Hi all!

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Today was a beautiful (HOT!) day here in NH! We haven’t had many of those this year.

I took the kids to a really cool sprinkler park for the first time today in Derry NH! My friend Lisa told me about it, so we got the kids together and made a day of it.

It was SUPER cool and FREE!  Now that is a great day trip 😀 I just brought drinks, watermelon cubes, grapes and snap peas-and we called it a day!

Today was one of those days that you TRULY enjoy being a mom and love every second with your children. You realized how fast time passes and how blessed you are to have them 😀

Here are some cool photos highlighting our day:

My 3 little monkeys


Girls striking a pose (makes me wish I had a sister growing up)


Photos of Noah


Now he starts to get into the sprinklers


We had to leave because his lips were getting BLUE! LOL!


The water was chilly (Alexa is doing her best to hide her face :D)


but refreshing….(now Amber is hiding!)


Now we have lil Amber


She did her best to NOT get wet! LOL! At first!


But that didn’t work so well


Before you knew it her and Alexa were dancing in the “rain”


Alexa just ran and ran all day, in the water


She had a BLAST too


Sadly she is very sensitive to sunscreen near her eyes. We have a tearless kids sport one, but it still usually burns her eyes. So you can SORT of see, she got burned right UNDER her eyes where the sun screen WASN’T! It would have been too close to her eyes if I put it literally right under. Go figure she’s get a burn right there! Her skin is SOOOO sensitive!

Oh to be a kid again.! We were out in the sun a whopping 4 hours. I was EXHAUSTED! (and mommy remembered to apply and reapply sunscreen to the kids, and NOT herself! LOL! SO I am BURNED! OUCH!) I came home and took a nap. As I type they are dancing and singing in the living room, running around in circles! Can anyone tell me WHY, with all the technology we have these days, they CAN’T figure out WHAT it is that gives kids this kind of energy, and put THAT in my coffee!?!

In all seriousness there are no words to say how much I enjoy days like this. Seeing my kids happy, HEALTHY and free spirited, running through the water. Living a “normal” life again. Days like this I often thought may never be.

 I swear I never take a single second for granted.

How blessed I am.