We’re Back! My Time Made Easy™ LLC  is OPEN! But please read first!

I’m SO excited and when I’m excited I gush, and gush! But the top portion is ALL necessary so please read, the rest is my happiness sharing my dream and projects with the world. I’m hoping I can help make any last minute holiday gift giving EASY and affordable 😀

I am happy to announce that  he site server has been successfully moved, and we are now back up and running!!
Things took a bit longer than we hoped for but as long as the transition was perfect, that is all that really matters.
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Now let’s talk Pretty Packaging © templates!

As stated previously, ALL our CUT Files include the PDF version of the template for use of the scoring guide!

Our PDF templates have “dotted” score lines, and the “dots” are kept to a minimum! That way if you are utilizing our printer versions for gifts they will look nice with barely noticeable, if at all, once the packaging is assembled.  

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I can hardly wait 😀
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OK it is now time to introduce you to the Gingerpinches


Before I even saw the Snowgirl, I first saw what I like to call the Gingerpinches.

I thought how cute would it be to have a little family! Especially if you were to want to give a treat to each member of the family whose house you were attending for a holiday gathering!

Its cute packages like this that would TOTALLY get my attention in a store, and I would BUY no matter what was INSIDE!!! Its just too cute to resist,and these are SOOO easy peasy!

I just used the FAB Pretty Packaging © called In a Pinch © template, and cut my projects using Pumpernickle cardstock! Perfect “Gingerpinch” base.

Having the .SVG option (or any cut file) LOVING IT!!) I can EASILY resize my templates, and having a MACHINE cut them is SO fabulous, and a great time saver. Every second counts to the busy papercrafter.

NOTE: As stated above-the PDF version of every template IS included in every CUT file! Now you have the scoring guide on hand for easy reference, and as a backup, if you switch cutters 😀

The PDF versions of the templates use spaced out “dots” to ensure you have more refined looking projects, with less likeliness of any score lines showing when your Pretty Packaging © is complete! I recommend you trying the FREE! Cutesy Cover © template to give everything a try, and see how fabulous this way of marking out the scores really is!

So first up we have Daddy Gingerpinch


He is packed to the top using 2 1/2 bags of Hershey Nuggets! This box holds a ton! (Don;t forget you can make is smaller too!)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this template to pieces.

Made with NO stamps, just some supplies I had on hand. Oh and a little digital gingerbread boy I made on my computer for inspiration.

The eyes are some buttons, and the mouth used two circle punches (creating a circle frame, then cut in half). A super sweet felt ribbon around his neck.

Inspired by my Snowman cocoa jar, to create a vest for this sweet treat.


I printed the Pretty Printable © paper called Throw Me a Line © in moss/olive (but not in top quality so it mached the color of my gingerboy), to create my vest. I then added some more buttons, and my digital gingerboy 😀

Next up we have Mommy Gingerpinch


She is just the sweetest!

I tucked in my top flap/panels, and filled her with chocolate covered pretzels (YUM) from Target. Having the tops stick out looks like some cute hair sticking out the top of her head! Like some vintage cloth dolls in a Raggedy Anne style, complete with red bow.


I knew she needed to be girlied up so I used flower buttons, and created a skirt. For the skirt I used the That Hit the Spot © Pretty Printable paper. I adjusted my setting to print in a paler shade of brown. I added a belt using ribbon and hardware. I also used a punch from Martha Stewart for the bottom of the skirt.


OH! I just love her. She is so cute.

Well, now we have Lil Gingerpinch


He is holding a scrumptious Reese Peanut Butter Cup! Perfect for mass producing projects!

This is where it is fun! I resized my template using my SCAL program. I decreased the size ( be sure to keep your setting set to “maintain proportions” when you resize) by 2 inches. If you do this you only have to change ONE measurement on the file, and the rest will resize along with it without altering the template design.

It was a lot of fun to make some of the templates larger/smaller with ONE click.

Now big, or small you can give some really nice gifts this holiday to everyone on your list!

This would also make a FAB gift card holder too! Disguised perfectly!

Now when you go to our website you get to see some completed projects using the Pretty Packaging © in our samples. You are also able to view each template in it’s PLAIN assembled view. This allows you see some possibilities of what can be done, or the clean slate! I personally love seeing what can come from a plain box, and having one next to other other is a great way to share the beginning of MANY possibilities!

That being said, you may recognize this project as the Cutesy Cover © sample on our website!


This template is FREE too!

This is coming to you just in time for Christmas Eve!

This is one of the easiest templates to put together quickly! From my Cricut Expression (which cuts this in under a minute easy), to scoring and assembling it took 3 1/2 minutes! It is also one of my favorite that I designed to date! It was one of those surprises. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but sometimes its the SIMPLEST of gift wraps that really makes you swoon.

This template is one you will turn to for so many gift ideas. Especially when you choose to resize it! It can be made much bigger or smaller.

I made a package for Reindeer Food! This is something my children love to have each year. Its easy and really gets you in the holiday spirit.

The tag is one I made myself, using my computer 😀 Then just tied around the box with a variety of ribbons from American Crafts, and May Arts.

 I’ve been using some new cardstock lately from Couture Cardstock. Since I am diving into my own business, I needed a new paper/cardstock source. I also wanted to get more 12 X 12 paper in a variety of options for color and TEXTURE! I am especially in LOVE with their One Sheet Wonder! for my coloring projects and main card bases!

 Info on that from their site: One Sheet Wonder has been endorsed by Sally Lynn MacDonald, Copic Design Team Member and Regional Certification Instructor, as the preferred 120 lb  white cardstock for alcohol ink shading and coloring. Specifically suited for creating one layer cards, One Sheet Wonder now gives you the ability to custom color your stamped images without bleed through or adding unnecessary bulk. 

(PS I don’t work with them, just a happy customer)

SO I put in my order and gave it a try myself……OH MY WORD! Wait till you see some of what I have using this with my Copic Markers and this paper! Oh and the Blending paper is FAB too!! OK moving on….

This is the reindeer package opened.


The tag reads:

Sprinkle the Reindeer Food outside tonight

The moonlight will make it sparkle bright

As the reindeer fly and roam

This will get them to your home.


Now if you notice the box is printed on both the outside and inside.

I also printed my own DOUBLE SIDED patterned paper using the FREE Pretty Printable © 12 Days of Snowflakes (for the outside)

NOTE: This is a large file and depending on your  connection speed, that will determine you download speed.


and the Throw Me A Line © for the inside


Now with our Pretty Printable © digital paper you have an ENDLESS supply of your favorite papers, and YOU can decide what to mix and match, and when. No more hoarding anything until it is suddenly out of style! LOL!

You can easily resize the paper too so there isn’t a lot of “waste”. Plus it is a ONE time purchase for an ENDLESS supply. That is really cool!

Its nice to have the INSIDE look as wonderful as the outside! This is especially FAB for all you using the PDF versions too. Another way to hide the score lines with little effort. Especially since we are using widely spaced “dots” the chance of seeing any harsh score lines is minimal!

This template also comes with a decorative mat layer for the curved front pocket, as well as an insert liner, that can also be used on the OUTSIDE! So endless possibilities!


Now if you are looking for MORE fabulous samples using the Pretty Packaging ©, look here:

Kristin made a GATE using Hanging Holiday Sled ©-this gate is AMAZING and the handle look so real.

Pam made a gift card holder using Cutesy Cover ©-this project was for a teen boy! We all need help with “male” themed gifts.

Mona made something for Valentines Day using Cutesy Cover– ©-the way she tucked in the flap is cute as is her project!

Katie used Cutesy Cover (and the Snowflakes paper) to hold cards-they are so pretty, so check it out!

And Catherine created an adorable gift package using Cutesy Cover ©-she also adds some helpful hints!

Come back tomorrow as I have much more to share. Especially if you need to WHIP out a quick, last minute project for several people!