This post is JAM packed with a lot of eye candy and information! So please be sure to read it all. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything.

Somebody PINCH me! (wink)

The time has FINALLY come for My Time Made Easy™ LLC to “unofficially” be opened! So hurry and go check everything out!! If you subscribed to our newsletter be sure to check your IN BOX or Spam folder (just in case!!!) You don’t want to miss your FREE template in there.

By “unofficial” opening, I mean we do not yet have our first release of the complete packaging line with coordinating paper and acrylic stamps yet, but we DO have THREE fabulous NEW! and easy to assemble templates for all your gift giving needs *just in time for the holidays*!

All my NEW! My Time Made Easy™ LLC Pretty Packaging © templates will be offered in the following formats:

  • PDF files – for those of you with home printers
  • SVG files – compatible with Provocraft Cricut Personal, Cricut Expression & Cricut Create
      The Cricut series cannot cut 3rd party shapes unless extra software is purchased. To enable the ability to cut 3rd party shapes, you must buy and install Craft Edge’s Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) software. This will allow the Cricut to cut files in the SVG format. This software dramatically changes the utility of the Cricut machines. It should be the first addition to anyone’s Cricut machine!
  • GSD files – compatible with Xyron Wishblade, Quickutz Shilouette, Graphtec CraftROBO (although due to size restrictions of this machine some templates may be smaller than other actual versions)
      Graphtec CraftROBO. This machine is also sold as the following: Xyron Wishblade and the Quickutz Silhouette. These machines natively use the GSD format but can easily import the DXF format. No additional software is required.
  • DXF files – Pazzles Creative Cutter Inspiration, Klic N Kut Element , Groove and Maxx
      These machines can cut both the PDF and DXF formats. Their native format is a proprietary format called KNK

To summarize:

Here are the most common home cutting machines and the suggested format to cut My Time Made Easy templates.

  • Cricut machines: (Must buy SCAL software): SVG
  • CraftROBO machines (including Wishblade and Silhouette): GSD
  • Klic N Kut Series: DXF
  • Pazzles: DXF

These are an instant download, so you can start creating in minutes! For ONE low price you can make so many gifts for everyone on your list!

Our template files are priced at only $5. You get UNLIMITED use from the template download. Each file includes step by step, detailed photo instructions. There will also be a PDF download of the scoring guide included for those using personal cutting machines.

Right now the economy is in a bad place and we could ALL use a break on our wallet wherever we can get it, we have ONE free template called Cutesy Cover (this will always be FREE), Hanging Holiday Sled- listed for ONLY $1, and another FAB template called In a Pinch © for only $3! These sale prices will expire the day after Christmas!

The trio of Pretty Packaging templates are just what you need to “Pretty” up any inexpensive item, and affordably make gifts for everyone on your list!

Now even MORE!! We have some Pretty Printable © digital paper too! What could be more fun?

Another instant download! All our patterned paper is 300dpi and delivered in a zip file so you can download it and print it right from home. Each digital page is saved as a jpeg which allows you to easily resize it for your cardstock size! Now you can have patterns in your favorite sizes for any project.

Our pricing will be at only 0.50 cents a sheet! So our collection costs will range according to the number of designs offered. VERY affordable.

We have worked hard to ensure the colors in our collection of digital papers come close to those you may already have in your ever building collection of cardstock, and ink. That will make matching up easy.

We have 3 collections ready for you!

12 Days of Snowflakes is FREE, That Hit the Spot is on SALE for ONLY $ 3, then we have Throw Me a Line for $6!

So today you can get several NEW! Pretty Packaging templates, and NEW! Pretty Printable © digital paper.

If you were to purchase everything we have today you would pay ONLY $13!!! What an amazing value to be able to make UNLIMITED personalized gifts.

If you are excited now, wait until you see what we have for our very first “official release”.

First up…..In a Pinch ©

Frosty the Snowgirl


You are going to be BLOWN away with the possibilities this template has to offer.

I saw a cute lil snowman……I mean snowgirl, when I looked at this! (oh and another collection that I will share very soon)

This template goes together-in a pinch (hence the name!). You can easily fill it with so many treats!

Those of you wither personal cutters can easily resize this to suit any project/gift. Plus having a machine cut these templates out saves you SO MUCH time! I am in complete gift packaging HEAVEN! I have LONG awaited the templates that I create to be able to be made into this type of format. FINALLY!!

Even if you don’t have a personal cutter, this is still fun and easy 😀


I created mine using my Cricut Expression. This is set to be created in the standard template size.

Completed Project Size

  • 6 3/4 inches tall
  • 3 inches wide
  • 2 inches deep
  • snowgirl-2.JPG

    Now we have a super cute felt hat, with corduroy pom pom, glittery tinsel trim, some buttons for the eyes (complete with handdrawn eyelashes, and “coal” smile) pretty wide organdy ribbon, felt snowflake ribbon, and some jungle bells make this a total WOW! Would anyone really care WHAT is inside?

    Well, if you do…..I took some Lindt chocolate balls, wrapped them in white tulle so they look like snowballs (sort of!).


    I punched and glitterized a snowflake. Sentiment if from an upcoming stamp set (next year! sorry) I designed. Just a TINY peek.

    Now if you aren’t convinced yet wait until you see what my NEW! Design Team has put together!

    I received MANY emails when I announced my new venture. I had already selected my design team, prior to my BIG announcement. I am sure you are wondering WHO will be creating the knock out samples you are going to see month after month.

    I have to say there is SO much talent out there too! Many “undiscovered” little gems 😀

    Each person on this team is very talented! They each bring something special to My Time Made Easy™ LLC. I hope you will grow to enjoy their talent, and be inspired by them, as much as I have. I simply cannot say enough about these women.

    I decided to let their projects become their introduction to the world!

    I am going to post their sample, and you will find out WHO is WHO when you click thier project link.

    Design Team Member #1


    This team member fit all this into their template! A girl after my own heart. Look how nicely everything is coordinated.

    What stunning collection that is sure to warm up the coldest day. I love the ilish embellishment with the punched snowflakes. Oh and did I mention the cocoa? YUM!

    This design team member has been my right hand girl these last few weeks. I can’t even say how much of a blessing she is. She is also the official designer of the NEW! Pretty Printable © digital paper! Here she showcases the Throw Me A Line © Pretty Printable © digital paper.

    Please welcome—-> CLICK HERE!

    Design Team Member #2


    Lavender never looked so festive! I am in love. The 12 days of Snowflakes Pretty Printable © digital paper is sure to spark an arrangement of stunning winter creations. This is clean, simple and finely detailed. Look at the stitching detail! Amazing.

    This design team member has been a complete blessing to me. She and her husband have helped me get everything off the ground. I cannot say how much I appreciate both of them! She is a template QUEEN for sure, and helps me fine tune all the template files. Did I also mention she is sweet as pie? How can so much talent and sweetness ooze from one person?!

    You can meet her here—-> CLICK HERE!

    Design Team Member #3


    Now showcasing another FAB version of our Pretty Printable © digital paper called That Hit the Spot, in lavender……this also POPS with the touches of chocolate! Isn’t everything better with chocolate? This is very rich looking. Love the addition of the seed beads too.

    This team member created the My Time Made Easy™ LLC  blinkie for me. SO sweet!

    I have long loved her talent, energy and pure spark she brings to the crafting world. I am happy that she found time to join the team, as she has her own company (which I LOVE). She also juggles family and several blogs! Not sure how she does it all, but I am glad she does. (I’m also wondering why this doesn’t have an “L” for Lauren, instead of an “R”! :D)

    Go say hello—-> CLICK HERE!

    Design Team Member #4


    Pink and Pom Poms! Does it get any better than that?

    Here we have all THREE of our Pretty Printable © digital papers in pink! All three of these collections coordinate together perfectly as you can see by this sample! This design team member packaged up this soft scarf into the In A Pinch © template. WOW! I never got a scarf wrapped like that before! Stunning.

    It is perfectly accented with those pom poms and snowflake embellishments!

    This design team member is a rising star. She has recently become a “cover girl”, making the cover of two publications! I am so proud of her. She is very organized and sure to keep me on my toes! I have put her in charge of coordinating the design team, and projects for our newsletter!

    Let’s give a warm welcome—> CLICK HERE!

    Design Team Member #5


    WOW! That is what I said when I saw this beauty!

    I noticed this person immediately when she would create some amazing projects using the My Timeless Templates ©. I always wondered WHY she had not yet been “discovered”. I love everything she does. I simply cannot wait to see what she does using all our coordinating products.

    This design team member used a label die to create a window for the In A Pinch. I love having a window in here. You can see she used the red version of our That Hit the Spot © Pretty Printable © digital paper, then accented it with ribbon, ric rac, bells and punched leaves, just perfect!

    Come meet her —> HERE!

    Design Team Member #6


    Last, but not least!

    Another stunning creation using In A Pinch, and the olive collection of 12 Days of Snowflakes © Pretty Printable © digital paper (and and see the stripes in the back-that is the Throw Me A Line © collection)!

    Joy-that is what I feel when I see this! You could whip these up for everyone on your list this year.

    This person has been in my crafting “circle” for some time now. She should be able to quit her job, and stay home and stamp all day! This person is multi-talented being gifted in music as well as papercrafting.  She also made the watermark for all our team members! She is SUPER savvy with any of the digital stuff too. She does some great work for some other design teams and thier digital projects. She works wonders with it all and I admit I am a but envious of those skills. I am learning though 😀

    Come meet this digi girl—–> CLICK HERE!

    Well what do think? Pretty exciting stuff!

    Is your head just SPINNING with projects ideas now? I hope so!!IThere is more to share, but I will let this all sink in and I will return with MORE eyecandy tomorrow.

    I have SO many thank yous to post, but will give that the appropriate attention soon.

    I really need to thank my web girl (that is what I call her) Sara. She is a complete miracle worker (and all mine :D). She designed my blog and my store.

    I would NOT trust anyone else in the world but her. I am so thankful for all her hard work and hours she put into this for me during the BUSIEST time of year. She spent countless hours not only designing this for me but doing research, and all sorts of “legwork” to ensure this site was PERFECT and just as I envisioned. I have so much love and respect for her. I cannot even tell you all how much she has meant to me. We still have a few “tweaks” before the GRAND opening but she did an amazing job getting done everything I needed.

    She deserves a great big holiday bonus just for dealing with me. She talks “computer” talk and the poor girl….its all FRENCH to me! She has genius I could never imagine possible having. A pure JOY to work with.

    Well I think that is all the typing my lil fingers can handle for ONE day. After taking such a LONG break from blogging this post has been a killer on my creative digits 😀

    I really want to say THANK YOU, to all of you who have followed me here, and joined me in my creative ventures. You, my fellow crafters, mean the world to me. You are encouraging and really do share my excitement. A wonderful community of people I have come to know. It is a feeling that is hard to describe, but I’m sure you “get it”. These aren’t just words I’m typing on a keyboard, they come from the bottom of my heart. I cherish you all and enjoy every second I get to share what I love doing with the world.

    That being said I’ll be back to share more of what I love tomorrow 😀

    Thank you for all the well wishes and support. I’m dying to see your projects (especially once the complete line of stamps, paper and templates goes LIVE!) with the new stuff.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family.