If you ordered PLEASE READ:

(if you are just stopping by check out this post and the one below)

We are experiencing some glitches, I am aware of each of them, and I want to update you.

I’m so excited you are all excited about the “unofficial” opening of our store! There were so many people accessing it at the same time we had some ‘error” messages occur.

I appreciate your patience as we work everything out. The reason for our unofficial opening was to ensure SMOOTH sailing for our actual opening January 3rd.

Now that being said we have certainly had some glitches!! Initially the store was VERY slow (as was the download process). I called our web-host and the problem is now fixed. Things should run a lot quicker.

If you were a email subscriber and attempted to immediately use the coupon code for your FREE template, please try that again, it is now fixed. This email was available ONLY to subscribers.

If you have purchased/downloaded any of the Pretty Printable © digital papers or Pretty Packaging ©templates and received a notice that they were already downloaded, or download has expired-that is in the process of being fixed. Please give it a little time today so we can fix it for you.

You can later go to your account and download them!

That is all for now. In the meantime I really want to thank you all the kind words and support!

Our web-host said he has never seen so many people attempting to access a site at ONE time!

I appreciate each of you!

I am doing my best to get everything all worked out (or should I say poor Sara is!)


Store is running SLOW and downloads are taking a LONG time! Sorry. There isn’t too much more I can say other than

this isn’t NORMAL, and we are working to fix it. There is just a influx of people downloading.

So please bear with me. Everyone will get everything

If you don’t NEED to download now, maybe wait till later, when things settle down. You have 2 days to access your files, and 5 attemps.