Well I’m excited to share a PEEK at today’s project!

NOTE: Template not available until the 15th!

It is also my son, Noah’s 7th Birthday!! I can’t believe how fast time went by, and how big he is! That is for another day……

OK back to “business”.

The entire team at Papertrey Ink is getting in on the template FUN! Finally!!

 We each have ONE peek of our projects using the NEW! Home Made © Template/Stamp set.

This month will run a little differently. Normally you get 5 EXCLUSIVE ideas with the template download. THIS month you get a PEEK at each project and a grand total of 11 projects ideas, complete with additional photos, supplies and instructions for completing each one with the template purchase.


Can you believe this template is ONLY $5!

The template includes:

 house base

roof box top

PRINTED roof toppers! So no lining up stamps 😀

2 back dormers

1 larger front dormer

and a chimney.

SOOOOOOOOO many possibilities its insane.

 You have PLENTY of time to make your holiday gifts still 😀

How cool is it that we have a template and stamp combo for this one 😀  I cannot tell you how many hours went in to perfecting this template. This is one of those ideas that wakes me up at 4am (it is ALWAYS 4am for some odd reason too! LOL!) and then next thing you know it goes from a sketch, to a tangible template! Just like that! (I wish! LOL!) OK LOTS of cardstock wasted, but it is so worth it 😀

I could seriously gush over this forever, but I don’t think I need to. You can see for yourself and know just how many amazing things can truly be done with it!

Now you may think that the stamp set is *just* for the templates. Well no, it can be used for cards too!

I made mine to match my Home Made box!


Isn’t that cute?

All the same elements…..just on a card. I love it.

I wish I could share more……but I can’t. But you can check out the design teams projects while you wait!

  • Becky O
  • Betsy Veldman
  • Dawn McVey
  • Debbie Olson
  • Geny
  • Lisa Johnson
  • Melissa Phillips
  • Michelle Wooderson
  • Nichole Heady
  • Niki Estes
  • Pine
  • Each project is so unique!

    Tomorrow I have another FAB Home Made ©project, that will REALLY inspire you for the holidays 😀 Can’t wait to share that. I think if you were on the fence, you will fall over to the other side! LOL!

    I think you may all have some ideas of why I’m always so “busy” these days! There is just SO much more to come 😀

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Before I end, I need to share the winners of the My Timeless Templates ©for this month!

    I felt like since it was Noah’s 7th birthday to pick #7 from BOTH posts!!

    So we have

    From Time for Take Out post:

    Amy |

    Yum! I love to make homemade marshmallows -) These take out boxes would be perfect!!!


    From Home Made post:

    7. Mandy Kirk |

    You truly are amazing!! The templates just keep getting better and better!


    Then to be fair I thought I’d pick 2 RANDOM winners via www.random.org.

    I decided that the all the winners would get BOTH templates! Please contact me 😀

    From the Time for Take Out

    Random Integer Generator

    Here are your random numbers:

    Jen McGee |  
    Every year during the holidays, my mom and I would make Goodie Trays to deliver to friends & neighbors over the holidays.  
    A variety of things like fudge, chocolate covered pretzels, carmels, etc. With my kids, I have packaged up cut out  
    cookies that they have decorated. I pick a weekend and let them go to town (messy but fun). Can’t wait to get my hands  
    on another one of your templates!  
    Now we have the random winner from Home Made post  

    Random Integer Generator

      Here are your random numbers:  
    Crisanne | 
    Oh how I needed this template not too long ago! Of course, the little card with a house I made wasn’t too bad, but this  
    would have made my house warming gift simply amazing!! This is an absolute must-have!  
    Well I am going to do my best to celebrate my son's 7th birthday! We are suppose to go see the NEW! 3D movie a Christmas Carol!  
    I think the kids will either a) LOVE IT! or b) be terrified! LOL!
    Have a great day, and see you back here tomorrow!