I got permission to post this template peek for Papertrey Ink a little early!!

YIPPEE!! Thanks Nichole

Tonight’s peek is my favorite template to date!

I know, I say that every month, and I swear every time I MEAN it! I think, as papercrafters/stampers you all GET what I mean right?! Every month is the best!

But, THIS one is right up Summer’s Alley! Oh and perfect for the release too!

Now you know we have so MANY templates, just waiting for their turn for a release. We bumped the original for this month up one, because of a last minute addition :D)

This month, after seeing this peek of an upcoming set release:


I was VERY inspired to take the idea, and make a fun, modern twist on a classic design!

After almost 7 hours of work (yes! Those smooth angles are a KILLER!) The Pack a Picnic © was designed!


This was my concept template for the release.

 I don’t put too much into these, so its not my top notch work, just a sampler of what is to come.

Just used Melon Berry , and Spring Moss cardstock , paired with some Green Tea Leaves paper-DONE!

Punch for basket border is a EK Success slim

Template is being released June 15th.

Pack a Picnic description:

Who doesn’t LOVE a Picnic? Did you ever think what an adorable gift packaging a oldie, but goodie, everyday item could make?  This “basket” was inspired by the style of the old-fashioned 1950’s Picnic basket, but kicked up a notch, to a modernized Picnic basket of the Millennium! I love the size, and the fun curvy shape this has to it. It is almost hard to believe its made form *just* cardstock! Now we are adding a MINI version too which make this even MORE fun, with over the top options for all sorts of gifts, be them BIG or small. The punched border option that is ONE piece gives you a beautiful clean and professional look as well! You can really take along a great variety of items in this template. This box would look perfect sitting out ANYWHERE in someone’s home, office, or classroom. OR use the smaller version for Wedding/Shower favors. party favors or treats like candy, or little jar’s of jam, or home made yummies. The handles are not only adorable and fit a pretty design, but are functional as well! I LOVE the option of the lid, or no lid at all. Opens a world of possibilities, and an entirely new look. 

Whatever you decide to pack in your Picnic basket, it is sure to be a great “present”-ation.

Here is the side view


These are LARGE bottles of Bath & Body Works Lotion & Body Wash!

There is still room in there for another one!


This basket is a fabulous size!

I think lid on or off, its just beautiful!!!!! Oh and FUN!!!

Now the details


This basket has a unique one piece lip, so that you punch your border, and fold it over, for a finished look, and this easy to achieve! No extra layering and gluing!


See nice lip to the basket! Goes together so easy too! All the hours were well worth it!!

You get the decorative mat layers as well :D)

Im just SOOOOOOO excited about the possibilities this template has!

I hope you are too!

I have some AMAZING projects to share over the next few days (OH! and lets not forget yet ANOTHER template!) so stay tuned!!

I’m over the moon to hear what YOU think so far!

Thanks for letting me share my excitment with you all! I know you GET IT!