I’m very excited about this post!

It features one of my favorite subjects-my daughter! 

SO here I am going to share  my very first photos playing with my new camera-totally unedited except for cropping. Obviously I don’t have the lighting down or anything cool-just messing around, getting to know my new camera. I feel so “professional” even though I’m so NOT.

I have to say I had SO much fun for the 10 minutes I got to play. Amber had a playdate, so I couldn’t steal her all day.

I just played around with my settings for each photo, to get some fun photos of Amber for possible consideration for the Parents Magazine Cover Model contest-and this is what I got, while playing with various settings.

Obviously I have no idea what I used for each photo!

She was very patient as I thumbed through my camera manual! LOL!

Photo 1


I LOVE this one. I like the ANGLE 

 This is the smile (or smirk) that Amber will give you, and then, while looking at you like that- at some RANDOM point during the day-then will blurt out-Mommy I love you! Or some other really sweet thing.

AWE! Melt your heart cute, I tell you. She has us SO wrapped around her lil finger its ridiculous. She is my little side kick. My crafting and shopping buddy. My baby. So sad to see her growing so fast.

Photo 2


This was a bit bright! YIKES!

Now we move to a profile shot (Yes! I know its time to trim her bangs!)

I told her to just turn her head and look at the tree.


She was uncomfy sitting on the rocks, so we moved.

Now we go the the front porch area. Better sunlight.

I adore this photo because this is the face I see when I look down at her. So small and sweet.  Someday she will look me in the eye.


She has the biggest prettiest eyes. So blue-like Daddy.

Now-This photo is my favorite. I see her ALL grown up some day. So serious looking.


This was her, waiting for me to figure out what to do next! I told her to stay exactly as she was!


See, she can’t help but smirk. Thats Amber-always a little smile on her face.

That concluded our first photo session.

Thanks for letting me share my first photo attempts! I have a LONG way to go!! But the camera is so fun. I want to take the kids to the park and get some REAL photos of them in their natural element! Those are the best photos.

Photos are truly amazing when you think about them. ONE- tiny, precious second, engraved into a tanglible moment, forever.