Stamps that is!

Too many stamps-so LITTLE time!!

When I get upset, I clean.  I kept my brain busy today by clearing out some stamps!

Hope you find something you can use! These are ALL priced to SELL! SELL!! SELL!!!

I ship Priority and will be taking Paypal

ral  First come, first serve. EMAIL ME TO ORDER [email protected]  Also include ZIP CODE! That way I can give you a grand total.

 So please  email your ORDER. Also POST YOUR ORDER IN COMMENTS SECTION ! Then others know what set is likely taken.
I will do my best to update here frequently! Then you know for sure what is GONE!

SHIPPING Will begin on MONDAY. I ship PRIORITY MAIL. I am getting a scale so you pay actual shipping. Large order that can fit in a $10.50 Flat rate will go that route.

Also if there is something you dont see, but WANT email me [email protected] 

PLEASE send a photo/link of what the set is if you are looking for it

Chances are I have it! LOL!

If it is underlined-it is linked. If you want to SEE the images you may want to GOOGLE it?? Most of this stuff is BARELY used.

 I TRIED to keep each company separate by COLOR! I have tons more, so dont forget to ASK if you don’t see it.

To ORDER REMEMBER to email me please!



 I have a bird set. I cannot for the LIFE of me locate where it is online :C $4. Its whimsical set. Ill get a photo.

Inque Boutique(no longer in buisness (I think?) Most are brand new or barely used

Totally Retro $3

Shilouettes $3

Bold Carnation $6

Card Wishes $4Create Wonder $3

Thank you $3

Mini Bouquet $3

Storage Units Ink & More

These are design team sets. So no inserts.

First and Goal $7

Its my Party $7

Gina K Designs


Singles: $1 each


Sheep (wood mounted) $2

Mouse couple

Unity Stamp Co. (most never used! or barely used)

I have tons of other UNITY sets too! Just ask

Beautiful Morning $8

These stamps were sets that are now broken apart and sold as singlesBest Friends (come with 2 birds and numbers 1–>5 also has 7 very large images): $18

Little Labels 2 $10

Inky Antics

Monica Lee line $4 each (barely used or New)

Eiffle Tower

Jane Miller $4

hats and scarves bkgd

snowflakes bkgd

Bundled Kitty

Kitty Cube $4* NOTE:I have a TON of the turtles  so if you are looking for something in particular email me a link and I will take 1/2 off the list price. My stamps are hardly used 😀

Outline Snowflake $2American Crafts Stamps $3 each

Thank you dots

From my heart

thank yous

CTMH (Close to my heart)

Outdoor Thoughts $6

Spunky Greeting $6Solo H $4

Simple Stitches $5

Stamping Up! STUFF


XLG Buds



Fun Filled $4

 Alphabet Soup $4S

now Flurries $4

Sweet Spot $4

Poket full of posies $4

tiny talk $4

Season by Season $4

Alphabet Soup $4

Send a Celebrations (I have 2 -1 new UM) $4

Paint Prints $4

Around the Block $4

Alphabits $4

A to Z accents $4


All the Best $6

Say it Simply $6

Time with you $6

Holiday Blocks $6

Flower Factory $ 6

Friendship blooms $6

Holiday Blocks $6Great Shapes $6

Simple Shapes $6

Something to celebrate $6

Weather or Not $6

Thats Nice $6

Happy Harmony $6

Lots if thoughts $6


Because of you $8

Petal Prints $8

A Light Heart $8

Spring Things $8Letter patterns $8


Seeing Spots WITH stencil $10

Its your Birthday $10


Collage Alpha $12Well Worn alpha $12



Big Blossom

Alphabet Soup

Well worn words

Fine Lace

Holiday Prints

By DefinitionHappy Birthday script bkgd

French Script





These are my friends. We are doing this together, but need to keep track of who has what!

Please give set name and price in emails but put a (P) next to it.

example: (P) Monogram S $5


Stampin’ Up! Background Stamps – $5 each                                    

Monogram S                                                                                  

Print Pattern                                                                                  


 By Definition                                                                                  




Stampin’ Up! – $3 each                                                                     


Festive Four                                                                                   

 Sculpted Style NUM                                                                       

 Sweet on You                                                                                 

Let’s Party                                                                                      

Around the Block NUM                                                                 

 Say it Simply NUM                                                                         

 Perennial Favorites                                                                       


  Garden Collage                                                                             

 All I Have Seen                                                                             

  Too Terrific Tags                                                                           

By Design                                                                                                                                                                                         

  Stampin’ Up! – $5 each                                                                     



Bud Basics                                                                                   

   Make it Count NUM                                                                      


  Classic Backgrounds NUM                                                            




   Springtime Stems NUM                                                                

  Quick & Cute                                                                             

     Bitty Boos Too                                                                               


Reverse Prints                                                                           

    Furnished with Love                                                                      

 Buds & Blossoms                                                                          


  Flower Factory                                                                              

  Fresh Flowers                                                                               

   Fall Whimsy                                                                               

    Cute Converse NUM                                                                     


  Little Layers Plus (missing one stamp – graduation cap)   

Suitable for Framing                                                                    



  Sweet of You                                                                                  

 Sweet of You NUM                                                                        

Holiday Spirit                                                                                


  A Little Love                                                                                  

 Something to Celebrate                                                               


   Be Happy                                                                                       

Spring Garden                                                                           

    Holiday Happiness                                                                        


 A Greeting for All Reasons                                                           

  Stipple Celebrations                                                                     

  Stipple Celebrations NUM                                                             

Dream Come True                                                                        

 Holiday Blocks NUM                                                                      

 Oh, My Word NUM                                                                       

Word on Word NUM                                                                     

Polka Dots & Paisley                                                                      



Love Without End                                                                          


 In the Spotlight NUM                                                                    

  All the Best                                                                                    

 Love It                                                                                          

   Polka-Dot Posies                                                                          


Stampin’ Up! – $10                                                                            

Simple Type Double Alphabet                                                       


  Year Round Fun II                                                                          

Pure and Simple Alphabet Upper                                                  

 Mini Mates NUM (have 1)                                                            


 Alphadots Alphabet                                                                       

 Holiday Tag Team                                                                         

Petal Prints                                                                                    


  Tag Time                                                                                      

  Heartfelt Thanks                                                                            

What Could Be Better?                                                                 

 Fresh Fruits                                                                                  

   Looks Like Spring                                                                                                                                                          

                     Stampin’ Up! Wheels                                                                        

                                                                  Standard Wheel Handle                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Stampin’ Up! Accessories                                                                 

Mini Envelope Template (have 1) – $3                                         


 Other  $4                                                                                                                                                                                                       

 Close to My Heart                                                                                                           


Ritzy Ribbon                                                                                                                                                       



  Kitchen Sink Stamps                                                                                                        


Loopy Letters Alphabet Lower                                                      

Loopy Letters Alphabet Upper                                                                                                                           

Making Memories                                                                                            

  Gabby Foam Alphabet