Calling All Sports Fans!

I hope that got your attention 😀 I have so much to share today

Today I have a peek at Sporty Billy from Pink Cat Studio!

 This set is being Released Wednesday the 10th! If you like sports OR have kids in Sports you will LOVE this set (I’m particularly fond of tomorrows peek :D)




Can you just see him doing his touchdown dance on the football field?!

I really love this image 😀 My son doesn’t play football, nor do we have a football league here, but I still love it!

I made Billy  “dirty” my using a Fantasix stick, and some caramel ink to DIRTY him up a bit!!


I went with red and melon (or orangey color) for my “team colors”. I don’t follow ANY sports so  don’t know if they are any actual team, but that OK! I used what “I” liked and wanted! LOL!!! I chose my paper by Making Memories first-and went on from there. I LOVE how it turned out!

I made my “field” using Eclipse tape, a sponge and white craft ink! I think it came out pretty cool, considering I’m not positive WHAT the field looks like! (Yes I am Sports challenged! I have no problem admitting it!)

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  • Speaking of Sports

    I have been trying my hand at a new “SPORT” and that is running!!

    I KNOW!!! Who would of thunk it? Not ME!

     My friend Paulette runs and I said I would NEVER try it. I use to run as a little girl. I was actually quite good and won many races for my school!! ( I can’t even believe that and I actually happened) Then I hit puberty, and got way too girly :D! LOL! I didn’t even like GYM (still don’t! LOL!). Any-who, I mentioned that I wanted to really mix up my workouts and SHOCK my body into SUPER shape!!!

    Now that I hit my ULTIMATE goal weight and have been maintaining it for a while now, I want to get that 6 pack! SERIOUSLY!

    I grab Daisy  and go. I feel so much SAFER running with my dog-(even though we live in a safe area) granted she is by no means FIERCE, she is a little powder puff,  BUT she can have a mean bark! She may pee with excitement if someone comes to pet her, but can be very protective of HER yard and PEOPLE D Plus its good for her too!

    I have run 3 days-and OH MY! My butt and legs hurt! Even my abs!

    I didn’t think I’d even get around the BLOCK! But I did a great job-in my opinion, for my first few times. Im not trying to run a relay here, just keep focused and moving.

    But I feel awesome. Each day I pushed to be better than the last. I’m quite proud of what I did each day. Running outside is VERY different because you have uneven ground and HILLS!! OYE! The uphill jog-what a killer. Even the SLIGHTEST incline can hurt. I think I’m in pretty good shape and I was a hurtin mess day 1! Now day 3 I’m already feeling better. I’m looking forward to my jog tonight. Its something different too-to keep me focused and interested. PLUS, the intervals of walking (fast paced people! No SLOW MO) and running is really good for your heart, and burning calories. I think this is what I need to shed any extra fat, and really tone up my legs.

    I’m also trying:

     some Ball exercises. I got one at Target for $10!! No one tells you you NEED practice! It LOOKS easy but I rolled off onto my butt a few times! The kids got a good laugh! LOL! Plus it feels like a good workout. One of my workout Vid’s had a ball workout. I like it so far, Im just not GOOD yet.

    I just got Denise Austins Best Belly Fat Blasters! Im loving it. Each of the 7 segments is about 10 minutes. I am combining this DVD with my running. I used this DVD in the morning at 6am, and am running at night on M-W-F since those are my BUSY days.

    (I want to get the Get Fit Daily Dozen) Seriously WHO can’t find 12 minutes a day?! Don’t fool yourself. My posts take longer to read some days! LOL!

    Also got Tae-Bo Cardio from Billy Blanks. I got it at a yard sale for $2!-that will be tomorrows workout-so I’ll let you know how I do! LOL! Im expecting to die!

    Another one I borrowed from my friend Paulette is Core Rythms. Haven’t tried it, but if you see Dancer’s bodies, you wouldn’t knock it! LOL!

    Many of you ask about this stuff so I thought I’d share.

    You ask WHAT time do I work out?

    Well it varies! The BEST time for me is in the morning to get it over with! I get up at 6am and do 1/2 hour or one of my other SHORTER videos on Mon-Wed-Fri since those days are my busiest, and I’m out the door by 7:45am

    I don’t like to workout after I showered! Although the night run is good, and the shower after relaxes me for bed! I slept great after.

    On Tues-Thurs I do a LONGER more intense workout since I don’t have to leave the house till 11am (Im AWAKE at 6am just not out the door) These are the 45 min to hour long workouts.

    Then I generally leave Sat and Sun for REST! LOL! OR if I had a day or 2 that I didn’t get a workout in I may squeeze one in on the weekend. Also sometimes I just WANT to do it those days, since I get energy and feel good.

    Well I had a great full weekend! I hope you did too. Its starting to FEEL like summer! June is just the beginning of my insanity!! If you have children, you know how busy summer vacation can be-its a good busy!

    HOW Do you find the time?

    I figure if I have time to blog, or read emails and stamp I can find at LEAST 15 minutes a day. Who doesn’t have 15 minutes? You really DO!

    You DESERVE it. You NEED it.

    You will feel so good too.

    What workout do you recommend?

    ANYTHING that you think looks interesting to YOU! Just MOVE!!! Whatever it is that gets you going is fabulous. I haven’t found a video that I didn’t like. Some are harder than others, and if you have a lot of weight to lost may make you feel like you CAN’T do it!! So start slow, and do what you can. Modify moves if you can.

    Denise Austin is really good for ALL levels I think (even though she is a little weird and annoying-you’ll see what I mean if you buy) but hello she is like almost 60 and has had 2 kids. She looks fabulous (yes I have RECENT videos-not 1980!) and if she does these workouts and looks like that, I’m buying!! I have loved her workouts. Especially for the BUSY mom!!!

    Do I need a lot to get started?

    Not usually. Id suggest a mat, and a set of hand-weights. LIGHT! Like 2 or 3 lbs.

    You don’t need a million videos either! I just like to mix it up and keep it interesting. I have been doing this for 9 months now! So you get bored with the same ole same ole! PLUS you want to use different muscles, and keep your body guessing!
    You can RENT videos at the library!! Check it out. You can TRY before you buy or NOT buy, just keep renting new ones!

    OH! And get your family and friends involved! The more people you have on your journey the better the support!

    How do you keep going?

    Results!! Having the body I want and or seeing results is the best. Fitting to my clothes that I buy off the rack! And being and FEELING healthy. My kids get involved to some extent so Jay and I are setting healthy examples.. Plus eating healthy as a family will help them NOW NOT form bad eating habits into adulthood.

    I also think deciding to NOT outgrow your jeans is PERFECT! GET RID of anything the next size up. NO comfort clothes. If your jeans get tight that will remind you ALL day WHY you shouldn’t eat that cookie! LOL!

    What do you eat?


    TOO many people think because I lost weight that I must not eat or LIVE on salad. NOPE! I actually think I eat MORE! Its all about drinking plenty or water, and MODERATION!

    I never ate breakfast (I’m still not hungry in the morning) but I make myself eat it! Your body is like a furnace! You need to heat it up and get it going with breakfast. If you have several small meals of 3 meals 2 healthy snacks that keeps the metabolism going.

    I’m not on a DIET! NO WAY! I can’t maintain that long term, and I’m in this for life. I just make HEALTHIER choices.

    I eat what my family eats! Just not huge portions. I also don’t make myself finish my plate! If I’m satisfied I STOP. I don’t USUALLY eat after dinner time. If I do I think about it carefully! I will have popcorn or something.

    Do I crave stuff? YUP! Not as much as before, and PMS is still hard! LOL! But I do “indulge” just not in LARGE portions or as often. For instance-instead of FOUR cookies Ill have ONE.

    I also take trail mix and stuff and measure and pack it into snack bag- that are serving size portions. That makes it easier to grab and go and not mindlessly eat the entire bag of trail mix! LOL! Sometimes I do have that second baggie, but I make that conscious decision and make sure I had a healthy day overall

    I also my LOW FAT or NO FAT stuff as often as possible. Use Splenda too.

    I’m also loving to drink Lipton Diet Green Tea with Citrus. Green Tea is FAB for the metabolisim.


    I try to plan ahead what I MAY eat. No matter what I take 1/2 my meal immediately and package it up to go! Sometimes I will eat just salad so I can SAVE up and really indulge! LOL! Like on my Birthday 😀


    I have a schedule. What I like to do is plan my workouts a head of time, and psych myself up for each one!

    This helps me keep focus and MAKE the time for it. I don’t let myself stamp till I workout.

    Like today: 6am I did the Denise Austin Belly Fat Blaster: Ball workout that works my abs, buns and thighs. Tonight after dinner I plan on running.

    Tomorrow I know I am going to try the Tae – Bo Cardio.

    I hope that helps. I gott go wrap up some Teacher gifts!! Oh and stop by the book store and Staples!! RUN! RUN! RUN!