First met me start by reminding you that its the 15th!

 That means it is the LAST DAY to get the Sure Cuts Alot coupon being offered here:

I purchased Sure Cuts A Lot 2.o (since you all said I NEED it :D) and GUESS WHAT! Canda of Canda Craft (where I found the SCAL 2.0 for the CHEAPEST price around WOOT! WOOT!) not only has it on SALE! , but emailed me after I placed my order, to tell me that YOU, my PRECIOUS, much loved and HELPFUL readers will get an ADDITIONAL 10% off!

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So seriously how cool is that? Those of you on the fence can now jump off!  I am loving my Cricut Expression and have used it on numerous items (soon to be seen :D) If you have considered getting it, this is the best time. Its not the type of product that goes on sale. SO why wait?

OK now onto the crafty stuff.

Today I’m over the moon to share my final release projects with you, using the NEWEST! My Timeless Templates: Cash or Charge Trio (available NOW! for instant download :D)

Now I told you before that the trio of “cash or gift card” holders can hold other items, and I have given you a couple of examples. Today I’m sharing another TRIO project, where I take all the same elements and use them in the 3 different projects.

What has me uber excited is the fact that I am sharing my VERY FIRST beading project! I am sure many of you make your own jewelry, or give it as gifts, so maybe these will spark your interest 😀

FIRST let me say…….I have NEVER beaded before, AND I know I didn’t end up having ALL the correct supplies, but I’m still over the moon that my project came out so pretty for my FIRST ever try! Once I was actually in the process I realized I needed certain things. Me- being impatient, I just plugged along and made do!

Now, I don’t have a beading book, I just sort of went with it. I created 3 of the same style keychains. I thought they would be the best FIRST project-Again its NOT professional or perfect in ANY WAY, but I was proud of myself all the same 😀

(this is yet another reason I said I was addicted to BLACK this month)

Made with love


Here is my first keychain, packaged in a velvet bag (that I recycled from jewelry I got from Sonia Jung! I wear it so I don’t need the pretty bag some of the items come in :D). This will go inside the #2 Cash of Charge Trio.

I saw the heart and that was what sparked me making this! I fell in LOVE!!! I then found matching seed beads, and then the filigree style beads. I THINK I needed some end clasp thingy’s. Anyway….its really pretty in person.

 I used the NEW! Text Style II, and Giga Guidelines to customize my box. I think its perfect for such a gift!

I then made the Cash or Charge #3


This keychain will fit in the pocket. Virtually NO stamping here!!! Easy peasy.


You can just tie it into the insert, and they can pull it out. Nothing too fancy. OR if you make your own bracelets, earring, or necklaces you can use the tabbed insert to put them on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that, seriously? Not only do you have a cool, fancy insert but a pretty pocket cover too!! If you do craft fairs, people are sure to love this presentation too.

Then, last but not least….

Cash or Charge #1


Now we had YET to show you that this can hold other treats, like my keychain. Honestly this templates PRIMARY purpose is for holding cash/gift cards, but you can possibly use it for other things. The MOST versatile template in this trio is obviously #2!

For this one, I didn’t create the slit in the bottom of the template. I just put some patterned paper to line it. My velvet bag fits perfectly in here. You’d never think this would be inside would you?

here is the back view


Super simple and fun.


My Timeless Templates: Cash of Charge Trio

Stamps: Text Style bkgd II, Giga Guidelines, floral frenzy (#1 template)
Cardstock: Aqua Mist, white patterned paper: black and white basics
Ink: Aqua Mist, Black
Ribbon: Saddle Stitch black
Prima Flowers

Simple and elegant.

I love my keychains 😀 Not to bad for a first go.

Now tell me….Have you ever walked down the beading isle? HOLY OVERWHELMING! People say stamping is overwhelming, but I think beaders have us BEAT! I had NO IDEA where to start!

I got some silver wire, the keychain toggle thingy and my beads. I had some wire tools in my papercrafting stuff so I was good there.

I think I need some end clasp things. I ended up stringing it through numerous times so it wouldn’t pull apart of unravel.

Basically if YOU bead, ANY basic supply help offered here would really help! I’d love to make more gifts like this and package them up for the holidays! I don’t know WHAT book to get or basic supplies!! I also don’t want to invest a ton of $$, just basic stuff. So anything you care to share, can help me and some of my readers. I’d appreciate it.

Honestly I shouldn’t even CONSIDER another “hobby”! LOL! But I like to mix it up 😀 I’d really LOVE to learn polymer clay too! I got a pasta maker for that purpose YEARS ago, but can’t find it :C Never even used it :C Oh well. Maybe I should stick to making boxes! LOL! I already know how to do that.

Well once again THANK you so very much for stopping by 😀 I hope you get to scroll down to view everything over the last few days. More importantly I hope I inspired you in some way to get creating!!

Till tomorrow….