I THINK Im all caught up!

Thank goodness!
I cleaned up the FOR SALE page so you can SEE what is left. We sold a ton but there is still some good stuff left!

I want to thank all of you for always helping me make my sales a success 😀 I do it ONCE a year, and now I know why! LOL! It brings me joy knowing all my sad, neglected stamps will get good homes and maybe even some USE!!

I will be shipping everything on Monday! YEAH! It will take ALL weekend to pack this up!

I get in quite the frenzy, let me tell you.

Now Im off to a good nights sleep! Tomorrow I won’t be home, so if you email I’ll reply late.

I have to go pick up Alexa (she was at her Father’s all week) so I’m going to get her, I miss that little bugger! We are going to Build a Bear to get Ethan’s Pawsome Pony!

Be sure to check out the Weiman Wranglers Digi stamps too!

Thanks again