You are all going to get SO sick of seeing Amber by the end of the month! LOL!

I do have a STAMP post to share, but not till later today. I HOPE to get a video done but with the first few nice Spring days may just play with my kids 😀

Im having so much fun learning more about my camera-Jay got me this FABULOUS book called

Nikon D40/D40x Digital Field Guide by David D. Busch

This is perfect for me since I am self teaching. I don’t know why self teaching with a  CAMERA stresses me out, when that is how I do everything else!

Anyway the book AWESOME! Full of color photos-easier to understand too. I only had it 2 days and would totally tell ANYONE who has a camera like mine to get it (or his other versions for other cameras as they are the same-just camera specific)

I took it to the park and used it to get the best photos I could!

What I LOVE about the book is it has these sections called Creating Great Photos and Photo Subjects-It has a guide at the end of each section to guide you!

It guide has the following categories in your photo selection-

for instance Portrait :talks about all the key elements and directions to maximizing the best reults of your photos

At the chapter end (they aren’t LONG-and are easy to understand)

There is a GUIDE for HOMEWORK! So YOU can try what he talks about a go!

Sections are what you need to set on your camera or other key elements

“On your own” “Lighting” “camera settings” “Exposure” “Lens”  “Accessories” so it walks you through the steps for the BEST results. LOVE IT.

So I gave it a try.


I got a SOFTER look on this one above-don’t remember how! LOL!

Now she goes forward-


YIKES! Shes comin right for us!


There is a section in the book called “Practice Picture”so I can see exactly what I need to do with my camera when needing to get an ACTION shot-being at the park Amber was actively swinging on the swings-so I was able to quickly look up HOW to get the best photo! I think I got great results for owning my camera a few days. Only my second time using it 😀


I LOVE this one!!! Wind in her hair-just so happy. I used a continuous photo setting, to get every second on the swing-it was REALLY cool.

I don’t think I got it ALL right, as I didn’t want to MISS the moment of NATURAL fun and I definitely did want to make her pose endlessly! But it was SOOOO fun.

I had like 6 mom’s at the park excited about MY experience and asking me questions, just  because I was just giddy over all of it. One thought I worked for a newspaper! LOL! NOPE! Just a crazy mom here! LOL!

 2 of them were going to the camera store (there is one in our area that is closing and they are having a 40% off sale) right after the park! Im going today after hearing that news!

Now she is running


I obviously should have done something different due to the shadows-but I was on continuous run-so I don’t think I could use the FLASH with that one.

Closer to the camera


And SLAM! This is her running right up to the camera


Kind of dark. Bad lighting. But I still love the look.

Now I will move onto the GOLDEN photo!


I got a soft look and blurred the background. I am totally loving this photograph!!! I really like the angle. I was literally laying on the ground!

This is another one I got.


Much more serious. Poor kid had to cough, but held it in and said she was waiting for me to take the picture! LOL! She then went on a coughing jag (she is sick this week-:C) for like a minute!

 I love the color and the way the trees look in the back. It toally matched her shirt!! And eyes! How cool is that??

So I think after a MONTH of photos, Ill decide which 6 to submit. I should just make her a portfolio! LOL! It will be a HARD 6 to pick 😀 Ill keep you posted.

Thanks for all the great links and comments on my new venture. Im having fun. All in all-my kids are much more FUN to get pictures of than my card creations! LOL!!!! They are, afterall my best work to date!

I hope to get some nice kid TRIO pictures soon too. They grow SO fast.

Thats it for my photo stuff.

Thanks for reading.