Well I have a large post to share today, some eye candy and some family photos, so ready whatever interests you! LOL!

C.C. Designsis having their release tomorrow! 😀 I have shared several samples from this month’s stamp line up over the last couple of days. So scroll on down my blog.

One of the latest and greatest sets is byAmyR called Fresh Flowers. Its a very pretty set with some solid and open line art, with some sentiments too!

Here is what I got when I combined AmyR’s Sympathy Sentiment set, with her Fresh Flowers from this months Release, along with her Butterflies from last month (I love that set :D)


I thought it was just so pretty and elegant. I didn’t want anything overdone.

My colors are Sweet Blush, Ruby Red, and Ripe Avocado.

I stamped the floral image onto sweet blush cardstock.  Then I cut away the border around the flowers.


I knew I wanted the butterfly to appear behind the flowers. I loved the clean and simple look.

The sentiment was stamped on sweet blush as well, and punched out with a large oval from SU! I also used a SU! Labels die.

Make sure you check out theATS Blog for more samples, and your chance to win this set!

Well it was a full weekend here at the Meader home.

It was full of things to do as we went to our town Annual Hot Air Balloon Rally!


This is a view on the field as they blow up some of the balloons

(note I really need to read up on HOW to work my awesome camera! LOL!)

It is really cool to see them all go up. I love seeing them blow up. They are HUGE inside. Me being terrified of heights, you couldn’t PAY ME to go up in one, even tethered!

I look forward to this event every year, since I met Jason. There are some great benfits to the type of “community” you have when living in a small town, where everyone knows everyone 😀 I really enjoy all our small town activities.

Here are the kids, fooling around for the photo, as we watch the balloons get blown up


The kids LOVE this event too. Its just a really cool thing to expierience.

Here is one on lift off


Poor Jay, he was laying on the ground at the park! LOL! So, he got this shot! LOL! He has to either stand of lay down for at least the next week!

I had my niece Gabby for the day. She is almost 6 months old, and getting so big!


She is in 12 month summer clothing! She just cracks me up too. He has quite the personality.

She looks so much like my brother! Its really crazy. All my kids look like thier father, so I don’t know what having your own child, look like you feels like. That being said, since he looks like me, people we ran into, that I hadn’t seen in a while, thought I had another baby! LOL! And saying how much she looked like me! Um, NO! It was hilarious though.


She was SOOOO good the whole day. You’d never know she had a double ear infection! She is just the best little thing. I enjoy her so much. She like a 4th child to me 😀 She is at such a fun age, when they start making all kinds of sounds and imitating things you do. I could just squeeze her! (OK I do! And between the kids and I she is kissed to death! LOL!) The kids just fawn all over her. I can totally understand why people go for that 4th! LOL! That isn’t a hint that I’m ever having anymore, I’m just SAYING! We fixed that from ever happening again. All my friends have “babies” so I can get my fix!

Speaking of “babies” here are some more photos of MY babies 😀

me-and-kids.JPG click to enlarge

Note: End of the HOT HUMID day at the Balloon Rally! I look tired, and hot! And I was 😀

Here are the girls eating lunch


Then again, while the balloons go off


Another end of day messy photo! LOL!

Noah and Amber going down the big slide


Here is Alexa and her funny look she always gives when I want to take her picture


I have kids wear a Whistle around their necks, in case they get lost in the crowds! They are really good about holding hands, and sticking together, but sometimes people push through you and you just never know! I also wear a back pack and make them hold on the stings if my hands are full. We have like a little people train. They are all PERFECT ages to do stuff with. I am really enjoying them more and more all the time.


Here is Amber and her whistle. I cannot believe my “baby” turns 5 in less than 2 weeks!

Noah taking a drink of a yummy fruit smoothy.


Looking at this photo I can easily see what he will look like at 17! LOL! Makes me a wee bit sad.

This is Noah on the Sizzler


The girls and I can’t handle the fast spinning of this one, so he went alone!


He has lost 5 teeth-so he has a toothless grin!

Then the girls on the spinning dragons


They liked that one.

The fave was of course the Bouncy House! I got photos, but they aren’t very good.

So there you have some highlights from our day. We spent some time with our friends that day too, which was nice and fun!

Now I know summer is close to an end. Funny yesterday was sweltering HOT and HUMID and today and cool and rainy! Go figure. Gotta love New England weather.

Well that is all for me. Time to recover from a hot summer day.

Till tomorow……