Happy Valentines Day!!

I am sending you all big hugs from my computer 😀

I have SOOO much to be happy about.

I have a very happy marriage to a wonderful man. He is loving, loyal, caring, sensitive, thoughtful, selfless, understanding, and treats me like we are still dating! Every where we go, he has always made me feel like I am the only woman on earth ♥ He is my best friend, and actually listens to me. I could go on and on about him. We have a wonderful relationship. Seriously. Everyday I feel so blessed to have been given such an amazing person who shockingly loves me-the good and the bad. Then to top it all off-he is an amazing father! Patient, tender, caring, and very into playing with the kids and doing kid things. He is there with me at 2am holding puke buckets and changing sheets. No complaints. He lives for his kids. Then to accept Alexa as his own, is just amazing to see and feel the love he has for her. Never treating her differently than his own 2 children. I think he often forgets he isn’t her biological father.

Now my children. Oh! boy. The absolute centers of my universe. They are why I do everything! I cannot remember life before being a mom. I feel like I have such purpose in the world. Its really the strangest thing how you think you have your life all set and you know WHO you are, then the INSTANT they are born your world is never the same-and for the better.

As I sit here I can honestly say they are the best part of my life.

No matter how INSANE they make me, there is at least ONE moment that each one of them has, that makes me so happy to be their mom-everyday. Usually its something small. Like a random kiss from them or hug for no reason-maybe something funny they say or do or a little talk we have- (a recent conversation with Noah) Hey mom! Knock! Knock! (me) Who is there? (Noah) Love. (Me) Love who? (Noah) its me and I love you!

Or listening to them play together and “mock me”, but its all the nice things I say, not the times Im yelling at them to clean up or stop fighting! LOL!

Or the REALLY nice pictures they draw me (not the ones I sneak in the trash! LOL! The real drawings!).

I even made a SPECIAL project-that I can’t share till release day (OK so tomorrow! LOL!) to share my kids with you!

That is why I chose “3 Musketeers” Cherry Bite Size candy bars. Reminds me of my 3 kids.

I am so thankful to have so many people that I can share what I love to do with, and they “get it”. You all understand my insanity, and love for this hobby/craft! What would I do without you all? My husband would be crazy!

Now I will share some easy gifts that were made with LOVE!

You may not be able to get these in time for Valentines Day but don’t let ONE day be the ONLY day you tell/show the one’s you love how you feel-OK!

I love being able to make all sorts of gifts for these “Hallmark” holidays more affordable! Now giving every teacher and student something to say “you are special” or thought of, doesn’t have to break my bank!!! Plus it makes it more fun, and Im all about that.

So here are some of my Templates used for today’s special occasion

Basket Basics ©


Here is a little basket-holding mini 3 Musketeers bite size candies, for my kids. I just loved that soft teddy bear I found at Target. 

Sometimes you want a smaller basket. So I altered this template a bit.

I cut down the basket by about 1 1/2 inches (prior to assembling), then added a pretty punched heart border. I like to finish off the top either by punching the template strips, or adding a nice border, which is what I did in this case.


This was a really easy project, but I like the end result of the heart in the front!

I used Heart Prints for this project with Pure Poppy cardstock/ink.

Next up-we have a Valentine treat  using the Rounded Wrap Up! ©

For your Sweet Tart Heart


I made these little boxes for my kids 😀  ( yes along with the Moon family treat holders :D)Noah’s will be in red! He would freak if I gave him a pink box of candy! LOL!

I can fit all kinds of cute little treat in this.

Now you may wonder WHAT is inside…..

Lookie here!


See you can fit 2 boxes of these perfectly!

The kids will have no idea what is inside.

I just kept them simple so I could easily mass produce them. By using my Heart punches, it was a blast.

I stamped Borders & Corners Heart set, and Heart Prints for my design as well.

I hope this helps you see how easy making treats for anyone in your life can really be. You don’t have to spend HOURS designing something to make a great impression! Just knowing YOU made it is enough ♥

So now go hug your loved ones, or make them something special.

I would love to hear what YOU do to show someone you love (like your kids) how you care! Or your favorite Valentine gift/memory. Maybe something special someone did for you??!! Whatever you can share.

My mom used to put little notes in my lunch box! I loved getting them. They made me feel SO special.

I now do the same for my kids. Or I surprise them with little treats here and there for no reason.

Now its your turn.

Don’t forget to check Nichole’s blog for more peeks and the creative clicks!

Thanks for reading, and give your loved ones a squeeze!!!