I know why I ONLY do this once a year! LOL! WOWZERS LADIES! You got me buried here. 

OK right now I am sorting through over 400 emails! I kid you not! Im only on emails that were sent at 11:30ish! I have been going through orders since 7:30 and haven’t stopped-

I will get to you all-eventually! I HOPE! Remember I have to cook dinner and SLEEP too.

Please make your payments promptly!

Im shipping on Monday

If I don’t have payment by then I re-list your goodies.

PLEASE dont re-email me to make sure I got your email. I know you are anxious, but that puts even more to sort through in the INBOX

Im only one person and you all love a sale! And it is a HUGE sale!!!

Also please dont expect me to remember that you placed 3 different orders! LOL! Just total each reply I gave you (if I got to you yet) and put your ORDER in the message section! Include the (P) if it was Paulettes set please!


order one after shipping $6

(P) order 2 after shipping $3

 You would paypal me $9

and list your items so when I package I know what YOU bought, and dont waste boxes!

 ONLY pay for something after I replied with a total. Just because your “ordered” it doesn’t mean that 12 other people before you didn’t want it as well

 I hope this makes sense

OK back to the INBOX