally curly hair (and have been straightening it for the last few months due to lack luster curl) it really holds the body and layers nicely with little to no effort.


I am getting some highlights in a few weeks, I only had so much time to spend at the salon!

I’m not sure if I look younger or older with my hair like this, but I think when you feel good you look good, so I am going with that! I’ve also gotten back into exercising more vigorously now that summer is upon us so that makes me feel better too.

Anyway, just had to share my big changes that the warm weather brought in.

How about you? Anything new?

I have received numerous questions about our Pretty Printables © digital paper (be sure to click each category to view it all!).

PS Don’t miss out because today is the LAST day of our 15% OFF your ENTIRE purchase sale! (see prev. post)

Many of you out there are nervous to give it a go. Many skeptical as to WHY it is so much better than patterned paper you get in the store, or is it TRULY a good deal. All that is up to the individual, but if you haven’t tried it, you should!

We have a FREE 12 Days of Snowflakes © pack for you to try RISK FREE too!

Like anything, there are going to be those who LOVE it and those who DON’T! It is totally OK to be on one side or the other. I found for the most part this is uncharted territory for most of you. I decided I would dedicate a post about digital paper and let those of you on the fence make a decision about what side you fall on.

Here is a quick video to show you how easy it really is to get started using the Pretty Printables Digital Paper.

I hope this was somewhat helpful in letting you see that it really isn’t scary at all! REALLY! If you can edit photos you can use digital paper.

To me is the Pretty Printables digi paper is one of best things since sliced bread 😀


 It is affordable-YES! It really is! You pay far less per sheet of digital paper than you do for actual patterned paper in the store (or online-don’t forget the SHIPPING charges!) 

You pay ONCE for the digi files (which our Pretty Printables © digi paper is a steal priced @ about 0.50 cents per design (and some will be cheaper!!) and you get UNLIMITED use!

Here is how you can figure your cost:

Look into your particular printer ink statistics as to how many sheets you print per cartridge. Range is from 100-500 (maybe a few more than that). Some ink cartridges for the same printer will have ink cartridges that print an arrangement of pages so do some research and ensure you are getting the best price! (also keep in mind you aren’t needing to print FULL sheets)

Then the cost of your ink cartridge (usually $10-$40 MAX)

Add the cost of your cardstock, which usually at the HIGHEST 0.20 cents per sheet. (Another perk! You can choose what cardstock you want to use! I also LOVE using Matte Photo Paper (super for printing digital paper :D) Printworks Matte Photo Paper (Target)

SO (going with everything being the MOST expensive)

Say your ink costs $40 (max) you get only the min. of 200 prints for your ink and your top quality cardstock is the MAX price at 0.20 That means to print one sheet of patterned paper it cost ONLY 0.40 cents to print a full 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of cardstock!

Now to buy it is usually more per sheet! You can research your favorite paper packs (which usually only have a few sheets you LOVE but you pay for several others you may never use just to get them) and do the math on those yourself, as those will vary company to company. Also factor in the SIZE of the paper you are getting. Some may be smaller than a project you want to do :C

Even if you add the fact that you pay 0.50 cents a sheet for the digi file (which you get to use FOREVER ) it still only costs you 0.90 cents (and that is saying you will only use ONE digi page ONCE!!)

So obviously the choice of whether that is “cost effective” enough for you, is up to you.

But that is how you can figure it out 😀

Here are some more perks!

No actual storage-I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a huge crafting space. When you get digital paper you get have as many patterns of paper you want without needing to store it! We all already have white or colored cardstock as a staple to store, now I don’t need the storage for all the digital paper patterns I can have! They stay in a folder on my computer and I can pick and choose what I want, then just print!

Unlimited use– this means actually using the patterns I love without having to repurchase them, or hoard them for fear of running out, to only find if I want more the pattern is retired! UGH! OR if I make a MAJOR mistake I can print another one, without running to the store! THAT alone is priceless.

Resizablitly-(if that isn’t an actual word it is now :D) You don’t have to print an entire sheet of patterned paper! If you only need a 2X 2 square, print that! No more waste, and endless little scraps to find use for. You can even put several snippets of patterns on one sheet! (depending on your software) You can also enlarge, or decrease the “scale” of the print. You can crop and focus on a portion of the pattern too!

How cool you don’t have to wast an entire sheet of cardstock or worry about too much/not enough scrap pieces. OR how often does a company carry a cardstock slab that is too small for what you want to use it for? Those 8 X 8 or 6 X 6 paper pads don’t always cut it, or go far.

Mix and Match– ever wish your paper was dual sided, or this pattern was with that pattern rather than the way it was purchased? Now I can choose what pattern is on either side of my cardstock if I’m creating a project! OR use all my designs to create a customized pattern! You can even print on colored cardstock. No limits. The choice is all yours.

Layering!! You can print one pattern over another! For example, a text print over a floral prints! As stated above, mix and match, or create your own NEW pattern by layering designs you have.

These are the perfect match for any of our templates and card creations.

So there you have it!

If you have any questions let me know.

I hope this was helpful, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’d especially love to know if it helped you realize you CAN do this too.

I honestly had to tape this clip 18 times (you can STILL hear my kids in the background! LOL!) because my kids were jabbering away loudly in the background, and playing in the other room. I finally said enough is enough because this is my reality! I’m a mom. I have 3 kids. So it is what it is. My house is never quiet, and I’m far from perfect. My children are active and often a little “energetic” but that is what I love about all of it. So I did what I could without making my kids something they aren’t- quiet! LOL! I’ll miss that “noise” someday.

Anyway, I wish I just said that after “take #2”! LOL! A short clip turned into over an hour of trying to quickly get everything done in silence! LOL!

OK I’m back to busy life and family.

 Enjoy the day and thanks for stopping by.


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today whether you’re Irish or not, it is your lucky day! My Time Made Easy ™ LLC is having a SUPER SALE! DON’T WAIT! LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Enter the coupon code –> LUCKYU to get 15% OFF your ENTIRE Purchase.


Coupon is good until MIDNIGHT March 18th.

Some supplies are limited. No rain checks. Limit: one use per customer.

Coupon not valid on purchase of Gift Certificates, previous orders, and shipping charges.

Happy Shopping!

Also CandaCraft is having a SALE! 15% off! Check her out!

The code is MTME331 and it expires on 3/31.  

If you have waited to purchase the Sure Cuts A Lot NOW is the time.

If you already have the SCAL from CandaCraft  I want to let you know there is a new free update to SCAL2! It looks like you can do score lines!!! After drawing a line, you can select it and then change the Line Style in the Appearance window. It will change it to an offset dashed line.

 Here’s a link to the update:


PS I am working on finishing a video for the Digital Paper post. I wasn’t going to do one, but figured VISUALS are always better!

Be back tomorrow!




Gettin’ Digi with it

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Hi everyone!
Did you have a good weekend? Any good plans? We didn’t do anything, but next weekend we are taking our last sledding trip of the season (praying they are even open).

We are drowning in rain and there is a lot of FLOOD WARNINGS. We live on a hill, so I am crossing my fingers. It is times like this I’m happy I don’t own the beach/water front home! Honestly I would never leave close to any body of water. By that I mean near my back yard. I’m paranoid parent when it comes to kids and bodies of water! FREAKS ME OUT!

I’m DRAGGING today given our “Spring Ahead” change of the clocks.

I don’t like when they do that at all. Even when we “gain” an hour. Why can’t we just leave the clocks alone? Getting my kids up for school was a nightmare!!! The normal 7:00 is hard, but when you factor in it is “really” 6:00 its a killer. I usually spend the week saying “Well its really X time.” That drives my hubby BONKERS! He says “NO! We changed the clocks so its really X time, get over it.” Too funny.

Tomorrow I am sharing a post about the Pretty Printables © digital paper.

Anyway, I wanted to share my sample I made that is on the MTME website using the digital Some Punny Easter © set

You are Scent-sational


This really says Spring to me.

I loved this tag in the set! It was actually the first image I made for the set. I designed it to go with the lil skunk I created –>here

Since it was a digital stamp I was able to recolor the letters in “scentsationa (flower is the “l”)” to fit my color combination. That flower was too fun to color. I used my Copic’s for that.

Now the butterfly was created using the Flutters and Flowers © cut file and the coordinating Pretty Printables © paper . The flutter trail is of course on the the flourishes in the Fanciful Flourishes ©set. So simple and easy peasy.

I’ll be honest. I’m a STAMPER. I love having the TANGIBLE images in my hands so I can create. LOVE! But often time digi images can be better because you can resize them, color them digitally and no storage. For me the bottom line is if I like it, I have to have it.

Another “perk” is the price! Let’s face it, the economy is rough, and when money is tight and you NEED (:D) something new, a digital set gets you more for the $$.

Since offering the Pretty Packaging © templates in all the various cutting machine formats I have opened myself up to a wider range of customers! Which is amazing! MANY of which LOVE digi, and digi ONLY. Many hoping I will offer ALL the sets I have in digital format. Maybe that will happen in the future (along with the acrylic sets) but for now I have begun offering select sets in this format.

Many have asked how I decide what will be digital and what won’t. Well, I choose mainly images I feel best suited for the perks of digital images. To me that is images that involve coloring and not too much 2 step layering. Since I am new to this I don’t want to purchase and hold a bunch of “stock” in “holiday” specific sets such as Easter. So digital stamps are perfect! So far that is how I base my decisions.

If you are NEW! to digital stamps and you want to give it a try, without having to make a purchase you will want to download our Water & Waverly Wiggles image! It is FREE!

You just stole my heart


How cute are these two? My sentiment is from Critters with Heart

We currently have the following in digital download:

Water & Waverly Wiggles image FREE!

All A Flutter

Critters with Heart

Some Punny Easter

Tracey Cuccia is my digi guru and she created a wonderful step by step photo tutorial to walk you through using digital images, and all the fun things you can do with them! Those instructions come with every digital image set. So even if you are brand new to digital images you can give it a go!

It truly has everything you need to know about digital stamps!


I just printed these two , cut them out and colored them with Copic’s.

They are really cute.

Anyway just thought I’d share some eye candy with you using my digital stamps. I hope you all give them a try. If you have any questions let me know.

Tomorrow I will have a post on our digital paper! FINALLY! Many of you have had some good questions about it, and I hope that the post will answer all of them!

Till tomorrow!

Winner of the MTME challenge

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Hi all!

Thanks for the love you all gave Alexa and her poem 😀 She has read every comment and she was smiling ear to ear! Meant so much to her.

Sorry I am late in posting the winner of the My Time Made Easy ™ LLC contest. It was SO hard to choose a winner. So many of the creations were over the top amazing!

Speaking of over the top I chose this beauty for our winner!


The winner was Mary. You can view details on her creation here —>CLICK ME!

She took the bottom of the Bouncing Baby Buggy © and created an egg holder!! The paper is from our A Loving Heart © collection. Not only that but she STAMPED her Easter Egg using Argyle Amazement ©! That just got me! Hook, line and sinker!

 So congratulations to Mary! She will receive our entire April Release. Her creation will also be featured on our website as a sample!

I may do this again next month! It was so fun to see what everyone created. Thank you all for playing and allowing me to see what you made.

I hope to return tomorrow with another sample for you!

Enjoy the weekend.

A Poem by Alexa

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I have mentioned numerous times that my daughter Alexa LOVES writing poems. Many of you asked to hear some of them.

This is so special and important to me because these are things that medical professionals tried to convince me she would never do (I knew better!) and now this AMAZING, beautiful, strong willed, loving, smart and sweet girl is the brightest spot in my life. I can’t even imagine having to go through it without her. The gift I would have tossed away. How sad the thoughts make me. She is precious. She is just like everyone else. She has good days, bad days, she laughs, she cries, she feels happiness and pain….she understands everything though she may not always say it right at that moment. She truly sees the world through an amazing set of eyes. She touches lives everywhere she goes. She brings something special to the world.

I think she is very good at writing her poems.  I just LOVE reading what she thinks about or associates a topic with. All the memories she expresses on her own! A true gift to our family. I find her ability to express herself in this way so wonderful for her, but selfishly myself too. I feel like I can really get into what is often in her head, but may go unsaid, or unexpressed. To actually hear what she feels and thinks about things in such a manner touches my heart. I truly cherish every word she writes.

I love being able to see her do so well with her reading and writing skills too as these are vital to her future independence in the big world. I truly believe someday she could make a career writing. She says she wants to be a “story writer” someday. I fully plan to encourage that dream she has for herself! The world in going big places with the Internet, she could easily be employed in this manner someday.

My friend Kristin said I should publish her poems in a book for her, and I think I will do that!

Her biological father currently has the book of ALL her poems from last year and I am PRAYING he gets it back to me. He has had it for several months and I don’t think he cherishes it nearly the same as I. Looking back I never should have let him take it with him when he did! UGH! I keep asking for it. I bet he lost it. OK let’s not go there. This is a happy post! LOL!

SO today I am sharing a poem she wrote after her doctors appointment on Wednesday. She asked me for a subject, as she was stumped. I told her to write what she thinks about Spring!

Here it is


Spring Is

By Alexa Kauppila

Grass grows

Pretty butterflies

The birds are singing

Bunnies are born

The trees are blowing in the wing

The leaves open

Spring is here!


This is Alexa today.  Getting her to smile for me was quite the chore. She was in a “mood”. You the kind when they wake up and the first words out of their mouth is something like “Leave me alone, and don’t look at me” (OH! BOY!!) Anyway, I reminded her that I needed a photo of her holding her poem for my post today so she gave me a little smile.


(she drew some grass, flowers, clouds, a sun and a butterfly but its very light)

That is how she thinks and views the world. So simple, and to the point. She is very black and white. There is no gray with her. She is literal and tangible. To her, if it can be seen, felt or heard it doesn’t exist. She takes everything in. Even things you don’t think she is paying attention to, it is all there, somewhere inside her. Sometimes she doesn’t know how to say it, but she can write it.

I look forward to reading these with her someday when she is all grown. When I had children I never REALLY realized they would actually grow up, and so fast.

Thanks for letting me share a very happy piece of my life here with you all.

Spend time with your children TODAY, because tomorrow they are a day older.

(that was from my friend Kristin too-She read it to me while she was at Caribou Coffee, and it has stuck with me, so I thought I’d share it with you too).

A gift for you

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Well let me just say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to stop by and comment! I also received many emails from you all and that was really sweet! It means so much to me. I’m sure you all can imagine the time, thought, and effort that goes in to each project, let alone the HOURS spent posting it all! Crazy. Thank goodness I truly LOVE what I do 😀

I am working on the regular posting again through the month, so that will be good! I’ve missed posting daily, and I can’t promise it will be EVERYDAY but I will do my best to get something done. Again no promises, but I am making an effort.

I’m very excited about what is to come here and at My Time Made Easy ™ LLC! I think you will be too 😀 Things just get better and better 😀 In case you missed it I am sponsoring/teaching a class at the next Stampin Around event!I will be there at Wholly Scrap Saturday April 17th! Details —->CLICK HERE! You definitely will want to sign up soon as space is LIMITED!!!

I want to ensure that I do continue to use out “older” stuff, with our “newer” stuff. While designing my sets I always try to work on making them work with others at some point. I enjoy versatility! Not only in my templates and stamps set but often in my creations….

Sometimes you just need a generic card. No “real” occasion, just something generic stamped on it. My DT member Pam mentioned in one conversation how the “A gift for you” sentiment from the Bringing Home Baby © would be perfect on ANY gift/card/tag. So I definitely took that to my craft room (thanks Pam!!) and came up with this


I am in LOVE!

These colors are so rich, vibrant and really call out that Spring is coming. (to me anyway)

Do not expect me to ever tire of this All A Flutter © butterfly set! This set is VERY special to me, as it was designed for my daughter Alexa and all the PSF’s who have supported us during her cancer treatments. Obviously butterflies have a very profound meaning to me personally.

While I haven’t really been around in a while to chat it up with all my PSF’s I always hold each of them close to my heart. They truly helped me get through the most difficult time in my life. I don’t know how I could have gotten through some of it without all of them behind us. Their letters, cards, and chatting it up in our group all hours of the day and night. Kept me sane while we lived at the hospital. They were my angels on earth.

When Alexa completed her treaments all my PSF’s got this charm from Tiffany & Co. for her (hers was on a necklace but I couldn’t find it on the site)


It was to signify her long journey through fighting her cancer-like the caterpillar in his cocoon, and her new beginning, as she transformed into the butterfly. Honestly Alexa isn’t allowed to wear it (yet!) Only on very special occasions where she will be chained to my side! LOL! I will give it to her when she is older and responsible enough to understand the sentimental value this has for our family.

Alexa is comping up on 3 years of remission this May! Her hair is getting so long, and is as thick and shiny as it was before. We are living a “normal” life again for the most part.

The butterfly in my set was designed after this amazing gift, that forever touched our hearts. The shape is quite similar. Admittedly I do wear it time to time. Always when we go for her bi-monthly check ups to check and be sure the cancer hasn’t returned. I feel like it brings me comfort and reminds me to have Faith that God has a plan for Alexa. Far greater a plan than I could ever dream up. So I trust in that.

Now let me share some details of the card.


The tag was the start of it all! I love anything on an angle! Adds so much interest. This is one of the tags from Tag You’re It © (also available in PDF). I stamped my sentiment from Bringing Home Baby ©, then I stamped one of the smaller dashed line flourishes in the corner. I then added a mini Prima Rose to it.

My butterfly was stamped on Lineal White cardstock in a green ink from momento. I then inked up the solid wing prints from All A Flutter © in a lavender color, and dabbed some darker ink to the wing centers then stamped. The paper texture really adds the the look of this butterfly!!

On the right panel I stamped the larger flourish pattern from Fanciful Flourishes.


You will really love this set 😀 Added some more roses, and some ric rac ribbon and lace.

Perfectly elegant in just a few minutes!

I have more to share tomorrow. My daughter Alexa is going to share a poem she wrote about Spring! She is very excited I am going to share it here tomorrow 😀 I’m so proud of all her writing how can I not?

 Till tomorrow…..


Pretty Impressions stamp set: All A Flutter, Bringing Home Baby, Fanciful Flourishes

Cardstock from Couture Cardstock: Lineal White, Carousel, Thistle Stalk, Wool Scarf, Quest

Pretty Pieces Cut Files: Tag You’re It, Flutters and Flowers

Other-corner rounder, and lace

Some news to share

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Where on earth has everyone been? I’m getting a complex! LOL!!

Maybe its the nice weather?

Its been very quiet here. What have you all been up to? I know you are around because the store is buzzing with orders, but HERE where all the eye candy for the store has been has been eerily silent.

Have you all enjoyed the projects shared over the last 10 days? I love hearing your feedback on what you liked, what you loved and maybe even what you hope to see from me.

I did a “test” this month sharing peeks 3 days early and am wondering how you all liked that? Should I do that again next month or did you love the original idea of INSTANT gratification and seeing everything on the first? I am doing my best to continue to improve, and YOU the customer are what helps me do that.

So let’s hear it!

Now how about my news?

If you aren’t in New England then you may not care, but if you are this might pertain to you!

I am sponsoring/teaching a class at the next Stampin Around event!

I will be there at Wholly Scrap Saturday April 17th! Details —->CLICK HERE! You definitely will want to sign up soon as space is LIMITED!!!

I am going to use a stamp set and template from my MAY release! Everyone will get an early peek :D. I hope to meet you there!

Now how about a card?

 Tis the season for all sorts of blahs and sickness as the weather turns, so I thought I’d whip up a Get Well card

Wishing you….


a speedy recovery.

This is one type I never have enough of, and always seem to need.

Once I created the All A Flutter © set I KNEW I needed a flourish set. I mean I think it is a staple for each company to have their own!! When I designed my set I was careful to make sure I had a variety of flourish styles, and sizes. I wanted a “go to” set that had something for everyone! With my flourish set you can use it on it’s own, with butterflies, as flowers stems, with sentiments or build your own flowering flourish! You can even used the dashed lines, pierce in between for a faux sewn look! Gotta love that!


As you can see the large flourish from Fanciful Flourishes © makes the PERFECT butterfly trails! That was definitely intentional, given my love for butterflies!

Now speaking of flourishes, how about that butterfly!! This butterfly is from All A Flutter ©. When I created the PLAIN open lined butterfly I had big plans for that! I knew paper piecing, layering the wing prints from the set, of stamping in smaller patterns would prove to be a JAW DROPPING possibility! So here I used the small flourish from the So Sentimental © set (designed to match the Fanciful Flourishes © set) and stamped the flourish pattern on either side of my wings!  It looks like a whole new stamp!!


There are 2 flourish patterns in the set. They go in opposite directions. That is so they can be stamped on either side of the frame that is in the set, and it just so happened to be perfect in the butterfly wings too! I just made sure to mask on side of the butterfly as I stamped it. SO PERFECT!!

I used the leaves in the Fanciful Flourishes © set to stamp some leaves under my Prima flowers that you see here. It is a subtle detail.

Now I used that same flourish that you see in the butterfly to stamp my own pattern on the bottom portion of my creation! I stamped all of the images in brown ink. On the bottom layer I did some stamping of the same flourish in white craft ink for a softer “fill in” of pattern! I used a white gel pen to dot my flower centers!


Quick and easy.

The sentiment is from So Sentimental ©. This is a must have all occasion set with sentiments and matching verses! Great for either the outside or INSIDE of any card! OR use it anywhere else!

Well I will return tomorrow with another card for you!

I hope you enjoy the gorgeous weather we are having! Spring feels so close now! I cannot wait 😀

Thanks for stopping by.


Pretty Impressions stamp set: All A Flutter, So Sentimental, Fanciful Flourishes

Cardstock from Couture Cardstock:Santa’s Beard, Oat, Ganache

May Arts ribbon, PRima Flowers, Adhesive Pearls, White Gel Pen

Sweet Baby Girl

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Today is the MTME design team group post day! Hope you have time to check it out.

Soon the winners of the contest will be posted. Stay tuned.

Make sure you take some time to stop by and visit  each design team member for some truly amazing projects! Each one is different from the last.

 Check them all out

  • Catherine Doucette
  • Katie Cotton
  • Kristin Bueter
  • Mona Pendleton
  • Pam Imholz
  • Tracey Cuccia
  • My Time Made Easy LLC Store
  • For my project today I created a 3 dimensional frame for a little girls room.


    I love making room/home decor. It is so fun to make something personal for someone, that can always be displayed, especially when that is a new little someone! I adore girly stuff and had a blast making this using the Bringing Home Baby © stamp set.

    I printed some of the Bringing Home Baby Girl © paper-the paisley, floral ric rac, and stork pattern, and adhered it inside my frame, under the mat. It looks just like a baby quilt in person.


    I found this 5 X 5 Keepsake frame at Michael’s on SALE for $4!! It was originally ocean themed and came with seashells. Dumped those out and made it all my own.

    The main circle is actually glued to the outside of the glass.


    There is some amazing dimension here too. You can see some by this side shot.

    I stamped the carriage on some Lineal White cardstock on both my main circle layer, and some scrap

    I purposely lightly stamped the solid carriage pieces with the colored ink so that you could see some of the texture in the carriage .


    The center panel is paper pieced with the floral ric rac pattern. I printed it smaller, and love how perfect it fit.

    I also used a small oval punch to create my “baby” inside the carriage.

    The circle layer has some lace trim layered behind it. It really adds to the girly feel of this creation.


    Tied complete with some dual sided satin ribbon….this project came together in just a few minutes!

    Supplies from today’s post:

    Keepsake Frame

    Pretty Impressions stamp set: Bringing Home Baby ©

    Cardstock from Couture Cardstock:  Lineal White

    Matte Photo Paper (super for printing digital paper :D) Printworks Matte Photo Paper (Target)

    Pretty Impressions Digital Paper: Bringing Home Baby Girl

    May Arts Ribbon, Prima Rose, lace trim

    Thanks for stopping by, and checking out everything we’ve shared the last week.

    I still have more tomorrow so stop back by!

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