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Template challenge blog post

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is finally updated!


OH! BOY! Am I ever running late:C

Quick post that I will return to edit.

I DO have a sample, but didn’t get my photos edited. I had last T-Ball game today (in which Noah lost his tooth while running the bases!) and PROMISED Jay I’d take him out to a Chinese Buffet Lunch! So I have to run.

I have been working on a BIG announcement coming (possibly) Monday! Depends on if I get everything done-but its looking good so far :D)

SO trust me my excuses are good and valid 😀 (Oh and I DID get ALL my 23 teacher gifts-Noah added his new teacher to the mix! LOL!) They all got a Pack A Picnic in some version, with home-made strawberry jam OR Orange marmalade jam 😀

So here is the challenge:


Template Challenge: Use any one of the My Timeless Templates ©, and CREATE your OWN patterned paper!

Link your creations HERE

Now my “paper” ended up being MUCH simpler, as I ran out of time, to do my original intended project-so I will try to post that this week.

All in all I LOVE my project 😀

A Strawberry Picnic


OK this totally counts for MAKING my own patterned paper! LOL!

I used Polka Dot Basics and White Craft ink, on Pure Poppy cardstock, to make the polka dot patterned paper. (I know! EASY PEASY! SORRY!) My lid was done usingNew Leaf cardstock, and an EK Slim border punch.


I used my newest template Pack a Picnic ©, to create a large and small Strawberry like basket!!

I know this is UBER simple-but people, I had 23 teacher gifts to make, I’m all about the SIMPLE WOW! This set took about 30 minutes.

It is going up for sale on my Etsy Shop!

 I didn’t give the large one away (and kept one small one for the complete set) I love how the mini fits nicely in the larger basket! I have gotten so much feedback on this template! So many surprised at how large it is, and roomy! All GOOD comments!! Only BAD thing (and its totally not bad :D) I heard was “Its so much bigger than I thought, now I have to go get some more stuff to FILL it!” -Jennifer C.

YEAH! That is a great thing to hear!

Strawberry mini close up


 I made a bunch of the mini Pack a Picnic“Strawberries” to hold my Strawberry Jams. The minis took about 7 minutes to complete each.

I fell in complete LOVE with JustRite Stampers soon to be released set (yes! I got a sample :D) called  Preserves Set. So cute: Grown, Picked & Preserved. Wait till you see the set-LOVE IT!!!

The strawberry is from Lizzie Anne Designs Tutti Fruity

The berry tops are flocked with green.


Isn’t it cute?! I had fun making them and that is all that matters!!

Check out the team:

  • Dana G
  • Dawn Easton
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  • Kendra
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  • MacKenzie
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  • Thank you for stopping by , and I hope you find time to give it a try at some point in your own busy week.

    Etsy is updated!

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    WAHOO! I got my Etsy shop updated! I now have over 50 items! WOOT! WOOT!

    MANY of you asked about me posting more cards there, so I did! After 4 hours of posting (GOOD GRIEF!) I have lots to sell!

    OH and I have TONS of stamping stuff coming soon, here too! Stamps from SO MANY companies at KILLER prices. I want them OUT OF HERE!

    I don’t want to post till AFTER Father’s Day! LOL! That way I focus on my hubby and finish gifts for teachers and stuff too!

    OK be sure to check today’s post! I worked UBER hard on my creation.


    The end of the week is near and I HAVE to finish teacher gifts!

    PLUS I am updating my Etsy Shop today! As soon as this is typed! (YES! This item will be posted as well!)

    I just got the last of my Strawberry Jam (Thanks to Paulette’s mom!), so I’ll be decorating the jars, and printing off MORE Pack a Picnic templates 😀 I’ve also already started on my next month’s samples 😀 So my “behind the scenes” life is crazy.

    I have had a hard/emotional week after the loss of little Ethan Weiman. Alicia’s Caring Bridge update helped me through yesterday.

    So I poured ALL my emotions into this little umbrella. It was great therapy.

    I love you Rain or Shine


    I love this shape, and think it would be so cute hanging on a door, or in a girls room! I hangs at an angle. Adding the tag and little umbrella, I think makes it totally perfect-o!

    I also decorated the edges with the patterned paper. You NEED to make sure ALL sides of your projects are clean and finished!


    I then added ALL those adhesive pearls! OH MY! I don’t think I’ll ever try that again! LOL! BUT it’s all about the details, and end results! A true labor of love! I think this took me 3 hours! LOL! But, I took my time, and just kept my mind busy.


    Love the details and I think it was well worth it.

    I adored the MDF shapes I bought a few months ago at Say It With Letters!Now Im NOT affiliated with them, I have just had a blast using them. I was introduced to them byJulie Masse, when we went to Stamp New England!


    NOTE: There is a Stamp New England happening in Conneticut on July 10th & 11th—>READ MORE HERE! Sign up by June 23rd! While I have received SO MANY emails, asking if I were teaching there, sadly no I am not. But they do have some amazing people teaching, so check out their site! I had a blast at the one I attended.


    Stamps: Scattered Showers

    Cardstock: White, Aqua Mist

    Ink: Hibiscus Burst, Aqua Mist

    Patterned paper: OOPS! I have NO IDEA! Ill go look it up later (if I still have any left :C) Sorry!

    Ribbon: Stitched Hibiscus Burst

    Button: Aqua Mist

    MDF Umbrella- Say it with letters

    Crochet flower made by AmyR! (she sent me some for my birthday :D)

    Prima Flowers, Adhesive Pearls, Dew Drops

    Thanks for stopping by! Cross your fingers I get EVERYTHING I need to—> done 😀

    Only ONE MORE SLEEP until the kids are on vacation! (UH OH! LOL!)

    Coffee House Cookie Recipe

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    Baked with Love

    OK its time to FINALLY share my recipe 😀

    I had to make another batch just THINKING about it!

    Trust me, they are BETTER than they look.

    Sadly they are an easy 400 calories a COOKIE. But don’t tell that to the person you give them too 😀

    Alexa and the cookie bag


    Here is Alexa with the bag of 2 large Coffee House Cookies for one of the teacher’s aids in the class, for a little snack 😀

    My kids use 2 hands when eatting mine

    I used a large glassine bag,that I embossed in my cuttlebug machine with the Heart Blocks folder

    I then put in my cookies, and with a large paper clip, closed it up.

    I didn’t want the clip to be plain so I just made a SIMPLE tag from JustRite Stampers-Homemdae Treats & Borders set


    I stamped the sentiment in white craft ink, then colored in the heart with my Primsacolor pencil

    Punched, layered and DONE!

    Now I know you are DYING for the RECIPE!

    Coffee House Cookies

    3 Cups all purpose flour

    1 tsp baking soda

    1/2 tsp salt

    1 Cup of softened butter (you can use margarine but butter is better for taste-not the waist)

    1 1/2 Cups packed brown sugar

    2 eggs

    1 cup of chocolate chunks

    1 cup of white chocolate chips

    1 cup of Peanut Butter Chips

    1 cup of butterscotch chips

    (you can omit or decrease the amounts and add favorite nuts instead :D)

    I mix it all together, in that order. There is not right or wrong 😀

     Preheat oven to 350 degrees

    I used ice cream scooper to scoop out large amounts of the cookie dough onto my baking sheet. Slightly push down center.

    Bake 15 minutes, or until edges are golden brown


    *You can also make these into YUMMY Cookie Candy Bars*

    Just bake all of it in a bar pan! Cook about 25 minutes.

    Now I don’t cook often :D) But any time I brings these somewhere people go CRAZY!

    It also makes a great Cookies in a jar! You can also cut recipe in half 😀

    So that is that!

    I hope you enjoy.

    Need a good laugh?

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    My husband sent this to me to cheer me up! Not sure what is funnier, each “class” or the fact that I should take most of them if it weren’t a joke! LOL!



    SO I hope you get a giggle.


    PS I WILL be posting the coffee house cookie recipe today or tomorrow

    Right now Im CLEARING out my stamp room to prepare for a HUGE sale here 😀

    HUGE! Priced to GO!!!



    Spring Classes for Women at 

    by Tuesday,
      June 20, 2009


    Class 1
    Up in Winter, Down in Summer – How to Adjust a Thermostat
     Step by Step, with Slide Presentation..
    Meets 4 wks, Monday and Wednesday for 2 hrs beginning at 7:00 PM..

    Class 2
    Which Takes More Energy – Putting the Toilet Seat Down, or Yelling About It for 3 Hours?
    Round Table Discussion.

    Meets 2 weeks, Saturday 12:00 for 2 hours.

       Class 3
    Is It Possible To Drive Past a Wal-Mart Without Stopping?–Group Debate.

    Meets 4 weeks, Saturday 10:00 PM for 2 hours.

    Class 4 
    Fundamental Differences Between a Purse and a Suitcase–Pictures and Explanatory Graphics.

    Meets Saturdays at 2:00 PM for 3 weeks.

     Class 5
    Curling Irons–Can They Levitate and Fly Into The Bathroom Cabinet?
    Examples on Video.

    Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours beginning
    at 7:00 PM

    Class 6
    How to Ask Questions During Commercials and Be Quiet During the Program
    Help Line Support and Support Groups.

    Meets 4 Weeks, Friday and Sunday 7:00 PM

    Class 7
    Can a Bath Be Taken Without 14 Different Kinds of Soaps and Shampoos?
    Open Forum
    Monday at 8:00 PM, 2 hours.

    Class 8
    Health Watch–They Make Medicine for PMS – USE IT!

    Three nights; Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:00 PM for 2 hours.

      Class 9
    I Was Wrong and He Was Right!–Real Life Testimonials.

    Tuesdays at 6:00 PM Location to be determined .

     Class 10
    How to  Parallel Park In Less Than 20 Minutes Without an Insurance Claim.
    Driving Simulations.

    4 weeks, Saturday’s noon, 2 hours.

    Class 11
    Learning to Live–How to Apply Brakes Without Throwing Passengers Through the Windshield
    Tuesdays at 7:00 PM, location to be determined

     Class 12
    How to Shop by Yourself.

    Meets 4 wks, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 PM.

    Class 13
    How to Fight Cerebral Atrophy–Remembering To Take a List To The Store, Avoiding Separate Trips for Each Item Needed.

    Cerebral Shock Therapy Sessions and Full Lobotomies Offered.
    Three nights; Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:00 PM for 2 hours.

    Class 14
    The Stove/Oven–What It Is and How It Is Used.
    Live Demonstration.

    Tuesdays at 6:00 PM, location to be determined.

    Upon completion of any of the above courses, diplomas will be issued to the survivors.

    Here’s to you Cowboy Ethan

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     This adorable little boy is Ethan Weiman

    Welcomed into the world August 5th 2004-Welcomed into Heaven June 12th, 2009 

    Heaven has gained an AMAZING little boy! Such a precious life. His smile contagious. His courage was amazing. A true little cowboy!

    Please read his mother’s post—> CARING BRIDGE SITE 

    Today Ethan’s family will say goodbye in a ceremony from 4-7 at Duker and Haugh in Quincy, IL. They will fill the room with balloons, in a tribute to him.

    Please put them in your prayers today, if you can for ask strength and peace during that time.

    You can also view his mother-Alicia’s blog with many posts full of photos and memories of Ethan (TISSUE ALERT!)

    I have no eloquent words. I sit here typing in tears, not even knowing what to say.

    I have a very heavy heart, and so many tears pouring out for them, over the last 2 days, since learning of his passing. I don’t even want to imagine the pain in their hearts right now.

    I don’t know where to begin, to express how much I feel for this family that I have come to know over the last year or so. I have become so emotionally involved with this family, I have never met! Yet, I feel like I lost a part of my own family.

    My own daughter has fought this scary battle. Not everyone wins. To lose such a life, so young. I want to scream that it’s not fair.

    I’m trying to keep Faith that there is a purpose in everything. Sometimes Faith is hard. Sometimes we don’t see the rainbow after the storm. Sometimes we never feel like we get an answer.

    I want to just reach out to this family, that I have come to love. I feel helpless, knowing I cannot ease the pain and burden in their hearts.

    I have a few things I NEED to work on, so I don’t feel helpless. I am going to do what I can to help them in ANY way, to honor the life and memory of their sweet little Ethan.

    If you want to help them in any way, we have set up a donation fund for them here

    No amount is too small. A little bit from a lot of people, adds up quick.

    There are many medical bills left unpaid, as well as other expenses.

    If you want to send a card-please email me.

    Kristen wrote a beautiful post, that I only wish I had the strength to write! View that —> HERE

    You will learn more about what I am doing later.

    In the meantime I just ordered 25 balloons to help fill the ceremony-asking for a special Mylar horse balloon for little Ethan.

    My children and I are sending his little sister Ava-a pony from Build a Bear called Pawsome Pony (he isn’t being released til the 26th! UGH!). So we will buy him un-stuffed.

    We will let her fill it and put a prayer and kiss on a heart to stuff inside for Ethan. We are also sending hearts from our family and for his mom and dad to put in too. My kids each said a prayer and signed their own little heart for him.

    Explaining what we were doing, and why was extremely difficult. They seemed to really understand, and were eager to par-take. They will spend the afternoon making cards for Ava. I don’t know HOW I am going to make a card.

    We got the pony a cowboy hat, boots, vest and jeans just like Ethan! We hope this little pony will make Ava always feel close to Ethan, when she misses him. She can just give him a big hug, when she misses him.

    I have a few things to work out for his mom & dad. I want to do something special.

    In the meantime, please pray for them. Alicia is expecting a new baby in November, and this has to be very hard on her body. I pray her and Dave will lean on each-other, and are able to get through this day.

    Everyday will be hard.

    I just ask God for his peace, comfort, strength and mercy.

    Again, I’m sorry I have no eloquent words. I just can’t today.

    Thank you for reading and caring.

    Papertrey Ink June Release

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    Have you seen the Papertrey Ink Homepage? I think it looks great!

    Now my 2 NEWEST My Timeless Templates are available!!

    Card Couture © & Pack a Picnic ©

    I think it was obvious I had a BLAST!! My head is still spinning with ideas. Plus, I know I am STILL making teacher gifts! I have several to complete, and I will share them when I am done 😀 I should get them completed this week in no time.

    I had 22 teachers to get gifts for between Alexa, Noah and Amber! I had to get all the therapists and whatnot in there too. They are a VITAL part of our lives. Some have a couple that work with Alexa-don’t want to leave any out. Plus I also give the bus driver something too. You know she has NEVER even said thank you! She sees me everyday! I think that’s weird.

    Amber had her last day of Pre-school. I was the ONLY parent who balled! I was shocked at how emotional it was for me.

    How can MY BABY be going to school 5 days a week next year?!

    You’d THINK I’d be jumping for JOY, but I’m actually very sad over the whole thing.


    Amber is just growing so fast! (they ALL are!)

    Here she is with her diploma! They also worked hard and made a REALLY nice book for each child with photos through the year, and info on each child in her class. The kids put their hand prints AND signed their name in every book! So sweet! I will cherish it forever!

    It was at a park on a VERY rainy, then turned MUGGY day-So excuse my FRIZZED out, horrifying do.


    Amber & I (thank goodness I had no makeup all over my face! I was a mess I tell you!)


    Amber & Daddy

    Daddy was too embarrassed by mommy crying to even THINK about getting emotional! LOL!

    Now a quick family photo (Oh gosh I can’t believe my hair did that in public. It needed a time out!)


    Sometimes those lunging exercises come in handy! We were squatting for a while. Normally Id be on my butt!

    OH! How did I go from a BABY to  kindergarten? How did I get an ALMOST 10 year old? I don’t feel OLD enough!! Jeepers.

    Yesterday she asked me if I would have another baby! But one that wouldn’t grow up! LOL! (Um, NO! All done Amber)

     I told her she was my baby, and would always be. She then said Mommy! I’m almost 5! I’m not your baby anymore. I’m a big girl!

    OH! man! Why do they grow so fast? She is also an OLD 4. I think our family situation with Alexa made her more mature. Plus she absorbs everything around her. We are always teaching Alexa SOMETHING. She always wanted to learn too. OK I can see I’m going WAY off course here-sorry. Just emotional today.

    OK this does tie into the PTI release! I swear!!

    So I made EVERYONE my Pack a Picnic basket, OR The Card Couture template in some way, shape or form! I shared most of my peeks during the countdown.

     I LOVE Vintage Picnic to pieces. You will see lots more here with that.

    The Cupcake collection-ADORABLE!

     I have to say I was totally inspired by Candice’s Fruitful set! I actually LOVE it. Weather or not you make jam, if you like fruit images, you will adore this one! I really LOVE the Fruitful sentiments too!

    My favorite project was put into the Exclusive Idea Book for My Timeless Template: Pack a Picnic-so I hope you get to check it out!

    So I packaged Strawberry Jams for everyone, and for Amber & Noah’s teachers also included a Strawberry Plant! (Alexa went with a Rose bush and another flowering plant for her teachers! Leave it to her to decide on something totally different! LOL!)

    Fruitful & Fruitful Sentiments


    I made about 12 planter sticks for all the plants in about 10 minutes! Seriously NOTHING over the top and fancy. I need QUICK!

    I thought that the sentiment from Teachers Apple was PERFECTION for a plant gift!

    Sentiment reads: Its not so much what is poured into a student, but what is planted by the teacher the really counts.

    I used the strawberry image from Fruitful in the corner, then layered it onto a stick, and stuck it in the plant


    The backs were signed by the kids.

    These are the ones Amber did for Mrs. Slater & Mrs. Bartlett


    I think it was cute. I wanted to cover the bottom, but didn’t want to ruin the instructions-so I let it be. Plus it gave me an excuse to do ONE LESS thing! LOL!

    Now onto the Strawberry Jam!


    Holy easy peasy! LOL!

    I had my BFF Paulette’s mom MAKE me jam :D) Oh! boy is it ever YUMMY!

    I then stamped some of the PTI adhesive/label sheets, and punched out my label, stuck it onto the front!

    I had some fabric laying around, so I cut it up, and put it under the ring.


    I then stamped the Made with love border, and punched out scallops.

    Addressed it to whomever was on the list-and done in 20 minutes!

    (minus the cutting fabric! and I had 22 jars to do-I only shot 6 here)


    I think they are cute!

    They can also be re-gifted easily if someone isn’t a JAM fan. Its the thought that counts!

    So you don’t have to take TONS of time to give nice gifts. I love the clean and simple stuff (in case you haven’t caught on to that yet!).

    OK moving on………

    Heavenly Medley

    Now we have Lisa’s set. I was SO inspired my her corner decor, that I used it for my focus.


    I felt like this looked similar to a church window!

    The bkgd paper is a velvet paper by SEI. I ran it through my cuttlebug to emboss it! WOWZERS is it ever LUSCIOUS!

    I used the side of the Labels 4 nestability to create my own cool shaped layer! Punched the bottom layer, and I love it!


    Scarlet Red is just gorgeous!!! I’m happy PTI is delving into rich tones now too.

    I added adhesive pearls to be like berries.

    I think its such a pretty card.

    Well that is all for this post. I have much to do today.

    You are JUST getting excited about this release and we are already on to the next one! LOL! Funny how that works.

    Enjoy the day, and remember to STOP and hug your children! Amber asked me to color with her, so after I get one more thing done, I cleared my “to – dos” to do that with her. Before you know it, she won’t want me to “bother” her at all.

    I also appreciate all the support and excitement you all share with me with each release, and daily here!


    Well I am working feverishly to finish up my projects, teacher gifts, and preparing for the big Papertrey Ink Release tonight!

    Im VERY excited about this months release, and the 2 newest My Timeless Templates 😀 I really enjoyed each peek day more & more. Your feedback really keeps me going too.

    I have another peek for you using my Pack a Picnic template! I was straight out busy yesterday, and I have 2 cookouts to go to today, so I’m really hoping to get my other sample using Card Couture done before the release! LOL! Ill post that later today if all goes well.

    In the mean time I hope this ties you over.

    Scented Summer Gift set


    This is for Alexa’s one to one aid who I LOVE to death! She has been my saving grace being in the classroom with Alexa.

    I cannot say enough nice things about this woman! Seriously, I could go on and on! But I will spare you.

    I am having SOOOO much fun using the large and small versions of this template to make “sets”. This is another one!

    We will do this again with future templates, where we see fit. Not ALL the templates make good large/small versions. In this case-DEFINITELY YES!!!


    I love the SUMMER “sorbet” sort of colors this has! Summer Sunset & Berry Sorbet

    I adore the handles being put on this way too, as oppose to over the top of the template.


    I was inspired to make this because of what my gift was: Bath & Body Works Butterfly Flower bath set!


    I went all out and got her the large sizes of a loofa, body lotion, body spray, lavender bath stuff, some hand cream, foot cream and a pedicure set. Not all shown in photo!


    This is the Body Lotion, and the Body Spray.

    I also included some Lavender Bath stuff. This went into a large bag all together.

    In the mini basket will go some Orange Marmalade!


    (used Fruitful (new release) for the jam jar :D)

    Its the perfect size for the mini Pack a Picnic basket!

    I think this is a very pretty summer fun gift basket set, to hold all sorts of bath & beauty products! I hope her aid likes it.


    My Timeless Template: Pack a Picnic

    Stamps: Spring tags 2008, Fruitful

    Cardstock: Summer Sunset, Berry Sorbet, white, friends til the end paper

    Ink: White, berry sorbet, black

    Ribbon: Saddle stitched grosgrain in berry sorbet

    Prima Flowers, flower brads, adhesive pearls, Martha Stewart border punches

    Well that does it today for me!

    There is one day left of peeks! So be sure to hop on over to Nichole’s, Lisa, and Becky’s blog for more!

    Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully Ill be back later

    Hold onto your seats everyone! I have a LOT to share, and as usual am also long winded!

    Sorry, but when I get excited I “talk” a lot. Imagine me in person! LOL! I don’t shut up :D) I can admit it.

    For today’s post, I’m very excited, as we have a group project, using the NEW! stamp set inspired my Mish, called Vintage Picnic.

    I cannot say enough about this set. I fell in LOVE with it when I saw it! So much so that I ran down to my craft room, to design one of this months releases Pack a Picnic! 

    I can’t begin to tell you just how much I LOVE Vintage Picnic set. Especially used WITH my Pack a Picnic template. I found there to be SO many possibilities with this set, that I actually had to put the stamp set away so I could get my other projects done!

    I kid you not!! I will be using this a TON in the future 😀

    So I did 2 projects for today’s post-each using my newest template releases Pack a Picnic, and Card Couture. I also think it would ROCK using Basket Basics 😀

    I hope you like them :D) I fashioned them both to be alike/similar.

    Strawberry Jam Basket


    What better way to give a simple gift of jam, than to really dress it up, in my Pack a Picnic Basket?

    When I saw this stamp set I was SO taken with the tiny strawberry image in the set, that I had to use it as my design focus.

     I then commissioned the mother of my BFF Paulette, to make me some Strawberry Jam, to package as teacher gifts this year.( No! I don’t make my own jam! I’d rather buy it! LOL!-But its STILL homemade :D)

    OH! BOY! I opened a jar for me, and I have been eatting it like crazy! NOT a good thing! Boy is it yummy.

    Anyway I don’t need 16 jars, so they are being given as gifts.


    Here is a better view of the basket front.

    I used an acrylic frame from Making Memories, on the front of my basket.

    I used the Trademarks stamp set from the new release as my center on the basket top!


    Aren’t the strawberries from the set just so cute? All alone-perfect!

    I added a making memories page pebble over the image as well for more WOW!

    I think it looks really cool.

    I also love the basket handle holders! They are SU! brads. I think they are a nice touch.

    The paper round the edge is from the NEW! Release too. Really loving it.

    Now we go onto the jar of jam


    Here I used the strawberry image, stamped 3 X’s to fill my basket with strawberries!

    The basket is simply stamped on Kraft cardstock, cut out, and on dimensionals.


    I then stamped, colored and cut the napkin image from the set, and layered it onto my basket. The coloring was inspired by my fabric cover, which is tied with Scarlet ribbon.


    I had some fabric leftover from my sewing days 😀 It was PERFECT for my jam jar, and actually inspired the entire project! I love how you start with ONE thing, and it has a domino effect!

    The wrap was stamped with Text Style bkgd. It had a nice Americana kind of country feel to it. Just that little something extra!

    Now for my jar top! I LOVE this idea


    I used ANOTHER image from the Trademarks set, and placed it on the jar lid 😀 Im totally loving these possibilities for this set with ANY/ALL My Timeless Templates!!!

    Added the strawberry image, with the making memories page pebble.

    This project went to the Principal of our school (I heard he went to bat for me at a meeting-so he is on my good side 😀 where Alexa is concerned!) I also included a package of Pound Cake from Tastefully Simple.

    Jam in basket


    The Principal was in shock that I remembered to give him and end of year gift! This was his first year as our Principal and I have to say he is doing a great job 😀 Hopefully he remembers this next time I have a problem with the school! LOL! Which I am HOPING not too!


    My Timeless Template: Pack a Picnic

    Stamps: Vintage Picnic, Trademarks, Text Style bkgs

    Cardstock: Spring Moss, Ripe Avocado, White

    Ink:Ripe Avocado, Black & Copic markers

    Ribbon: Satin avocado, Bitty Dot Scarlet

    Other: Making Memories page pebbles & Acrylic Frame, SU! Brads, nestabilities, fabric, Strawberry Jam

    Next up! My other project using Card Couture ©

    From the Kitchen of:


    Well as you may have guessed it, this template is PERFECT for recipe’s!!!!

    How can you not LOVE the idea of this? It is like the PERFECT presentation for a recipe card holder!

    Plus its pretty simple! Love that when making a ton of gifts.


    YOUR COST to make : $1.90! Includes cost of recipe cards!

    Now for this one, I stamped my food border (which I totally LOVE all the border ideas :D) onto the white cardstock.

    I stamped the PLAIN Vintage Picnic basket onto scrap paper.

    Then stamped the same mini strawberry image (told you I LOVE it) in the basket center.

    I colored my basket with my marker, THEN…………(sadly you cannot SEE it well) I stamped the plaid basket over the colored image in spring moss cardstock, so it has a faint pattern on it!

    Then I cut it out, and layered it on the food circle, using a dimensional.

    Seriously-LOVE this set. AND the basket takes NO time to cut out either. I don’t enjoy lots of intricate cutting. so Im over the moon about that.

    Here is my side view-I used the same patterned paper as my set above, for the side panels


    Now I put my ribbon around my template prior to adhering my template flap closure.

    In the flap I hammered 2 slots for my ribbon to insert into!


    You just untie it, and then Voila…….


    It opens to reveal a box full of recipe cards! 30 cards total-6 in each partition

    I love that you can easily see and grab each item in my design.

    This template is seriously so fun, and PURTY 😀 (my word for pretty).


    I got these at Michaels the $1 spot. Trimmed them down a bit (I wanted to cut off the nasty looking tomato in the lower rigth corner ANYWAY!) and was done. They match perfectly!

    This was given to Alexa’s 2nd Grade Teacher, who I just LOVED this year, and will miss greatly. She loved Alexa (actually requested to have her!) and truly made a huge difference for her this year. Alexa has grown in leaps and bounds this year, especially socially!


    My Timeless Template: Card Couture

    Stamps: Vintage Picnic

    Cardstock: White, Ripe Avocado, Spring Moss, Pure Poppy

    Ink: Black, ripe avocado, Copic markers

    Ribbon: Saddle stitched grosgrain in pure poppy

    recipe cards, nestabilties, making memories slot tool

    So there you have 2 templates, both using same stamp set, and colors, and both are super gift ideas! Gotta love that.

    I could have made so many variations with these 2 templates and ONE stamp set! I’m just in LOVE!!!!

    Make sure you hop around to see just what the other team members have done using Vintage Picnic too!

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  • Pine
  • Thanks again for stopping by! Oh and ALL your super duper sweet comment over my templates 😀

    PLEASE Check out Kristen’s Blog for the Saturday Challenge!

    Here is a peek at what the girls are all doing-Ill try to play this week.


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  • She will be taking my place as Hostess this week! The end of school and the release has really kept me over the top busy!! SORRY! I just couldn’t squeeze out ONE more thing!

    I WILL be posting my Coffee House Cookie Recipe-most likely tomorrow. I have a bit to finish first, and it didn’t really FIT in with my UBER long post! LOL!!!!

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