Hi everyone.

Well today will be a CRAZY running around day. I know many of you are wondering what is up with me these days. Well tonight at midnight (if you are up then) or tomorrow, I will explain myself. I have some changes that I made recently and it is time to inform you of those. With all those changes I’ve had to switch some of my focus. Trust me it will all make sense in a few hours.

So, for today I’m just popping in quick with a little eye candy, and to send you a link to a article that was written about the My Timeless Templates ©  Katie Berberich  is a fellow stamper/crafter who works for the Craft Journal. She chose to review the My Timeless Templates for her debut!

Check it out!

Thanks so much Katie, and basically to every single person who has given them a try! I swear each month it just gets better and better!! This is my thanks to everyone for their support and sharing how much you too love these templates, with the world! Of course I love them, but when you read how much others do too I think you all believe it more! LOL!

So after receiving the link to that article I figured I better share a sample with you too!! An oldie but goodie……

Let’s do lunch


Now I decided I would revamp this template a bit! Many of you think SCHOOL when you see it! Ot that it HAS to have a handle!! But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can also be used for a elegant gift holder! How sweet would this look on a desk, holding some stationary? Maybe have some bath products?


I had this text within flowers paper (I believe it is by Making Memories) and I decided to create my own text within a flower. I used the Remember set and Background Basics Text Style for the tag


Some masking made it all possible. I love the look! VERY simple.


I then tied some ribbon around the top, and embellished with some Prima flowers.

I think it looks fabulous. Someone may not even care if there is anything inside! But all they have to do is slide off the bow (and then they can easily replace it) and open it up!

OK I must run!! I know I’m brief but I have a ton to do.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you all visit me tomorrow for the news.