Where did the week go?

Where have I been?

I have been “around”, just the kids have been keeping me busy! I know that is a common phrase I have shared on here the last 2 months….but it is getting better. As the hustle and bustle from the holidays wind down…and I get back to stamping all will be right with the world!

Alexa had her post cancer check up. She never talks to me on the way there! EVER! No matter what I try to drag out of her. This time she shared with me that she hates going back to that hospital. She said “I was really sick and I stayed there a really long time. Everything hurt me and all my hair fell out.”

WOW! What can you say to that. She can often have a hard time with her expressive communication (but she writes everything she thinks in poems and stories) so when you do “have a moment” to get in her head as to what she is thinking it is rare and beautiful. Granted that time heart wrenching, but nice to know why she may be so quiet.

I told her that was a long time ago, and she is all better. We just need to keep checking to make sure she stays healthy.

Her bottom line “I don’t like it there”.  You know what? I don’t blame her one bit! I don’t either.

We are coming up on our 4th year since she got Leukemia. Each winter, when we make that long drive I am flooded with the thoughts, emotions and memories of THAT day that she got diagnosed. I just can’t help but remember that day like it was yesterday. It is just like the day you have your children-unforgettable. I am so grateful she is doing so well now. Not a day passes that I don’t thank God for that. Not a single one. ESPECIALLY when she is being difficult! LOL! She is 10 now and lets just say the attitude could use an adjustment at times! LOL!!

Through the holidays and my first release I was SO busy and consumed with everything that I needed to take some extra special time with my kids. Like I said I NEED to cherish this time that they are small (well I guess that is the point, they are getting SO BIG! SO FAST!) and that means some of my creative time has taken a back seat. Plus I really poured out the projects for the My Time Made Easy ™ LLC release!!

The kids and I are working on some fun projects togehter that we will share soon too!! They missed me while I was busy getting everything all settled, and now I can slide back into a work routine and spread myself more evenly through my family, friends and work. I just needed that little break so the kid know that they are #1!

I have some guest spots coming up as the week ends, new releases for some companies to share……one being Pink Cat Studio! She released a ton of fun stuff so go to her store and check out her blog! The design team did some AMAZING stuff with it all!

Also my friend Katie had a FAB new release at Paper Makeup Stamps! Check those out! Ally is my favorite from the release, and on my MUST have list 😀 Katie made this project using Cutesy Cover ©, and I about fell over! She looks SO real (and so much like Katie! LOL!)

More MTME projects:

Pam made a STUNNING frame for her craft room for ONLY a $1—>HERE!

Mona use Shutt-erfly © for a color challenge!

Kristin as a few FAB projects too!!

Framed card

Masked card

I think that is all for me today. We are taking the kids bowling, then I have some creative time.

Sorry nothing to creative yet….but I’ll share soon.