Inspiration is EVERYWHERE!!!

Its always great to start with an inspiration piece when you are creating something! So that brings me to my post tonight.

All your comments (and private emails :D) have truly inspired me to get it together!

Lots of great, fresh ideas. That is why I love you all. You totally energize me 😀

So here we go!


Truly Delicate Gift Set

All this talk about templates, and challenges, lead me to use one of my first My Timeless Template © releases called For Keep{Sake}!

I love the window cut out option! Lets you peek at what fabulousness is inside-awaiting you!

Cherry Blossom 2oz. body wash, body lotion, body spray, and loofah-fit in here perfectly


I was SO inspired by the Cherry Blossom bath set I purchased for a gift item, that I designed my packaging around it! I always say its ALL about the presentation!

Many bath and body products are just plain GORGEOUS! No need to cover them up! So let’s get inspired by them for our gift design.


 This is my handmade Cherry Blossom flower-inspired by my bath set.

Soooooo many of you said you want to see template challenges so here we go! Let’s see how many of you actually want to give this a go!

Based on the comments and MANY emails I think I figured out how to SPICE it up and keep in fresh and interesting!!

Depending on participation -I think I have decided WHAT I want to do on my blog now!

One week will be a template challenge, one week will be an inspiration challenge, another week will be a color challenge, then another week sketch challenge-not in that order! LOL! So something new each week.

Here is the first template challenge:

My Timeless Template Challenge 01 (keyword MTTC01)

Use ANY template YOU like. We have 2 FREE templates-so NO excuses!! You have a week to create something.

Like I did-Design your template/package based on the label of a bath product of your choice—> FROM HERE

(unless you have your own already)

Post the link to the inspiration piece WITH the photos of your finished template

Link your creation HERE

 This should be so fun to see 😀

Now onto my package details…..

My For  Keep{Sake} template was made from shimmer white cardstock.

I have long since wanted to line the INSIDE of my box, so I finally did that here today. LOVE the look.

NOTE: It is easiest to line it inside BEFORE assembling!


I used the Mimosa paper, which is shimmery by SEI. What a totally professional and finished look! Don’t you think? Remember its always the LITTLE details that give that WOW! factor.

You can see the little bath set in the window.


I love how the cherry blossoms came out!

My first time making them too-based on the ones on the bath bottles.


 I do have a flower video planned-hopefully filming tomorrow. I just NEED a breather right now, and doing this was just plain FUN, which is definitely what I needed.

This gift set is now in my Etsy Shop! 

The flowers are made by me, and painted with a Shimmerz paint! I love the look.

Think of what a FABULOUS gift JUST the BOX is, let alone the yummy smelling gift set inside!

The window is a sentiment from Remember set ” True Strength is Delicate”

Just love this.

OK! Now its YOUR turn!!

I can’t wait to see what YOU do.

Thanks for all the suggestions and emails. My head is spinning 😀