Its that time of month for All That Scraps

I have TONS to do and better get to it.

Not only are they gettin in BOATLOADS of awesome NEW stuff, like DAILY, they are having a SALE, and a NEW! Release on Monday the 6th.

There are a total of 4 sets this month.

Im previewing a new line Christine has called Tweet-ies. Can you say ADORABLE?!

A little birdie


in a wagon.

How flippin cute is this bird? Seriously LOVE it. I had so much fun with this new image. I’m totally into birds and stuff .

I created the “ground” and my “sun-shiny sky”.


I used myCopic Airbrush system on this, for the sky, for the very FIRST time! WOW! Is that ever a FUN tool!! I never used it before, and need practice but enjoyed the results all the same. A bit SPLOTCHY, but it got easier as I gained “control”

I waited a LONG time before caving on the airbrush system and am so glad I finally gave in!! I was determined to NOT cave in on this, but couldn’t help it, after ALL this time, I went for it. Kind of like the Copic’s and nestabilities 😀 One of those plunges you just have to take, and you will be so glad you did.

I have to be brutally HONEST, you don’t get SQUAT for air with the starter kit. I only did like 6 SIMPLE airbrushing projects, and then the air was G-O-N-E! I’m not even talking I got to really even practice. So make sure you get REFILLS!!!! I just ordered some more because I cannot stand being OUT of anything I own. I’m a bit miffed over the amount of air it used, but not enough to NOT get anymore.

A little birdie told me……


You were under the weather!

My other airbushed background. Lovin the SU! paper, and felt flowers

I sent this to one my my blog readers who is having a ahrd time recovering from surgery! I hope it cheered her up a bit.

ONE more sample before I go…..Ladybug Friends


I LOVE the POP this has. LOVE! Now the overall card-not fabulous, but the image I think is. I did these after getting sick so the mojo wasn’t flowing too well.

Now this is a simple card with a rather CUTESY set, but I enjoyed making it a bit more “serious/elegant”.

Another airbrushed creation-YES!  I went WILD! This was the LAST one I did, and you can tell I finally got the hang of it. Well, at least in MY opinion I did 😀 Im not certified Copic professional, but I’m OK with that.

So that is it for me.

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Tomorrow the Saturday Sketch. Cross your fingers I actually have a sample! LOL!

Till then