JEEPERS! Its been QUIET! Where is everyone? Are you getting my email updates? I got some emails with people saying they have not gotten them in over a week!

Maybe Im just not that interesting this week?! LOL! I don’t blame you! (:D) I can really babble on, and yesterday I had tons of posts! YIKES! Did I scare you? Anywho…..lets talk about todays eye candy.

I’m so lucky to be part of a team that gives me such wonderful images to work with!! 

You simply CANNOT go wrong with Pink Cat Studio Lily and Billy sets!

This month is NO exception 😀 Today we are all peeking Lily at the Beach! She is super cool and ready for summer!!

She is being released on April 23rd!

Fun Friends


HOLY SMOKES do I love this image! WOW!

It was so fun to color! The turtle is beyond adorable-beyond! ANotehr image I totally love-turtles. I just love turtle “cartoon” images. I don’t think turtles in real life are that cute!!! Although when we went to Hawaii it was very cool!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED the turtles-even swam next to some. I got scared to death when one swam into me while I was snorkeling, that I gashed my knee on a coral reef, and still have a huge scar. I was then terrified that a shark would detect the blood and eat me alive! Yes, surprisingly I can be a little dramatic (and I wonder where the kids get it from :D).

I wanted BRIGHT and CHEERY!! I love the colors and pop this has.

I had fun layering this. Would make a great sketch too 😀 I had no idea which sentiment to use, so I left it blank.


Speaking of POP

I cut Lily’s head, and the turtle head for a 3D POP! I then re-popped the flower on her hat for a bit more WOW! LOVE it.

The flowers were great for texture and matched the entire ensemble, I think.

Fun in the sun


I was inspired by my Sketch 31 for this creation, but fear I was way off on the challenge! LOL! Oh well it was a start right?

I wanted her in summery colors-so I was thinking sun, sand and water!


I airbrushed the sky, and sand. I made the sand even more so “sandy” with various DOTS of my marker.

 I pierced free-hand my clouds in the sky. I thought it was cute 😀 How can ANY Lily card not be right?! Added a subtle detail, that I liked.

OK that is all for today-more to come tomorrow!

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  • I’d LOVE to hear your favorite thing about summer if you get a chance! Im so ready for that time of year 😀

    I love not having to bundle up the 3 kids to go places, and playing at the lake with the kids. I REALLY love trips to the beach but its too cold for the kids to enjoy the water.

    Till tomorrow!