This post is all about Ambers card she made for her party this past Sunday. I wrote a few days ago, when I made the Hello Kitty Captured Card Case gift, that Amber had a birthday party to attend.

Well, I am BEYOND happy to report that my “little card box” ended up being a favorite gift of the birthday girl! It beat out all the Princess Barbie’s and other fun girl stuff she got (we also got her a flying Tinkerbell doll). From the second she opened it, she wouldn’t let it go! YEAH! My heart swelled with delight. Normally I sit and watch in horror as the 3D pieces of my hardwork gets pulled off right before my very eyes! LOL! I have come to actually EXPECT this, given these are little kids and are all still relatively YOUNG-pulling things apart is far more fascinating than thinking how much time was spent MAKING it, so to see her carefully handle it and love it, was awesome.

She even took it into pre-K the next day for her show & tell! AWE!! Isn’t that so cool?!

That brings me to her card.

I have to remember I have a little crafter, who likes to make stuff of her own every bit as much as I do! LOL!

Amber informed me she was IN CHARGE of the card. OK then.

She had seen me downloading my Squigglefly For You image, and wanted to use it!

Now the cool thing about the digi stuff is you don’t have to let the kids ruin your ink or stamps! LOL! Not that mine do, they have been stamping longer than some adults! LOL! But its nice to print up a bunch of images and just let them color away like a book!

Now the photo I am sharing AMBER took ALL by herself! She wanted the FULL “what mommy does” experience!

Amber’s Turtle


This is what she made!

She went through my stash of papers, and we found COPIC (yes I let her carefully use my most treasured stamping possession!) marker to match the paper she picked for the card.

She then “let me” (in her words) make a “base” for her to put her colored and cut turtle on.

Now all I did was trim around the flower, but she totally CUT and COLORED the turtle totally on her own. I didn’t FIX or trim out anything extra! Shes a whiz with the scissors! I think she rocked it. She then affixed it at an angle. I asked her if she wanted to fix it to go straight. She quickly reminded me of something “I” say “not everything has to be straight and perfect all the time! I want it like THAT”

Oh boy!  A mini me. Not sure WHAT I created! LOL!

You can’t see it but she also used the glue pen and put orange glitter on the shell where she colored orange, and pink glitter on the shell where she colored pink! Really good job. Mind you she is ONLY 4!

She did let me take a photo of her


Im already so proud of her. I think I may have to watch out for my JOB when she grows up! LOL!

Here is the inside


Poor kid-I wrote on a paper for her to copy what to say IN the card.

“Happy Birthday Abby” She knows how to write Love Amber on her own, and she wasn’t use to the LOWERCASE “A”  “R” “H” and “D” LOL! She did good though. Especially given my horrid handwriting.

I think she is just the cutest thing on 2 feet. She is seriously hilarious with the stuff that pops out of her mouth.

Then Noah wanted to make a card-100% ALL on his own.

NO help with anything.


Noah and the turtle

Then I played with the turtle on my own


Hello Turtle

I am sending this to Ava.

Ethans little sister, with some other cards I made for them!! I hope she likes it.

I wanted cute, fun, bright and CHEERY!!


I had fun making it.

So that is it for today. Im off and running. Got to get preparred for Stamp NE! Im teaching first! So ladies you better be all coffee’d up so you can keep up with me! LOL!

It will be good to get it over with. Im excited to meet everyone. Wait till they see the awesome package I have for them for our project!! OK thats all Im sayin.