Hi everyone!

I want to say thanks for all the beading tip, links and emails. I still have so many to sort though-but thank you too, in advance. I purchased the hearts for my keychains (in prev. post) at A.C. Moore. As for the beading stuff…..WOW! Am I ever OVERWHELMED! LOL!!! I’m sure Ill sort through everything and figure it out…..eventually! So much to know. I guess that is how most people feel when they start stamping. I don’t remember feeling that, but I have heard so many others say that when I’ve been at the craft store, or at a stamping event. Maybe I will take a class at my local bead store! I like learning new things.

I have been SOOOOOO busy my head is spinning. The stress FINALLY caught up with me and gave me a 2 day migraine. NICE. I decided that I can’t let stress rule my life, so I got off the couch and down to my stamp cave 😀 Once I got stamping my migraine suddenly vanished!! Maybe it was my long computers hours that were KILLING my brain! I actually came up with a FAB project-I’m in LOVE! But, I am saving it for my PTI newsletter 😀 I think you will agree its worth the wait.

On a side note MANY emails asked IF and WHEN I would update my Etsy Shop! Yes, I have stuff from here for like the last 3 months! I’ve just been busy and need to take a few days of REST! Plus I like to ship ASAP so I need to make sure I’m free to pack and ship in a timely manner. I have a lot going on here (behind the scenes) and its just been GO! GO! GO! I will let you all know when I actually get stuff listed.

Anyway……I needed to just play for the day, so I reached for my UBER cute Greeting Farm Girl-Miss Anya

I have had this set for longer than I care to admit. It was time to ink’er up


I LOVE this unusual color combo with this image. You see typically I would go all GIRLY with my colors, but I went with this combo instead. Again, I needed and change.

Spring Rain, Enchanted Evening, and Pure Poppy-with touches of Smokey Shadow. Very cool.

I created my sidewalk —> check out my “how to” video for that, and used an OLD A Muse candy shop image as a store. I KNOW the store is tiny, and my “idea” was to have it be in the distance…….but now it just looks like a tiny store! LOL! OH WELL! Win some, lose some! I still loved the card.


Its kind of Sailor Girl isn’t it?

I used the sentiment “Its all about style” from Birthday Wishes Borders & Centers Set 2-3/8″ ! I loved the sentiment and the font.

Now, get this-for my project the curve of the size it us suppose to be was too big……………so…………… I took the rounded image and put it in their smaller round block ,of course it didn’t REALLY fit the whole thing, so I just made sure the part I wanted was locked in, and inked up! Then stamped it. I then punched it out with my circle punch. Now I can’t recall what size it was!(  Sorry! I Told you-migraine!! )But I loved that it worked.

SO that is all for me tonight.

Thank you for stopping by